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Kate Winslet - Actors Studio

Jun 10, 2021
Neverland is the story of how J.M. Barry conceived the idea of ​​Peter Pan and that happened through this wonderful relationship he had with the four children of Sylvia Lewellen Davis, who I play in the film, and Johnny Depp, who plays JM Barry. , he is absolutely wonderful in this movie, he is wonderful in everything he does, he is truly fantastic and he is one of the nicest men I have ever had. I ever met him and he's incredibly professional, very down-to-earth and humble, who directs it directed by Mark Foster from Monster's Ball Success yes, it was, it was really great, it was really great, I think he got the most subtle performance out of me that, uh Maybe I've ever thought I'd like to ask you about a remarkable movie called Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which is the next marvel from the fertile mind of Charlie Kaufman, who has tantalized us with dazzling riddles in movies like The Confessions of John Malkovich. a dangerous mind and of course the adaptation of this film is no exception when I first read the script, did you follow it easily and clearly?
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Was it absolutely evident in the script what he said? No, I remember reading it and thinking, "Okay, this character is amazing, the story is clearly amazing, but I don't understand it, so I just went back to the beginning and kept reading it and eventually my script, which I still have because I have all my scripts, it's covered in notes and scene descriptions of what just happened and okay, i need to explain what this story is. it's about this is a story about two people, clementine kracinski, my character, and joel barrish, jim carrey's character, who are complete opposites.
kate winslet   actors studio

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He, for the first time, plays a very, very shy and introverted man who just wants the earth to swallow him up when he is in a public place when he is forced into situations social, so this is a real change for Jim and he is wonderful, absolutely wonderful, yes he is, and Clementine is loud and loud and everything else, so these two people are in a relationship and they love each other but it is a love and hate relationship. Clementine gets to the point where she just hates him. One day they have a big argument and she receives a pamphlet that explains how they can erase parts of her memory, so Clementine chooses to have this.
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Done, she erases all memories of him from her mind and when he realizes this, about two or three days later, to spite her, he goes and does the same thing and then the movie unfolds into a series of extraordinary memories, some of them as they are. it literally blurs before your eyes or as it happens and sometimes it runs in sequence and sometimes it doesn't and sometimes you two are playing in more than one period of time in a back and forth scene in the present in the past in the present in the past yeah, I mean, I would have things written at the top of my page like scene 15 um last, since it's being erased so when Joel says whatever lines are present, I mean, were these, I mean, no, it's nonsense Someone else, but only I understood how I could put these things together.
kate winslet   actors studio
However, when you watch the movie, it's not that confusing at all, but making it was a challenge, it's not confusing, that's the point, that's the genius of Charlie. kaufman that's the beauty of this movie we start our classroom with the great bernard pivo quiz my hero


what is your favorite word laugh what is your least favorite word hell what turned you on my husband that has been evident all night what did you put out arrogance arrogance definitely what sound or noise do you love my daughter laughing I had a feeling what sound or noise do you hate I think a lot of people have said this before, but the sound of the child in distress what's your favorite bad word nonsense nonsense That's very British, Yes, it's nonsense, yes, of course, what profession other than your own would you like to take up when you were younger?
I always said that if it didn't work for me, I would have been very interested in being a makeup artist. I think I always loved painting faces. What profession wouldn't you like to try? I wouldn't want to try to be one of those poor people who are forced to work in factories, filtering chickens and things like that. That would be simply horrendous if heaven existed. Would you like to hear God say when you get to the pearly gates, watch out for a glass of champagne, you've got a fancy heaven, yeah, here you are students, hello Kate, hello, my name is Chad Winters, I'm a sophomore principal. year and my question is about your work with Harvey Keitel and I was wondering if you ever did any improv or any kind of acting work besides that, there's a story I can tell now and I tell it with the most incredible amount of admiration and love for Harvey because he is completely brilliant and it was a great honor for me to work with him.
Harvey likes to improvise a lot, which was new to me and when we were rehearsing, he wanted to improvise a lot to, you know, discover different possible sides of his character and mine and their relationship and the level of intimacy they have, so One day he came to work and said, let's try something, and he turns to me and says, "Okay, bear with me, I'm a dog and you are." My owner and I have been hit by a car and I'm dying and you're helping me die and by the way, Jane Campion, who's the only other person in the room, says, "Oh my God, that's fantastic." "Okay, then, okay, let's see each other." some music, she runs over enya guys and then I can go up on this stage and do this impersonation, okay, I'm going to come back and show you what she did.
I'm not kidding, I can't believe what I'm saying. this story harvey then says enya goes in the background and i'm standing there like this and harvey says i'm so sorry harvey okay at this point i'm standing there i'm literally peeing my pants i'm on my knees and i'm laughing and I say it's going to be okay, jay, and then Jane suddenly uses your dialect, so I'm going to say, oh, it's going to be okay, Harvey, shh, no, Harvey, a dog, this one, I kid you, doesn't go on for like five tracks. . place, I'm just thinking look, just die, you'll just die, but I'm still struggling with these kind of internal feelings of doubt and like Kate, don't listen, you're so cynical, you know, don't laugh at this.
It's kind of a blessing, you know, stop laughing, take this seriously, and I just couldn't. I'm going oh shh, Harvey's still dying and then finally he just died, he got like this and then I got fine so I think he's. Dead Jane gets up and Harvey gets up and dusts himself off and says "That was interesting, that was interesting" and I went, yeah, it was. Can I go to the bathroom? I went and left the room and just fell over laughing, I'm sorry. I had to tell that story Hi, I'm Amy, I'm a first-year actress. You mentioned that you have your children as a kind of source of emotions and something that you can tap into and that you like to take your time to get into the moment and I wonder if it ever doesn't happen for you and if you find it very difficult to get there and if it does happen , what are you doing?
Is there a technique or method that you use to write? of yes, because there are times when you can't get there and the worst thing in the world is to start thinking to yourself I can't do that I can't do that I can't get there I'm just This isn't happening you know and everyone's looking at me and everyone they're waiting and you know you can see the first assistant director coming and going, you just think you know you don't understand what I'm trying to do, right? you know who I am um um but in those moments of total panic, frankly, what I do is go well, right?
I do not understand this. I just don't understand this. I've always tried to be brave enough to just say. Look, I'm so sorry, I'm just being useless, you know? And there are times when you have to do that to purge yourself of that feeling of doubt, so all I would say is when you feel. at that point just go, do it, tell everyone look, I'm shit, I can't stand it and then you know you have to go back to that quiet place, so what I do is I go to a little corner and I just listen to fragments of music that They are particularly inspiring to me since I had my daughter and now my son.
God, I have two children. Well, I have to confess that from time to time I take a photograph of them. Of my daughter. You did that with me for work and just sometimes, um, you know, just looking at her beautiful little face and letting you know, take me wherever you do, which is usually somewhere where you know, you get a huge thrill if you're in a movie someday And I'm sure you will be if one day you're lucky enough to be in a movie and you ever find yourself in a position where you're like, I can't do this, I just can't do this, and yet you do that. take it and someone tells you okay we got this let's move on never be afraid to say please give me one more just please and even if they say we're really dealing with it just say I promise you I can, I can just do it. something different and often just shaking it off and letting yourself walk away for a minute and thinking, oh, that's done and then coming back somehow, the emotion is fresh and you can try it again and see if something new comes up and if it's not like that, but at least you know that you took it to the edge and gave it everything you could and squeezed out every last drop of water?

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