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Jun 05, 2021
today me and craner catchphrase are playing a winter themed



park or escape map that was a lot of words talking about words can you guess this word is correct it has four letters just let me know if you guessed it i'll give you a little clue, the last lecture is an e, did you guess? Did you guess right? If you did, make sure you hit the like button because it says you can only click the like button if you guess it. the word i don't like the cold i don't like the cold we have to work together here yeah but he's gone now oh you dropped a water


and it may reappear Josh let's go clean this up Josh Josh come on with you I'm just waiting push me I look we could use a block there dummy oh wait there's a break gimme guys i'm actually doing it he's actually doing it right crater get one of these blocks come on come on guys come on good oh wait guys don't disappear wait it's a block of ice and it's melting in the sun genius genius l look we can scale too yes the basics in this game we are very good and smart hurry up i want to see it happen again.
jumping off the highest ski ramp ever human fall flat
I know there is a jetty here. I don't think we can pass it, yes, wait until it melts well. Oh, fruit, she pushed him. I'll just put it here, yeah, go up here to the left respawn. I don't think this is correct, yes this is definitely coming. Wait, are you doing it? Just come on up Josh yeah okay now hold my head please I think I just fooled those guys. No yeah I mean okay though we can get it just to melt it and like put it here put it through space and then we're geniuses and think ahead okay wait move this oh you can slide it enough no enough shadow it's no it's not right it's melting actually the melting slowed us down so - come on s melt this one and get another P ready get ready let's go push push push all the way hey where do we have to put it we know where we have to put it I won't even stand against a knife hold it with my head ok ok I'm holding it I'm just up I'm up ok yeah yeah oh i fell yeah i just fell guys what what oh yeah oh my yeah we can melt melt it we gotta get it up and then okay here we go I am very strong , wait, I pull the second one, okay, now I'm gonna push for love under under, yeah yeah I'm pulling yeah we're cracking the code guys what's next guys?
jumping off the highest ski ramp ever human fall flat

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jumping off the highest ski ramp ever human fall flat...

Wait danger we probably don't want to rush in the store it's your box


ywhere right oh I failed at work ok yeah we gotta save the past wait so now we can jump here I'm so bad at your job i literally did it before you but i look at the same day thats wrong look at me get up santos wait to the left you can wait i will go with you oh come on crater we gotta do this together dude you can just jump in the gr ound and go not that always it's breaking this break it's breaking a crater you're too heavy a man sorry guys sorry i'm here again somehow i can't really make it falling and getting here i'm not even there i'm not even there yet sorry crater we didn't hit Realized you were so slow, oh, this one a bit, I think it's responsible, yeah, look, if we use one of these ice blocks, we can counter it. the weight and send us up to let it down it's good that it melts maybe it's ok somebody get on this ok ok ice i'll stand and then take this ice ok and pull this down you know it should be a crater it's not going to work out very well be careful put the ice block on there santa ok now we need to get on this cake and yeah we can use a good block yeah yeah i spoke to get up i gotta flee. get up before it smells i think we can put it on like it smells it melts sorry get on boys salt it's melting it's melting it's my bag what a La tache you're too heavy man oh come on I'm here I'm here work jelly ok coach your turn come on do it I'm going to have to kill this block of ice okay come this way crater this way no boards wait wait wait we have a slide down we have a slide down put it on the ground put your feet in there you don't know how I think you got it sir , like Josh is doing, maybe you have a snowball with you Josh, are you sliding down, sliding, okay?
jumping off the highest ski ramp ever human fall flat
I got a hole in the board wait wow the foot is actually earlier wait yeah my feet are there I'm actually snowboarding there's a raft how did you do that? yes yes so yes you got it got you got you don't worry get this off my feet because someone dragged it off okay and on the wheel guys it's clear we need to do something with this lefty-lazy right-tight might be too heavy you're going for the wrong way jelly because i said to the left at the time which way we go this way the way you think that - it's the wrong way, wait, yeah it's this way to the left, that's what i mean, look what weed, maybe you take some rocks off them oh what are you doing Josh I don't know I put the box up. distant that one goes up, look at the box, how is that box enough?
jumping off the highest ski ramp ever human fall flat
Wait, it's like 10,000, so a really heavy box grater, maybe jellies inside of it. Come down wait no I think we need that board yeah the plank somehow oh you'll get it boss you're right. I'm going to find the plank and then we can work it out like this. Oh, one at a time. ok i got the board ok now i'm not sure what we need it we can make a


i'll still live there ne ed it i think i think we're good ok we can go there's a block here we could use this , oh wait, what do we have to thank for this, we need the plague, I think we need to take the table with us? oh yeah that's a big yes we need to use it as a


to get up on this roof guys ok I'll fetch I'll stay here I'll pick it up oh oh I got you Josh try me you guys were


on the the other one fixed it ok give me the board Craner give me the board how can i? t grab the plank yeah we don't want to grab


ything to the bench i got it come on guys help i help i help let's go exactly sure what we have to do now we could use the planks oh yeah we could use the ep's our easy brothers i've already seen for me, can you help guide me?
It's okay. I'm pushing and it's straight, right then left more for the laughs oh yeah calling was good until you can. Don't touch, no, it wasn't right, it was never right. do it, we have to do it right, clearly we need more. I feel like it's going to change Josh wait we can hook it up and then we could jump from here guys I got an idea okay why don't we just put it on that thing? there that's going to lift that silly looking thing I want to do it this way now Craner's right just throw it in there yeah I throw it down there Josh actually only one person has to make the game for me push it to me I can lift it up here here we go I fell no Jenny jump on it I fell wait I'm coming back no Jenny jump on it oh yeah jump off that jelly double who needs to remove the block there's a block pushing it no no this block yeah guys this was literally the plan in first place Josh did I said we should do Josh Josh I never wanted to do that.
Can't. In fact, I can't get the Box in there. I need two people here. Okay, Josh just needs to get it right. If for seven people I'm not heavy enough. the plank is messing everything up right now did you remove the plank josh oh the plank is on the way there let's go ok the box is there and i made it run all the way so i think yeah that's exactly what we were supposed to do in the first place ah no telly we're going to die huh yeah i think josh is doing it i think my hand lowell oh no little skeleton there we go wait wait guys it's not a checkpoint oh look creator all our hard work got Josh I i know it wasn't up to Josh right there a bridge needs an amazing part it needs more plans to develop an ending how many guys rational techs builders how many do we need 3 to make a solid bridge that's where we close all bridges if ever i seen one guys ok let it work ok though here we go what is this is rosie hmm let me break these hold on guys i feel like we need to use red rocks or something or yeah look we still can s using these wooden things again yeah I mean I don't need that I don't need to drill ice with that Josh what are we doing here?
Oh, maybe right there, I hit, I hit the ice, the ice sounds like it's breaking, it looks like I have these pillows here. could be ok here we go now we walk on jelly you guys are cute next to each other maybe maybe you do that yeah that's better you better walk until it's completely safe the rock is very heavy and cloudy my vision, okay? You know you tried you tried Josh, a smaller rock. oh, it's almost over, it's almost gone, what's this, the fireplace? We've got a door here guys maybe we can open it, I mean, we've got to tear this down, right?
We can probably jump to that right now, move it, move me to the thing, yeah, yeah, okay, the pillar, grab the pillar. I can jump yeah that's what we're supposed to do oh what's that bad yeah oh wait there's a Weiss block up there okay how about we use this? We only use these things to get the ice block right, but why do we need it? ice book, if we have this, that's why I want to know, yeah, I don't know what we need it for. it melts in this open place we made do we do that? oh, that's such a sick look, yeah we're little and it's gone, still sick and bring it, bring it to the fire and now the door lock waits for the door, that's what I like. to see oh oh this makes it go wait what are you waiting for what we have to do don't screw it up Josh let's go well he's going to get the block of ice and put it there no no no but we need to work together because we have to turn these umbrellas to cover it , agree?
Do I need you to rotate the umbrellas while I move this block? This is number one. then we turn this one and mold it on the way and things stop there we go perfect look at the teamwork right there be careful this is on fire there's a thing on fire yeah that but a good blood i get along good we're good we're good you can continue wait we only have a certain amount of time so come on sit down oh will you write on a seat come on josh go go go go go the block of ice is almost completely gone wait that's ok no no wait but we have a box here ok how under the box?
I definitely say that this is a two person job. Oh base gun no I'm still here yeah I know I need, I need, I need a second. The second person here, Josh, yeah, they're right here, stand right there, right there, let me know when I can drop it, yeah, pick up the box, grab it, okay, I'm going to stand. button there you go and now you will never know doei the ride boxes not the queue well i did i did well what is that dynamite position? go ahead guys i might grab some presents hold on we could we can jump over there ok we just climb up this and i think we might get away guys i'm at the end i see the exit i see the exit here guys no How is Creina doing it so fast?
I don't know. I'm not good. It's alright, guys. I'm here. They weren't supposed to go that way. yeah yo shoot me yeah yeah teamwork makes dream work awesome you want to see more it would fall


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