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Kat West | OnlyFans Model Homicide or Accident?

Jun 10, 2021
Hello, I'm Dr. Grande. Today's question is: can I discuss the case of Kathleen West? Just a reminder. I'm not diagnosing anyone in this video, I'm just speculating on what might be happening in a situation like this. If you enjoy this video, please like, subscribe. my channel and consider supporting me on patreon. I will put the link to patreon in the description of this video. I will first look at the background, in this case I will move to the timeline of the death and then offer my The analysis of this case primarily involves two people, Kathleen West and Jeff West.
kat west onlyfans model homicide or accident
Kathleen, who was called Cat, met Jeff in 2004 at a Super Bowl party at the time, he was an army recruiter apparently they fell in love at first sight, four months later they married in Las Vegas the couple would have a daughter in 2005 . they moved quite a bit for jeff's job in 2014 they moved to calera alabama jeff worked as a campus police officer at a nearby university kat


also had a means to generate income she became a creator on only fans only fans is a platform. British-based social media platform that was established in 2016. It is designed so that users can charge customers for content posted on the platform, much of the content is in the form of images and videos that people can post.
kat west onlyfans model homicide or accident

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kat west onlyfans model homicide or accident...

Whatever they want there, but much of the content is explicit, members pay a fee to access the creators they want to see, they can also send private messages and make special requests, such as particular behaviors they would like the creator to perform. Cat called herself Kitty Cat West and had a couple hundred members on her only fan account. She was fulfilling special orders as part of this business. Jeff used to help her in the business, for example, he would take pictures of her so she could post them on the platform now it moves to the night of January 12, 2018 Kat and Jeff have a date night this is something they did regularly for many years the The couple's daughter was with Jeff's parents.
kat west onlyfans model homicide or accident
The couple had dinner at a restaurant. They consumed alcohol there. Additionally, after leaving the restaurant, they stopped at a liquor store and purchased more alcohol. Presumably after leaving the liquor store, the couple returned to their home. home after returning home. The cat put on lingerie and asked Jeff to take pictures of her the next morning. a witness noticed a body on the ground across the street from cat and jeff's house the body was that of cat


her body was positioned so her head was on the road and her body was on the grass a bottle of liquor was placed next to her, on top of her cell phone, the cat had died from a fractured skull.
kat west onlyfans model homicide or accident
She had not been sexually assaulted, although there were signs that she had recently had sexual relations. The cat's blood alcohol level was .23, nearly three times the legal limit for police driving. Of course, she wanted to talk to Jeff. They transported him to the station. She was there for approximately six hours. Police described him as cooperative. He was clearly a suspect, but police also investigated other potential connections Cat may have developed with fans alone. and her other activities on social media, so, for example, there could be disgruntled or disturbed members who could have harmed Cat. The police could find no evidence of homicidal stalkers.
Jeff West was charged with murder before his trial began. The prosecution offered Jeff and Alfred. statement this is a statement in which the defendant maintains that he is not guilty but admits that the state has enough evidence to convict them under the terms of the deal offered to jeff, he would have been released from prison and would have only had to serve two years of prison. Probation refused the deal and the case went to trial he would remain in jail for over two years before the trial was ready to begin at this point he was offered another plea deal Jeff rejected this one plus the prosecution did not have a good case , but they thought they might have enough for a conviction, not long before the case went to the jury, the prosecution asked the judge if another charge could be added so that the jury would consider it to be manslaughter, a serious crime that carried up to 20 years in prison.
The jury convicted Jeff West of reckless


. He was sentenced to 16 years, meaning he had 13 more years to serve after receiving credit for time served. Now we move on to my analysis, so the first question here is whether Jeff is really responsible for Kat West's death. Let's first look at the evidence pointing toward guilt and then at the evidence pointing toward innocence on the guilt side. Jeff had the opportunity to commit the crime. He was in the house along with Kat at the time she died. he engaged in behavior that could have made Jeff jealous, this whole thing with just fans.
The liquor bottle found near the cat's body had Jeff's fingerprints on it. It is now believed that this is the bottle of liquor they just bought at the liquor store a few hours ago. before, so it wouldn't be surprising if his fingerprints were there, the problem is that the position of the fingerprints suggests that he had been holding the bottle upside down like someone would if they were going to use it to hit someone with other related objects. . the bottle had cat blood in the bottle, the bottle was missing a piece of glass which made it look like it had been subjected to an impact and the bottle was placed on top of the cat's cell phone, as I mentioned it didn't look like it could have been positioned so through a random error as if she fell and the bottle was simply positioned on her cell phone it seemed as if it had been staged someone deliberately placed the bottle that way the next element for the reaction of the prosecution jeff Justo after the cat's body was discovered, it didn't seem consistent with innocence, there was a lack of emotion, he didn't ask for any details or updates on his wife's condition, almost like he knew she was dead, so we have some inconsistencies with the story by Jeff West.
He volunteered to the police, he said he went to bed at 10:30 p.m. m. and Kat stayed awake. A health app on his phone indicates that he was still moving shortly after 11 o'clock or at least his phone was. Jeff also said he woke up the next morning because his dog shot at the police officers who were in the street, but a neighbor said she saw a figure before the police arrived pacing back and forth, carrying objects that made Jeff appeared guilty There were two pools of blood near Cat West's body suggesting it had been moved There were text messages between Cat and Jeff that seemed to indicate a volatile relationship The skull fracture was not consistent with the amount of force experienced when falling when calculating Cat West's height and would have knocked her unconscious immediately, so if she was knocked unconscious immediately, how did she move?
Why were there two pools of blood? The prosecution's theory of the crime was that Jeff was angry because the cats were drinking and because of the fact that she had an online presence, he grabbed her cell phone and threw it into the street. The phone broke after she went to retrieve it. phone jeff who was furious followed her and hit her with a liquor bottle this impact killed her now she moves to the defense so the elements that make jeff west look innocent, no splinters of glass from the bottle were found in the body of the cat, so perhaps the bottle was damaged earlier and had no relation to the cat's death.
The skull fracture did cause the cat's death, but it is unknown what caused the skull fracture. It could have been an accent of both. The pools of blood the prosecution mentioned could have occurred because Cat fell and hit her head and then got up and walked a few steps before falling again. The prosecution said that was not likely, but it was technically possible that Cat and Jeff would be captured. In that liquor store video, as I mentioned, Jeff was wearing the same clothes when the police questioned him that he was wearing in that liquor store video, but there was no bloody hair tissue or anything else to indicate that he was involved in the crime. on his clothes, Jeff had no criminal record or history of violence.
Cat's online activities could have attracted a homicidal stalker. So those are the elements that point towards innocence. What do I think about Jeff West's guilt after carefully weighing the evidence and looking at the legal standard? I think there was reasonable doubt in this case, what really stands out to me is the fact that there was no blood or hair or anything on his hands or clothes, and the alternative theory of the crime that the cat slipped and fell does not It's scandalous, she had a history of being intoxicated and falling to the level of actual guilt, which is not the legal standard, but do I think she really did it?
Yes, I believe that he is actually guilty as a campus police officer. He knew that killing her in her home would almost certainly lead to her conviction. He took advantage of the fact that she had a history of trips and falls and the fact that she was intoxicated to set up a crime scene that could allow her to consider another suspect. It was a crime scene consistent with Cat's previous behavior. It was possible outside of Jeff committing. murder throws her phone into the street knowing that she would chase him follows her and quickly hits her with the bottle leaves the bottle there on top of the cell phone it is not clear why he would have done that drags her body because initially her head is placed on the grass and he He knows this wouldn't make any sense, so again he drags her so that her head is on the road, now it looks like she might have hit something hard, she might have hit the road and it's not something soft like grass, after this she comes back He goes home and waits, but he is a little nervous because he has just committed a murder, so he walks back and forth, that's why the neighbor sees him with that behavior and assumes that he is guilty.
What could his motivation have been? How could he have agreed to take pictures of her for a long time supporting her business and then suddenly be so jealous that he skips non-lethal violence and commits


? Well, here it is. a theory about how jealousy could work in a case like this, of course i don't know what happened in this specific case, witnesses reported that jeff and kat were very different people, jeff was outgoing and friendly, but he wasn't as outgoing as Kat. He was described as an exhibitionist and watching the 48 Hours episode about this case it seems clear that perhaps people looked at these two and thought they were not a good combination in terms of personality but there was also an attractiveness differential that was marked. the question why someone was as attractive as cat with someone with jeff's level of attractiveness maybe at first the relationship worked because jeff felt lucky to be with cat but over time he got tired of his behavior he didn't like the idea of that there was competition.
He didn't like other men to associate with her. He felt that he deserved to have her exclusively. He may also have been tired of people coming up to him and saying, "You're with her." If this theory is correct, it does not explain what it was. special on January 12, 2018, why choose that particular night to commit the crime? But it might explain why Jeff rejected the Alford plea and then another presumably favorable plea deal considering there was no other suspect or viable alternative theory of the crime. would have been the way to go seems like it was a good deal he would have gotten out of jail immediately maybe jeff was angry maybe he felt justified in his actions even though he knew he did it he still felt like he should not be punished because he was convinced that the cat's behavior provoked his anger again just a theory, for all I know, jeff could have been innocent one last point before moving on to the next point the cat was fascinated with marilyn monroe there are many parallels between cat and marilyn monroe we see that The substance uses attention-seeking behavior and potentially a jealous lover Marilyn Monroe had been with Joe Dimaggio and he was specifically unhappy with her attention-seeking behavior.
It's an interesting parallel, but of course Joe Dimaggio was noncommittal. Any crime, as far as I know, actually seemed to support Marilyn Monroe quite a bit as her death approached. The last topic I will talk about in this video is female exhibitionism. This was referenced many times in the Kat West case. Cat was very outgoing. She had low self-esteem, it was reported that she had bipolar disorder and, of course, many people believe that she had a problem with alcohol. People said she drank too much, not even close to the amount of alcohol that people around her consumed in various social situations.
She drank, sometimes she took off her clothes and danced. She seemed to genuinely enjoy posting photos online. It didn't seem like that behavior was just about the money. The research literature has made interesting observations about exhibitionismfeminine, for example, is much more socially acceptable. For women and men at the extremes, it can be a way for a woman to build a career online and for a man to build a career in prison. Society's response is very different between the sexes. Another debate in the literature is about the root causes. The theory says that it is driven by feelings of worthlessness, insecurity, poor body image, and vulnerable narcissism.
In reality, it does not have a sexual component, it is a way of attracting attention and that attention makes the individual feel valuable, therefore, behavior taken to the extreme may have some overlap with the pathology of borderline and histrionic personality. . Now there are other researchers who disagree with that popular theory. They believe the data supports a more positive view of female exhibitionism. Interviews with women who engage in behaviors similar to what we see with cats, such as posting different images and videos. on the websites seem to suggest that they consider the activity they personally engage in to be morally responsible and with social support not only from their audience but also from friends and family, some of the women reported experiencing an adrenaline rush from the behavior, for so thrill seeking may be part of it.
Interestingly, one of the groups that women seem to universally dislike were men with exhibitionist attitudes. trends that declared that there was no market for the product that men had to offer, so to speak, I think the concern of many of the creators on solofans and other similar platforms is that these creators will be exploited, which can be empowering and satisfactory for a person. can indicate feelings of low self-esteem and worthlessness in another person, making that person even more vulnerable to overzealous and manipulative fans who connect this to the Cat West case. It doesn't seem like a stalker was involved in her case, but that was a possibility.
There is always a risk in engaging fans on platforms as just fans. These people tend to objectify people. They are highly sexually motivated and socially awkward, so it's not necessarily a safe group for everyone who wants to serve that group. Those are my thoughts in the case of cat west please put your opinions and thoughts in the comments section, they always make for an interesting dialogue, as always I hope you found my analysis of this topic interesting, thanks for watching.

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