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Kid-E-Cats | NEW Episodes Compilation | Best cartoons for Kids 2023

May 07, 2023
kitties they are cute but i'm cuter me wow kitties hide and seek one day the kitties decided to have a game of hide and seek we can hide anywhere in the basement with hood ok deal let's do it who's the first Seeker well i don't want to be me either , that was a hard day huh hey play hide and seek with us daddy play with us daddy please with hugs dad huh but I sure will play so awesome one two three four five ok then done or not here comes daddy kittens who we have down here I found candy and this is pudding look it's cookie play again oh county one two three four five ready or not here I come oh foreigner counting one two three four five ready or I don't come here grandma, hi, hmm, oh, my dad is too tired to be tired again.
kid e cats new episodes compilation best cartoons for kids 2023
Can we trade for a while? How about you search freely and oh hello and you're not here? hiding there no maybe he's hiding in the closet he's not here either she's right he's not here the kittens searched all the rooms but couldn't find daddy well maybe daddy was hungry and then he hid in the fridge look daddy it would freeze if you were in a fridge for that long maybe it's in the washing machine oh mommy she's about to do the laundry mommy don't turn it on daddy might be hiding in there no need to worry kitties i assure you it was completely empty when i put it the clothes on it now what dad wasn't there we weren't playing hide and seek either but we can't find dad at all well maybe he's in the basement we agreed before we started that we wouldn't hide in the basement but we forgot dad that rule when he joined a um sorry i guess i was sleeping a bit foreign dear you must be exhausted after your long day at work oh the three of us never thought about it that's how we bothered him to play with us by the time he got home i have a very good idea, we have to let dad rest for a while and just ask him to play after that, dad, why don't you lie on the sofa and rest for a while?
kid e cats new episodes compilation best cartoons for kids 2023

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kid e cats new episodes compilation best cartoons for kids 2023...

I've already slept well and now I'm ready. to play hide and seek mommy is going to be fine so one two three four five is it good ready or not here comes mommy the kittens had a lot of fun hiding and seeking when everyone in the family was rested and wanting to play championship with just a few few more days to kick off you can bet the stadium will be flooded with fans very simple and here comes our own city team and its glorious captain we are going to the stadium too of course we are kittens it's the only way to truly support our team oh in fact i was about to call and book our tickets right now we will watch the game right there in the stadium like real fans so amazing we will see our team win and after the game we can drive back waving the flags one of our winning teams oh no oh what happened darling there are no more tickets here they already sold all the seats oh they always lost it doesn't really matter darling i'm sure we'll survive we'll just watch the game on tv come now i'll make some nice tea for you poor dad he's a big fan i feel bad for him now attention football fans the contest for the


soccer ball trick is underway the winner will receive an official team ball presented by the captain himself hey we gotta win that ball for dad because that would really cheer him up.
kid e cats new episodes compilation best cartoons for kids 2023
Now I'll bounce this ball off my head a hundred times one two three oops just a second this time for real one two three one two three four one two oh okay maybe I can't bounce a hundred times well maybe you could do a just tricky shot a super awesome hey cookie now i'll kick this ball through that gate and then it'll roll down the slide out the other side cool lets try ah oh oh i don't think i can do it i have a really good idea but to make it work we'll need a little help from our friends the kitty friends agreed to help them perform the trick ball ok yeah ok let's do it i got it let's submit this to the trick shooting contest the next day they announced the winner of the contest and the winner of the trick shot will receive an official ball from the captain's team, but we would also like to mention another special video of Kitty Cats and Friends, they will not show our video in any way and as a special prize, all these adorable kitties and their parents will receive tickets to the championship game.
kid e cats new episodes compilation best cartoons for kids 2023
The incredible stadium is completely sold out tonight. The home team leads. with the score two to zero, the captain's power kicked the gates of the ball. Watching the championship game and cheering on your team from the stands can be a wonderful experience, especially when you're with your family clowning around with Boris on a kitten-talking day. what they wanted to be when they grow up when i grow up i'm going to be a sea captain and i'll be a concert and i'll be a great scientist and i want to be a clone Boris do you really want to be a clown you're nice but not that funny well clowns aren't funny people in real life they are funny with their bodies when they act but you never act Boris you're right which means I better start think of a funny routine and present it to everyone everyone will laugh a lot it's great but at home the kittens figured it out that they were worried about Boris not being funny, they would be very sad if he puts on a show and no one laughs, what if we? sneak around and tickle each kitty's paws then surely they'll laugh won't work when something is funny everyone laughs at the same time we could put this on the audience and play a laugh track on it it would be very strange to hear laughter but not see no one laughing hmm or you three could help Boris come up with his clown show friends are supposed to help each other the kittens want to help Boris with his routine oh thank you so much for coming my costume is pretty much ready but i haven't thought of it yet in one Funny routine that we can help you with.
Everyone usually laughs when someone falls. It looks like this. Oh, you just dropped the banana peel and then you slip and fall on your ass. Come on, you have this half. Or everyone laughs when they hear a funny song, so sing something funny. Funny songs really need to have funny words, but I don't know of any really funny songs. Oh, here's something fun to do. what i do is stand still while i do the rest are you ready no good that was a total waste of a delicious cake yes and not at all because it wasn't even funny this is all my fault i'm not funny at all i never will be be a real clown That's very funny, right?
I wasn't trying to be funny. Somehow it happened by itself. Did you know? I think you really have the talent to be a real clown. I have a very good idea. routine to showcase boris natural village lol you know another forest could be so much fun it's like a clown in the circus so amazing and that's how kittens realize a talent may not always be easy to see sometimes even may be discovered by accident One day, at the races, the kittens brought remote-controlled cars to the playground. Now, the number one card gets ahead of the pack and overcomes all obstacles. i know how to drive these cars well no but i would really like to learn huh ok this makes the car go forward and this button makes it go back finally you steer it by turning this little wheel it seems pretty simple let me try. back off ok i'm starting to understand which way you're going to back off ok that's enough everyone knows girls aren't good at driving they just aren't fast enough huh but girls are really good to push strollers so that's something oh here we're going to make a very sharp turn and then we can put a ramp here I'm going to show you girls are just as good at driving cars as boys thanks sweet I found the remote control that operates your Robo Fish great now i just need some practice wait i said huh thanks it seems like boys really are better driving than girls mom what boys thats not true at all driving fast doesnt mean driving well when i drive home from the supermarket i try to avoid all the potholes and bumpy and turn very smoothly because i don't want to spill my purchases everywhere i have a very good idea candy drove the Robo Fish very carefully to keep her favorite doll safe all ready for the rain what is that? a sardine Moby eye candy sardine driver come on Candy hurry up flap your fins faster driver start the engines go laugh hey guys no way fish cross the line first is first in the middle and last and Candy wins and everyone we lose it seems girls can become good drivers after all and since i was victorious you guys have to push my doll carriage just be careful it turns out that not only being fast but also being careful can help win the race no matter how big be or little ghosts one day mom and dad decided to clean all the nooks and crannies in the house while you carefully vacuum every rug we have I'll wash the windows and then we'll do the basement together we also have to change all the bedding in the house and wash all the curtains and dust the shelves we would like to help you both with cleaning the house are you really sure you won't get distracted and start playing?
Mommy it's okay honey you can dust all the shelves while the cookies and pudding change all the sheets in your room okay that's great wouldn't it be great to have a big pillowcase race but first we have to finish our work remember hey hey Gooding you look amazing like a genuine so i can see you through the sheet me too thanks mommy um i just saw two ghosts Don't Be Afraid candy remember there are no ghosts but I really saw them . You think they live in the basement and we disturb them with all the spring cleaning? drying off worries me Candy wanted to take a picture of the ghosts and show it to mommy oh they're not here cookie and pudding we pretended to be ghosts all this time that's right oh admit it we really got you what a horrible mommy you are not afraid of these ghosts , I'm afraid you've messed up my nice clean sheets it was absolutely the cookies and pudding's fault they were running around pretending to be ghosts instead of cleaning up you weren't cleaning up either you forgot to dust the shelves instead you were just chasing us, Yeah, and you're the reason we ended up in the puddle and got dirty.
I only knew that the kittens would end up playing and forget about cleaning. finish the jobs we started but without distractions like chasing ghosts is a really good idea sweet come on i'll find other clean sheets for the beds we finish every all that's left is to clean the basement after that all our cleaning jobs will be done it's a real gun oh my kitty i just found these cool old white curtains in the basement what should i do with them? playing could be even more fun after all the work piano practice candy said she wanted to learn piano great thanks now we can learn to play all kinds of melodies you could play like lullabies at bedtime or you could play something very fun for our games, I don't know, but Candy has to learn how to play first.
Cupcake's mom will give her lessons, she's fine, let's start with some scales, now try it, great, try her left paw, wonderful, now let's just repeat. that from above cookie and pudding thought Candy's lessons were too boring instead they went to watch their favorite pirate show on TV hey Candy's lesson lasted an hour she needs to practice playing her scales every day see you later see you later Later the next morning the kittens decided to play pirates in the garden sweets remember to practice your piano scales for half an hour sweets. oh no we've been attacked by a sea monster don't let it duplicate our ship i'm missing out on the fun because i have to practice those silly scales hmm i think you can help me you can help me you can help me with your hand.
Deck, but what about your practice? Oh all set good morning good morning I just stopped by to see how Candy was doing she's been practicing for quite some time oh hey Candy if you don't want to learn piano just say so. Yeah but what's the point of playing scales but you have to play scales to train your paws once you've practiced enough you can play all kinds of tunes just listen to this hey it's from our favorite show. it's still too hard for you to play, you know how to fix it, I must practice my skills to train my paws to play after a few more lessons, the sweets gathered everyone in the kitty room, oh, well done, Bravo, we did it, it was really great to practice sweets. the scales really work practicing the scales really works the chance to learn a favorite melody was Candy's inspiration to play the piano and bring joy to everyone around her invent an invention one day the kittens were passing by her mother's housefriend dart hello hello well Dart we're going to the park do you want to come I can't I've been trying to come up with something useful, but unfortunately I'm finding it very difficult.
We could help you with your problem. A lot of heads is better than one. We would have one, two, three, four heads. A good invention must be really useful. Could we make an invention that brushes all my teeth hey my teeth are up here it's probably a little easier to just brush your teeth you're right how about a boiled onion detector that tells you if what you're eating has onions ? onions are so disgusting they must stop the onions run for your lies there are onions in the soup you might ask if there are onions in your dinner you are right how about a machine that helps you decide exciting things which one? should wear thank you very much if there were inventions like that everyone would stop thinking for themselves honey have a great day im off to work oh my you picked this outfit yourself darling this thing does all i think for me oh yeah bad idea what such a machine that takes your hat off or one that knocks on a door or grinds pillows at the door of York? yes, we have nothing good.
See what I mean? I have a pretty good idea of ​​what to go for a walk, mom always says if you get stuck on something you should take a break and go for a good walk. You're right, what DART needs is some fresh air and sun that the kitties had. lots of fun in the dark playground he didn't think to invent his invention all the time it's really good we decided to take a break it's a beautiful day oh Eureka taking a break I think I have my invention the next day Dart invited the kittens to show his invention useful my super useful invention will remind you to take breaks regularly cool when the alarm goes off that means it's time for a break the arrow picks something fun to do while you take a break like riding a bike thanks to his friends the dark kitties found out it's cool to take a break a break if you're stuck on something, especially if you'd like to come up with an amazing invention, old stuff, something new, one day mom and dad decided to get rid of all the stuff in the house that broke down we're moving we're moving all the stuff that we don't need in the house everyone is moving to the junkyard oh that's where they belong kittens if there's something you don't need anymore just add to the pile you'll have more room to play once your old stuff is gone the kittens decided to go through the toy box a locomotive with no wheels i guess i dont need this anymore i dont need it either i none for the junkyard whats up with this rattle lads?
I do not need it. I do not need it. I would like to keep that to give it to my little kitty. So it stays good. Whats Next? Look what I found at the bottom. i loved the old trike so much it's too small for any of us to ride another junkyard it has two wheels but this one has three but um that thing isn't fast at all sure it's just look at me pudding i decided to ride the trike to the pudding playground it will be winter by the time you get here writing on that hello thing Hey guys, hey guys, who do you want pudding?
I thought trikes were just for kitties, no they're not clouds, ride them all the time and clouds are awesome but pudding. that trike good uh it's easier to balance on a trike and you can ride at an easy pace and look at all the wonders of nature. like yeah huh Hey where's the pudding on the way home as fast as he can walk? He's on the trike he had when he was a little kitty pudding. Why are you riding the old trike? It is for small kittens. You're a big boy now, yeah. I know I'm not saying I need it.
I just loved riding it with pets over puddles everywhere. How can I send it to the junkyard? After all, it seems to be wrong. There's nothing to worry about, honey. to send your trike to the junkyard really if it ain't broken it won't be thrown away if something is still in good shape we'll give it to someone who can use it that sounds wonderful look here hello kitties what a trike gone his cousin baby will give him a good home thanks brother and thanks pudding it's fine too thanks cousin pudding for the tricycle wow that's great he seems to love riding a tricycle as much as i do when he was little kitty kinda wow in the meantime meanwhile the kitty saw you can give homey's stuff the ones you've grown may be old to you but they're new and exciting to someone else renovations one day mom and dad brought home wallpaper and buckets of paint Mommy Daddy what do you do with all that stuff Daddy and I have decided we're going to finish the attic we'll make it all nice and cozy the attic do you really mean we're going to have a new room in the house hey we can use the attic room for chess tournaments or dance parties we can play so many games up there come on let's take a look at the new foreign room, it's still the same as before, cookie, we just started first, we figure out the plans then we prepare them I suggest we bring everything from the basement so we don't have to go up and down the stairs every time that's great thinking dear little ones remember to be careful when you come downstairs looks like we won't have a new room for a long time let's help mommy and daddy put up the wallpaper if we hurry we can do it all before they come back upstairs in a roll let me help you with that , it's not rolled anymore, it's flat, now we can stick it to the wall, oh hi, I accidentally splattered this glue all over the place and now the floor is papered, maybe it can lift a bit. these silly sticky things are way more of a problem than there used to be, well what if we used paint on the walls?
Yeah, I'm pretty sure we could handle that. We thought we could help speed things up, we just wanted to help, but it really didn't turn out that great. Thanks for trying to help dear ones but you know renovations are really tricky. oops mommy and I know very well it's not our first renovation we have a very good idea is how to do all this and we can help you that's a good idea candy But first you need your own renovations all of you taking a bath right now after your bath the kittens help their parents renovate the attic just look at that i thought it was going to take a lot longer to finish all this is all thanks to our students here for your help we finished way sooner than we expected it's amazing but it still feels like Something was missing, oh, and what is that, baby, oh no, now I know what she still needs. a cozy room for the whole family the cookie takes a break one day dad made an exciting announcement my kitties were visiting an aquarium today we will see all kinds of fish and octopus But first you have to lift the train track off the floor in case it causes a toy-trained kitten collision let's clean up now sounds wonderful and daddy will buy our tickets to the aquarium online a train track so gigantic it will take us forever better let's get started then tidying up wasn't cookie tin's favorite thing to do of cookies you put the controller in the box, it's too heavy for me, good luck, did you?
You got that heavy train switch in your paw. when you hurt your paw you should go lie down however just standing there and waiting was pretty boring, cookie take your paw off or it will never get better but I'm thirsty I'll get you something to drink and if you need anything. otherwise, tell us and we will help you. cookie started to like having a sore leg more made everyone help him started asking for pudding and candy for every little thing i would love to have an apple laughs i thought i would love it A couple more he pushed and Boots asked the princess how are you, Cookie, are you feeling better?
No, my paw still hurts. maybe we should put some ice on your paw, please don't do that. I'd probably catch a cold from all the ice if we had a time machine, we could use it to go back to before and save the kitchen from hurting her paw, oh my machine. the paw will get better on its own but not yet, hey i think some


would really help the kitties. I just printed our tickets to the aquarium huh gosh it looks like dear old daddy just had a major train collision but daddy can't drive anywhere today kitties why?
Didn't you clean as we asked? We were cleaning up, but Cookie dropped the control box right on her leg. She started taking care of Cookie. it hurt so much well why did you tell us that it hurt so much at first it was because I really didn't want to help clean up but then I really liked that you were taking such good care of me it's your fault that we can't go to the aquarium today because daddy hurt his leg in the train game I'm so sorry, we're still going. I can get us all there and Cookie won't do anything like that again. i won't ever do it again i promise sorry dad what to do before we go we should clean up the rest of the train tracks so no one else gets hurt so great cookie he was a good kitty to tell the truth and he realized he's the


to help and not just think of you kittens back in time one day grandpa and the kitten went out to explore a cave a long time ago in prehistoric times ancient


did not build houses like us but lived in caves like this don No don't worry we have flashlights and helmets to protect our heads they are very strong it's amazing we look like real cave explorers so amazing the cave turned out to be quite dark but very exciting. cat, they sure lived in caves like this, they wore simple clothes and had no lanterns, no electricity, no central heating, so they would gather around the fire, oh wow, I've wanted to find traces of ancient


since I was little, but i never could find any oh it's a shame grandpa never found what he always dreamed of he would hey guys why don't we help him wow grandpa what a cookie look here. biscuit these are your own footprints huh is it you are the kind of thing left behind by cats of old well i guess it could be anything really biscuit not only footprints but also objects and paintings on the cave walls sometimes my grandfather i think i found an Ancient candy wrapper or ancient cat must have dropped it a long time ago like maybe a hundred trillion in 65 years oh don't think that's Ancient Ancient cats only ate things like mushrooms and berries and fish they had no candy back then oh no let's pick up the wrapper anyway look what I had in this painting painting like you said they used to paint me that's interesting it's a really wonderful drawing but it wasn't painted by any ancient mold there's a giveaway there there were no planes back then please don't feel bad kitties thanks for trying to help me find the old cat tracks i always dreamed of. it's time to go home she has your lunch ready oh there's more than one way which one to take oh oh we're not all lost here don't worry pudding we'll see how to handle this problem it takes a very good idea remember cookies footprints you can follow our Footprints of come back good sweet thought you are a real cave explorer Grandpa and the kittens headed out of the cave sorry you didn't find any evidence of ancient cats grandpa but we had a very honest to goodness adventure let me take a picture of my brave fellow adventurers, move a little more to the right so that the bat family is also in the photo, smile big now, oh kitties, look, we found a real wall painting made by ancient cats a long time ago, how is it maybe you never noticed? you've never had anyone with you before that you wanted to take care of look that's like the ancient cats were trying to wave to us the kittens and their grandfather kept their eyes wide open that day in the cave and noticing every detail they finally found what they were looking for germs one day the kittens came home from playing outside and they wanted some fruit to eat yummy yummy i want both apples yes the kittens weren't all of you playing outside you need to wash your paws before you eat because they are covered in germs.
I have never seen a single germ in my entire life. What if germs are just a story Mommy made up to scare us into washing our paws? Hey why don't the three of us go on a big germ hunt and if we don't find any we can tell mom germs don't exist so amazing there are a lot of weird germs in the bathroom but I don't see a single germ anywhere, of course not who would want to live in the bathroom maybe they would like to live where there is food around them everywhere chin so have you found germs not even a team baby german?
Well maybe they're so small you can't see them at all without a magnifying glass this is no germs it's our dad I don't see germs on any of these buttons in there it's just a regular old spider Mommy always tells us to wash our paws when we have been playing outside that must mean a lot of germs live outside the kittens examined everything around them very carefully but they still found no germs that's all the research proved germs don't exist right? and I'm going to eat something right now withoutbother washing my dirty paws biscuit did you remember to wash your paws first they have germs everywhere and you have germs on your cupcakes too daddy don't tell me you believe those fairy tales about germs because we proved they're not real.
I can't find them, there are none outside or in the bathroom either, so we never have to wash our paws again. No, you didn't see any germs because germs are very, very small, even a magnifying glass can't see them. special machine that is much stronger than a magnifying glass called an alien microscope there are so many whoa you have a really good idea kitties wash their paws with soap then check them again through the microscope well now there are no germs on your paws at all what which means you can eat all the cakes and fruits you like.
It was great to eat biscuits and fruit when they knew there were no germs on their paws. From then on, the kittens always wash their paws before eating. Good Deeds agency, one day, dad was taking out the trash and the kittens decided to help him. Thank you kitties, what a kind and helpful children helping their daddy. they're not that cool the kitties turn their treehouse into the Good Deeds agency all they needed next was people to help the aliens it seems there are no cats that need our help it's just that no one knows what we're here to do, we should just walk around and help everyone spread the name of our agency better, good deeds agency is here to help you, oh no it looks like mom is not here for us to help you ok we'll just put all this up. button on jars and leave a we help you card.
You'll see what we did on the card and thank us later. good helping people our agency Good Deeds here comes the cat the cat got ready again what do you say what's up dear kitties I understand you were just trying to help but unfortunately you seem to have created some problems what have you arranged my buttons by color but I needed them sorted by shape, the shapes of the buttons were what was important to me, yes we wanted to plan new flowers today, but then you flooded our garden beds, all the earth turned into a soft swamp, children, you didn't realize my vision artsy and you mixed up all my friends galleries green and blue not purple oh oh we didn't try to make a good works agency but we made a bad one instead don't feel bad my dear kitties trying to help your neighbors it's a wonderful idea just make sure after thinking about it a bit I have a very good idea that we can correct all the mistakes of the agency by first asking what we can help them with and exactly how soon the kitties corrected all the mistakes they made and helped everyone so well that word about your agency Good Deeds reached out to all their neighbors kitties some of our neighbors could really use the hell out of Good Deeds agency so amazing good deeds agency turned out to be a great idea it's so nice to make friends and neighbors happy by helping them play in the dark, mom and dad went out to dinner and left the kittens at home with grandma, grandma, will you play with us please?
I'm done thank you Whoa lights out I clapped too loud I've been. I'm afraid of the dark. Why is there to fear? But you were only blindfolded when we were playing and that's the same as being in the dark, but wearing a blindfold isn't as dark as real darkness, kitties where are you grandma? It seems that all the lights in the house are off, but everything will be fine. some flashlights, but it's down there, maybe we can wait up here for the lights to come back on, but what if they stay off for a long time?
We'll be fine down there, kitties, because we'll all be together all the time. be careful going down the steps dear goodness, what's the matter? Candy fight, it's even darker down there, you know I'm not the least bit scared and I'll tell you why, because the dark is our friend, there are so many beautiful things we never see without it. it's like the lovely glow of this candlelight and twinkling stars these wonderful things can only be seen in the dark and up there oh well not to mention there's a lot of fun when you play in the dark especially if you can put your paws on a lantern come and look at this sweet look it's a duck quack quack quack quack and this is a mountain look Cookie Mobile and this is a butterfly i just got really hungry yes i am yes i'm hungry goodness Kittens i'm afraid i forgot finish dinner and all the confusion.
Let's try to find something to eat down here. Something that does not need cooking. I already found something amazing. Cookies and I see apples over here. I have Dillard carrots. it's served, oh, and look, the lights are back on too. so awesome goodness kitties what's going on here it's gone the electricity went off but it's on again we just have the lights off because the dark is fun why candy you're not afraid of the dark anymore that's just wonderful well done come here everyone and enjoy our shadow show and that's how Candy learned that the dark is not something to be afraid of and that playing in the dark can be a lot of fun

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