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Kelly Fisher v Tzu Chien Wei WPBA Masters 2019

Sep 03, 2022
Bulls which is a 9 to 10 volt rotating jam before the time changes for the champion 28th champion reigns give Kelly a fast plastic slot from Taipei Taiwan 23rd ranked player received a fix Superior, okay ladies, entertain us, add them, okay? I'm back, my name is Mary Kenaston with Pool Action TV. I was here at the


W PBA Masters event and then at the beautiful, soaring Eagles Hotel. I guess you know it looks like weh-weh has won the stage. from this match we go to the finals the loser is guaranteed a third place I am joined in the booth by Dawn Hopkins Hi everyone Dawn good how are you?
kelly fisher v tzu chien wei wpba masters 2019
I'm fine, ready for this match. I'm excited, that's all they want. it just keeps getting better and better I know I love it I know Kelly played a great game in the last one and she's played the last two games he's good she was four zero behind Allison Fischer and she came back and won nine to six that's crazy it's a madness good tri Very tough with the alt break format yeah well here we go let's see who jumps up front here and she's very good at breaking here she likes to park the cue ball right in the middle of the table and she's ok good break OOP got kicked the table down so did the one so he'll be fine he's got a beautiful angle to get back up at least to the final rail sure it would be nice if he could move just a hair and float between the nine and the five yeah two balls down that makes it a little easier mm-hm to get seven to run yeah she's looking at that right now she's got the four on the other side so here we go one rail up down to this rail below and then retr We happen to all four so I like to play this Mary like you said if you're going down between the balls play to hit the rail down here because otherwise you might come up short and not get a shot on that too.
kelly fisher v tzu chien wei wpba masters 2019

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kelly fisher v tzu chien wei wpba masters 2019...

The right gives you a little more. room for the bug to go all the way down and hit the railing to get back up d she said she's going to cut the nine oh she cut the five she just missed it and got a little stoned i think she got a little bit of an angle yeah i think makes the hit seem to be closer to the rail than the object ball she's really going to have to turn the rail around with the English though yeah this will be kind of a pop hit so Ning Chen has a very similar opportunity on the last match like this and when you hit the first rail. really spun good yeah yeah you got a punch hit it with extreme spin there's a great shot that's the shot real good that's the shot and I think that's going to make her win the game that was very well might be him now she just needs to go up to the center of the table take a knife to the ankle on the 5 to get to the 7 oh he's gone or well that's even better that way guarantees he gets a good angle right on the five , yeah so she's just going to pass a rail and come back she wants to have something from an angle but even if she hit that's okay because the eight can go in either pocket you're not necessarily going to hit and that's that damn shot almost perfect and beautiful.
kelly fisher v tzu chien wei wpba masters 2019
I think she's frustrated that she didn't win that last game. she came close and is determined to play the best she can to get back to the finals again another chance for that lady, yes she played pretty well in that last match and this one is not starting that way. no, that's not optimal, stay down, fall off the roof, nice shot, very good, very good game, okay, first blood, one shot. I don't think these two know much about each other's game because Kelly plays quite a bit in Asia, yeah she is actually, she's probably more famous in China than anywhere in the world.
kelly fisher v tzu chien wei wpba masters 2019
I don't think that's in recent years because most of the events are in China and she has Chinese sponsors and she does a lot of teaching and exhibiting work. The re Kelly was born in England and came onto the snooker circuit just behind Alison and Karen core and was also world champion soccer player now resides in Scotland with Val Finney mm-hmm thanks to Val she is a very good friend to a lot of the W PBA players I think she might be watching it's possible hey Val okay she lost the cue ball but she made a legal break you know what I like about this is she can focus 100 percent on that ball because the cue ball is going to deflect and you see it's also hanging in the pocket and there's a lot of room on the left side of the table so the cue ball is going to deflect that way naturally anyway, yeah , she just has to make sure she puts the ball in that she doesn't get hooked on her own no problem beautiful shot she's going to make she could go out on a wing maybe with a little outside and just a touch I know she played behind that I don't know I thought it would hit it's softer than that I don't know what maybe the la was trying to get between those two play in the same pocket no not sure see


shoot so fast we're not going to be we can't give him all the options we have other ideas but we won't I won't take it out but of all modes didn't work out as she had planned, so it's a regrouping.
I think you could bet. Yes, she did well. stop at the fine point stop at the seven stop your slide slide to exhaustion you want to get the same angle on the seven that wouldn't rub you're smiling and ended up straight but that's a or maybe even favoring the left side she's fine you might follow her if she's favoring the left side she might as well follow to the final rail and go up ok let's take the position with the table she gave her she's so good at taking shots you know these shots don't faze her oh we think the pool table 12 footer helped a bit and although I don't know when she last played pool it's that sometimes she can reverse backwards mm-hmm okay one is starting to be a barn Brahmin I like this yeah they like it as a shoe shine or as they say in China, as Shushan they used the last name since there they say the last name first in China, but she hails from Taipei, Taiwan, and has been playing Pro Circuit for about 10 years, only e n the last two years she has reached the level of play that you are seeing today. she had a couple of high results last year she came in third and the always tough and alert players come from all over the world.
I'm told it's one of the toughest player tournaments in the world and she placed third in that one and 2017 she placed second in the Korean Currie Cup and is sponsored by Formosa plastic group. hard shot but she does h give it a shot yeah so she has a good angle just to drift down for both of us there's some traffic there via the 307 so she'll have to try and figure out how to navigate through of that between maybe 4 and 3, well she has to queue because she's on the rail so her options are limited, she has a lane between 3 and 4 that might give her the corner on the other side, that's what you're looking at right now.
Sorry, the corn, yes, the corner. or the side for the two ball yeah or actually if she goes you know I don't think I can shoot the table in the same pocket I think the nine the nine would be dangerous yeah anyway I think that's what she's going to try do it now just press the ball forget just try to control your speed and put the ball in nice shot nice shot you can't hit it better than that Wow perfect mm-hmm you know what I think the pros always know they're standing there and making their decision when they're awake if they're a little bit conflicted about what to shoot they're not going to go into the shot most of the time unless they give a 100 percent decision that it's correct and every time that you do it you'll know when it's pulling you in like i am i'm doing the right thing i should go here i should go there and if you're down while that's going on you definitely need to get back up and start over and that's what i like.
I realize that she is very good. on that, yeah, once she commits, then she's on, then you can put a hundred percent on the shot and you don't have to think about anything else now, I wonder if that three goes on the side beyond the seven, is near. she's going to have to turn the table around to play it in the corner. I guess so, yes, maybe not. any pocket but I think for the corner pocket it's better because she can shoot all three and d all four in the same pocket I think so I'm not even sure look at the combination really yes that's what she's looking at no it's an indicator it really is I think I'd do it right I know it wouldn't be like avoid combinations unless you really have to it's not a problem for this lady though like three got away so have another combination, well now he has nothing oh now he has insurance i liked what he said because he could easily go through all four. ball mm-hmm and nothing was tied it wasn't like there was a problem balls yeah I don't think it was the best decision but like I say it looks a lot different when you're on the table right now here you can just trim the side of the three see where she's standing where the cue ball will end up landing so okay you just clipped a three and that's why she wants it to land yeah and then the nine will stop the three from moving so you've got those four on the way mm-hmm she's going to spin this to wake up try to get it down to where she later had a signal looking to hook her behind the floor which is very well done a little too far what uh that's not a bargain yeah i know that wouldn't want to step up on this no it looks like the bank the eight has blocked part of the pocket so no rail bank or is it a real hard bank yes I'm thinking he will play with a safe here and he'll use that nine I think he'll just try to put the three in the side rail yeah just like that the bench on the three is blocked I think by the floor so we're going to see a little bit of security playing back and forth here well she's looking to hit the right side of the three and leave the cue ball there and again using the four and nine as the wall mm-hmm nice shot very good a little hard ok and again the cue ball in the row now has a chance to lean right here the lanus from this angle the lane is open yeah she's checking it out now alright whether or not she may or may not have a two way shot here if she hits it there at a smooth speed where she just rolls into the pocket she'll have a shine on the because she probably tried yeah but she hit it too hard all right I walk steps up with a two shot its hard whats a shot so shes looking at the angle of the tangent line to see what naturally if shes going to hit the eight or not, maybe put in some English from Right hand on the cue ball just to keep it out of there I'd use a little left I'll stick that's what I meant Mary sorry my other right your other right sometimes I feel like I have two lefts yes not too right I'd hit it with a middle blow and back and forth, yes, not like that, these four go in the pocket, let's take a look. just a little that's it so now you can either draw hard and go in towards the pocket where it's standing or you can draw a little and find two rails yeah whatever yeah I'd like to go right under the side pocket and cross the table to the other side, going down the short side, it's too difficult. from where she's exactly like that yeah okay that's a little harder than she would have liked it didn't roll as far as she'd like but again just put the ball in it's going to go down here to the railing and over up or up. go to the side rail and move to nine let's see what an up and back rail does for the night very nice shot well he's definitely playing better on these early cuts right away I was hoping to see a house game go with you you know, just a shootout you think you wonder why what was the difference I mean she was really struggling in the last match well first of all it was a you know the first match of the day for both of them they hadn't played in the desk. before look now she knows the speed at the table mh m Kelly is still going to have a little trouble, but she has played her game at the other table, right? she has been a more accomplished player for longer as Weiwei has risen up and also the way the balls broke the balls broke hard most of the last match ok


will break losing two to one.
I can't count, I can't count Kelly, oh no. Does she ever counter, oh boy, why is it always the latest roll? near the pocket where pushing out is tricky you have to be and where she's frozen on that right six is ​​going to limit yeah so I almost like to see her come kicking behind the right six and then put the ball white on the railing or but that lets you know real easy insurance or bank yeah and that's the problem with this no matter what she'll have easy insurance yeah I see I could just put her on the table on the rail make her take the shot on the oh she won't even let her see the whole ball it's a good shot but like she could be returning it well I don't know if you can. make it go straight down the table move the shot touchy-touchy she's got us pinned so i can't see what it looks like if you make the ball go straight down the rail and then take the cue ball off the left rail and pass it the seven you know just cross theball face.
Although I don't know if she can hit her or not. hit the left side of the one you're in a zero to the right and you can't see the right side of the one so you'll have to play a cross the bank maybe not to get it but she's going to swipe across the face of this . I think I'll keep the cue ball on the entry rail and send the one up the table. She tries to put the eight. the one down here for the six. of the two of the two excuse me if it's that hard give it back to kelly you know if it's really that hard there's nothing wrong with giving well i don't think it's that hard though dawn really not well she's having some no i think she was just getting making sure to mentally prepare, yeah, just like that, hmm, so that's not what I meant when you had to go perfectly straight up and down the table because you had to come two by two with the yarn. of course you know there were problems but there was no difficulty doing what she was going to do, i was just trying to predict what the outcome would be because i knew she thought she was going to have to hit something now that she ran out. here she left a shot though it made them both a little tough Kelly has a knockdown right there and she did but she was hoping to fall and hit the eight and stop it so now she's snuck it in she's kicking she was kicking behind both of them to play a sure kick or try to bag do it and roll up the table good stock good shot very good so this is where your fundamentals come into play well you're just going to make this ball and the natural angle will take you to all three but you really have to have your basic fundamentals in order here is one of the few players I've noticed bend both knees in her stance which you know may not be as stable as planting that back leg you know for stability yeah I'm not for it unless you have a back problem or you are very tall and your back is going to hurt.
I'm not really in favor of two bent knees just for that, it gives you the ability to move when you shoot well, but you know she's tall for an Asian woman mm-hmm and she's probably been playing that way for so long that it's just natural for her and she may have a back problem. We don't know if she has a problem here. there she is a little off angle, but not much. I think she'll just move on. She, uh, she doesn't have to do it too much because the six is ​​right there. hook up with that nine rate great no she'll just shoot this ball over slide to the rail and she wants to make sure she leaves a good angle on the seven to get back on the table if you don't want to. hit it hard you can roll it I'm not rolling any balls right I don't mean you don't have to roll it soft but I'm not a vide I like to stun rather than roll and I think she does she has a beautiful angle now she just he's looking to see how he wants to come out of the corner one, two, three, drop down to the eight and that's much better than calling. take a round down because you avoid the scratch and you don't want to cross the positions of the you know the line that way here you're falling in the FTP hit the hit the third rail mm-hmm you know you're fine anywhere you stop now, she's down a little bit more than she'd like and she's looking to see if she's going to go in on the nine if she does, she hits hard, she hits soft trying to predict where it's going to go so she's not so worried about the shot that she's worried about the cue ball and the nine Kelly knows she might have a chance here so she hasn't taken her eyes off the table we have to stay in the game you know so you always have to think if I come back to the table she's thinking right now that there might be a chance for something bad to happen here, at least that's what i do, well, you know, if it was me, you have to be prepared, well, i mean, those are the steps.
In the stable, isn't she circling the table? I'm going for this unless she beats the scr. atch and she went in beautifully for the shot now she's on the rail which makes it hard oh wow that's why you don't want to be on the rail right mary well it makes the shot harder it certainly does and kelly got that shot on the table the game tied for two in the last game when she was playing something she did the same thing she had to go ahead and she 31 and instead it didn't come out where it should have well and there's something tied it up I mean it's so frustrating going through all that rack and do all that hard stuff and everything is perfect she hit the last shot great she jumped to 8 beautifully but like I say that's it and she took her time yeah she knows that. she's not just time to go down on the shot she just shows how hard the shot is when you run great if she was a couple inches off the rails you know the score would be 3 2 1 yeah absolutely fine now you gotta do it fly it you have to go down it's a run to seven from here and I have the break.
I mean, that's what you have to be thinking. is but I still like where her cue ball has absolutely little control yeah she has I think the best output from people I've seen here on stream is more consistent absolutely she has the best most consistent break out of all the ladies i've seen and she's not really she's not crushing it she's not hitting those balls very hard she's just hitting a good target like they're aiming for the break I think people sometimes take it for granted that you're aiming because rest should be just as important as aiming for any other shot on the table that's right if you look at her that's what she does it takes her a long long time before she pulls the trigger on her brain I'm not quite sure what what's going to do yo th ink she's going to hit the left side and she's going to go down here to the final rail mmm-hmm that's what she did great yeah yeah she tried to hit the other side of the eight yeah that's what she was trying to hit well ke lly loves these shots yeah and if you can avoid putting the ball in front of the pocket versus well she was trying to play the cue ball yeah the problem is kelly could have jumped even if you know you don't want to leave a shot in suspension. o ok, she has a bank in both.
I'm just going to keep an eye on the cue ball position for all three. Your balls will not move far. can slice them she's watching him yeah she doesn't want to connect really Ellie is quick that's a nickname yeah he doesn't want to play it safe though she does it very well nice shot oh well so she had a lot really there for me alright , back on the line I'll just back off a little bit for now ice to get below nine if he can yeah but I don't know if he can do it looks like if you go above nine the eights on the rail will come around all three rail yeah so it would be nice if she could roll somehow yeah well the ball is close enough to the pocket where she could play one side of the pocket or the other yeah that's what he's doing, she's trying to hit it to the right side of the pocket, I mean the left. pocket side and so, Ernie, it's much better to come from that side when the ball is close to the pocket.
You can play a particular part of the pocket quite easily. very good save for the eight very well does it to stroke and hit yes fast one two and for the lady ok I'm a little scared there for a minute but it pulls out three bones it shows Kelly has a good resume definitely She's a future hall of famer, she's the world champion in line bowling, world champion in 10 ball with a US Open Champion four-time Tournament of Champions champion, that's the Invitational with the best four players of the year and they compete in a short race format even though he won four times was the china open champion she is a multiple WP winner be a classic tour events amway cup champion I mean this goes on and on and on top of all that she's the six time world snooker champion mmm quite a resume I curtsy to Kelly she came a long way I mean she's at the top of her game yeah yeah yeah long before she sure oh they pushed her down on the table ok no shot no shot but no scratch yeah better than a scratch that's been going on a lot today. what you do here you have to try to push i guess you can't just hit it and make a jump shot i don't think i mean possible jumps but i think the 7 ball is a little far for a jump hmm i'm not going to push it there it is she apparently she's hmm i kind of liked her first choice better but look down pushing up yeah yeah yeah just because there's no pocket if she pushed down here but she must have a reason why not wanted to do that. pressure on her to make a good shot mm-hmm so she can cut into this right corner, couldn't she do it without scratching herself from the angle up here?
She looks like she can. I think she can cut it either way. I don't think he's going to cheat with the 9 No, that's too far I think he's playing it safe He's hitting the only tooth in his pocket At least it seems that way to me, so maybe it's a scratch So if you make it, yeah look how close it went in she thinned it out so it was a scratch if you did it right she cut it too much she didn't do it with the diamond. I think she was trying to play it safe and came off too tight in the corner because she was aiming 1/4 ball on that shot and that wasn't a quarter ball shot for it to be a missed safety shot.
I try, I think in the meantime, quick shots back in action, get out from behind that eight ball and it's dead, no problem, nothing, perfectly in line, come over to the rail, Oh Kelly, and that's what it does every once in a while because she doesn't take as long as other players take her she's deadly accurate but every once in a while her speed her quickness will jump and bite her my way love this if she was heartbroken yeah yeah she's looking to tie the game Kelly she's got to be pretty sick she was looking to move on yeah yeah it was a good game mm-hmm and it would have been for two instead of maybe three three look how she's doing well you can't tell on this shot but when another shot is a normal shot she gets hurt almost who knows in the King sticks to her mouth knows yeah yeah she looks up instead of out like most players cool yeah hey lori John used to put blue chalk on his chin because his chin rubbed to slightly on her than her her chin you know after a hard m Look she's big blue blue and she does it she's like she's like me she dominates left eye so she lowers her head ok ok he is going to remove it. she's alright yeah i'd rather do it that way than go the other way way too much the other way she can go all the way down the railing or she can go around yeah lots of real climbs i like the turn to the world just like that. yes, because then you can pet him, yes, and you usually don't end up on the railing. the railing was what cost him the last game. he matches it. it just seemed like it's my break it's your break but for me the easiest way is if you're the first to break you're in pairs so it's because whatever the score if a minute is even very simple you don't have to think about who it was the last one to break got a pretty decent crowd for Sunday afternoon, yeah it's real cold up here.
It's not snowing we thought it would be the last time we'd go out oh wait I went out once and went to the jacuzzi at night okay it was like midnight that was nice yeah after I lost go soak my sorrows around your misery look how attentive she is how long does it take precise she is i mean one sees she just came down if the eight is not good she is good yes i love this lady's rest it is a great rest yes and she doesn't like it a lot of players who are trying to get a lot of power will stand up more to try to get the power and move their body into it she ducks like it's a normal shot she's way down the club and she doesn't put a lot of power into it, well ,it's not as much power as people think,it's more timely too,yeah sure sam yeah.yeah but i mean the force he's hitting the balls with is actually not that strong but it's enough difficult to make the balls that she wants to do and get the po Correct position as usual they're both down here on the rail so he's going to have to snatch it Barack she's got a good shot she can do it that's a good shot now don't stay completely straight it needs some kind of angle and I don't think he has if he has any I mean he's just going to try to back up to the railing and take what he can of the three he has to because if he goes forward there's not much of a reward no and you get tangled up on the floor you might tangle with the floor but if you try to force it out you know it's too low on the table so I think she'll just get to that railing where her hand is if she tries really hard to get out and back to the other side of the table no she won't do that anyway she'll try to get off the railing you know after she did the railing she say don't do that that's why I was keeping an eye out yeah I didn't think she would do that mmm it looked like it was lighting up there Preparing for something big and good, I just thought she was going to back off with it and then the spin takes her there Wow, well Kelly has to love it and like I said before, Kelly knew when she saw that she was right on the ball,the right ball speed, that would be nice, but hey, you just have to push down and make the ball so the shot is a little more difficult than that. looks yeah but again just make the ball make the ball and don't veer too far that's perfect she's g Okay okay I never think about the position of a rail on that shot.
I'm with you on that, but a lot of people know that and that's a pool shot. boy well just teach them to shake hands yeah i like to see mutual respect yeah it's a you know these people play with each other constantly these two girls are i mean i don't know much about weiwei but i know Kelly Fisher, I've met him. for a long time and I can't imagine anyone not getting along with Kelly okay she's super fab so I'm sure Weiwei is the same way when I'm sure they've played quite often yeah they're in Asia, yeah Kelly goes to Asia quite a bit, okay, she's got that framework, what's going to happen after the break.
I'm so nervous you just know it's probably going to be such a torturous game you know how it always is and there will be problems and a lot of staples don't say only you know I know that's what I want to see in torture matches it's long and i'm not playing in it break nice break q-ball stopped and not a shot here let's see we've got some aggressive aggressive going on was it a legal break didn't it what she said i really didn't look good i know she he pocketed a ball so that's a point and the ball went under the side so that's two and I guess the three was the questionable ball and that's considered below the rim so you know what didn't matter because Kelly just hit him back yeah he's allowed to push he's close to push where kelly wouldn't be allowed to languish so you're right he doesn't so it didn't really affect wait wait the balls are very well spread but it's unfortunate that she doesn't have a chance there, at least from her perspective.
I know Kelly loves knowing that she will have a chance at the table. Yeah, she really thinks about what she's going to do with the ball in hand. I don't see any real issues beyond going from 5 to 7, but we're not at that point. How hard, hard, hard, sure, you can't give him a full ball. I like what she's doing there. My first thought was to give him a piece of the ball, but I think Kelly would end up giving it back to him. her if she did that because it's really hard security from there so where do you push right? oh yeah you want to push long and hard so if she takes it if she shoots at it you want the cue ball to travel a long way she froze it to the end rail thats a good push and she can she has a full look at the ball look here look what that the five is right that makes that pocket really big so if let's say Kelly just yeah I don't think the bank is right not the bank but let's say Weiwei makes the one go through the eight because she can draw the cue ball three by three, but it's too big for that pocket, so if I think I could play it. one of those five at some point, so I don't think leaving the one there is a good idea.
I don't think this push is something I'd like to keep. I think Kelly made a good decision to return it. I think the best thing to do here is to keep the single, if you can, unscratched on the right side of the screen and the cue ball on the left side, but yeah, that's hard because you made the scratch right there. don't want to give up handball in hand it's fatal yeah and if she plays it safe here just making the one go down and playing the cue ball at the top of the screen kelly will make her jump jump they think that you got your wish you think you have wish to have a crooked crooked okay she left him a thin slice thin slice the cue ball is definitely going to travel yeah now she hits this with some inside to play to get into the - hmm so I guess you just have to hit it so you know, ideally, yes you would.
You could do that because you are going towards both of them and not away from them. I think they're both blocking the scratch on the top left so yeah it might be smart yeah she's cute yeah on the left side she will the marks might even leak but now there's an opportunity here on the five , well, she has a billiards in the five, the only problem with that is that it is a bit difficult since it comes out of the pocket, it is not closer, the problem is also that with a good contact to make the billiards the cue ball will going to stay here in the woods one is employed and capable unless he hits the nine well the eight is there the eight is pretty big if you can if you can hit the side of the one and get the eight to put the cue ball through the eight if you have good control of the cue ball, like the one pocket players, good one pocket players could leave the cue ball behind the 9 and get the one back up on the table.
I don't have that kind of stroke right now that does that, but I could see how that could be a good shot for her. stay down here or it would improve your chances of the cue ball escaping the trap, well this is what it's for you have to have guts to do this that's for sure going for the win no she's making a safety on the eight that was beautiful you couldn't hit any better that was beautiful I don't know if Kelly can I don't know I think she can make it to the bottom rail you know she can't seem to make it to the bottom rail so she has to go up high I said let's see is you know what though it's in the track is on the track to go three lanes straight into that gap like you see everybody see everybody there okay if she sees that yeah cause there ain't no ball in her way to do that yeah if you know that all three lanes are The only problem is that it's a two ball, no, because if you parallel it correctly, it's going to b e the hit point would be beyond the two ball, yeah, but this would also work if she knows this diamond, you know that this is another way to get in right Kelly told me after the Asian culture day tournament last year in May that she was going to study with Chris Mele and they come from the same hometown believe it or not and she was going to go to him the invited to come and stay with him for a few days and a lot of people know that I know that I consider him one of the best kickers on the planet and Kelly admits that he was weak for having a great opportunity in the one and not having any good, well, of all Anyway, I could have gone and spent some time with Chris, yeah, that would be smart mm-hmm, so you know you're out of luck. until your opponent is off the table again so if she jumped here if she can reach a jump then she could hit the five side and then just go for that five ball she could decide on the one side and do the carom yeah and in the dark it might be too far away Might be too far to reach yeah and then she's gonna have to figure out how to kick this guy that was an amazing roll Kelly just did yeah and you know she was rewarded for giving a good bang yeah yeah and I have fun every time they make a good vibe and then apologize, are they really sorry, really sorry. she can't put her hand on the table to reach it if she goes through that she's still looking at it the first time i saw this shot it was boneless man Shane he did it at the US open mmm and he made a fabulous shot yeah and the one when the match and the title I think it was about us against the US Open she could finish 3rd in a row I mean she's just amazing look at this this is like oh my gosh that would be cool let's set this up for a I definitely don't do it right away even if she makes it or not.
I won't make it if she doesn't. e delete the before wow she just got over that fall you gotta replay that mary i missed it did i say that there? now what I like about this is if she hits the one right on the nine to play the combo she'll probably do the five on the one anyway or get close to it as you've seen and as you've heard what a great final in the match my name is mary penniston i'm here with go - we're watching tv and we'll be back shortly with the finals don't go too far

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