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Katharine Hepburn - Me: Stories of My Life (Audio Book, Part 2)

Jul 09, 2022
we open these days in new haven and hartford my hometown great excitement and new york thursday night new york opening at the court theater on 48th street the reviews were withering. trashed and that was the only


of the review that anyone with any sense at all was definitely the only


I read it was a hit just before my entrance one of the stagehands patted me on the shoulder well you don't have to worry honey you'll get another job in a heartbeat. What you may not have said. We close on Saturday. Instead. I said, pretending to know, of course, that all the actors were crowding into Hopkins' office to find out if he had another job in the world of rifles. he knows where I am if he wants me he'll call me and he did Saturday night report the Shubert Theater New Haven Sunday noon for understudy I hope Williams on vacation was a perfect fit for the understudy job I hope Williams was a huge star on overnight lovely single delivery very good looking youthful after being holliday hopes to stand in for about two weeks ludie and i decided to get married my grandfather was visiting hartford and i had a nice dress of bonnie's it was velvet crushed white with antique gold embroidery around the neckline, sleeves, and front, so I told everyone I was coming out of the theater and we were getting married in the Hartford living room with all the families present.
katharine hepburn   me stories of my life audio book part 2
We went to Bermuda for our honeymoon. Letty was always an angel of understanding. lucky for me i said oh yeah we will be living in Stratton PA and started looking for a house well my enthusiasm lasted about two weeks we moved back to New York and shipped it to him ourselves at his New York apartment York 146 East 39th straight and I went to Hopkins and asked him to give me my old job back. He said yes, of course he expected. Really. Getting ready to go up the road Jimmy Hagen, the stage manager, called me at midnight.
katharine hepburn   me stories of my life audio book part 2

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katharine hepburn me stories of my life audio book part 2...

I hope he is sick. He said we'd play the Schubert Riviera Theater on Broadway. so i carried on yeah i carried on in hopes clothes now i will never know how i was inches taller than hope it was there and then i found out how good hope was and how i had to find my own personality in the part not imitate hers it was a baptism of fire where she laughed out loud. I didn't get anything and by the third act I found my way a little bit anyway. The rest of the cast was as excited as I was and very helpful. the new york race if i would like him to stay home one night for a chance to play the part i had the sense to say oh no no no just stay well i was right it's a bad second wester better to follow for anyone after from the big pond after i got fired my photos went to new york city and they were in a booth on the sidewalk outside the bijou theater on 45th street a man named henry suns bright supreme some of them and he called me and asked if i would a test. hurt I'm not even an actor I'm just a photograph I was signed for too little I have no control over what I did I saw mr.
katharine hepburn   me stories of my life audio book part 2
Salisbury and I said exactly that, but I added that if I ever do a test for anyone, I'll do one for you. I thought that was very nice of me. He took me in a big limo to see the opening of a play with Jack Dempsey, honey. so i thought this is the big time don't rub shoulders with the bosses you lose your mystery i had no agent some people had a since then but they didn't control the business like they do today once or twice i went to the officers i went and sat down and at the end of the day, the secretary, whoever she was, would come up to me and say why are you here.
katharine hepburn   me stories of my life audio book part 2
The only moment of note was when I said to bring a secretary from Elwood. I'm here to see the girl in her goodbye to arms oh she said it's been aired for a long time she had a warm heart come in she said meet mr. forest anyway, so I did it, he also had a warm heart. I asked him who was going to play the role. They said he was a landing, that was all, so they wouldn't think he was making any effort. sort of a sounds costume had an old cap or no hat on hat day and an old green tweed coat and pinned the coat up tossed a sweater over my shoulder tossed my hair a bit very casual in those days I wanted to look good too, I don't really care if I got the part or not, I had a car and that gave me a kind of confidence, at least I could write great, I didn't really go out often.
I was lucky to find a job. I was at the Empire Theater one night. A perfect stranger came up to him and said "excuse me, but are you in the theater? I would like to be. the theater guild thank you and i said it was in 1929 the man was more of an oath to him and he was one of the patrons from the drama guild and i know who he was i just found out he was the father of barbara tuckman she was the author of


s like the guns of august and the proud tower i presented my credentials to the drama guild the letter from maurice where the time worked like magic i met terry hilburn also opened maha lawrence langner philip muller they were doing a play called meteor by sam biermann i would like to read for the engine who the lunt is a star yes they would give me the script now i may not have been able to keep apart but I could get any role I just have the ability I could come out of nowhere I could have one What was noticed It didn't really matter if she read the script or not She could rest her attention She could laugh She could cry I was fast used To fascinate me, I would not think of anything for days, except that I would lean towards something or see someone.
I would eat and exercise. I would sleep by the time I would drive to his car and be nervous. tight as a steel trap and would go to the bathroom forty-five times before I left, I had to find the bathroom in the office before going in. I'd always get there really early and then I'd go in and read and be in a sort of excitement coma. I was never easy with people. Suppose I was in agony as to whether I was making a good impression, but the concentration was total, not based on some intellectual conception of the part, oh not at all, just based on the universal spark.
Hit it like that when all that energy became a box, if you will, and I couldn't get out, so I just didn't get out. I was always very aware of whether I was in a box. the intellectual father of the studio got to the frame guy but the spark of


was alright the spark of


is the spark of life the great laurette taylor story she was doing laurette crystal menagerie always seemed like spencer tracy to me to the two irishmen both troubled she seemed to be some kind of sketch of me the inside the part the outside part just indicates dial the phone indicator and what the audience had in their immediate experience suggested they get it and then carry on the effort it's easy then diffuse illuminate the character one could never see the wheels turn it was always an event there was a frame in it it was all magic Spencer playing the flute as judged Timberlane lighting the cigarette with one hand bad day in Black Rock not very worked on the characterization to draw it was my ideal so those two I had seen Loretta for the first time at The Glass Menagerie in Chicago.
I was crossing the country with Tara Hellman Theater Guild flying to New York with a stop in Chicago. Terry said to me Kate, would you like to stop and see Loretta's Glass Menagerie? Tennessee Williams, yes, I would. I replied that I heard wonderful


about Laurette from George Cukor and that I was not going to miss this opportunity to meet Miss Taylor. We went to the Blackstone Hotel and then to the theater and backstage before the play early it was rent she was sitting at her dressing table not a robe in thin hair auburn curly curls just putting on makeup dipping in this dipping in that those eyes blonde lashes eyebrows set so far apart so wide it conveys a multitude of wild, soulful and amusing thoughts big soft mouths that don't come close to town a sandy skinned irishman vulnerable but looks George Cukor once said of visiting old stars when they are making up that they are surrounded by any number of empty jars and they dip their fingers into the jar and then they rub their rosy cheeks and they rub their red lips and they rub their purple-blue eyelids a line here a line there a dust puff eyelashes turn black old memory and magic she undid her hair something like brushed it poked it she was in charge or that they were both like baked potatoes fundamental basic nothing fancy rude in a way and all the time talking and funny like a clown the superior variety this was her life she could do it she knew how to do it in her bones by the time she got to that little room to the antechamber a few hits here there without agony of preparation as the method without constipation Shion Spence to they were able to show you tell you make you feel a bathroom make you see it was real life the daily Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday with which they couldn't cope that's what tore them apart she was talking about julie hayden who played the part of cheers at her door in the glass menagerie and what the curtain would be like when they were taking their vows julie and she turned her back on the audience and he dealt before there was no rent I don't really blame Julie let's face it one would be inclined but Laurette thought that was the nonsense she said don't do that idea, I'll give you a shove, I'll send you down anyway To get back to the point of the great Ritz story, Julie Hayden had been wrestling with the part of her several months later.
I saw the play again in New York. I thought Julie was much better. I told Lynette. Yeah, she said she was having a good time too. This is very important. my heart the second time, after a five-year lapse, that we opened in Philadelphia, the critics kept talking about how brilliant she was, how remarkably she had grown in the role, and when she returned to New York to open the play there , I told my husband art from Lima now it's not, he said they think I'm so great it smells I'm going to send you it tastes good but I like the way you did it remember you had such a good time Laurette said she was furious with him she didn't want to talk to him and then he got to thinking and realized that subtle and brilliant commentary became his cue if you were aware of expert work and effort that is exhausting for an audience this is true only if the game is comic or serious of anyway i am reading the media in a state of high emotion them the next day i read again i got the job and then the same thing happened that always happens downtown.
I got another call for this show, but could you come and read the lead and that takes a vacation? Well, yes, I would come right away. My God, I thought how about mediating well, the tribe chose the best. They sent me the script. I read it. I got excited. I thought it was a wonderful role. Romantic. James Dale Lawrence must and considering I read it I got it so I decided to tell the guild I had a better offer than I did. I feel a little cheesy walking away from the months and the guild but my character grazie and death takes a vacation seemed like a perfect offer I couldn't resist we went to rehearsals from the beginning there seemed to be some problems I had to yell I used to go down to town from theater and yelling never got that yelling to work we went to wash ton the national theater opened a wave a new maude adams and a roast a new girl looking all over the world like a death she said in a metallic voice then we opened in philadelphia again one hello a rose to me i am not the biggest suspect that something was dangerously wrong that on wednesday night the production man came back within half an hour and said that mr.
Schubert is giving you the privilege of resigning from the cast, oh yes I see, I replied holding onto my senses, will you tell Mr. Schubert that I have no intention of resigning from the cast, so if he wants to fire me, go ahead and fire me and Close that door now and get out. I have to give a performance tonight. I had to tell you MK now before the show we said otherwise we would have to pay you an extra week's salary poor boy I said go well fired fired I called him I told dad and mom what had happened that was in the spring of 1930 it seems I'm getting nowhere that summer I went for two weeks to Europe with your list started, then I went to Stockbridge - Alexander Kirkland and Howard strictly in company to play whatever it turned out my friend Laura Harding went with me we were both Frances Robinson Duff Beautiful's Laura struck me as very sophisticated ludie was hard working in new york and came as often as she could then she went out and mrs.
Bottle Kenneth McGowan and Joseph Fernery Who's Gonna Do This Played by Ben Levy with Jayne Cowell and Leon Quartermaine Pop Huntley Jr. and Noel Coward's friend Joyce Carrie Clifford tore up the address they had already done Twelfth Night The Artemis Bottle was to be the second play in a repertory season at the Maxine Elliott Theater on 39th 6th Avenue they sent me for I went to see them I read for them they seemed to like me and I was signed up for the parkany kind of icy thing was part had a good chance that in those days not too many english actors mattered and not too many accents were available i was to get a hundred and twenty five bucks we went to rehearsal i put on my old rehearsal rags like they do today but then no word got out about him and I wore no makeup, just bright red lipstick, then Levy, the author of the play, thought I was totally unattractive in terms of looks, personality, and talent.
What are you doing? He washes his face? where the yellow kitchen soap every morning then levy was almost dry i fancied a sort of polished look Jayne Cowell took me aside she said she really liked me because ben levy wasn't used to this kind of american look and i would mind if she she made me up to distort my appearance and assured me that she liked me but he didn't like me so she made me pass it didn't help so levy still the hill family is attractive and they let me go of course. I thought they were stupid and they pulled off the day well it did.
He was right and after a week they called me back. I said that they would have to pay me 150 instead of 125 because they would damage my dignity. I was traveling on fairly safe ground. because i knew they all liked me but some of them were running out of time and they had tried every available girl in town they gave me the 150 they were a little surprised by my yankee swapping we opened up i hit now what a coward came to see the play He went up five floors from the dressing room to my dressing room. I want to tell myself that I was very good and to continue I was in the process of discovering the enormous generosity and enthusiasm of the people in the theater many times one hears of jealousy I have never met them I think it is such a field obvious to jealousy that everyone with any sense starts early in the fight against it.
The season closed and left. I really learned a lot. They gave me a job as some kind of leading half lady. I played when they couldn't get someone to be known. I had done very little at this time in the theater but it was something known in the neighborhood for dad and mom we did th The man who came back we didn't give the canary and then I did the lead in the play called Let us be gay, who had starred in Francine's Larimore that winter during this divergent summer Gilbert Miller's office named Philip Berry had written a play he called the animal kingdom which was to star in Leslie Howard there were two leading female roles his wife his lover Phil wanted her to I played the mistress Daisy sage I read the script I was transported it was a wonderful role it was really Howard's two separate lives so the two segments were rehearsed separately the play was going to start rehearsing in about four months of course I prefer a weight from the height of Tobias and I agreed to the terms with Miller's office but I had not actually signed the contract ludie and I went to your house that year time passed quickly i beg this one absolutely made me a star the rehearsal started about november 1931 i dressed as well as high heels this was my first mistake made me leave leslie howard of th at first i felt there was something unpalatable about me to mr. howard try as hard as i can be subservient sweet feminine anything to dominate my personality too vivid i struggled nothing worked i remember a horrible moment when i said what would you like me to do here mr.
Howard and he replied that it must have happened. I couldn't have made it up. I really don't give a damn what you do, my dear. The next day, we were going to rehearse on our set somewhere on West 8th Street. Who was my friend in the play? If I could take him, we got to the location and found out they had decided to rehearse the wife scenes, so we got fired the day I told Walter I'd take him home on our way. Uptown on 8th Avenue I told him how terribly excited I was to have this opportunity I felt would really get me going so fill it out he wrote this part for me oh you said no nothing matters that much in this business for the most part but that we others for you oh no no no for me i said this is all i dropped it and as i was driving to the garage i had a kind of feeling i was trying to say something why don't we rehearse there was something oh no i went home as i entered the apartment o my phone was ringing it was my broth er dick at harvard he started telling me about the big party they gave for my opening in boston feeling no i didn't say bad luck don't plan anything and at that very moment there was a knock on the door of the apartment telegram for you miss.
Hepburn said Mr. Price the gold band just put it under the door please mr. Bryce, I concluded my conversation with Jack, I casually opened the cable, it was from Gilbert Miller and it said in accordance with clause c1 of his contract, you are hereby notified of the termination thereof. perfect for me, why good, there must be some mistake. I'll call Phil Barry after endless tries. I got it. I got fired. I said to Phil, yes sir, no. they weren't very good oh yeah I see thanks bye I hung up that was a desperate time I got fired because I wasn't that good I was good no read what's up it hadn't been cool I just shut up of course I felt like not I mean I mean , it was too big or too small, it was something like that and there was no money, not a penny.
I waited four months for that part and everyone would know about it. What can you say? Well you just have to say I got fired, oh that was a blow. It stopped me dead. I felt so undesirable. It was not. It was because of me that it didn't work there. They fired me again and they threw me very badly. they didn't have to ask me twice the night of the first day of rehearsal i got a call from a man named harry moses for the broadway production of war your husband read the script it was a wonderful part for me yes yes i would give up alice sitting by the fire if I got that role.
I have it. The Warriors Husband was originally a one act play written by Julian Thompson. It was a Greek fable about the love story between a whole P and Theseus. the leading man completely i hope williams is a real product of the new york 400 easy distinction independence integrity charming new york accent very good looking slim a boyish haircut and a way of walking his way of walking was a swaying gait the arm was elegant and original I hope it obviously had a tremendous influence on my career vocally w Alk was that I incorporated a lot of hope into my supposed personality it was in the air really that boy woman my rival in the big city was at the right time hope was she had gone that summer and when she came back Arthur Hopkins had found a wonderful new playing for her, so I have hopes, worries, husband, we opened dry at the Marasco theater in New York, my whole family came, they didn't take chances, this time it had an entrance by a narrow staircase that crossed the bottom, it had about 20 steps and was steep. then it's one around the audience about four steps forward there were lights on the top side of the stage this staircase and it looked exciting had a deer on my shoulder a tight tunic made of metal benches beautiful silver leather shin guards showing off that leg with great advantage and a silver shield and a tall silver helmet and a cloak a great costume and I was very confident so the fact that the stairs were only five feet wide with one tall narrow step and no railings didn't matter to me.
It didn't bother me at all and I didn't mind risking my Fame life anyway I went down the stairs three or four steps at a time I turned the corner I jumped for the last four steps through the deer on the ground I landed on one knee paying reverence to Hippolyta, my sister, queen of the Amazons, the audience of course erupted in applause, well they could hardly do otherwise but they asked for it but I didn't know it was full of the joy of life and opportunity in a wild desire to be utterly fascinating at that point in my progress i was sailing through the air anyway coming down the stairway from us there no god railings hell knows there whatever never mind life joy youth and I was fairly new and she presented herself to me with an advantage and I made a hit on the The play I fought with I made one for the first time and she was tall and black and stocky and very dominant and I can remember Dame Lily coming to me mind though not sure and she knew her job and made 75 bucks a week and she got that from me thats what sh wanted thats what she said she wanted and thats what she got myself got 150 the program lasted about six months and they asked us to take a part they reduced me to 75 dollars they didn't reduce it at that time, so she took the salary part so they gave me like a star what is money what is money everyone wanted to test me for the movies everyone wanted me they wanted something the agents wanted me i was getting to the warriors husband i started to feel for the first time i got a real actress my dressing room was on stage level it was a lovely old theater the Marasco oddly enough right next to the Bijou on 45th street across from Shubert Alley where the big pond had played with my pictures outside.
The Boethius Theaters have been demolished. I didn't go out once much, Loni, no. She still lived in that apartment at 146 East 39th Street. It was a five-story brownstone apartment. The front and back were lovely. The house had a freight elevator and you could send the mail from below. delicious really a wonderful way to live I never got too close to anyone in the movies I guess it was because I was fine I was a member of a big family and always tried to get enough sleep It sounds strange today when people say what he or she was like and I have resorted to I don't know honestly but there it is it did not seem that Waria's husband would survive what later David Selznick and George Cukor were looking for a girl to play Sidney Fairfield the movie a divorce letter on Clements day in Rohtak an agent in New York Mariam Howell who worked for Lillian Hayward the American play come on down came to see me could you try out for the pod?
I said I'd really like it was a wonderful role with John Barrymore, he showed me to try, look, now I said I'd rather use my own holiday stuff, which I understood. They said it was fine. I asked Alan Campbell if he would audition with me. I said yes. Alan later married Dorothy Park. he was a good friend of mine a decent sensible type actor she was lucky to have him good i was a man named eddie too sins made me up i seem to be covered in crap very pretty 35 red red lips a lot in the eyes after doing the test, seeing that I took everything off. that fancy makeup and i put on the makeup i used on sarah it felt more like me and i washed my hair like i did in life i was determined that it was me for me i saw the tests a few days later i thought yeah not bad no it's wrong i watched them 10 years later they were heartbreaking so desperately looking forward and i looked dopey with my own makeup and straight hair.
I thought he was being very indifferent. it was what i really was i was a kid desperate to be in the movies i had some kind of truth behind my eyes this proof has unfortunately disappeared so i called supremacy i told mr. Salisbury who had done a test for good, how did he want me to do one for him? He said yes, would he do it with new material from Warias' husband? Well, I didn't and it wasn't very good as test material. but i had kept my promise george cukor always too direct of them divorce as proof i was offered the part after the warriors husband went out of business i went to the station in holloman to bring the 20th century to chicago and the super chief to los angeles seek my fortune Lara Harding my friend decided that I would go would be fun and of course that was great for me so Lara was already on the train with all Junkin all mine Lara had two dogs with her Jaime a Scottie and twig of Shelburne Terrier, the first A real friend I had in New York was Laura Hawking, she was also studying singing and hoped to have a career in the theater, she and I saw each other a lot, I knew all those kinds of intellectual customs at the time. and i learned the way vito stores clothes where to buy what to buy once we were in hollywood people were gossiping about Lara and me and i never knew we would have lunch at the restaurant with the thought as she walked into the restaurant there was a barbershop to the left on a phone one day lara came in to call me i was working on the set the person who answered kept saying who is this who is this and finally she said oh tell her it's her husband the director mark sandwich was getting a haircut i hear this and he was absolutely shocked, he told me years later that he thought he must be responsible for the very strong rumor that we were lesbians, anyway the rumors certainly started and even New York was buzzing with it finally after about two years Laura came back to New York, he worked as an agent for Leland Hayward, who would become my boyfriend, so like I said, when it came time to go to California to live the fun vorcio, Lara decided that she would go to.
She now she had traveled extensively in the United States. I have been to Europe several times. I've been back and forth to Bryn Mawr, but going west made Billy Burke and Sig feel awful. they were going inthe train due to his serious illness. Our car was to cross Chicago and tie up to the super chief. I remember that when I picked up water I took a look at his living room, it was covered with special covers that covered the walls, the chairs, all the objects and the broom. I thought it was an extraordinary luxury, but it really was the thing to do, just like Louis Vuitton luggage. things to do there were a number of chores in those days that were definite indications that you had to behave lara explaining to you what all these things were and i learned them from her the baby's pillows the blanket to make the living room cozy that's how it was beyond everything we know about I come from Well Hartford, Connecticut, a mid-sized but sophisticated city.
He certainly wasn't into luxuries right now. I had a very exciting ride wondering what it would be like to be in movies with which we got off at every possible stop. the dogs walked up and down the platform ate dinner in the dining car had lunch and breakfast in our own grow room in those days there was no air conditioning there was no air conditioning and the olives were so hot we often opened the window it was dirty so it grows them so it was sweltering we didn't open them and this particular day i was looking out the closed window oh look look lara the new moon i said no no no no through the glass kate i'm so unlucky come on we ran out of the living room through the train to the platform you see them over my left shoulder not through the glass I opened the door to get out under the platform Oh Oh something in my eye various things actually small pieces of steel rail three of them lodged in my left eye on the white of my left eye, scratching the inside of my upper eyelid every time I blinked, they were there and not moving.
I had gone to the hottest designer in Elizabeth New York to have me made a proper suit for getting off the train in California it was some kind of quaker blue silk grosgrain suit the skirt was very long the coat was more like a riding cape 19th century with tails the bodice was a high collar with a frill around the top of the turtleneck and the hat will be the The hat was some sort of gray straw plate tipped over my head. Her hair was long and neatly tied back. Someone once said at a janitor that the dishwasher sat on top of this.
A little formal and more than a little eccentric, but it had been very expensive. all the disguise is gone. I had a lot of faith in him. I realize that Pasadena is hardly an appropriate place to arrive now. we a arrived in Pasadena my left eye and fender hat was bright red and the other eye and as it was certainly pink, agony, agony and sweaty heart, we were cruising slowly in Pasadena. beautiful scent of orange blossoms and dry dry earth and my red red files We were arriving at the station suddenly Laura said omg that's Leland Hayward yes I replied he is my agent. back in new york she said every party he was the head of the deer line what a whoop leland hayward was standing there with a short stocky man myron selznick my name they were talking i was very late and when they were saying which one myron leland said he said the what she's got a funny hat omg you're kidding said Myron we get 1500 bucks a week for that she's original said Leland there's an errand what did she drink? once again i said look i have something in my eye do you happen to know a doctor but leland cut you off because hoping to see you in david selznick they want a star as soon as the clothes are done and the tests are done and they are out soon we drove under the pile la George Cukor's office was small a big dark downstairs Kilgore was an extraordinary rokoko fat man of average height full of energy fast bright and very funny well not good he said now let me look yeah yeah let me see he looked at me he summed me up he is a little lara up looked at me would you mind taking my hat off i took it off my hair was hot and matted would you mind getting a good haircut i said then he turned to his secretary and said colin joanne and see if you can come here who is joanne i asked is she the head hairdresser said Kyoko or better we'll go up there man suddenly appeared at the door fifty years obviously Barrymore well you're here he said politely stared at me too many people Please come here, go out into the hall.
I want to tell you something. I went out into the hallway with him. He smiled. It was very warm. Very personal. It was a wonderful test. He said you're going to be a big star. So he. focused on my eyes reached into his pocket took out a small bottle indicated his own eyes i have the same problem he said test there are two drops in each eye mr. farmer i got something in my eye yes dear i know taste it and he was gone. I went back to the office. Do any of you happen to know and I, but Q Cole was saying, now we should go meet David Selznick? and we'll cut your hair and George led the way and he went to meet David Selznick who was busy and he said oh yeah great he must have thought right through so that's what we got then we went up to the other end of the parking lot where the hair and makeup departments work very fast.
They cut my hair leaving enough to curl my head. The makeup was not there. I went back to Coco's office. They put it up right tomorrow. Then he said 9:00. I will call you. an i doc i have something on me and i wasn't talking to anyone george and his entourage will continue they just disappeared the day was over lara and i left the office on the street outside there was a man standing i beg your excuse me i said but do you know why I happen to have something in my eye when I go to the doctor, oh dear, yes? you have ok i am a doctor but you need an eye doctor she called she found a doctor who was still in her office yes yes she would see us we went downtown to downtown los angeles thats quite a trip she took a look three steel filings in Medan could hear them crash against her now if she took them out she took them out flick-flick was the target of my celluloid high the next morning I walked into the studio with a patch a divorce letter that is to be my first film John Barrymore my father Billy Burke my mother Elizabeth Patterson my art and David Manas my boyfriend George Cukor was the director quickly and hair tests makeup tests we gathered the clothes the plan was to shoot all his scenes first and then take him off stage save money was expensive what a strange man full of charm a wonderful actor a generous spirit a wild type of ooh general passion for the opposite sex but not really carry a bit if they succeeded and how he asked me to do it come to his dressing room in the lot one day I knocked on the door he said come in I did it and there he was lying on his couch you know well what to say comparative disorder I have not looked totally blank there was a pause a quick movement of the blankets oh oh sorry see later he said i went oh my i'm very strange anyway he was an angel after that weak so whatever you want to call it his main object after that he really seemed absolutely sure i made a big hit he held my face in front of the camera and our many scenes together it was sweet it was fun and i certainly could act i was very lucky to have had such a wonderful opportunity when i finished my loved ones but i left for europe quickly with ludie on the off chance they would call me and tell me which was a success I went to Schiaparelli I got myself a costume to get her off the boat just in case a three-quarter length coat a skirt and a blouse man is a knitted hat two purl two mu and easy to wear I had heard in Vienna that it had made a big hit so I was prepared this was my first French outfit they took the victim to Santa Barbara for a preview it was very well received when we definitely knew it was a hit and that i was a successful latina i changed our tickets from third class to first class i got off to a great start with a divorce bill followed by christopher's Morning Glory strong little women from the movie and then spitfire all in the space of a year actually a year and a half seven months in 32 when almost all of 1933 I even won an Academy Award for Morning Glory, then came the lake.
I have to explain to my next land, what should we say? to New York my position was good yes I was sure and my relationship with old friends was different I had definitely reached the first top of the hill I was someone to reckon with actually other people put you in this position they look up to you and since your childhood Where are you trying to pretend you're not aware of any changes in New York I thought we needed more space Levine I found out the house I'm in now was renting furnished $100 a month 7:32 PM and we moved in and we moved in with what little furniture we had and finally around 1937 i guess i bought the same house for twenty seven thousand five hundred dollars ludie just tried to help me in my career never mentioned the fact that without and this is a bottle and the husband of the Warriors I was by necessity climbing a ladder that was going to get me away from him he took care of me he had moved his business to New York just to make it convenient for me when I left London I went to Hollywood ood the 4th of july 1932 it turned out to be the beginning of the end of our marriage what the hell would i have done without the fucking protector i would have scared myself away from the big city and withered but i would have died and ludie the only thing i wanted it was me and of course well i wanted to be a big hit in the movies now i'm horrified and what an absolute pig he was dear daddy always met the train or plane when he came back from hollywood he drove he did a fenwick in a hartford he we took another apartment, we separated and later divorced in Yucatan, Mexico.
I didn't think the boss was good, but I thought he made our position clear. believe it but it was early 1941 when i was hanging out with spencer tracy the defense told me if i would keep bugging ludie why don't you stop using it and i thought ok i finally used the ford sensibilities i had and i stopped using it and in about six months he was married, had two children, a boy and a girl, then his wife died well, so it means that 25 years later, Ludie began to get sick. I used to stop and check on him and finally finally started trying to do things for him for a while that had come to the family t When he had inoperable cancer maybe in and out of the hospital and slowly faded away.
I really struggled to give him back some of the love and kindness and extreme selflessness that he had given me, but no? I have put aside the most horrible moment. Listen to this. I had him change his name from Daniel Allen Smith to s Ogden Ludlow. I didn't want to be called ma'am. Smith, I thought it was brooding Kate Smith and she couldn't even sing. I hope you've noticed that I'm remembering all of this. I don't think it was I hope it was as cold as it seems I hope not but the truth has to be I was a terrible Pig My goal was me yo yo all the way up and down can you see how responsible Lonnie is ? it was for my start absolute generosity with no strings attached give give give give just don't find people like that in life Jeff Harris was one of the most successful producers to hit Broadway in the mid 20's had endless hits and made millions then he hit rock bottom to our town in 1938 when I first came to New York in the fall of '28 he was flourishing and I used to take him in my car in the early thirties and then I went to Hollywood in 1932 and when I came back to New York in 33 was a huge hit and had won the Academy Award for morning glory as he Jed bec Ame less successful I became more so everything I did seemed to work Apparently I thought I'd renew Jed's luck if I made the lake for he Although his career as a Broadway producer had fallen, he still had his own attitude towards himself and towards me, the king. of the room modesty was equality when she didn't care he had no way of treating it was if you were some kind of lesser creature and of course i don't when i was definitely on a lower rung of the ladder than him now the situation was for him first, but neither Jed nor I could admit it, he was the genius and I was the lucky mongrel. play you might enjoy doing it i'll send it to you what it sent was dorothy lake giving it en masse my real thought the play was really dumb i can't remember what i thought of it as a play it's a night at the theater i think i was looking forward to just be a help to Jed.
I hope they dare. oh this I actually thought that if he made the play in one of desist I would stand him up I thought that his position should be very embarrassing for him and now that I was important I felt that as everyone's little mother I could help him recover his been right how could i have been so dumb i don't know my relationship with jed had actually been curious rehearsals started at the martin beck 45th street west a big broadway theater we weren't worried we could fill it up tony minor was directing good man i was there doing my best i wasn't very reliable i was in my twenties i had been exaggeratedly referred to as the new doozer there not while i knew all this adulation was 'i exactly had it coming, well.
It seemed to have something.He wasn't sure what it was. And when would it happen? He certainly wasn't sure. they cry but the vibe didn't have it Be perfect It's okay in the movies Disaster on stage Long after the first week of rehearsal Jen fired Tony Hellen in areas she barely knew She texted me saying don't let Gen direct you He It will destroy your confidence, but I was young. Oh, get along with anyone, I thought, so I ignored his advice. Why Jade fired Tony Malina. I never knew. I assumed he just wanted to direct it.
Tony had given me confidence. The other actors gave me confidence. They were nice to me, of course, now I know that they must have begun to suspect what was in store for them from the very beginning. Ted seemed willing to destroy my only asset, my confidence, or he just didn't like what he could do. do it if turn left he said turn right if I gestured with one hand he said do it with the other ISAT said stop it was coming undone we opened in washington i was terrified little by little my confidence had left me and trust was everything In circumstances and In perfect conditions, I could emit all kinds of naive and direct laughter and tears, but forcing myself to concentrate in a state of terror was still beyond me at the National Theater in Washington DC. i really walked through the play in a daze some things had some but mostly the best i could really feel the audience attention for a scene like the tide i went through the motions there was no heart in any of it there was no joy , Jed went back to my dressing room stood in the doorway and said perfection he couldn't do any more no more I asked him if he didn't understand what he was talking about no more rehearsals he said we are opening in New York next week I was stunned why we couldn't keep it off sale until I know what the hell I'm doing no need then and he left the next morning the reviews came in they told me they weren't bad at all now I don't read the reviews I just don't see the one I feel like it's too late to help one, we are the other but, of course, I understand that the general feels good, bad, great.
In this case, I thought the reviewers were just being nice or maybe they were reluctant to demolish the new one based on my own judgement. he told me that he just hadn't delivered and I told him about convincing myself of disaster. I got worse and worse and the New York tickets were selling like hot cakes. I wasn't rehearsing at all at all now it could be that the dead felt the need to overdrive threw me out that I was letting myself find my way back but at that point back to where the path had grown I got lost inevitably the dress rehearsal arrived the opening night luckily i was tough opening night it was horrible i was like an automaton my voice got higher and higher i prayed i prayed to myself useless i just went on and on and on and on i hadn't died i was there i was fully aware of after having given a totally nil performance my family was there of course our front Noel Coward was sitting right behind my sister Peg a beautiful young lady and was overheard saying that Kate's sister looks like Kate should have, but I didn't know that it came backstage. this time he said yea who messed it up til you mess it up but that happens to all of us you're gonna roast keep it up you'll find your way and indeed i was roast and became the irresistible bunch of y'all the new ones.
York wit Dorothy Parker summed it up. or step back and watch KH run the gamut from A to B notion the box office dropped at the rate of twelve hundred dollars a week we've had very substantial progress for about ten weeks and it started to because even though we lasted almost that time no one with common sense was right the tickets which had been sold could not be returned the production which had not been expensive would be worth it my main task now was to see if I could learn to act under fire and learn to be a star neither did I had been I lost my temper I complained I had failed the exam I had not delivered the goods and had let everyone know that I was absolutely miserable and terrified, Breslin goes through life, you learn that if you don't paddle your own canoe, you won't get you will move after the shock of the opening, we accommodated to the gradual disappearance, people came out of curiosity or whatever in decreasing numbers, very, very Slowly I was trying to pick up the pieces that at the the less I had the brain to know who was really at the bottom of the failure I

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