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Karens Who Got What They Deserved

Mar 18, 2024
Hello friends, it's me and today we are going hunting Karen, here is the banana bread that is not heated. Actually, can I heat it up? Okay, so when I asked you


you wanted that was over, you said no, so now you're taking some time. Adam, so I can warm it up, sorry, time out of your day, your busy day, bro, you're on the schedule, you're working at Starbucks, you get paid, it's literally your job. I have never seen such horrendous customer service, some people get anxious like you. tell them if you want to warm it up


say uh no and when you get to the window


say oh hell I should ask to warm it up so you asked them to go out the window this guy just has a no reason attitude and threw that croissant like Starbucks was going to throw foreshadowing this.
karens who got what they deserved
Karen decides to cause a commotion at the nail salon herself. I wouldn't want to have problems with someone who was literally drilling holes in my nail bed. They can cut you. They make you bleed. you cry or worse yet your nails break after three days talking to you as the owner I didn't talk to her I don't understand you only speak English 10 and the rest of the other language I have to get my nails done you I know she speaks and understands English, so they are trying to kick her out for being rude and she says no, eh, I'll stay here.
karens who got what they deserved

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karens who got what they deserved...

First they do my nails and then I leave. I came in at 5:30. the appointment to get my nails done I have to get my nails done or I'm going to call the police I thought


are the police going to do hello 911 do my nails hello hello I have a flight please yes yes I don't mind the camera please I need to get my nails done nails. I've never seen someone so desperate to get their nails done, bro. I'll walk to the nearest CVS, get some stick-on nails and an at-home gel manicure before causing so much commotion in a pedicure chair.
karens who got what they deserved
And who does it? your nails a few hours before a flight that is yours to have done it the day before or something sounds like poor time management to me no seriously I didn't do enough I made an appointment that's how I was going to sleep reviews I'm going to call to my friend, she has a nail salon in Winter Park and I'm going to ask her to call you corporate, suddenly your friend has a nail salon, well why don't you get up and go to the worst liar in Ohio? you are literally disrupting the entire room.
karens who got what they deserved
I would appreciate it if you could take this outside. There is a decorum where you have to have some decency and be a little more respectful. She told him there was a decorating room. Do you even know what that means? I can't believe she literally just threatened to call the police for not getting her nails done. Are you kidding. There are bigger problems in this world. I have to play. You're going to have a real problem. You are sitting in the car. I need to do it. Park here no, I'm parking here I live here Okay, valid answer Can't you sit in your car in your own parking spot in front of your house?
Well, come out, you don't have a car pass. I do and it's all yours. business I live here you're here a lot and I see you you don't live here what do you mean he's here a lot to spend in my free time I need a pocket that's not how it works you're a disgusting piece What the fuck your mother when you talk to a boomer and You roll up the window, what can it do? She thought she had done some damage to the car, but instead she probably hurt her little Knuckles and some of these Karen is so entitled to no reason, yeah, well, I want to park here, so you have to go, just like that.
It's how parking spots work, you can't just see someone in their car and say, yeah, well you gotta leave because I'm trying to park here, bro, where's your? car she's walking she's on foot are you trying to park your shoes there or something Karen uses her son to stop me from parking so she waited five full minutes before she pulled out her camera and started recording please move I need to park here , please. I'm going to hit my son. No, I want to park. Why do they have a place on the street? They use it as meat.
Shield. What I want to park. You all made the parking spot my husband left. He's walking around and going to Park here, I understand, but I'm going to park you in the meantime, there's no one here. I can't tell you how much this bothers me when people use it to reserve a parking spot. You cannot physically reserve a parking spot. What are you going to do when it arrives? run over I'm going to jail but it's just the intrusive thoughts that win this guy has to be one of the most patient people in this world how do you let her talk on the phone and rock her baby to sleep?
I'd be holding my horn like you were out of the way. You're being too nice personally. Couldn't I please move towards her. Some people like to refuse to honk, no matter what clock it is on. The rich housewife life is simply not a care in the world. please move you can't reserve a parking spot just get in the car she took out her camera to take a picture of her license plate like she was doing something wrong she didn't even honk at you thank you I appreciate it oh literally , it's about time and you're going to thank him, can we walk around the park for how patient this guy is? and someone was standing in a parking spot.
I wanted a parking lot. I do not have time for this. What do you need? Oh, that's me. I'm drinking something, stay away from me. I'm taking selfies bro, stay away from my stupid phone. Even though I'm taking selfies, oh, does this guy work here? Well, I almost didn't believe him at first because I walked up to the guy and he had the phone in his face. I thought he was recording too, but look, he's actually just taking a selfie or he could be FaceTiming his mom, oh, that's why I'm thinking I'm taking one. selfie, stay away from me.
I'm taking selfies bro, don't come near me with your stupid phone. I'm taking selfies, okay though, she's trying to update my Tinder photos. Man, he broke her phone too. I want to be fair. If someone came up to me with a camera in my face like that, I would have grabbed it too. I mean, it was a little dramatic, but as often happens, when something like this happens, the first step is, are you recording me? No I'm taking a selfie oh okay go on with your day this guy made a prank where he snitched on his cameraman so his cameraman is recording him so he went to find the manager at Walmart.
He's in the store harassing people. My family's police, you are not you. You can't record me okay, you have to leave my store you have to leave no no no no I don't have something for you brother no no I don't have something for you brother come here come here hey who were you where did grandma come from no one asked you the police of your family don't mess with her where is your family right now she just butted in on a random conversation you can't record me okay you have to leave my store you have to leave no no no I don't have something for you brother, no, no, I have something for you bro come here everyone started ganging up on this guy why are they acting like you don't have permission to film at walmart?
I've seen so many videos of employees getting so angry. when you take out your camera and start recording and then they say no you have to leave, shouldn't they be watching the self checkout? and what are you doing, brother, you are a scooter, move away, there is a car behind Oh, now he is going to get angry, oh, there is no breakdown in the scooter, how are you going to get angry with the car as if you had literally in the wrong lane and then you just cut him off and then you just stopped? Her scooter ran out of battery or something like it should.
Are you on the bike path? Do you think you are a car? This guy received a roll of receipt paper and in the middle of Walmart he just let it tear with difficulty. Oh, that's very satisfying, nice, oh, here comes the store manager. I was going to pick it up I was going to grab it Yeah, I can go, I don't have to like it I was going to grab it Walmart's final boss, but he just wants to talk Karen just hit my car and goes crazy when I ask her about her insurance? information I mean, yeah, when you hit someone's car you ask for their insurance, normal for them, right?
You can't yell in my face like that. I'm an idiot. I understand you didn't do it on purpose, but you hit my car. What are you talking about? Then Karen hits her car and calls her an idiot. You are an idiot. An old woman ran over you. That's great, you know from experience that they will get angry when you ask them for insurance when they don't even have insurance. That's when you gotta call the police, you hit my car, I didn't do it on purpose, it doesn't matter, everyone hit mine right now in the black car, man, did you hit my car, yeah, but I didn't do it on purpose, Yeah? so if I accidentally like the swing and it manages to hit you, that's okay because if it was an accident, right, you just hit me, I didn't do it on purpose, honestly, it's what you should have done from the beginning, just close the door, knock to the police.
She doesn't want to take responsibility, did she hit your car? God, I didn't mean it Sally, so are we going to buy me a new bumper? Don't talk to Mike, I'll buy whatever you want for Christmas, sure as hell. say easy grandma oh no she said I'll give it to you, although he literally said, so he goes and buys shoes and then he meets a Karen, sorry dad can you get these 10 and a half? Sorry, we can't do it. any of these things follow this man right now you heard him turn off the camera we should pay for this and leave please i could actually deny this why what's the point well you don't want to be called dad i'm just trying to buy him shoes, just we want to pay, you're literally arguing with us, okay, we're just trying to buy it for this kid, can we pick him real quick?
Come on, move bro, we're trying to buy this kid shoes. and you guys are tripping, no, you need to move around with that video camera and catch the hairline, you're really just trying to buy this kitchen. I'll sue them, okay, I'm not playing, tell them, oh, she just pushed him out of the way. Everyone has her on camera for assault, who is suing who and they know it's bad when they had to manually carry Karen out of the convenience store backwards, which is worse, the Walk of Shame or being carried around like that. I think she's barefoot too.
I'll read the sign outside no shirt no shoes no service someone tells me she'll run back inside. I'm walking out of the supermarket right now but some ladies stop me when I was checking out and say "you know you're wearing the brand of and I was like um you know you need to get your eyes checked because my 100 sweatshirt says balenci Gaga not police Balenciaga I'm not going to lie, he almost had me in the first half. I looked at his shirt, I said, wait, where is Cameron? This guy is wearing a Balenciaga shirt. Then I looked at him again and then they were very excited.
Kaka, you're too heavy. I'm going to have to change you for this. Oh no, it's just too heavy. I mean don't touch my stuff. I thought it's Walmart. No, that's not Walmart. What do you mean it's mine? a selfie? Can't you just walk into a Walmart and grab people's carts. I like all my stuff, bro, yeah, drop this, yeah, really, oh my god, go ahead, touch me, touch me, no, don't. I sway like that, mine like that, oh man, when I was in high school, like I'd get close to your face and they'd always tell me.
Hit me, hit me because as soon as you swing first, that gives you the go-ahead to do everything you can to get someone in your face. Touch me, don't, it's a trap, but anyway, that's all for today. I hope they do. I enjoyed this video if you made sure to hit the like button comment below which was the worst Karen in this video and make sure to turn on notifications click click and I just released some new products. We have hooded tank tops in OG wolfpack. com. I'll link it below and make sure I'm using wolf pack.
I love you so much, thanks for watching, bye guys.

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