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Justified: City Primeval episode 1 and 2 reaction and review: Raylan is back!

Jul 19, 2023
Hello everyone, welcome to our




for the premiere and


2 of Justified City Primeval. We have achieved it for everyone. I'm so excited, I'm so happy from the moment this show was announced. I think we all feel it. like okay, please be good, please be good, please be good, and you know the elephant was coming


, that was like another measure of hope and excitement, yeah, and it's just as good as if we were fans of the original Justified , it was so good and I mean. The bar was set very high with this because the original series was so good and they completely delivered.
justified city primeval episode 1 and 2 reaction and review raylan is back
I mean, in the first scene we have RaeLynn with guns breaking down the door, which is good, everyone liked that it was perfectly done and that they set up this series. This is really good for people who have never seen Justified because they really know the main character of Justified Rayland, he's here in Primeval, but he's really the only person you would need to know because everyone else is new, yes you can participate. there's no at this point anyway no real connections to anything that was happening in the past we also had a great time Jump so we're in the future like 10 years I think the other reason I had a lot of hope for this one show is like the time I saw that Dave Andron was like the Coast show directing it and you know those guys who don't know that he was really the main creative force, like in the later seasons of Snowfall, especially, which is a show as incredible as one of the best shows ever made.
justified city primeval episode 1 and 2 reaction and review raylan is back

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justified city primeval episode 1 and 2 reaction and review raylan is back...

I love that show which also explains why we have Min Joseph on this show because he was in the snowfall and he was amazing there too. You think like the fx executives and like John Wayne Graf and these people were like You're never leaving this network, David and John, you were just going to keep writing for us and I'm fine with that, especially if they keep putting them on and everything, yeah, no joke I know, but this was a great start. Sydney Prime Evil like there's a lot of awesome stuff that we're going to get into about what exactly makes these two


s so interesting, but of course before we get too deep into this, if you're new to the channel, I'm Matt Rose, this is Jessica.
justified city primeval episode 1 and 2 reaction and review raylan is back
Bun Bun, we'll be here all season long. Breaking everything down so you know, hit that subscribe button that way you don't miss any of the coverage we have on this. Plus, we're still here at FX to do whatever. what we do in the shadows which is the show we love I mean FX is really bringing it yeah with the shows I mean yeah no fall we just talked about that


oh what We do in the shadows is completely different from justifying, but it is. Very cool if you're looking for a good cheesy vampire show it's funny we also have just murders in the building in case you want to go from watching RaeLynn kick down doors to Oliver, Charles and Mabel doing a podcast to solve a murder exactly right , so I just have an overview.
justified city primeval episode 1 and 2 reaction and review raylan is back
I think we can all agree on what makes City Primeval really good. Two episodes in and it's just that elephant hasn't lost this app like he knows damn well who RaeLynn is and what. People like Raylen, you know, challenging his charisma, like watching him strut around with the hat. You know, it's interesting, he looks older, but at the same time he really doesn't. I know it's like nothing has changed with him and still. He's so smooth that I think whenever you have a character he plays, you're going to be invested in it really no matter where it is, but also that it's Detroit is so fascinating because, like he keeps saying, oh, let's go


to Florida, We're going back to Miami in these episodes.
Detroit is about as far away from Miami as you can get, so it's kind of a nice Fish out of Water feeling where he doesn't know a lot of these people. he has to get to know them all as he goes and at the same time undertake this big investigation into the judge that has been created in these episodes. Yes, they did a very good job at the beginning of setting up the main characters. and that RaeLynn knew everyone from the beginning because you know that someone is trying to take his car and you know that it turned into this big thing where he's like, "I'll take you guys, but first we'll stop here at this campground and then we'll stop here." we'll stop here to get a burger and we'll bring them in some kind of thing and because of all this, we have to meet the judge right away, who is Keith David, what an incredible actor if you haven't seen him, him in Greenleaf, that's another one show, I mean, it's been off the air for a while, but man, was it ever good at it?
But we know the judge, we also know lawyer Carolyn, who, oh my gosh, Raylen and Carolyn, you guys just need connect like oh my gosh the chemistry is off the charts with those two but we got to meet some of the main players right away I'm so excited about this ensemble just because everyone is so strong willed in their own way yeah Carolyn She's very charismatic, she doesn't like to suffer fools, so she'll be the kind of great person for RaeLynn. Two collide with that, yeah, I could see them connecting and I think, oh, the chemistry is like But the funniest thing to me is that I could see them connecting and then the next day I could see it.
I could see her go to court and completely ruin whatever RaeLynn wants to do as if I didn't. She's not going to let anything affect what she does professionally and RaeLynn is really the same way. If I have a major problem with these two episodes, it's how you guys make Keith David like this, how you kill off Keith David in two. episodes my my Captain Anderson from Mass Effect my my favorite actor slash voice actor okay, I don't know if he's of all time, but for me he's in the top 10. I'm so upset, I'm inconsolable, no, David is a treasure and I have him even just for these two episodes it was worth it.
I understand that the characters needed to be killed because you know we had this first investigation that after everything that happened with Raylen the judge said okay, let's move on This guy around you knows my car exploded, let's stay to find out what is happening and it turns out that the judge is sleeping with some guy's mom and he's upset about it, so Raylen, you know, is able to help you. I know silently, get it all together, find the guides well taken care of for him, but this judge definitely has some Shifty stuff because there was that scene where the judge was like he knows what's going on in the police.
Department, you don't want things to come out and we know that he carries this kind of briefcase that has a lot of things in it that we don't know exactly what it is yet, but it definitely has things about people and that's where he kind of appears with Clement, a person definitely level-headed, smart, who ends up accidentally killing the judge in the middle of a road rage, like what a coincidence, oh boy, okay, so Clement is a very interesting character and I think for a lot of this season I think what he really we're going to try to influence us into this idea that RaeLynn could actually die and I'm not saying it's going to happen because I don't know why you guys would want to eliminate the possibility of more after this, but I think you want Jeopardy to be there and I think They're really going to push this further for much of the season because Clement is a very unpredictable character from what little we've seen of him, yes, so far.
I think one of his big pushes coming into this was okay if we're not going to have Boyd Crowder because you know, last time we saw the Crowder kid was locked up, but if we're not going to have the Crowder kid, we need to have a different enemy. for RaeLynn that's just as interesting but also different, we can't do Boyd again because then we'll all compare him to Boyd, right, which is what I was doing a little bit because, while there are, of course, some differences between these two There are some similarities, they are both very charismatic and unpredictable in many different ways, but for me I want to say that Boyd was much smoother than this and was able to classify, he had even more charisma in a way that he could really rally people around him while his flock influences people, where Clement is not really in the same way, like yes, he has his accomplice Sandy, but it is not exactly the same way in which he is able to attract people with the charm that he is with attracting people.
Fear is what I like to think: I think Boyd starts a fire to attract other people and tell them stories around the fire to get them to join in and what he's doing. Clement just wants to start a fire like him. he wants to, he wants to see the world burn a little bit and you know there are some people who will flock to that just for having the same kind of philosophical beliefs, but I think at the end of the day he's a very selfish guy, he's someone who's going to being willing to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants to do it, he doesn't even care if it's something that will keep him safe, like everything else that happens. with Raylan's daughter, which sets the stage for this confrontation with him and RaeLynn near the end of these two episodes like this, it's such a crazy risk for someone like him to do it so soon after RaeLynn has shown up and he's like you .
We're still doing it, this guy ain't cold, yeah, I mean, there's been a couple of Ruffles with Raylen and Clement now where they know the other one's around, you know he knows Raelyn's looking into him, so here it is. my tinfoil hat theory about the daughter, yeah, so we end up at the end of episode two, where Clement is sitting there with Raelyn's daughter, he got her out, you know, the hotel room picked her up, whatever brought her to the bar. At the back of the restaurant, this guy has his arm around her and is goading RaeLynn to make him so angry that her outside railing starts hitting him.
Yeah, I think this is Clemence's way of getting a restraining order against her to try to stop him. that if he could goad him enough and you know, entice him enough, he would do this and now he has reason to go to his lawyer and say, look what RaeLynn did to me, I didn't do it. anything I'm innocent here I need a restraining order he can't come near me and to make the investigation much more difficult into what he has done to the judge. I think you know I'll keep the tinfoil hat here, that's what I think.
One of the big themes of this show will be the idea of ​​rot, where there is so much rot within this place. I mean, it all comes back to the title of this show: how are you going to find a way? to eradicate the rod and Raven will be the person who can actually do it because the fact that a guy like Clement is still out there and can take this situation and turn it into something that you're suggesting is another reminder of just like how rotten it can end up being true part of this system, where here you have a clearly terrible person who is trying to set up and use certain aspects of who RaeLynn is against her, just in the way that she has already used a large part of the system against her and you know that It's already been suggested very strongly again, you mentioned it with the judge in the book that there are a lot of things that exist within the police system, probably within local institutions and I think these are going to be the things that this show really explores and goes deeper and I think the question then is who is really the right person to investigate all of this because this is a man who is very morally ambiguous in his own way as he is.
He is not a prototypical Captain America and I think the question here is: Is he good? Is there someone like this who can understand that everyone exists within a gray area or will he really not be able to finish the job just because he can't? maybe he can identify all the problems in a way that someone who only sees the world in black and white would, yeah, and I think now that Clement has the judge's book, which to me feels like some kind of book of blackmail. It's like I don't understand everything in it yet, but once I can crack the code and crack it, I mean, this could basically be like the new Black List where there are like 200 names of important people that this guy is now blackmailing. . and he's going to be very effective based on what little we've seen of him and Sandy, I'm not saying he has an Empire of a hundred people or anything like that, but he has people who will be willing to do some things for him and that will make him quite a formidable adversary, yes, because he has something against Carolyn, I mean, she is working with him as his lawyer, but at the same time it feels like there was a little bit of fear there because even the criticism came afterwards and it was like you're okay and she said yeah I'm okay whatever's going on it's none of your business then there's everything that's going on honey and we saw there's a story there with him and Clement and that's how it ended honey. apparently he gave it up after everything that happened, but there is still a fear that accompanies it.
I mean, even Sandy, who you know, has a fear that happens to her because she's very unpredictable and she's someone who can click as that definitely sane person, this is what makes the show exist really well. I think on two different fronts,on the surface level you'll have Raelynn versus Clemens, you'll have this cat and mouse game where you meet Clement. throw other people in front of him like Shields and try to populate everyone so he gets what he wants and for all of us who like these action thrillers and you know you most likely do if you're watching Justified or like it this program.
We'll be successful at that based on what we've seen so far, but like all the insidious things that are digging beneath the surface where everyone has all these secrets, everyone will try to find a way to protect it like that. where the other Jeopardy comes into all of this to criticize where it's like yeah I think Clement is obviously going to try to take him down and these other people probably want help from RaeLynn but at what cost, what are they going to lose to gain? I want to see a situation where maybe Raylan is with Carolyn and maybe Carolyn has some kind of secret that she's trying to hide and he says, "I can help you, but this secret is going to have to come out and we'll have to know what it is." is happening to you." Railing, I was just going a little Raelynn and look, it's not really RaeLynn, it's like I have a southern accent, but I think from Texas, here we go, I'll allow it, which is good because I'm the one saying. but no, I really think they're going to go a little bit in this direction where other people are going to feel threatened by RaeLynn because of what he ends up exposing about them in his own quest for justice.
Okay, time to get to work. heart over 16. Okay the part of the show that just didn't work for me and it really hurts my heart to say this because this is Timothy's real daughter playing his daughter on the show, yes this part of the show has its daughter there just didn't work and the reason it didn't work for me is that it just didn't tie into anything else that couldn't have achieved the same goal otherwise, I felt like it was the reason she was there. to get to this moment with Clement where they get into that fight and there could have been multiple reasons why RaeLynn decides to hit, I mean like she's Clement so you know multiple reasons why she would end up going to the limit that we went through so much. a lot of time with this daughter who is rebellious, she's a teenager, you know that's how it will be, a kind of stereotypical teenager who doesn't listen to your father, you know, stay in the hotel, no, I'm going to wander around, do this and buy a watch and walking through a warehouse and like it's like I didn't need to spend time doing that to get to this point where Raelyn hits Clement, it wasn't necessary for me, it didn't bring me anything.
As far as criticizing the character or the father, I'm just going to say here that I, as a 36 year old person, am not walking alone in a warehouse, I'm just saying it, age doesn't matter. I don't like going to another


, oh I agree, I'm almost 50 and I'm not going to walk through a warehouse in a place I don't know, so this is why I thought daughter Willow was there and you know it was something that we even talked about a little bit on Walking Dead Dead City that we're also doing on the channel, it's just that I think there's a real desire in these shows that have these big moments. jump, okay, we have to bring you something to show and symbolize the passage of time and you know, we see that


of the undead with Jenny's character and I think here they wanted to give Raelyn a different dynamic and that's why they brought in Willa, I mean.
It's even to a certain extent, you think about Dexter New Blood, you know we have Harrison in there and I will argue that Harrison is much more effective than I think Willa is so far in Justified to the Primeval, but I think it's really this. Okay, we have to find a way to make it look like this is a different person. Things have changed. The stakes are different and I understand all that. I just think it's very easy with a program like this to fall back into it. The typical dangers of having a teenage character in this world where you know inherently that they're not going to understand everything because they're so young, even someone who is a descendant of Braylon isn't really going to understand everything, yeah, it's going to be a little rebellious, but it's It's just that there are a couple of boxes that it seems like every show needs to check with this type of character and it never feels new, it never really feels that exciting, I mean, apart from a few. exceptions, I think Game of Thrones is really good, where you have all these young characters that are really different and interesting.
It's very difficult to make something super original and I think with this world in particular it doesn't add much to me. no, and it feels like a sort of recycled bratty character, angsty teenager, I do what I want, you know, here with Willa, we're seeing it on Walking Dead. Density with Ginny, even with Herschel, he's, you know, angsty teenagers, like yeah, some teenagers. They're distressed and they're painful, you know what, but it doesn't have to be just the same. Being a teenager is more than just going through it like there's, yeah, there's that, but there's also a lot of good times where it's just not just what my parents say, I go against that, I mean, it wasn't like that kind of teenager, I'm not saying he was an angel or anything, but what my mom said is what if my mom besides that.
She was Marshall and that kind of work is really dangerous. He would take that to mean he could be a target for things and I'm sure Raylen taught him not to talk to strangers. As if someone is calling. walks into the room and says, hey, I'm friends with your dad, the answer is don't hang up, like you've been around long enough, even if you're splitting your time between RaeLynn and your mom, like you know certain things like not to go with strangers, they would be like 15, if I was, let's say I'm Raylan's son, everyone, hello, I'm Matt Gibbons, this is what I'm going to do.
Please don't unsubscribe guys, I'll stay at the hotel. I'm going to order pizza. I'm going to watch like 30 hours of television. Well, it seems that's what she was already doing. I'm not wandering around the city alone. I'm not going to do any of this. No, I just feel like if you're Bosch, you're a good example of that, they have a different kind of dynamic, you meet Bosch and her son and she's, you meet a young young woman. woman, I think maybe it's freshman year of college or something, but that dynamic made more sense to me, you know, he's been a cop, he's been a cop for a long time and she understands the dangers of her job, so, although I could have done it.
In some of those moments of teenage angst, she understands that there is a danger connected to her because of what her father does for a living and that felt like one of the more real relationships with that teenage character and a detective-type father that Even though you may want to be rebellious, you still understand the dangers around you. I hope City Primary resolves some of this, like you know we're still early enough there's plenty of time to redeem yourself when it comes to the daughter's character. but the rest of the show is great, it's like the premiere was amazing, the second episode just kept it going, they have really good character setups, raelyn's relationship with Carolyn, you know everything that's going on with Clemen, honey , as if there really were some. really good characters, I'm really excited about the show, I am too, I'm ready to have this thing here, so hit the subscribe button, hang out with us, you know, all season long we're going to have a blast very good entering.
Everything with Justified, let's hope it's crazy and full of all kinds of cool twists. Thank you all very much and thank you to all our sponsors for their support. See you here next time.

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