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Kaya Yanar - Wenn die Akzente Überhand nehmen | 1LIVE KÖLN COMEDY-NACHT XXL 2022

Nov 04, 2022
Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, it's very kind of you that this gangster walk I just did was unintentional, unfortunately I hurt my right foot, I broke it. this story thanks i'll be honest i've played basketball yes i played basketball and i landed on a teammate's foot and broke it or my fall kanak and you laugh at stuff like that well you're my audience no that's all it's another i don't I don't want to tell you so much about my foot is another story. I'll tell you the fourth fifth next year. I'll be here at Lanxess too, but it's really.
kaya yanar   wenn die akzente berhand nehmen 1live k ln comedy nacht xxl 2022
I want to talk about something completely different. In any case, he has the The doctor told me that Mr. Janas could use a visit to an osteopath to give him a good foot massage and the ic I was with the osteopath for the first time in my life. Everything was massaged except this foot. I thought: careful. I'll just do a massage. A very simple massage. to get her appointment because normally they don't speak German very well I called hello hello my name is Jana I would like to make an appointment oho you don't make an appointment then we will do a massage yes exactly I would like to make an appointment for a massage no we don't just do massages we don't do appointments so now i had two options friends either i could hang up and call someone else for a massage or keep talking to a woman in a way she understands me so now we're on very thin ice i know now the question is is that politically correct or not, but I myself will ask you if a foreigner asks you for directions. ok he wants to know the way to the main station because he doesn't speak german very well there says the culprit where is the main station you answer in your perfect german or you also start a bit as you think fit too so that's ok i'll assume you do whatever you do you want to help the man or is it about understanding each other its not about better german can we take say yes take the trams they have to release short distance fires and then go down left over the footbridge and then you're she there at the main station then he also says i'll ask someone else your idiot you probably talk in such a way that you want to help him so you say you go left just across the main station and he says thank you as much as possible possible and the communication is so I told the woman that I would like a massage and she said yes she also says who is because what do you have do you know massage do you have I have all the massage s lomi lomi massage ok you decide when you come I have all day when you came we can do it at 11 am. m. you still have a long way to go germany you have the address i have the address so just before three it was an address the intercom rang massage i arrived fine asian style room everywhere incense sticks good asian music then i heard the woman massaging her i heard her but no i saw her that was totally confusing where are the massages i cant see her down here she was such a petite woman i missed her she was standing behind the counter actually i just saw your hairstyle hello are you massage hard or soft i thought petite petite woman has no a lot of strength in the hard massage I would never have been alone there was always a very hard massage I had to tap outside like in wrestling but it's good it's good for the body do it all there are so many things I'm very glad you laughed at this number in all seriousness the last few years have been total unsettling to me all this discussion about vogue in the last few years i thought oh crap do i still have a race?
kaya yanar   wenn die akzente berhand nehmen 1live k ln comedy nacht xxl 2022

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kaya yanar wenn die akzente berhand nehmen 1live k ln comedy nacht xxl 2022...

Can I play other characters now and is that cultural appropriation? I no longer knew. I don't have the discussion about the castle. I checked it too but I can't help it people I can't help imitating people who have an accent or a dialect I don't know if they feel the same but I have a reflex thank you it's one for me. I'll tell you my declaration of love in all honesty, I love accents and dialects, and sometimes I don't even realize I'm imitating myself while I'm standing in front of the person with the accent, folks, I can't even go to a Indian restaurant.
kaya yanar   wenn die akzente berhand nehmen 1live k ln comedy nacht xxl 2022
The waiter comes to me, what can I do for you? Bring and try not to put my head in a handle strap. It's really a problem. My doctor recommended yoga for this foot but Yoga Me, my wife once took me to yoga and I'm not allowed to go there anymore because teaching yoga only started with Indian concepts and that's when my insides came out through the people who they take yoga seriously they can't wear such a joker baby there says the teacher so now we do the first position we do my wife look at me yeah totally now we do shabama the next position tore me apart now we do breathing a problem people it's a problem it's a big problem for me but i'm sure i'm not the only one you're the same one who want to communicate with people regardless of language level and i think it's actually in a friendly way if someone asks me for directions then i start too i really don't i realize i start the other day a french tour driver asked me the way to the central station and i was here at the Domplatte i didn't even notice and i automatically became a french I ceased because the man had me, so we got lost.
kaya yanar   wenn die akzente berhand nehmen 1live k ln comedy nacht xxl 2022
We're still finding our way to you, but still, and as she talked the whole time, I was intensely excited that she had the right words. I think I looked at him like that all the time and when I answered I no longer realized that I was the same as he was watching closely he was irritated look at the woman the woman looked at me she came closer I know how to pass the the main station is on the other side you cross the street comes a big square with a receiver and that's the only one but still totally irritated please excuse me please are you french why do you do that i don't know i know she's an asshole no i can't do anything about it today.
I'm so sorry, but I'm glad we can meet like this today because two years ago I thought I didn't know if it would be possible again. is it because of Corona Corona was it really a son of a bitch to all of us or was that really a really bad story. I'll be honest with you. I didn't take Corona seriously at first. I didn't give a shit what happened there. China then came the virus for us and then all these measures came, I'm very honest, I still can't comply with the measures so well to this day, I don't know how much a distance of 50 meters is, I'm honest.
With you I don't see a common size or 1.50 m I know how much 20 cm is but a meter 50 what is the width of the hand where is your problem is one of us went to the supermarket then came the obligation to wear a mask he has for me and disadvantages advantages for me it has you can do more cons for me someone recognized more not what you think like that celebrity bonus you know what the best part of being recognized by my fans and tv is if i'm genderless or what i am just trying to stay up to date day guys d The best thing about this is when you recognize me that I can afford jokes that everyone else does to my face, yeah if you attack me no matter what I can say it's good because I don't know you at all and then I can be there with complete strangers.
Somehow I can join in on nonsense like that and that's good for a guy like me because I can't leave a situation uncommented. I just can not. I always have to say a stupid saying. Give yourself an example I'm in the supermarket an old lady wants to come by I can't go through here with my car I don't have to do it I can't just say yes please I have to say that stupid thing by saying that Do you have permission? Okay, I can't win a


award right now, but it's enough for the woman to get irritated and look at me.
I just want a reaction. mask requirement i partially forgot i was a ma ske auf i had forgotten people dont even recognize me no facial expressions no irony the same situation they could move a bit to the side you have a permit here is my disability card sorry done pandemic really sucks i have canceled most of the jobs i was scared to fly my tour was bookmarked it really was not an easy time two three jobs then i accepted i flew from zurich to cologne it was a really weird flight it was august 2020 everyone we had to wear the ffp2 mask the two of you where you could barely breathe you sounded like darth vader's aviator i was totally calm everyone was nervous it was a good idea to fly now only one guy was laughing all the time pissed off all the time he was still in my row when i sat in the corridor he at the window opened his laptop and looked at something funny and you are curious what is that bird looking at?
Do you know what was looking at me? He was watching a


act of mine and you noticed that he was sitting next to him because he was wearing a mask. You know I can't leave something like that uncommented, so I took off my mask and asked him. Excuse me, this is a pirated copy. I wish I could describe his facial expression, but he has a mask. I bought the ticket for him now so the poor thing goes, he will never be able to see a fully dramatized pirated copy again or she thought whatever she is looking at that materializes next to him because after that he only has very uncomfortable porn but I Seriously people I'm glad it's all over relatively I would say or is it yes I see light at the end of the tunnel I have to hope there is no T on at the end of the light I don't even know what variant we are on.
I'm a bit out of the Corona game. I'm pretty honest with you. I don't know in what variant when they switched to an ancient Greek. letters lost me alphabeta gamma UEFA FIFA what i have no idea where i found it even better than you said british variant south african variant you knew well i already wanted to go on my trip to london city but the montage there is just keep your feet still it's exactly what the Delta variant was It was the Indian variant Indians are to blame for us getting ancient Greek variants I guess why didn't anyone want to hear the Indian Health Minister say we have a variant that wouldn't have served the cause yeah friends, i don't want to spend too much time on this topic, nor ramble, i just want to say that i'm glad we can meet like this, i just want to know one thing seriously.
I just want to know one thing. I'm sure how this stupid virus that has been terrorizing us for three years came to be. We don't know all the answers yet. We need the Chinese, but they won. It doesn't help us, we ask them how did this happen, how did this virus come about, why with or better, we want to know how, so that it doesn't matter in the future, the virus will come, why can we go back to a couple of virologists? no it doesn't work why not you can't do anything but he gives the massage no but now friends we know we don't know the answers we know some facts.
I read an article last year. this virus, the corona virus also occurs in the anus of a bat none of you wonder if you have something like this in the anus one first who looked for it who which virologist wakes up in the morning the bag I know where I could look I have how is that Viruses there and how the virus is transmitted to humans from the anus of a bat because such an ass only on the face or you simply do not say that it was the ass on the bat. I never had an upside down bat, yeah, thanks.
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