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Kevin Hart Races Usain Bolt | PokerStars

Feb 27, 2020
Okay guys, we're here today to settle the matter. Kevin, you consider yourself something of a runner. This man has been known to run quite a bit himself. she's going to have a 30 meter lead makes sense and then we're going to take her to the finish line long ago makes sense what are you talking about we're going to do we have to do it correctly as far as it's fair we can't start at the same time we mean why not 'Cause you're the next girl but you've run every day dogs hello I'm not the fastest man alive so let's just do it give me my 30 meters then I can do what I do best and kick your ass so start lining up there 30 more meters go ahead when you get there i'll honk this horn oh my god on your marks get ready
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