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Kardashian Jenners' Biggest Moments and Scandals of the Decade

Feb 27, 2020
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so fasten your seatbelts and take a look To The Famous Family's Most Memorable Moments Throughout 2010 In August 2011, Kim married NBA player Kris Humphries, just 72 days later, she filed for divorce, leaving fans wondering if the marriage was a publicity stunt, but Kim denied this during an interview. with Oprah Winfrey we don't do anything for the ratings and then I think anyone who knows me knows that I love so much that I fall in love fast with the difficult decision to end that relationship with such a risk of losing ratings and losing my fan base.
kardashian jenners biggest moments and scandals of the decade
Kim's forever came in 2014 when she married Kanye West the couple had four children together North Saint-Jacques Hago and Salt we are definitely a close family like more than normal in 2016 Kimmy put on a united front while their feud With Taylor Swift unfolding in the public eye, there was a lot of drama as a big major drama, it all started when Taylor claims she didn't give Kanye permission to use these lyrics in his famous song. I made that Kim famous. It came with receipts leaking snippets of a recorded phone call between Taylor and Kanye discussing the name of him dropping the song, but in 2019 Kim told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that the issue he had been squashed. . but the most traumatic moment of kim's life occurred in october 2016 when she was held at gunpoint inside her hotel room in paris being shot in the hind legs makes me so angry to think about it but i'm going to be shot at my back or if I make it and they don't if the elevator doesn't open on time or the stairs are closed then I like e I'm you husband and wife Chloe married NBA star Lamar Odom in 2009 one month after first meeting she is the boss yes but sadly in 2013 khlomoney filed for divorce how do you feel?
kardashian jenners biggest moments and scandals of the decade

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kardashian jenners biggest moments and scandals of the decade...

Lamar was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel to get to a hospital here someone has four hours to live and there's nothing you can do it's horrible Khloe withdrew the divorce papers and stayed by Lamar's side during his recovery Lamar couldn't walk, had no facial recognition, didn't know people's names when something as tragic as this happens, it makes you cling to life and think about things, you're more in the moment shortly after KOCO re-introduced the application and the couple finalized their divorce in December. 2016, but they have kept supporting each other. I'm very proud of him for that fight and his willingness to want to get better.
kardashian jenners biggest moments and scandals of the decade
If you could say one thing to Khloe right now, what would it be? Thank you for being there for me when I can't walk or talk my piece of paper just says we're not together it seemed like Khloe finally found her happy ending with NBA player Tristan Thompson in December 2017 the couple announced they were expecting a baby together is such a beautiful thing, but just days before the birth of their daughter, the couple was plagued by


. Tristan made headlines after footage leaked of what appeared to be him making out with an unknown woman in a New York City nightclub, making matters worse.
kardashian jenners biggest moments and scandals of the decade
A second video was posted. this one supposedly showed Tristan kissing and getting comfortable with two women in a hookah lounge, a source said at the time that Khloe was quoting completely devastated as if she didn't even know how to describe it, plus it's just for the couple to work on rebuilding of their relationship, but they were rocked by an even bigger scandal in February 2000 19 when Tristan was accused of cheating on Khloe again with Jordan Woods, Kylie Jenner's best friend, they kissed on their way out. I eat a tongue kiss like a peck on the lips Peck love like a no it was like a kiss on the lips but no tongue kiss no kiss at all and of course the drama was documented on Keeping Up with the Kardashians this is my end last


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-jenner, Kylie, grew up before our eyes in 2015, Kylie went public with her first high-profile romance with rapper Tyga.
I love having T around. I feel like he's just keeping me sane. moved on with another rapper Travis Scott in February 2018 Kylie stated her


dream I can't wait even at 15 I'd love to the couple revealed they had a baby together a daughter named Stormy impressively managed to keep Kylie's entire pregnancy a secret Releasing a video documenting the entire journey after Stormy was already born, not only did Kylie become a mother in this decade, but she also became a multi-millionaire thanks to her successful makeup line. Kylie Cosmetics had the opportunity. opportunity to do the best makeup lana ever dreamed of is really my only passion kendall spent the last decade playing the field being romantically linked to nba stars like blake griffin and ben simmons and rapper asap rocky i like to keep my life quite private private the last ten years kendall also cemented her status as one of the world's most sought after supermodels walking the runways and appearing in campaigns for designers like versace chanel and victoria's secret a complete dream come true i really wasn't expecting any time soon in the future wearing this robe and being in this room but Kendall's career hasn't been easy in 2017, she was reportedly paid $250,000 for an Instagram post promoting the fire festival which turned out to be a disastrous and fire fest. fraudulent music just a few months later, Kendall found herself embroiled in yet another controversy that is the now infamous com Pepsi commercial that sparked widespread outrage. h Some fans accused the brand of mocking the Black Lives Matter movement Pepsi apologized for the ad and pulled the commercial entirely while Kendall addressed the backlash on Keeping Up.
She would never hurt someone on purpose. I felt so stupid for offending others. people or hurting other people was definitely not the intention Courtney has three kids she never looked better she's like the world's sexiest mom Kardashian's older sister Courtney started her family with boyfriend Scott Disick in December 2009 they welcomed her to the The first member of the new Kardashian generation has a son named Mason and later had a daughter named Penelope and another son named Rain, but Kourtney and Scott split in 2015 after photos surfaced online of Scott getting down to business with his ex Chloe Bartoli in the south of France who worked so hard to be liked.
Keeping this family together only makes me sad for the kids as the ex-couple have prioritized co-parenting, even going on vacation. Along with Scott's new girlfriend, Sophia Richie, we decided that we wanted our kids to have these memories together as a family and I know that every time you take the kids on a trip and I don't go, you invite me because you would never want another one like I wouldn't. that you missed that life is a challenge and if you work at what you want if you get it but it takes hard work, simple as that, you can live less than one life without working that hard.
That's Rob, the only Kardashian son who mostly stayed out of the family drama until 2016, the year he got engaged to Blac Chyna and welcomed a baby girl named Dream around the time Rob's sister, Kylie, was dating Tyga and Tyga previously had a baby with China China is also close friends with Amber Rose, Kanye West's ex who hasn't exactly gotten along with the famous family, their whole relationship was tumultuous and the drama came to a head. a flash point in 2017. Rob accused China of cheating on him and posted a series of nude photos that appeared to be of china.
China responded by claiming that Rob abused her during their relationship, which he denies, but later that year they came to an agreement. custody agreement and for 2019 and even praised each other as parents on social media. You are a woman? Yes, for all intensive purposes. I'm a woman. In a 2015 interview with Diane Sawyer, Caitlyn Jenner came out as a trans woman. Bruce always tells a lie, even though his whole life eludes me who he is and I can't go on like this anymore. Jenner's new look debuted on the cover of July 2015 Vanity Fair and officially revealed her new name Caitlyn, she also got her own spin-off series I am Cait, which documented her transition experience thinking about my family and I'm thinking about others. things. my hope is that the world will follow me and we can learn together Caitlyn spoke to et about her cultural impact a year after revealing her new identity, we started a conversation about a small segment of our population, but there are people who have been persecuted, the suicide rate is very high and for the last year how about you?
But it's been the most incredible year of people reaching out and talking about this topic. It has been great. the glue of the mother of the family Kris Jenner as boss I am tough, the proud mother of six children successfully launched all the careers of her sons and for the last ten years helped them prosper and flourish. I set the bar high and my motto in life is If someone says no, you're talking to the wrong person. Chris' personal life made headlines in 2013. She and Caitlyn announced their separation after 23 years of marriage. In 2014, she began dating Cory Gamble, who is 25 years her junior.
The couple have been inseparable as Cory even pops in to keep up every once in a while, I feel like what your mom is better than I'm doing with her, I shake my age, but mom Chris insists she's in no rush to get married, huh? when are we going to get married? ng bells for you, from breakups to makeup to babies to business, we can't wait to keep up with the Kardashian Jenners into the next decade, we know you won't be disappointed. I still have a lot of fun doing it, yeah, so I'm not. ready to stop

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