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Khabib SENDS WARNING to Islam Makhachev before UFC 294, Khamzat Chimaev CALLED OUT, Justin Gaethje

Sep 09, 2023
what's up everyone and welcome back to the MMA Zone today, let's start with Israel arasanya wants to fight Hamza chimaya at UFC 294 Undefeated contender Hamza chimayev will make his highly anticipated return to the octagon at 185 pounds after taking an entire year off of competition with a highly anticipated fight against Palo Costa on the horizon Shimayv could catapult onto the middleweight title scene in a big way ahead of the fight Israel Dasanya has made it clear that while he expects Tremayev to win, he knows firsthand how tough is the opponent Paulo Costa during a recent interview with MMA fighting the latest style doubler explained why he wants the former Swedish national wrestling champion to win even though many consider a fight between him and Shmaya to be a bad match of style.
khabib sends warning to islam makhachev before ufc 294 khamzat chimaev called out justin gaethje
I don't know who will win, but yes. I think if I'm favoring, I might be favoring Hamza a little more because I like new blood, but, yeah, I don't know, I just made Polo look easy, but trust me, it's a tough fight, it's a tough fight, but I'm I made it look easy but I think I'm rooting for damage more and that's why from the looks of it if Tremont wins in October there's a chance he ends up cutting the line and getting the next title fight for his drakis duplicity, although Arasania did not say in any way who will get the next shot at the belt if he emerges victorious from UFC 293.
khabib sends warning to islam makhachev before ufc 294 khamzat chimaev called out justin gaethje

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khabib sends warning to islam makhachev before ufc 294 khamzat chimaev called out justin gaethje...

He said that he makes the decisions if Chimaya defeats Paulo Costa. Do you want to see him fight against Israel? Desanya leave your thoughts in the comments section below we appreciate our first comments on yesterday's video thanks for the support Cormier reacts to Jon Jones turning down fights ahead of Jon Jones' clash at UFC 295 with Stephen Yochic fans seem to have mixed reactions to the fight, on the one hand, many are eager to On the other hand, see two of the best fighters of their era compete against each other, given that Miocic has not fought since March 2021, many have wondered why Jon Jones hasn't He's fighting #1-ranked heavyweight Sergey Pavlovic, as Jones explained, although he understands why fans want him to fight up-and-coming fighters like Tom Aspinall and Sergey Pavlovic.
khabib sends warning to islam makhachev before ufc 294 khamzat chimaev called out justin gaethje
His focus is on maintaining his legacy through smart business decisions. Recently, Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier weighed in on the situation during a video for his YouTube channel explaining that While Jones could elevate fighters like Pavlovic to mainstream stars, he has no incentive for John to do it for me. My profile was a lot bigger after him and my interactions, and then Steve Amiochic was bigger after him and I reviewed our trilogy, so it's really like that. Follow that same formula where once you fight a guy he's established, your status goes up, but Jon Jones could elevate those guys, but as Cormier pointed out, it doesn't seem to matter who Jon Jones fights as one of the most UFC greats.
khabib sends warning to islam makhachev before ufc 294 khamzat chimaev called out justin gaethje
The presence of Jones stars on a card alone is enough to get fans interested. He says about Aspinal and Sergey, who would absolutely make the most of it. He's just not interested because now he's weighing the business versus the actual competition, but to me, I feel like Jon. Jones as the headliner doesn't really change much in regards to who he fights. He made more than 700,000 purchases against Cyril. He would probably make 700,000 buys against Tom Aspinal. He would make 700 against Sergey Pavlovic, so what is he saying? in this sentence he simply doesn't want to fight those young guys who hit hard and charge, of course, heading into UFC 295, the big question is whether or not Jones will retire after the fight, as the event is quickly approaching in November.
Only time will tell what's next. for Justin gagey after knocking out Dustin Poirier to claim the BMF title at UFC 291 with a beautifully placed head kick Justin gagey is eager to keep the momentum going as he approaches 35 years of age gagey won't be done anymore young in the short term despite his spectacular UFC 291 according to MMA veteran Josh depunk Thompson AG The MMA veteran's best bet is to cash in on his ticket for a title shot before facing the original BMF. Jorge Masjidol spoke during a recent episode of his weigh-in podcast with Big John McCarthy to discuss Gage's options.
I mean, if I'm Justin, what I'm doing is waiting for him after I get my next title shot. I would probably do one last fight with BMF to face Moz. be a money fight, let's say my eyes say goodbye as if my retirement fight were to fight and then that gives mozz at all times to gain even more weight, you know, and be out of the sport, yes, the sport a little more while Justin has been training for title shots, of course, when Jorge Mafia Doll was asked what he thought Geiji should do after the win over Poirier, he teased his return to the octagon by saying that Gagey should fight him.
Do you think we'll ever see him return to the octagon for a BMF showdown Gilbert Burns makes bold prediction about Ian Gary Ian Machado Gary has continued to rise to the occasion and rack up wins since joining the UFC in 2021, notching six back-to-back wins that recently saw him take a rare 30-24 scorecard in his UFC 292 victory over Neil Magni, while many have wondered if Gary has what it takes to compete with the best of the best at 170 pounds, given the number of Grapplers hovering at the top of the division. Gilbert Burns believes Gary is destined for greatness while Speaking on MMA Fighting's Portuguese-speaking Franca podcast, Burns sang Gary's Praises saying "I think so, in a few years yes, he's a great kid. 25 years old.
This kid is a bat. Before the fight, he said he would do everything he practically


everything." I fought beforehand and I succeeded. I think Shav catching Rachmanov is also very good. Byrne said there's also a tough guy coming. There's this Venezuelan guy, Michael Morales, an undefeated guy. Gabriel Bonfim 2. An unpleasant boy. He comes new blood. Burns, of course. keeping an eye on the division landscape as he recovers from a shoulder tackle suffered in his Number One Contender fight against Bilal Muhammad earlier this year with Gary On The Rise and a bright future ahead, how do you see the Gary's career development? predictions in the comments section below before you continue, be sure to get some love on the like button and be sure to subscribe to the MMA zone for all the latest news.
Max Holloway knows that a fourth fight with Volkanovsky is a long shot, but no. Care Max Holloway continues to find himself in an interesting spot in the Featherway division with three losses to Alexander Volkanovski Holloway knows the odds of getting a fourth chance at The Champion are slim even though he hasn't given up hope since losing a title . Holloway has continued to defeat every fighter in the division not named Alexander Boganovsky, according to the former champion himself, although the likelihood of having another fight with the champion is in line. His plan is likely to continue analyzing contenders until his case for a shot at the division is made.
The belt is undeniable during a recent video for his YouTube channel. Holloway talked about where he currently stands in the division and that's what USC is known for pitting the best guys in the world against each other and on I'm Here, I'm Not Here. I'm not taking breaks. I'm not saying Oh, I almost own this. I'm on it. I'm fighting anyone and everyone to get back there. I'll be crawling and clawing my way back to the top, you know. I said as we have been saying that it is undeniable that according to Holloway, he is setting his sights on returning to the octagon early next year after entering his battle with the Korean zombie with injuries that he needs to take care of while he has his sights set. capturing UFC gold once again, he has no plans to criticize anyone whether or not he is able to get another title shot, only time will tell updates on the surreal robbery as heavyweight star Sir Rogan got a big win over Sergey Spivak in the main event of UFC Fight Night Paris his apartment was being robbed according to French outlet Le Parisian police were notified of a robbery which led to an investigation that discovered signs of forced entry among the list of stolen items were found a Rolex watch valued at 150,000 Euros, the equivalent of more than 160,000 US dollars, although no arrests appear to have been made in this case.
French police have seen this situation before, with footballers having their homes robbed while they were not at home, an anonymous source close to the case who was quoted by Le Parisian spoke about the situation indicating that the criminals may have had an inside source. Within God's team, the thugs may have carried out scans or someone from the athlete's entourage may have informed them of his agenda, fortunately no one was hurt. on the ordeal and with an investigation underway, expect updates sooner rather than later Habib





ahead of UFC 294 When


ankev faced Charles Oliveira at UFC 280, he did so in controversial fashion without his old friend and teammate Habib Nurmagomedov training in his corner at that time.
The UFC Hall of Famer had taken a step back as a coach, leaving AKA head coach Javier Mendez to lead curveball duties for Makachev's title fight with Olivera ahead of the highly anticipated rematch. at UFC 294. Nurmaga Madoff has offered a word of


in his closing. friend during a recent interview with Yuka Hiro is more difficult for Islam there will be more risk he pointed out that Oliveira had nothing to lose Oliveira has nothing to lose he already lost if in the first fight he had any worries and so on Habib said that this could turn Olivera in a more unpredictable and formidable opponent, although Numergemirov has predicted that the fight will be tougher than the tag team fight at UFC 280.
He will not return to the champion's corner for the rematch, as he confirmed. In the same interview, he maintains his decision to stay off the curves. Interestingly, heading into Islamakuchev's UFC 284 clash with Alexander Volkanovski, Normanov also predicted that his old friend would be in for an incredibly tough fight given how controversial the scorecards on Makachev Volkanovski were. Do you think Nimergamotov's prediction that Makichev vs Olivera 2 will be a tougher fight will also come true? Leave your predictions in the comments section below the top comments. Asking Volk who he thinks he's going to win in a fight with Izzy is like asking Colby who's going to win. a war between the US and Brazil wouldn't be Dustin a concussion protocol, how could he fight again so soon the press conference will be on?
I would love to see Strickland win but I seriously doubt that will happen if you want to be in our next video be sure to leave a comment and don't forget to watch yesterday's video in case you missed it.

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