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Kershaw Blur (5 year review)

Jun 01, 2021
What's happening everyone? It's Sunday, September 22, and we're finishing the weekend strong with a knife


. This is a knife I've had for about five


s. It came out in 2004 and I think it's still one of Kershaw's best-selling knives. it's one of the best values ​​as far as quality it's made in the USA it has good materials and it costs around 55 dollars for some people which can be expensive you know they say you might want to buy a 35 rat ontario $40 okay, you know, that's fine and then you can go up to 180 $200, you can go up to 450 dollars, this knife was given to me, but I'm not taking it to a lake if I drop it, lose it or break it, that would be horrible, but for 55 bucks they have a reliable knife, the Kershaw Bluter, this is the way to go, as far as blade length, you're looking at three point three seven inches overall, you're looking at seven point eight eight inches, he closed his four and a half it's pretty thin as far as how it carries in your pocket and all I want to say is comfortable it doesn't have a very deep clip we'll talk about that in a minute the overall weight is 4.2 ounces I weighed it myself and it only said four even on my scale and is generally pretty accurate, so it weighs about four ounces, let's just say Timmy isn't very heavy.
kershaw blur 5 year review
I carry fairly large knives, so they are fairly light. The handle material is 6061-t6 and it is durable and lightweight. As for these inserts, they are not g10. I don't know if you guys can see it right, but they're called track tech inserts, that's what Kershaw calls them, and you can feel that it's a rubbery material, it's very positive traction. I like it a lot and I've used this knife and taken it through a lot of things, you can see some of the stuff we're into in this and it looks almost perfect as far as track technology goes, it's amazing , so I really really recommend that as far as thumb studs go, any of their extras are the only ones this knife is likely to have, but I have to say that they are an extremely inexpensive InDesign knife, so when I slide the thumb studs Upwards I don't know if I can see it. that angle fits perfectly with minimal movement.
kershaw blur 5 year review

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kershaw blur 5 year review...

I take the knife out with one hand and can cut it and use it on whatever I need, so I highly recommend this knife. I'll say it several times in this


, so that's it. Over the weekend, you know, there were a lot of people asking me if anyone has a knife. Do you have a knife? We're going to need a knife here. Stuff like that and I threw it at him. You know, it's not the end of the world. So this thing got used a lot over the weekend two days and let's take a look here, it's still pretty sharp and again, this thing was probably used by ten different guys so it's still pretty sharp.
kershaw blur 5 year review
I'll touch it up with the sharpener in a moment. I'll probably say 40 degrees inclusive and we'll tweak it so that 20 degrees on each side you can see the recurve shape in the blade here and it's extremely functional when you're pushing, just that little curve is a lot more ergonomic. As for a lot less work, it won't slip off the knife, it'll get caught on that recurve and it's really nice when you're cutting rope or cutting sticks and making spearheads or hot dog sticks, whatever. what you're doing is extremely useful and it's kind of subtle so damn everyone calls this the safe speed so again it's not a switchblade that's what people think so it's got a spring in there and it's barely there you move and it moves on its own, okay, so you can see here, the spring pushes it, but once it gets past that certain point, it's pretty much locked.
kershaw blur 5 year review
I've never had this snipe open, I've never had a problem with it, okay, it's a liner lock that you can look at here, I mean pretty good haul. I don't know in percentage how much it crosses the bottom of the blade, but I really trust this knife, like I said. I have used it for five


s and it has always worked, it has never crashed on me. This lock has never failed me, it could happen depending on what you are doing with your knife, but I don't even use it so that it locks. I always push it towards where the blade opens so I don't put myself in that situation, okay, as for the coating here, it's a DLC coating, it just helps with corrosion.
The blade material is a Sandvik 14 c 28 stainless steel. They make it in an s30v model, but you. You're probably looking at over $70 for the steel upgrade. It is quite easy to sharpen. It has a really good edge. Like I said, I've used this thing a ton and it keeps cutting, so I love it. It comes in different colors. I think it originally came out in 2004 in black, but I really like the OD green, so as far as some of the cons, I'd mainly say the pocket clip. I wish it was ambidextrous. Know? Could Kershaw have put in some screws?
The holes around here move the track tech down, it's also like a lanyard hole and I don't really use them, but I know this knife wasn't made for me. I totally get it, but I'm just trying to pick something because I love that damn thing, but it's a right-hand pocket clip, so you can tilt it up or down, but it's only on one side, as you can see, it's good, but because I love the knife so much and it feels great in my hand. and it just works every time and has a very sharp edge. I keep it in my pocket, you know, I use it a lot, so this is something I can overlook.
I wish I was a bit of a deep carry and I wish I was left handed, end of story okay otherwise I don't have much of a handicap, the jump to the right isn't extremely aggressive you know, I mean it's not very functional, it's a little slippery with the aluminum, but when you hold the I've never had it slip out of my hand or anything, not even in the water and it works fine, so you know, it could be a little more aggressive, of course it could, but I guess This appeals to the masses because it is one of the best-selling knives.
I think Kershaw has a great knife, so if you don't have a knife or are looking for a knife that can be pretty tough, drop it in the water, scrape it and it will still work. I would choose the Kershaw


. I highly recommend this knife as I said in terms of functional testing. I think I've done all I can with this in the field and it's still working. There is a spring there that will activate. it fails at some point in its life and if it says on their website that it will fail at some point you can send it to them and they will replace the spring and mail it back to you so I mean you can do that.
I'm not really complaining about that and that's what you get when you go with a company, you know, that's their quality like Kershaw, okay, so like I said, this thing is made in the USA, it's designed by Ken Onion so this is the 16 70 oh L you'll be fine because You got the olive in the Black Sea in that dlc and it's actually just something on the blade that wasn't scraped off so it's a drop point with a Hollow sharpened and recurves well, so I highly recommend this knife. I actually bought this knife. for my entire wedding party, for my best man and I bought it for my father-in-law.
I bought one for my dad. I bought them all one for the wedding because it's something I can wear for the rest of their lives. Is trustworthy. tool is a good brand with a lifetime warranty and everyone liked it, you know, everyone uses it all the time, so it's great. I didn't personalize it or engrave it or anything like that. I just wanted to get them something quality that they can take everywhere and wear when they are at work, hunting, fishing or whatever, so this is what I bought them for and this is what I recommend you get at least one.
I'll probably look for the s30v version you can find. They are sometimes on sale so I would keep an eye on the internet. You can also check your local knife stores and see if they have any. There are a couple of places where you can find them with factory imperfections, which voids the warranty, but you can get them. Pretty cheap and they still work and are still razor blades but they may have a little discoloration so that's something you can really look into but again I highly recommend this knife so as always thanks for looking guys yeah do you want to see more.
Reviews like this hit the subscribe button and there will be many more to come. I have some custom knives here. I have one right here that I will review very soon. This thing is hand forged. I don't want to give it away too. A lot of information like I already have in a previous video, but have a good rest of your Sunday and I hope you have a good week, thanks again for watching, as always.

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