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Kareem "Biggs" Burke | Drink Champs (Full Episode)

May 31, 2021
I mean it took my mind II still at least mine is more like Alan then Jay he is the most organized person in the world but cash contains words how so? see in my life and my big biases i know jay makes a monster it was pr I was already in this room man my dude crazy yeah dude never seen in the whole industry he can't know i'm not even Trying to be funny you came into my studio one day and all I said was like yes so followed me with an artist rocket and I was like Gigi no sorry no don't come out probably kill my life like you know you could going home you know egyptian girls come from certain things you're not used to so make 70 grand a year what am i supposed to do?
kareem biggs burke drink champs full episode
What guys I grew up with would come to my studio? yo this is the first time in my life i say dad so that's a version of being too much of a lawyer but he was too loyal like what i mean is he couldn't see i'm not going to attack you you killed him mom, no i'm not it's just i've never seen anyone i beg you to go away cuz the loyalty was so crazy but at the same time i'm like wow you know a seesaw seesaw her abyss almost being evicted. I have no idea we're going to be big jerks. hard sighs after rockford intense music folder and then it was thomas the stressed out before that part of the road before the bass had a rule business get mad now girl but he'll make up for it damn whatever he does for you don't tell him nobody beautiful beautiful in them but on my basis I'm saying it's a front so when I would say okay let's work on our head but I don't know if the NPV can be Beezus it definitely wasn't me it was like a Chevrolet.
kareem biggs burke drink champs full episode

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kareem biggs burke drink champs full episode...

He came later I'll go to the car and go every day damn Tony I'll meet the art district house and then he won't be able to sleep. rap normally had a big house to calm down the music. I feel like you are wrong. Hate to beat Sydney for you YMS so hello. s funny money thank you is a decisive thing viola did the bottom is the fin so much i know you mitchell so not only what does the killer mean listen we went to amsterdam to get heroin and we still say let's sell something so i wasn't in this period and then as the case happened about two or three years later if he was saying he was smiling but I hardly talk to three hundred people and I'm trying to explain to people that Biggs is really a I'm not making real smoke but this it's mine, so I never actually asked you that, so what happened to the case again, mom?
kareem biggs burke drink champs full episode
What happens? I am father. Shorty guy I'm sure whatever you want him doing business from his brother's camp man big brother yeah Bobby love he told me everything I know I came to the streets he told me luck God bless your soul, man. It was going to happen Mitch there was somebody funny that wasn't going nna basically happened Oh what wasn't happening big between people no matter how hot wow they just knew that was going to happen big they said give me that, but you got big money so you have to wait for Biggs lawyers to promote as much as he can.
kareem biggs burke drink champs full episode
Said some winky y'all y'all please give me a second give me a second this is my moment so now the band is out of the question the whole industry i watched all their interviews and they never ask when they were in lockdown . true, there was so much space with so many things and then you come back home before you come home. Dame had really liked the publicity and she was citing how you were mad at people she would like. Biggs is mad at Kanye. Biggs is crazy. manic dis said yeah why don't you judge me would you let me keep it up?
So Dame was just running around with this, right, what game did she actually say? I saw the interview on sway he said


will probably be mad at me for saying this because that was coming from him but i watch The Breakfast Club he didn't say yes he fixed it ok it's sold why do you think Dame took that approach? anyway, it's me so they'll take it from your homecoming, your homecoming, did someone act strangely towards you because of those statements? oh no no no cause i think the first picture we saw of you when you got home was in madison square garden correct with kanye probably yeah and then lemme im a fake media now how long for the internet madness so um yeah could you songhai crazy flash sales im ready so you did it did you think did you know how powerful the internet was at the time yeah you definitely knew yeah it wasn't in siberia it was in philadelphia or defense yeah well so you go back to home, you hit this reaction, you hit, hit, hit, what's happening and then the first thing. it's that we hear you say you ain't got nothing to do with it and then you and jane is fairfax the ultimate block imagining with my own effects yeah i called the cinder block frame so you can be seen and there's no noise. put that together mm oh yeah cause you know I'm gonna be honest with you I've never said this and I hope damn it's not bad but I looked and saw you I'm holding on now I really hug you I told you I think before that I wasn't even well you know you've had it but i spoke i don't see them right now photos with ji photos birthday and i appreciated this a lot because it's like when i see someone that's what pun and now obviously punish not here i always want to give him the same love as if he looting was here so when i see rockefeller it's just that i always think of you 3mi it's the same no change am i an idiot? for thinking that three oh is a trifecta as all of us Rockefellers couldn't be Rockefellers without me J and the day is alright big time so now let me ask you to tell the mother to others to this day Bolter , so now the reasonable doubt is that everyone but you day and J, yeah I'm sorry I'm just broken, I was dead because of it, I knew it. that project happened, sorry oh dammit i was there for every fall.
I went whistling to the team and all that stuff about not coming together in a big way. They got drunk, we just put up with it. my brothers, but not this poor neighborhood. I have to say the man is going big. We all know that Emery so much and exceeds the memory of Hanukkah. You know, he made me pass the time. Club nights in Amsterdam where even Boyd brewed us beer with shots of bourbon. The faucet clearing the account costs 2600. He has a small penis, so this is good. We do not have to wait. Tata wanted to urinate in spray.
Debbie. green spills Gary and I love you all if you can get one to take out what happened I'm not driving home. I'm fine. I love my job. Let's rock this Miami driver, Joe, to the W. This is the weed, he laughs. This is special, man. from the show i'd like to teach yeah it's called rat class which means i spent probably like d-bags anyone from 1997 to 2007 2017 us - MIT totals millions of dollars and liquor we still don't understand like people in the hood yet no I don't get a nice red bottle that's $600 so I wanted to teach a rap class which means you know where you say I want to spend less but you get this yeah like I see Princeton about saying oh that um Steve Stoute if you see that photograph or where Steve Style came from Italy, I mean, and Steve Style was actually pulled over and he was sitting there and he had all these bottles and I had a, you know, I have white friends, so I had the white friends that they had all the bottles ready. and every bottle i had was like 3745 honey but it was i never heard and i'm like damn i wanna


that you think we need a sub 100 percent rap class?
Let's make some noise because it's okay, we spend money on but we don't understand, will we really? buy it it's like when the hole said stop buying cristão we didn't understand that it actually applies something to make it replaceable which makes us great yeah but


or something else besides rock that's what I'm trying to say it's saying yeah that's what jay say when the big guys gonna smoke like sick cause you and your training just beat parole right parole parole let's make some noise yeah okay so you beat parole and i beat it he finished parole so when is the big thing coming you know this guy here his name is Jordan he is the biggest weed growing in rhode island am i right? you don't know now I just, you know, I really only drink wine, that's all, yes, everyone remembers that at one point it's coming to his crib.
I used to stop like three weeks later like before I go see the P. use it just to bake cookies sweet oh god I'm so different man it's my son well it's my first time selling the volcano you know who got seven different things by smoking large cookies. I'm not going to I think it was four or five years old my first date with my wife was like a pig's eye kiss on the knee played a bass drum I see you're going to the BIG race after that it'll make you feel like the king of the man looks like a king, how do we get back?
I'm going to smoke those wheels. A lot of people think it was just Jane, right, they think it was Jay and that's it, but you've dealt with what ev. it's all one person who was inside, yeah, what was it like dealing with arts like PT, artists shit like a freeway and you know, I mean, to me, it was natural what they did? so probably all of us executives have issues with that to me it was just natural that's why they related to me that's where they all gravitated to me because i was just like them hmm that's the fact what did i tell you or what's the biggest thing? move delivery me D I love you big I love you big face Gary I love you you can't text me much more than I can't lazy there's your baby now no way bigger will never be my hear you yeah and a picture and then we've done thank you so much to all

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