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Kel Tec RDB vs IWI Tavor - Ultimate Bullpup Showdown

Jun 14, 2021
those are all features or W or a warm welcome back to the worn weed channel Pistol Pete here bringing another verse video this time we are going to take a look at kel-tec RDB and see if he is a worthy opponent for the king of bull take the iwi to war so before we start there are a couple of things that kind of points we need to make just to put this video in this review in perspective um first if you're looking for just a short video of someone shooting 100 rounds through the RDB and it gives you a thumbs up you are probably in the wrong place we have a lot of experience to share on both RTB war units in this video and probably going into a decent amount of detail which we will make sure everyone you guys are shooting on both rifles so if you watch a short video this is not the place they probably shut things down now too that being said groups are up so lots of videos out there and so many reviews on the Tavor which is already kind of being accepted as the king of bowls we're going to take a slightly different approach to this video we're going to look at it as sort of a review of the kel-tec RDB the newcomer to Challenger and compare it to the Devour on the go when appropriate so who this video is for vs seems like an obvious answer but the devil is in the details its geared towards recreational shooters who are into Bullpups who might be into ​in adding an RVT or their lore to their collection they will want some data points to help drive the decision between the two also geared towards two more orders because there are many war owners that have taken to the bull club platform and they're considering, you know, maybe adding an RDB to their collection and again they want some data points that can help make a more informed decision what's even more important is probably who this isn't video Gear Atlas and who is not directed at our actual operator. s or guys who would be choosing between these two rifles as to which one asked to continue the fight now probably think of Pistol Pete obviously they know the actual operators aren't watching some YouTube channels to help guide the decision on which rifle to take into combat, well that's exactly my point the reason I bring that up is because while I'm papering they look like very similar rifles they both have a half by 28 thread pitch they are both full pump both piston actuated they feed from AR mags they shoot two to three five five six you know the dimensions are similar well they are actually very different when it comes to the core of what they are the kel-tec RDB is a commercially available rifle for civilians where in Compare the iwi to warfare is a semi-auto version of an actual military rifle that you know has a proven track record in combat and that's why there are one thing all of the shooters in our group agreed unanimously on and that's me.
kel tec rdb vs iwi tavor   ultimate bullpup showdown
If they were going into a combat situation and had to choose between these two rifles, they would choose the Tavor because of that military record, so that said is P Y, can bother doing the comparison video thankfully none of the guys in our group are going into combat but we do enjoy firearms and both firearms are well suited for a variety of purposes so everything from home defense, self defense, having a truck gun, shooting guns like these, any target shooting if you want to go out. and hunting with either of these rifles you can certainly use them or both are really great rifles.
kel tec rdb vs iwi tavor   ultimate bullpup showdown

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kel tec rdb vs iwi tavor ultimate bullpup showdown...

I'm sure there are a lot of guys who buy these two just to collect them, so that's really why we're here. kind of comparing the two to give you a little insight into what really sparked this review in this video it actually started about three years ago over three years ago when the veer bought his beasts exclaiming he needs more he actually bought it and we had to go back and check receipts he bought it in march late march 2014 for a little over two thousand bucks it was like 2050 bucks so i got one real early and picked mine up i know after i shot him i knew i had to have one.
kel tec rdb vs iwi tavor   ultimate bullpup showdown
I picked mine up about three months later for about eighteen hundred on the doorstep and mine is a be 18 with an 18 inch barrel also an FTE so we've been putting rounds on two lures for over three years and actually the first time we shot his Devore it was one of the first times we started doing run guns and we liked to use vehicles as cover and things like that and we really had a lot of fun with it so our roots go back to filming the divorce together , so we have a lot of experience filming them, and to be fair, we probably use them a little more aggressively than most of our owners, you know? while we filmed them outside the band. 100 200 300 500 yards most rounds we put th Our two wars have been hard running gun events in the desert, getting dusty, going through a lot of mountains in a short amount of time, in a lot of cities, so our sample size of two is really kind of a bomb we've got a lot of sugars when i first saw active warfare three years ago the first time i took it to the kitchen it wasn't working or working properly so i had to send it back back to iwi and they fixed it.
kel tec rdb vs iwi tavor   ultimate bullpup showdown
I think the operating bar has been and created some issues that wouldn't be below its function, but mine now runs a good running steel case fairly reliably and really had real issues with its feel. It's also worth mentioning that I've had a couple of Celtic products in the past, I'm not going to go into the details, but I had no luck with any of them and have pretty much written off kel-tec indefinitely and I was that guy when one of the guys of our group said yes, Pete, look at this ASG or whatever. it takes a man to probably stay away from that and I've had bad luck with those guys in the past well what got me interested in the RGV was I saw it show up and it was available for nine hundred dollars a classic firearm and that made me It made me wonder where it was. you know that's half a page of minds of war ok and on paper it looks pretty good so i started digging into it i kind of read i watched some of the videos and by the time i sold my cell phone when i bought it .
I went back to the classic and it was already sold out so at that point if you know what happens if it comes back somewhere else you know if I get a good price I'll pull the trigger on one of the things about the kel-tec is that it really hasn't been available too often you don't see them in stock everywhere and they have the other one at least not right now right now but you know nine hundred bucks was appealing to me and it's one of the reasons you know I ended up calling you rigger I thought it was a very low risk investment if I didn't like it I could always turn around and sell it and not lose any money so that's what started all of this and honestly I really didn't expect that I would get this. far, but you've done it and I think you'd be interested to find out why it's okay, so let's get started right away.
I was actually quite happy with the kel-tec, the plastic felt good, the gun felt good in the hand, there were no rounds. from squeals or something felt pretty solid with one exception being that the four ends of the gun had a bit of a four and a half to play with in this day and age where you think with manufacturing and stuff you could do better than that but on the front end it's something we're actually going to talk about on the RDB later in the video now in comparisons of it's for my war it actually has a little bit of play in the front forend and also has a little bit of play on the 45 degree offset rail, so although the plastic m can feel a bit harder on the dash.
I'm going to say it's more or less a wash. You know they both had a little bit of flash on the plastic here and it's the scenes and stuff like that, so I adjusted the finish. I have to note this was pretty close between the two so one difference between these two rifles is that the RTB doesn't come with scopes it comes with just the top rail top rails probably around 10 inches long or something in its functionality by comparison the Devore comes with backup sights they're tritium they work relatively well obviously even one of these rifles is going to do much better with an optic but it's just one of those little things you know the type of field of play level you would have to add backup sights to the Reeb so obviously to get the most out of any of these rifles you are going to want to run an optic on this one I picked a house at HS 5 1 5 CU which is my favorite optic on this type of super fast close up E rifle very compact very light super durable great optics great fit for the RDV on the Tavor.
I'm using a 2.5x primary arms fixed power acss reticle, it's a little better, a little heavier, but you've got that drop reticle and you've got a little bit more magnet magnification to hit with as it's set up - the Atlas bipod which is right here to show you the kel-tec RDB comes in at 7 and a half pounds with the hollow son the hollow son weighs about a third of a pound which puts a bare kel-tec RDB at about 7.2 pounds that's pretty good, that's really good and it feels good it feels light in the hand easy to handle compared to this 18 inch tube or optics it's something like nine point four pounds which feels a lot heavier the optics really weigh almost a full pound, so she's really closer to eight point four pounds naked, which is still over a pound than the kel-tec you're probably saying, you Pistol Pete? are you comparing 1 Tavor 8 inch gun to the kel-tec well if you think about it the kel-tec actually has a seventeen and a half inch gun so the 18 inch war gun is probably a better comparison or at least closer in terms of barrel length. to the RVT so keep that in mind as we go from a length perspective I think the Tavor is about 29 inches to the be 18 and B 16 is like an inch and a half shorter I think the B 16 is almost exactly same length or very close to the RDB which is about 27 1/2 inches great compact package you get all the benefits of an SBR but you get less muzzle more speed so you know I'm not trying to sell you. old pop vs an SBR they're kind of but there's a lot of benefits when it comes to taking these two rifles apart in the field they're both super easy they both have captured pins in the pans but I'll have to give an overall takedown and ease of cleaning to the kel-tec come technology allows you to go much deeper into the casings of the guns gives you much easier access to the chamber and the barrel and basically makes it easier to clean the chamber and the casings to clean the de Bourgh, open the back take out the bolt and carrier and get in there you like to stick a rag in there and it's a little harder to get to the chamber you can still do it with an extension but it's not as easy so that's a little minor, you know plus one for the kel-tec when you get into the guts of the two rifles and start to see some major philosophical differences the kel-tec has a smaller bolt carrier group that almost looks like a shrunken a.k bolt carrier group with or n AR ish rotating bolt that travels very far into the receiver Basically what happens is when the bolt on a MOX comes all the way out, it goes over the top of the magazine and then to the rear of the gun so it can spit down through the port ejection down which means it travels a long way and over that pat h of travel is turning on spring pressure all the time compared to the board having a much heavier but much nicer machined bolt carrier group than not it spins as much as the RTB it has an adjustable gas system which I love it's a feature on a gun it's something the Devore doesn't have.
The reason I like the adjustable gas system is because you can adjust that you are going to run whatever ammo you are using or to suppress usage. You have a lot more flexibility but it's the Celtx adjustable gas is different to the Abbrederis car where it doesn't have modes, it has real tuning capability with a bunch of different clicks. the system correctly starts out as three or four clicks open and closed and then starts putting one round into a magazine at a time by shooting it through the gun and opening it one click at a time until the bolt is held open on an empty magazine azine like so it's how you tune it you can tune it for the type of ammo you're going to run into the gun or you can do what I did which is run the softest ammo you have which I think was 62 brain Wolff steel case get to come back to lock that down and then for me everything else worked reliably so between the adjustable gas and the lighter bolt carrier the traverse travels farther under tension pressure the kel-tec RDB has recoil very smooth and i was actually really surprised how smooth and nice the shot compared to war definitely has a bit more ofrecoil and that's something to consider if you know you're sensitive to recoil the kel-tec can be tuned to be a real cactus tree and I'm not the only one of the group noted I think the general consensus was that the kel- tec was a softer shape firearm so another thing while these guns are very similar on paper but very different in practice is the ergonomics of the equipment you know there is some similarity I mean they both have forward charging handles but they are different in that the dash has a fixed lever that is kind of short throated and the elkel-tec has the charging handle under spring tension which closes it and you can open the charging handle and flip it like a HK or something and then close it to close the bolt something cool and a little bit different they both have paddle style magazine releases which I'm actually a big fan of because you can run really fast but even those are different you know that the Celtx is from metal and it's like a one piece spring whereas the Tavor is plastic and it's like on a lever now they both work fine which is probably why you've heard people talk about the Devore being rear heavy that it's true even on the 18 inch model and what's different about the kel-tec is that it's a little bit better for balance and the pistol grip is closer to the center of the gun so the RTV actually sits it handles a little better in a sense the other thing that helps the handling part of Artemis is that the forearm is a lot longer so you can really get your support hand m a lot further on the firearm and I think it actually gives you better control, so those are a couple of areas where our DP actually has an advantage over his war in terms of handling.
Celtic also have a security NB, which is maybe. not as perfectly angled as an ar-15, but still fully usable, the Devore, on one side only, could be reversible. I don't know if you're left handed the RDB will probably be an easier creative gun shot now I know the Tavor can be changed to a left handed setup but what if you have a kid you want to shoot and he's right handed now so Suddenly, do you have the projectile ejected? in space and stuff like that I like the eject down because when we were passing we have a southpaw and our shooting group of shooters and he really likes that about how you know how much easier it was to adjust to the RDB and not have to send him out to perform Some kind of conversion we can switch the charging handle from one side to the other very easily so it's a bit of a good pro.
The pistol grips are both definitely very different, but they're also a bunch of Amin organs if you don't like the scabbard-style trigger guard it's for. you might want to look more like an X 95 a couple of your little ergonomic things the RDB has a radial on the bottom of all four ends so you can mount a flashlight over the portrait or a bipod which is nice that the boar doesn't have that there are things you can add but then it's offered with the grip if you want to add a bipod you have to add it to the end on the bottom of the pistol grip those things are not true for the X 95 which it has a front rail but two horse specific that's another area where Cal Tech has a leg up on the dash it has a 45 degree offset rail which is great for flashlights and such at the end of the day that both have very good ergonomics I think l Look I'm going to make a bold statement and say that I actually prefer the ergonomics of the RDB and the reason I say that is I have a little more front real estate with my supporting hand with the RTV many more op tions with the RTD is how to or near I want to keep that supporting hand I really like the ergonomics of the pistol grip a little better on the RTD than the Gator grip or whatever they call it gives you a secure fit with or without gloves like that I like having that and the values ​​I've added the gun hits the target I think faster than the Devore it's moogly easier so for running guns I really prefer the ergonomics of the RDB now as I'm shooting one of these guns that move shoot the stage is great it's what they're designed for and its home on none of these guns is it much fun to shoot off the bench or chrome and there are a few reasons for that with the Tavor you actually flip a bipod on it you have to put that bottom rail in and you have to use it as a huge bipod or you would have to run as well if you look at the bipod that mounts to the bottom of the pistol grip not really on that so we turned it off bags most of the time the moment i think we shot the Devore out of the bags and we're shooting off the bench in that column ejection to the side ok it's kind of a tall gun so you have to support it by piling around the bench definitely not really designed for eating on the bench the same could be said about the RDB having the RDB has bottom rails so you can run a bipod but there are a few things about that that we found that aren't ideal and we'll talk about that more where you get into accuracy and shots long range but other than that the rear of the gun is a little hard to hold you know you have the mag and then directly behind it you have the ejection port and what we ended up doing was putting a bag under the ejection port eject so we had to pop t he shoots and hits some of the spent boxes each time or the gun and starts jamming on his own spent boxes we had to ha cer that but i felt like it was probably the best way to support him off the bench honestly guys if you're looking for a gun to bench shoot one of these rifles they're not really designed for that there are a lot of better options to make that these guns are made for moving around and shooting situations and that's really where they are at home when it comes to triggers it's true that the kel-tec RDB has one of the best vocal triggers around that's how I would describe it , got some solid wall occupancy pretty clean break at about a little under five pounds and a little more travel not bad and then the restart is about two thirds of the way out the restart is audible, not very tactile overall, really good trigger and totally fine.
I'm very pleased with it out of the box I'm not going to make any changes to it in comparison it's a bore the RDB hits in the top or trigger department it also hits in the x95 on my support. I am running a guys Lee lighting arc trigger blade with a factory trigger pack with a second spring, the extra return spring was removed and I found that to be a pretty good value that set up on the Tavor. I've run other light flavor and activation packs but I'm not running them anymore and I won't go into details but you know do it at your own risk guys basically me.
I have a hundred bucks on the trigger upgrade that is on board and I still don't like it as much as the factory trigger on the TV. I have the boys. Lee tuned the lighting ship as best I could and the way I would describe it as a single stage trigger versus the two stage trigger on the RDB basically you have an immediate wall and the walls right there a little bit of creep and a break at about, I would say, about five and a half pounds. very little over travel and a full reset with very little trigger pull because they understand it like I do, but we had to like a judge to take a lot of slack out of the trigger.
P works it's better than the factory setting but it's a constant extra hundred bucks and you have to take that into consideration when you're going to look at encourage between these weapons which we'll do today before we wrap it up right so let's start talking about accuracy . I heard a lot about the RT as you know it wasn't very accurate. that you know there are different barrel twist weights, this one came with a one in seven twist. I think some of the pre-production ones had a nine twist so I really didn't trust the results I had seen. interwebs so we decided on the beard and I decided to make our own and the results that I'm about to share with you are honestly not very impressive you know acceptable I think given the circumstances kind of the purpose of the weapon and we'll talk about the practical accuracy of this done and when we're done looking at the targets, but I'll walk you through the targets and as I do, I want to point out something on almost all of the targets that started to worry and we didn't notice while we were we were shooting targets but we started to realize this was a problem later shooting a bomb range and we'll talk about that in a minute but I'll show a picture of the first target we shot was with Wolf Gold 55 mil Full Metal Jacket this is like a benchmark for us, we shoot a lot of wolf gol 55 grain because it's really good ammo that's available really cheap in its brass case, we're not really the champagne and caviar type when we're running . guns we run a steel box whatever cheap you know when we feel risky we use the wolf gold 55 grain its a really great ammo for the money i think most reasonable gums can squeeze my dad a wolf gold 55 grain or better and our results with wolf gold 55 grand weren't that fantastic, i had a 3.6 inch Beard which is starting to be terrible at 100 yards and let me take a step back and explain how we shot these groups.
He would fire five shots with the ammunition at a hundred yards and then the beard would come in and fire five shots. with the ammo a hundred yards on the same target so our groups are on the same target we kept track of which hits were whose and we detected and you know we did what we could do best we were really hoping to take an average and see you to know if one of us was photographing better or not, one thing we realized is that for each group the beard was photographing had a shorter Pio eye than me, so the averages were not based on distribution total of the two groups. they were based on the total distribution of the two groups individually and I'll walk you through that so like I said my first group with the wolf Bowl was 3.6 inches it was two and a quarter inches if you threw my really horrible ruffle the beard he was 3.1 inches the average for the two groups was 3 point 3 five and the average without the steering wheel was 2 point 6 seven 5 now when you look at this target you're thinking man you guys suck we really don't suck you know? we're both decent shooters and we were a bit confused when we were getting these results and when you look at this target and one thing that should jump out at you is other than that right hand drive the most spread type out of this group is vertical, the vast majority is probably like an inch wide horizontally but the spread is probably like three or four or five inches up and down which at the time we were grouping and we didn't really think much of it really got man but I'll talk about that later so that's wolf fifty vibrating next we know we tried like six different types of mono lock y'all from all these minutes maybe a little faster this is a wolf seventy gold match- five green hollow point t boattail I shot two and a half inches beard shot over three inches I had two that were very little off the paper because of their P oh I changed, but you know again not fantastic groups especially considering wolf match 75 ranges its pretty decent ammo its you know dive shot post em away with stuff before safe through another rifle so again we were like if group three went with SSA 63 grain 556 I really like this ammo I had high hopes for it I shot a two and a half inch group that was a man type barbs have a three and a half inch group but had a wild shuttlecock and if you threw that shuttlecock it was a two point one inch cluster so it was an average three inch cluster between the two of us averaging 2.3 inches for 50 across the entire shuttlecock again when you look at this the vast majority of the pool layout is vertical the vast majority of the pool layout is vertical horizontally it's like an inch wide so again we didn't really think about it most of the time but you know we're os okay you know what it is so you go ahead you shot omg probably my favorite cheap fit ammunition because sometimes I get this stuff for 10 or 11 bucks for a box of 20 su PPU 75 grain hollow point both match of the city, this was actually the best group of the day.
I shot a 1.7 inch group with a beard I shot a group of 3.6 inches which is not good but I had two crazy flyers and when you look at the G Flyers one was really tall and the other was really short , our average between the two of us was 2.6 and 5 inches if you shot both Flyers it would be pretty decent so again we scratched our heads saying man why is spitting flyers group number five is on another animal? that i really like,especially for a two to three long range rig it's IMI razor core 75 or sorry 77 grain hollow point boattail match I shot a three inch group with this stuff which is pretty terrible two group inches and a half but again look at a On this target everything is vertical stringed our average for this was 2.75 inches nothing great and


ly the animal that to me showed the most promise was the tail of 69 grain federal gold medal hollow point canister and the fork shot group I shot was about an inch it had a frill that opened the group up to like three point six inches it was almost exactly in line with one of my other shots but one two three and a half inches under or something so again total head scratcher the beard shot his best group with this stuff which I think was a little less than two inches or about of two inches, it was an average of two c It takes eight inches between the two of us and an average of 1.5 inches, you can throw a flyer, so they're probably thinking of you. we suck at shooting groups and i'll tell you what's the best but we're definitely not the worst you know we both have precision equipment we both know how to shoot groups which started to tell the story of what was going on. this is when we ok this gun and we shot 500 yards for fun now i should mention when we shot these groups we weren't using a red dot we were using the vortex Viper HSL it's two and a half power stoves at 10 in a narrow precision mount really nice big awesome glass love that scope you still know groups were what they were when we went up to 500 yards I actually put the Hollis right behind the gun and something me and beard like to do It's a lot of fun to shoot, you know, this kind of rifle at 500 yards from the red dot just to see what you could do and we're at the Phoenix Rod & Gun Club things were going great and if you want more details on what we did we threw a Separate video breaking down the details of our five bits, like all the 500-yard shooting footage. that we made a channel go check it out but long story short we got there we sat on two shots we're hitting the missing i had three hits in a row they're like alright cool you know this is going great what happened It was that I started stringing shots all over the place and I couldn't imagine.
I asked why and I started to realize that some of the shots were actually hitting center or above him. They died at 500 yards and I started scratching my head. What we found was that we had the bipod on the outer end of the RV. B and you know when you start to press it the forend its action was barrel mounted on the RTV it's a pencil barrel so it's not very thick and the pressure on the brow can start to drift. Know your point of impact versus your point of aim and it was a head scratcher for us at first but once we figured it out we started making adjustments and started hitting something really good 500 yards pulling me towards me favoring those of the right side, how are you? smack smack smack boom ok that was really awesome so I anchored so this is what I did on this one I didn't do it I did the opposite of everything I've been taught I put this thing on me, yeah and then i sat my face on it yeah to push it down yeah and i had to keep my hand behind right in front of the ejection port yeah luckily i'm wearing gloves so my mental backwards urge can't follow shooting love 75 green shop 4 shots The wind is coming a bit from right to left now tomorrow in the lateness just barely reached the high right edge but it hit there gave it good luck alright little oh why why am I mentioning this is because I think if we go back and shoot groups again the bipod all the way to the rear of the rail or use a different bag setup.
I think we probably could have eliminated most of that vertical stringing movement as we pulled the bipod bags and adjusted those groups. I will do it. be honest with you guys photographing groups is not what i like to do it's kinda boring for me so you know i'm not excited i'm not going to go out there and try again maybe one day i will and post till the results but in the meantime i think our test results show that t the gun the actual barrel has pretty good accuracy the gun setup doesn't lend itself to bench accuracy you can get better accuracy i'm absolutely sure but you need to make sure it's by holding the gun correctly you are not putting pressure on the front end and forcing the barrel to finish so if that is an area we would like to hear from you if you are getting better groups out of your RDB then please post it again I don't think you really know what our indicative results were for what the gun is capable of but it's just what we got we figured out why we're not going to go back and test it and the the reason why it's the kind of a third of the accuracy is the practical accuracy at the end of the gun's range on the move we didn't have any RVT accuracy issues on the move the gun is accurate you know it's not the same type of scenario in the one you're loading a bipod the stuff is floating doing its job what it's designed for and you In those circumstances it's very accurate to the point where you know the final shot on our single ended course is about 100 fifteen yards after running 150+ yards so your heart and heart races your breath sweats you get to this final shot and you know a lot of us hit a shot and a shot with the RVT shortening got in in-barrel probably isn't the best equation for accuracy, but it does create an opportunity for some enterprising companies that are willing to embrace the RVT and perhaps build some sort of pre-float floor for it.
I've already contacted the guy who's prototyping. He said that he will send it to me to test it. I hope it does because I would love to try it. I think it's free. floated for anyone would be a big win for this thing I think the kel-tec should consider doing that as well and maybe change the design a bit because you know there are a lot of people who shoot off a bench and it's not accurate outside of a b I think they're going to lose interest in a gun and i think that could make it harder for them to be successful so let's talk accuracy let's talk reliability this is a funny story we put a lot of rounds art beam you put a variety of different types of rounds today our DB we put it through a couple of different situations we use a bunch of different magnets they are DB in general I'm going to give the r DB a thumbs up on reliability but the road to get there there it was a bit rocky.
I have to say there are a couple there are a couple bumps in the road and the first problem we had was about 200 or 300 rounds in our day with this thing in the desert on a gun going alphaCAT william tested his race got a fill on the RTV and a couple of things we learned so first casing filler the RTV can be a little tricky that ejection wall down is kind of cool little long bits so a bit of a drag because it's hard to see a case filler in there it's hard to inspect the breech you have to put the gun upside down so cool in some ways not to school in others but we did get a case filler and i think it was brass case down the first time , so take it back, we look at it as soon as we get the case, everyone in the group is ready to scrap the kel-tec, you know, people say Celtic John, get all this stuff, hey, Caltech sucks everybody, Celtic sucks, calm down, yes, take a look at our stro Celtic website sucks calm down you can donate to our other website Celtx let's get organized. he didn't slap me in the face at first what was going on ok i took the gun out and two or three rounds jammed again with the case stuck in the chamber shot fired the round case in the chamber actually in this box i think the extractor actually ripped off the edge of the box it's a steel box steel It was like war grain 55 so we brought it in to know under one of the shady tents and you start to get a good look at the blast and luckily one of our shooters was clean and equipped with it. and we were able to clean the thing up and I figured out what's going on is something I'm going to share with you and that's what we were running lacquer-cased ammo grizzly bear 55 grain Full Metal Jacket Pentagon whatever the monitor mixed with a variety from other animals including the steel and brass tongue and what was happening was that the RTV has very few metal parts in the RDB when you think of an AR or ake a BA their receivers are made of metal and can act as sinks of heat there are places for heat to get out of the chamber and spread to other parts of the gun with the RTV it's a little different the chamber the barrel the piston doesn't go much there even in the barrel it's pretty light so the heat tends stay in one place a and it's wrapped up like it's a polymer casing so what was happening was the lacquer was getting really hot and it was like it got into the camera and then it was even running they're ron das like steel and brass the lacquer was clogging them up and we realized we were looking at worn bushings that got stuck in the chamber because the lacquer ended up sticking to those bushings so after cleaning the chamber the government and perfect for the rest of the day no more shell casings stuck and we thought i put it out and honestly i didnt fire it a couple times i added a couple cents to it and its been perfect but i would just say a word of warning dont lacquer this gun if youre really going to hit it and get there's some pretty cool stuff in the chamber and you'll have to clean it before it's reliable other than the kel-tec RDB has been pretty reliable for us we tested in probably a dozen types of chargers through the RDB including three of our wimax guys like yours in a couple different builds Jen - Jen 3p mags we take Lancers through a tango shop like Troy Baxter on a turret max defense daniel and more Qu i mean there is a 40 round jet 3p mag Euler's we ran a bunch of rep max none of them have any issues they all worked perfectly so that was good.
One thing about reliability that I will mention is that the top rail on the Cal Tech is actually attached with some set screws and from the factory. I don't know if they use blue loctite or what, but my rail, the bolts that held my rail on started to come loose. outside I use red loctite tighten them down hadn't had a problem since so there are a couple of things you need to be aware of with the Cal Tech in terms of reliability lets say you compare it to the Tavor well my floor actually came out of the box. broken so he might be a bit tired in there but the funny thing is I've seen the barbs at Ward Jamb a couple of times and we were going to shoot some footage of him and the eyes shooting the Tavor the RTV side by side and the story Jam was the most fun we all had. laughing it was almost like the kel-tec came back from the ashes of jamming the boxes and it started working perfectly and just at that moment we were about to do a side to side mag dump it's 242 more jam no oh speaking then i no I don't remember the brass steel case and it might even have been a magnetic problem you know damn well it could have been a magnetic problem but it was the funniest thing so you know my keyboard hasn't been perfectly reliable they clog up the field they've always been easy to clear and I think that's something they have a bit of an advantage over the arty beyond so overall though I would say in my experience RTV has been pretty reliable definitely on par with your abort for civilian style stuff we didn't have any issues with dust going into the RTV I took it apart and cleaned it after that date and inspected it all seems to be worn pretty well and that's kind of nice to see, so when you talk about reliability it brings you back to what we were talking about at the beginning the video that was here's a rifle two halves of a military history and here's another one that's like a civilian rifle well the good thing about Devorah I have than give him credit. i have to get kel-tec credit for this is they have a lifetime warranty so when you think about it if you buy a kel tec and plan to run and at this point in the game i'll share it i'm planning to run how online cal tech he will be back for life and from my experience his guarantee is pretty legit sometimes it can take longer than others to get his health back again this is not something we are buying into as do or die scenarios every time you know not we're running the fight against AIDS, so if you're making a running gun and it breaks, you probably have another rifle with you, run and send it back to Cal Tech, they fix it or send it for replacement. or whatever there's something to be said for that you know if it's a war they fix mine right away but I sent it to them right after I bought it so I don't really know what their warranty is I guess they do I guess I guess thoseguys will take care of you because they tend to seem like they endorse the product but cal tech is sort of formal and that's nice and i think it starts to bridge the conversation? from reliability to a kind of closure and that's value and value something the guys on our team are always looking at we are none of us were born with a silver spoon in our mouths none of us are rich regardless we pay for all of our gums ourselves so when you talk about something like this you're looking for value and that's what initially interested me in the RDB the fact that you could get it starting at $900 was very attractive to me which is essentially half of what i paid for this award, a little bit not quite. so good when you take into account that i think i paid shipping for a FFL which could have been 50 bucks total but that's when things start to get interesting and the conversation really starts to change because when you compare the two you're always looking that price and what you get for the money now if you can get the RTB we'll go with 900 even though I haven't seen I haven't seen better deals than that really at any point recently I've seen it a little higher than that It's a 4.
I paid 18. The beard paid over 2000 bucks but now you can get one for 1500 bucks so lets say the retail price is 900 vs 1500 well $600 Delta is pretty big for 600 bucks . you can go out for 10 P mags you can buy a golden wolf box and you can buy a quality reptile like a hollow son and you can go out and have fun with an RDB and that's pretty attractive you know I think at the end of the day the RTB represents value really good and i'll leave it we'll wrap up the video with kind of hearing from the rest of the guys on the crew about what they thought about the value of the gun and then we'll wrap things up from there okay we're pretty much done here on the run -and-gun today.
I'm mainly an ar-15 guy. I've been shooting the a2 version in NR, a high powered CMP at Ben Avery and Camp Perry for 30 years and a ranked teacher and NRA. I am distinguished two hundred presidents and this is what I do most of my rifle service. This is a gun that looks a lot like this so I'm going to give it a few shots and if you've ever seen it in a - here it is yeah you don't see many of these today now everybody has them all and then I'm going to compare it to the


and the kel-tec i ran earlier today so here it goes ears on ears and im just going to give it about four or five shots out of each gun deal.
I guess I don't have a zero on this one. that's a hit. use it keep I'm back in the right place, so that's nice: now let's try the o table which of course is built backwards. I'm not used to a


stock is a little different. I will say that it is a header. it's clear unloaded and now i'll try the kel-tec and overall i would say field with me like the


is hit kicking a little harder than the 18 weight arm battery huh why am i not watching one point on this one i turned it off i think its completely crazy then i move it yeah i'm talking about a normal empty cam which works fine so from my point of view the tavor feels a lot heavier and all the weight it's here but it feels like it's kicking harder the kel-tec actually feels a lot softer it has more of a dual stage trigger like you're used to four match triggers on the service rifle now have Note that that pointer board has a mod, it has a guys Lee Lightning trigger blade that has been adjusted down so it feels like a single stage. ok which fully explains ok the regular touring definitely has a lot more pull, recovery and greed on the brake so I'll have to try one of those somethings, a problem I have with this Devore that I discussed earlier. it's because of the shape of my head and the way I'm holding it, maybe one arm like his way to the optics is too far back, yeah, the resident came up, I got the optics level, dad's gun, Pete's Devore, and for some reason the 2.5 primary arms I run way back which is very unique to me I usually advance my optic a bit so yeah a lot of my other shooters when they shoot my stuff if they have magnification they say: Hey Pete you got a funky funky I set it up really set it up in your scope and it's true with the Devore so if f I encourage you on that so when I'm shooting service I put in a service rifle I'm usually upside down with a slingshot and do all my work carrying and so on seer justice with my right hand and my left hand is always there mm. -hmm and this running gun thing, that gun is getting a little long and awkward and we can't use the leash because you're moving while the two bow pups I can hold this way and walk or run more naturally.
Holding the gun with one hand and then raise the gun and fire explain what you told me before Bill about being able to have a left hand free when running like humans walk our left hand will move naturally they are holding the gun I can't swing mm -hmm, so being able to hold all the weight of the weapon on my upper and lower arm like this mmm, it's uh, so all the weight of the weapon is held here, so as I walk, I walk more naturally mm-hmm I'm totally according to you, it is a very interesting observation that you will not discover shooting a bank if you had to choose one of the two which would you choose just out of curiosity Celtx we feel comfortable to shoot I like it it is more boring because I think it is more robust it is more robust and it's more classic it's a real right Now Scorpion you ran both the kel-tec RDB on the Tavor today a couple of tours which one would you choose and why isn't it a 50 so not good ok , not good.
I'm surprised to hear you say that because the scorpion prefers a two stage trigger so smart trigger that way better for the burgs and all non stop it wasn't much different i have another question for you ok kel-tec for nine hundred dollars that's what i paid or that's what the war i paid 18 for but lets say tavor for 16 caltech for 19 which one would you buy so that's where i have cause i like to run still with all my guns maybe the Celtic we just run steal no lacquer and then my impeccable execution mm -hmm so if it does I'll be gone I don't have to go Celtic but I spend the money under two more probably not but if that's something like something I have to know weighing Celtic is a pretty good option.
I get to the beard beard now that you spray it and cool it down well and above me tell me about Cal Tech versus Tavor which one do you choose and why Cal Tech Vita for Cal Tech is already read until bored I'm already bought in the Tavor you already have it for the war you have no plans to sell it or trade that or any of that if i could pick up another celtx what you have ahead i would add it to my collection it is the only cal tech product i have ever raced i think its a racer its fun to shoot i have a better trigger coming out of the gate You know chaotic backups of their products and that's something I have to tell you about that quality compared to the Tavor like the quality of the craftsmanship and stuff there's a big gap there but they have a lifetime warranty i haven't really been thinking about my gun vortex i guess and you know what i have enough in my stash that i don't care if i have to send it back for a couple weeks if they have to figure it out so if you are playing with him, if you just come here in the desert then run and shoot and run to send him back and shoot with him. the comeback oh my god i'll tell you what you're going to have left more money to go shoot and at the end of the day the point of now johnson listen to me the point of this channel the point that we all come together and do this to help guys to figure out what works and what doesn't work help guys figure out how to go out and shoot and we always invite them to contact us to come out and shoot with us we have a guy here today the business so I'll go and i'll roll in the beer cell phone number call me at madrid address nam come with your w say baby's name social security number but all but all games aside why would you spend more money to have the same amount of fun when you can buy more ammo you can buy more fuel to go out into the desert you can find more power and everything you do costs money for the cost of that kel-tec you get the gun so the costumes can have details nick you can have some ammo you can have some mags you can do a couple mods on your truck you know what i can buy a new pro i'll go pop amazon you can come here with your friends you can have a good time or you can rock bottom play or fit in like most the guys on the internet and talk about how you can shoot a thousand yards with a five five six caliber pistol you never run and you only get the one magazine that comes now i see alphaCAT nods in the background still has its ears on even though we blacked out more probably about twenty minutes now so I guess that cool neck coloring is allowed to keep it cool so alphaCAT now that you can hear my inner workings with those fancy earmuffs the question is RDB versus why did you shoot them all no but i have methods for maybe yes and i'm going to have to go against the grain here your opinion and that has nothing to do with the rdp itself apart from the fact that the brand has a history of quality issues Totally agree with you Totally agree, we just don't have enough time on this rifle to make a good decision today.
I think that's a very fair statement and a very, very well thought out statement now as far as the actual RGB versus two more, luckily Gilardi needs the level of that sugar and I don't have to change anything on the gun to shoot handheld left, yes I trained to shoot right handed with the Steyr AUG, yes I trained to shoot right handed with the iwi so more mm-hmm but I think that's war. You're thinking well I'm kind of a Celtic fan now you have two. o Celtx that you brought with you today yes and I also have the second chance you have the case Jesus let's kick some ass I kissed you in case you had three of them you Celtic fan boy how bad is it good bad it hurts for all of us talking about kel-tec all day.
I'm good man I'm good everyone has their digs yesterday so we saw should I say we saw the world had a problem we did? Oh that was bringing back the related journal maybe well it could have been yes so every dog ​​has a day mmm-hmm today the RFC had a problem with maybe I move like you already mentioned maybe the RDB url you brought it alright yeah i have an RFP ok um we didn't shoot that today um not final for that anyway dad got it but i must say he was impressed i didn't get to shoot the movie for the war yeah maybe next time but man I'm sorry yeah that's like this but yeah lo was very impressed with our thief once all I wish is for Celtic to be a cool man again okay thank you thank you f o coming out we look forward to getting your vamp hey Leo if you made it this far congratulations you are obviously serious about making the most informed decision and getting the most for your money whether you are considering either of these rifles or both.
That being said, does kel-tec RDB dethrone the iwi of war? ah unfortunately I think alphaCAT and that it's too early to say there are two reasons why the first reason is just availability and I think I mentioned it at least once in the video that you know the kel-tec just doesn't it's been on the market in terms of high volume at the price where I think it's going to really move and I think it's around that $900 price that I was able to get mine for I think that's the sweet spot and if the kel-tec is coming to the market in quantities at that price I think they are going to sell a lot of these Bullpups, that being said there are already a ton of iwi - boars and x95. in nature people vote with their dollars and if that's the case flavor is the clear winner but that could be down to availability and kind of market driven pricing and that could change in a couple of years so so that's something we'll have to come back to you and look and see if the kel-tec could start to catch up I think the second thing is just the history and it's another thing that alphaCAT mentioned.
Long-term reliability, again with Celtx's lifetime warranty, is a pretty low-risk option, so on that count, I think you really can't go wrong with any of these. I think our DB has the potential to keep the throne iwi longer. term, so we're going to have to go back and check it out so that said Pistol Pete was

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