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Julio César Chávez y Roberto Palazuelos con Adela Micha

Feb 27, 2020
in cancun well you traveled from tone to you live in cancun these hotels are in your light and the others what do you do I want to do like you for the flights we make this post is that we came to cancun and when one comes to cancun who wants to see pos a Palazuelo, well, I always want to see him. Seriously, don't talk to us and this is Julio César Chávez coming and the business summit here in Cancun has just closed. I saw that all of us have already left to broadcast the financial saga here on the radio. bloomberg we had a great time today how was the weather today it got us down no no to me if i got down but since everything is taken away from me in 20 shovels his light already at once no no he is not handsome today I spoke to him he says sorry he is I was in the steam room so life gosh what do you give me Miguel I love the theme or you had to be closed for security the stairs went through the elevator on a day like today how about they say you're the Mexican and why explain to me their programs I'm doing a world and it went on the air like this for a week with great success and today is chapter 2 today at 10 at night where it already comes out this is a very dangerous good smell the weed is finished and says that I am the champion but what a great program we are doing today brabo my diamond I love you since I was 12 years old or diamond action diamond lower it for the other choice to the diamond everything has not yet arrived everything started very punctual the week deceived your people why so punctual it is not true because nobody will Estefanía Gisela can win, this one does not fight with everything, well, it was cold, I came to cover the business summit, al Cubo, mother, everything was good, it was good, it was very interesting. no, nothing bad has happened to us, well, here we go, look, there are very good things, the republican austerity has plundered this country for decades, alarcón runs it, that's why all that, yes, hopefully it will be achieved, no, but there are also bad things at the gate tion of the airport I think he sent a very ugly international message that brought us to 0% growth and if you see we have just dropped a little more hopefully the new airport works I am worried pod send me national flights to Santa Lucia and the roll Not only will it be for more flights, but there will also be nationals in the other team and all of Santa Lucia will be for national flights.
julio c sar ch vez y roberto palazuelos con adela micha
Well, let's see how it goes, but the only thing I can tell you is that either we join or we we go everywhere because we can't go to fly to where more Mexicans have because they say it's there tell me your real one because they say that top started so yours is the president god free me in the ports where the reality show comes out the reality show comes out on mtv It premiered in 18 countries with great success Argentina Chile Ecuador They Mar 12 Yes they produce Although and what is it about my life is a reality show Cut reality Three months signing the 12 one-hour episodes that's it all and a nap on air And it is already confirmed and everything is signed, although and a mega tourist promotion tool, look, there is the one that told me that the year I arrive late or early this dance will nail you and give me a coffee my queen is old and the change has arrived you know Julio César Chávez, you whom you don't know, there are a lot of people, a lot of people from Julio, if I can, hey, but I have a question, the champion, not so handsome, Madrid, in life, but a few quotes, he prefers that the hardest blows are down, up, of course, here, Julio is a great lover.
julio c sar ch vez y roberto palazuelos con adela micha

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julio c sar ch vez y roberto palazuelos con adela micha...

He has been coming from the Caribbean for many years his children have fought here we have once like one and it is Pepe Gómez who is one of the great promoters of bombón and from Quintana Roo and if so, it is up to Culiacán where well I am not coming only when there are in those commitments sometimes when the good thing about what the 57th convention is is the number 57 in the convention of the router council I am 57 years old and there is the same number yes I know I come back 57 years old it is the number 57 you They make the payroll like every day, everything is very cool.
julio c sar ch vez y roberto palazuelos con adela micha
The tribute that was there was beautiful, it came with the tributes, it must have been during the lives of seven people that I was there, yes, all many personalities had to go. A year ago, I was with José José and in peace. rest and for andrés garcía we were in tijuana in tijuana doing a commercial and people and i told josé josé and josé tren to be a tribute and he told me new so that you sick alone that after a citizen is alive until that Yes, it would be after death, so no, although I don't really like tributes, but well, the tributes that come while I'm alive and I think they were doing it with advice and Andrés García in Tijuana doing a commercial that I can't tell you here because well why not for not police the brand but we were there precisely a year ago and I told him advice I know what but not the tributes after death for what so sad but it happened to you it was an eardrum but they left only one josé because they took the other half but it was a great finale so there is nothing more good at least I did applaud the air force for having brought it for the Mexicans because then yes If there wasn't even wool for that, well, then, well, the canyon, no, well, yes, to use a plane to go to the remains of José José, and they don't use it for other things, well, the truth is also for me, for example, I tell you one thing, yes, well.
julio c sar ch vez y roberto palazuelos con adela micha
And right now, as things are, the authority's honeymoon is over with all the criminal groups and so on. I come on a plane and suddenly I see that my lord president is getting on, you don't want to get on or I'm leaving, but like this That's how I have it like that, why and why, because it's very easy to do it, it's very easy to do, that is, when someone makes you feel like it, it's one of the easiest ways to do it, it's anything I think I was saying, give them a kiss that the question is from yesterday too ah Now in Culiacán we also saw something else, for example, if a relative is kidnapped, you are the head of the executive, a relative is kidnapped or something is kidnapped, then they do whatever you want with you, that is why it has always been said that the question of protecting to the family of a president, a matter of national security and also that a president smells on a plane, well look now if you don't want the luxury but if you want the air force in a private air force flight protected by the army it must be me me I do feel that he invited the president to sail because it would be a great chaos and something will happen to him in the country for him to sail to that, there is no more security in that because times are not easy, we have already seen the oven, we have already seen We also saw the great capacity and the great logistics and the great intelligence of the criminal groups in this country.
I go and apart I have clinics and this mountain a tequila meters from the truth to accompany del inta that puts bangla place of water cardinals of move your castle not that I what touches the video of how he uses it the same age that by the way by True, Valentina says, Roberto, who looks 52 years old, also commented that I have been doing it since the program not only said no, look, the truth is that having done tequilita well, that of age leads to a lot of savings because I feel very good very kind after this very good and also here living on the beach I also felt a lot of contribution every time when I have a habit I have a habit of running every day and training every day or going to the more for every day and it is very good strong a dear of the legs I was seeing a lot of the steam and getting into the water hey how was dinner that night it was not enough to arrive because I barely arrived I am a person yes it was very good he invited me pp everyone wants to be with you then it is It was changing if there were many champions and former world champions had don king wagon from the pot of the pot there are other world champions that you don't know about Adela there are many new champions of Russia that you don't hear but you are going to fight with the naughty one You weren't with the naughty one on the bus, the naughty one is the idol, the naughty one doesn't stop talking there in force about his dad in life, what's good, what happened?
You have to go daily I lose it that Tijuana freezing on November 22 November 22 and it has benefits of teaching a cause yes of course it has a cause if they hadn't hurt us after 7 gustavo the elbow of the arms because for it to loosen one begins to throw a key a hundred of what a boy suffered a son of josé luís castillo was when the world suffered a stroke in a training and we are going to do a public training I say as a public but with cause for the funds people that I call the same naughty generation in the hot stadium because of the victory everything was given quickly well, imagine Julio César and him but you know that attracting the truth I tell my lord to what it seems but the years since for floors Because I have been exercising for years, a habit, running, training steam, and now as the years have come to me, we spend doing one day, we are going to sleep the next day, you wake up trying to give birth like this, not everything has happened to you, my dear, but well, all the stages are beautiful in life not everything is youth all the stages are beautiful I would not return to the 20 years of mother and if you do not at 20 but at thirty-something without a doubt and I without a doubt you I would like that we have the 20 Lost years of course but there is nothing like I would return but knowing what I know today what if they come back if you don't do the same yes if you come back and you don't do the same if you're not the one that it's Friday and it's time let's go to the famous phrase of which today is friday and lu ego we already found you here and to all that we are going back because navarro way to the hill what a barbarian if it is normal chewing missiles of fine systems we are going to be very hot where you are staying from and it tells you the platícanos in the anise is beautiful I think it's the stew, since it's not the prettiest in the quintanar, I say this without going back on the others, which are many, very good, but look, there was the president's house and until yesterday at the presidential house, the duckling in the whole country is the most nice if it's from the dreams of well it doesn't take me that dreams of the hotel las brisas acapulco in dreams like this it's beautiful very nice it has several restaurants it has its own bay and very nice it says there is no way out so they keep throwing it out but the case is a problem that it has if I attribute I attribute a cause for which it was coming all year we had a very bad year but we haven't been there for two months but look, the hurricane passed right over there it passed over there and inside many arms to go I'm going to north caroline there it's a problem to send him a little check here they already have a program yes I saw it I was upset with you how good it was in the morning at the inauguration I was excited because the shampoo is very simple I was excited because my mom arrived she didn't expect me she didn't I was expecting a surprise for me, the food is published more and I was surprised and if it was something like that, my skin got itchy, I don't know who your son is going to fight with, shout that I was watching this with Jake or not, but there would be a very good one no right now no las vegas it will not be the one with whom first cannelloni the last fight with that one is going to fight it will be good of those children without learning what everyone as long as he prepares and is well why not I don't like it when I don't know when when he fights and he doesn't prepare and it's not good but when he arrives at the fight well prepared and I've always said everything about Julio he has many faculties unfortunately his indiscipline hasn't let him grow you understand me but if it's when he prepares with science and doing things well they have a lot to give you are very disciplined at the beginning of my career I was always only filled what if I had not reached 90 undefeated fights that is clear is a legend some legends for 14 years without losing that is It's not easier, what happens to me is that when you already feel that you've achieved everything, that you've already fulfilled your dream, do you understand when, for example, I reached 90 undefeated fights and that's how I already had, give me some information who has how to use them recreations of fights with boxers that you do who has surpassed that mark of the 90s undefeated I do not drive apart with a very nice style and above all else this will be one of those who finished but they have tried to use the finishes it is a puddle they were bad he gave a good show is like that of sushi they were boxers to him is what I tell you but only when I reached 90 undefeated fights you don't understand that is my dream was dream practiced it was about the world logically I come from a Humble family logically that's when they have nothing in life with having allegorical floats I had all of that in my hands I had millions of dollars in the bank I had allegorical prices I saw them I had mansions I already had a private plane and what was I looking for well things The most stupid and stupid thing you have is that's where it came from, of course, but if you don't see it, and if I had taken care of myself and always invited them and made it easy, well, I forget how much was the maximum you earned for a 10 million dollar fight in at that time and that it was the most that was paid with a fight is that right now the results are incredible it is an impressive business it is a cannon business that is why I would like them to win but what is around everyone I don't know what is around of publicity but the hobby of sponsors to use in their huge business and apart from that it is a huge tourist promotion tool for the destination where they develop the fights for Las Vegas' right now for those who have r robbery is not a great promotion in which it is done with boxing fights and pepe gómez is super involved in that roll and to fill himself upAnalyzed Pepe Gómez is the one behind all this that brings all those ideal people that all the great champions give you and that hand in hand with them gives destiny a huge promotion that's right, go to the one in Tijuana and there are many fights in tijuana to give him the only production it's the only production in my life that because I arrive early the old woman gives me this old woman really looks at what she doesn't eat hurts her so she scolds all of us anything is a mission the tequila is good good tequila It's true, hey Chávez, when it counts, you have to do a lot of fights in Tijuana or I don't know, many do one every month every time and a half.
They say that the auditorium is too small for a champion of your size. exhibition of he is a transa or it will be good for him to be the other better so his dream came true I send him a hug with the champion because I know why he has climbed with me because if the conditions in which he asked do not hit him in the face let me tell you Your compadre the naughty one knows what conditions he put for his baby to go up with a hand of goats and blind cremated with one eye blindfolded and with a fall and with a helmet but to say hey we don't get out be fourth that is we are fine we are fine tell me what year was the naughty osa lo de vigo 23 in 2003 6 luis xiv with him we were there 55 days his character to his face and then he entered the old heel to the house to achieve it and you tell the hardware robert I was the only one who spoke English, I tell the secretary that we are going to feed the champion canned food, which is typical of Sinaloa, it's a piece of meat. 3 days ago, how did they hold up here? help for in the breezes so it came to them with the Russian one it's impressive the one that came out in mind the champion is very sad when he saw it today I'm going to keep two illegal potatoes the grip broke a great detail he hasn't eaten for 23 hours and the most criticized than They said that I was going to be the most press that I was not going to do anything and nobody wanted to clean the bathrooms but I was already an intern at military schools and I got your head chamba I said I take care of the daily bathrooms to empty my chamba I all the bathroom the toilet in the shower the sink and that was my area and it was the most clean area in the house and supposedly during the most recent what I've known out there no no he didn't have a good time it's not nobody but but he didn't let me I have let's say that Don't play apart, you prepare and study, you read, not if I'm going to do something, you have to prepare, not like, although I did see it grow with everything, and if you look at them, they are very hard-working, thanks, sister, simulation, and that and that's what you he has moved forward yes the truth yes yes something if something if something everything that is knowing this which is the truth very hardworking and enterprising 4 2 well look at this one that we are going to do has a very particular name they are called you know why no one if you know that there has just been a discovery here paleontological remnant people say everywhere they say na janela and that's not how anthropologists put it to a skeleton of a 15-year-old girl that they located in a cenote in tulum a few years ago with mammoth bones next to it but the most interesting thing about That finding is that when they proceeded to do it, the skeleton was almost intact.
It had not been found to be 12,600 years old. They proceed to do a DNA test and it turns out that the skeleton is 100% Asian, so that proves the Bering Strait theory. Before, the continents were based like this, so that's why I'm going to call my hotel no one. But for example, the house and it's very expensive, but be there, I'm going to go for 1,500 dollars and 2,000 dollars for the room, everyone with a pool, look how many rooms, 30 and 40,000 pesos last night, plus taxes, 16 VAT, 3% of the host. aje 19 45 thousand pesos 44 45 euro for you in the same way before you are 22 ok that is, how many rooms have all the 12 different ones from luna but in total how do I feel with the 400 and with that you are going to have about 122 yes now when I He says they are ecological but luxury meaning of to the people the people I have a clientele of a very high level of purchasing power, for example many days we are also there young people you can keep a balance but the scientist as I like 50 is not what we sell the most deprivation privacy and especially if there is a personality in the hotel we are not experiencing networks or anything when they left we already said but not because if not then those people leave and they did not return and the staff are also prohibited since they had a boyfriend in paris and he took there is a movement like mirrors with the boyfriend and lorenzo with the movement of that question that I just asked you about that sea view no no view that nobody looks is to arrive that's right yes of course today you have a boyfriend that I have several friends follow small pitfalls and big tapes and I don't bring everything I was filming but I hope well I know how to learn and there are many things lost from the same author well three girlfriends or not but now one of the rebel reality I brought last Tuesday July and right now it's today at half past ten is that if you go at 10 at night on mtv talking a little that we are going to see your life like me my day to day my day to day my friends all and your life is interesting but I hope it is a reality with a comic cut although So it's very funny, it's eternal, you're going to stop laughing, it's with a comic cut, so this is very, very chattering.
I think that right now, how things are in the country is what we have to do with this type of content, not so that people laugh at Shelby's house has a little fun with everything that happens, she doesn't hear what the community told you, personality changes in Culiacán, but you've been in Tijuana for a long time, but ask each channel the mission every weekend, it beats the final face or more this weekend Well, I didn't go that weekend, I did this talk, well, yes, he was there, everything was hard, he was delicate, but he feels that I believe that what the president did, with all due respect, was very good for me, well, if privileging life isn't I feel like who knows they took her out ten years ago ma'am everyone the lonely change families and everyone the serious mistake of the government an operation was not operational without reporting the high command thus improvised for wanting to hang the medal on the ground in the land of the masters and lords of Sinaloa of la como and innocent imagine that it would have been your nephews or someone there is the present republic and only the most correct truth with all due respect if there is to privilege life the tremors but the operation was done with the legs and at an international level he is already free for having carried out a bad operation but well I think that life must be privileged above all else because imagine the innocent and the clock the information the information The only thing that does hurt me a lot is seeing my country laugh at us on both sides, they gave us everywhere the rumor that he had come.
I say looking at it objectively seeing that strategists and intelligence weapons brought barriers in the white trucks they closed streets they released prisoners to cause conflict that is a strategy a brilliant mind but they managed to fly and well now the little boy the little boy is going to become a star with this in a star because never in life had his father's release been good when he left the prison it also impresses me but even if they tell me that you speak well of El Chapo my respects I admire El Chapo because what a brilliant mind and to have reached where he arrived and to have left there that not everyone I say will be a delinquent but that the delinquent gentleman ladies pride ladies pride to say already that sheet Mexicans another p so let there be a politician or something the truth is the people the chapo guzmán legend forever gets out of the boat like this when they all grew up I know them all I can't give an opinion I can't the only thing I can tell you is that the president has done the right thing the truth because because first all the families and children but you think they would have gone like that against civilians of course they did but they failed well I don't want I don't want it to end up destroying because it doesn't suit me but the truth Culiacán but I know how things are now I mean they are something very delicate they gave me the capacity no they did not give me those people are good for the good but if you give them something well they will defend themselves if they have what to sighting me that brought nothing more that and also how they all supported each other change the topic does not change the topic because they are going to give us nightmares of women who have their hands for the floors of your women 3 years ago 3 people leaving when I met you that was when your son fought here in the center of con conventions that were set up by the queen who the center do you remember that we met there that this guy who was going to be the municipal president of cancún brought his so much greg sanchez as he was not there yet about 10 years ago we got there and it was already but hey, and it didn't take much work for him and without him there won't be a boxer like he had in a long time, he's also a great boxer for me in the greatest in history and for me it's an honor to meet you really really thank you thanks to me also me also the greatest aside you are a peruvian human being says the mexican in the philippines greetings from the philippines to the best boxer in the world and to the king of my kings good man


cesar what do you think of manny pacquiao he is one one of the best fighters there has been in the history of the world museum and apart from above all an excellent person as a human being he is better as a fighter you are a great human being I really love you very much thank you r me It corresponds to me, the people are, Adela and here I start to change, he says thanks for the advice, they are already talking to me, ask Chávez how badly he would leave Canelo in the ring at his best with another weight, they would not have been able to fight 77, Adela and Palazuelos you tell me things and I tell you honestly the truth feels that I have never believed myself and I told you the truth I have never wanted the best fighter in Mexico in history the truth is because if you atypically vote for only you know you know of bots you know that he told me he has had great world channels and I think that everyone in his time of great acid the truth is that we have had no no but yes there have been butter for me for me they are the biggest the truth is that he told me he has had one olive groves and well for example the fight is when they have or the golden the golden boy and the golden would have been their fight 15 years ago if they had had they would have put a madriza it was not the youth mentions and it was very good you know it has been I've been very well, it's me fighting because they offered me a lot of money, you understand, but I'm a fight, not at 42 years old, imagine de la hoya, I was already a game, I was very old, I was fighting just because they offered me good money and because he knows I shouldn't nothing but also a great example that you share it with people and that people see that you are fine now since it does not leave anything good if you can of that and now I am 4 and 25 years old in Tijuana we are about to open one here in Quintana Roo like this soon we are going to open you are going to inaugurate the program this one that you tell about yolanda andrade you have your friend from the soul she is also your friend because I am this is a girl to her very nice person if she was also in it you were my man and I think that She has more hit than you, I don't think she cares because the old woman comes down and that's why I'm 20 years old with my wife that I'm 20 years old.
I don't want to commit an indiscretion and another delta i never knew i never can rise to a greeting from jorge who is already recovering very well to communicate although here he dies he burst he burst there the roll was in an induced coma and the roll efe because he was very serious he burst a terrible peritonitis inside and all the organs of hell were contaminated with blood and excrement of things and a bacterium entered him and they had to put them in an induced coma he was a very long time he was between life and death don't tell me between life and death blew up whoever your light a private plane and right now he's in mexico this mexico if they treated him in mexico it was in mexico they took care of him and after she took him home doña soya it's his mother he was light for a while he didn't have I have no idea if well what happened it's not that I don't in what tenor is that news waking up in shows well no no I don't watch shows you pure for the box well I like the Polish then here with my friends very serious to you what Do you love the polish as you say because I don't know they didn't have teeth like they didn't work let's see if you people but it depends because from Saturday the 7th I am also dependent I am also independent you already have here the votes they offered me for a diner uncovered for the last election and you didn't want the norm is to be cool a senator is cool because 'it's not and on another level drinking things and so on you're not there on the loose half of the waste thousands of times as a senator publi minal and all that the truth is that I will never be a politician of all parties of all parties if the municipal president is there for a senator for a federal deputy I have never wanted my wife to tell me 'they don't like it we are not going to launch to the naughty of the town of los mochis you be a deputy something not I also wanted to be municipal president but then make things so ugly that you say well let's see I came here many years ago more than 20 years ago you only have my vote thank you It was my July but look if the thing is very ugly after a while it is in the daily operation of a municipal president and what depends on him you can get in there with groups that cannot belike and for a while you can end up threatened with problems I prefer not to improve with them I better there is good vibes and I to the beach believe in steam because everything you have won well if after a while there would have to be midnight of garbage after a while I would have to leave here or leave a problem for my son or something that is not worth it, you have to weigh it up.
I think that times are very difficult right now and this and what do you want? He also lives in Tulum, he lives here in Cancun and in Cancun, he was born in Cancun, although then his daily newspaper often lives with his mother, but we are almost neighbors. His mother is my great friend. I wanted 15 I can't stand you so marriage should be you just divorce divorce with love is the advice I give to people I married with love and divorced with love that is to close the cycle with love I did well I left her Well, we stayed with González, we stayed with projects, that makes you feel good in the long run because when you leave bad things, of course, you don't behave well with the ex-wife, as there are many Mexicans who are bastards with their exes who don't give them anything, but not even for the The child's school and discussion with that I feel very good I get along very well with her and they already teach how to work she is a princess if she doesn't have I'll just go to a store in Tulum for hats and others and it's okay for her it's starting to go well help him support being a businesswoman and brought and her roll and she is already designing them she raises the designs and the designs have her own brand of that is how it is from tulum you know great now that you are coming I must say come and bring now but where He makes them for us in Mexico City if with a person who sends them to him so that he has his store and behind one of my hotels and it works well for him like that because otherwise it's boring and she's pretty and suddenly they have me They said that they have seen what another galancito gallant and everything that I liked the police will soon be left in case it has to cost me because it is agreed to and in the agreement but let's see tell me something you are already from lan's family although well look that does not matter my dad my dad he was very bastard sometimes it hurts you a lot yes of course my dad thought like that so from a very young age he was very hard on me with money very very hard on me once again I am going to tell you a story that is very painful that I cried all night I had When I was 15 years old, we went to Susan's house in Acapulco and we were there, the whole thing, then my rich friends from school came who were going to go out and other little girls are going to go out and the whole thing was finally going out with one that I liked and the roll and we're going to go to dinner at a restaurant after showing off a disco something broke out from the girl capo doesn't consider acapulco so I told her my dad or and the dad well give me money to go to dinner here and our walls the restaurant then are very little and e The roll and he didn't tell me and I started crying all night but those kinds of things are the things that I told myself since I was little I'm not going to depend on anyone winzer milan that's not the roll and now my dad later tells me look I went like this with you to get your claws out but look at what I look like, depending on how good it is because it also seems that I always tell my children that I don't care, I also like for the floor, medium movement, my wife with whom she was my wife from the beginning, well The truth is, first of all, it's for two years because also at the time the difficult part was difficult for him and he's clear if those charges have to be cleared up and the truth is that he says, being a more calm person, it's like he has one loose if not, above all, look to understand one thing, for example, you can get divorced and that, ma'am, can stop being your partner but if you have a child with her or two children or whatever that person is going to be your family if you share blood there then we can make your family always me I tell him to my wife that I leave you everything that I am clean they are all like this for your brother blessed be God strong and difficult who feels how good that in my addiction tudela I was losing I lost millions of dollars I lost my private plane I lost everything everything was losing and thank you my recovery it seems that gods not the truth doing me yes I also decided the truth it's good that everything is seen everything everything began to return pink bless God and thank you my recovery people but you know what I have never lost what I never lost and That yes, the truth is that I have to thank you is the affection of the island is incredible the truth is that after the shows you gave to the one that they will never forget you like this as time goes by it is always yours it is a law thank you thank you in this country, despite being difficult for your children, they must be very, very powerful that they want to dedicate themselves to men the shows are because the two are no longer the roof is birds but the boy remembers the boy of vote was nothing of one does not remain the guy has omar he is 29 years old


team aqua between 33 years old and both of them fighting with a very difficult fascist the shadow is very difficult no matter how good they are they will always be compared to you if there is a certain criticism there will always be comparisons but everyone brings his here has his way that's how it is says giuseppe will fly july you are the greatest athlete in the history of mexico your fight against meldrick taylor is the living testimony that you never have to give up and until the last second give your all for everything your departure from the addictions is the great victory a big hug today in


I'll tell you that's the last round yes when he feels that in the tenth round astro fought inside in the only fight where I've really felt death but I swear to God etc. he erased the yes yes yes but the tenth round and I really hit me like 20 shits and all the fields that you have the case that it reaches the corner and it is not very long in the 12 saved the ice has been erased drug that is not me It didn't matter that he hit me, what I want is to hit him but he doesn't fight if unconsciously and I've been through the twelfth round and that's where he pushes what God is God does exist because we would put a lot of water and I meditate once and he tells me let's go July was in Spanish He says for your family, payments, throw eggs, don't throw at the cuts, he said something for your children and I'll stay alive, but you can knock this out, you can still knock it out, and he feels that it's a blessing, not because he's ready and come out and the truth is, which ones you didn't know and lebanon that the package so that you were no longer seeing clearly I already wrote down everything but now but when he spoke to me I woke up do you understand me when when he said those words to me I kind of reacted I said it's the last angle let's go things have gone black to work for the worker and there are 14 seconds left but I swear to you for soils I swear to God that I wanted comments I made a suburban report on that fight and how do you connect it to what was the connector was it was in what happens is that he He looks very fast, he was against the ropes, as he hit him with a right hand, he went bad and waters him and a bad thing left him from some side step and grabbed him if I stay with the right, not follow it but I swear to God 7 that he can knock him down I don't care about losing I don't care about losing or winning what I wanted was for the fight to end because I wanted to faint and they wanted to vomit I would have vomited it well right now I was practicing it the fucking fans, bastard man, would have thought the bar and when one vomits since in the radio spill it's in my head I didn't know that if you know what and then my brother tells me come up my brother and I wanted to faint we wanted to take it off I wanted them to take me out they'll come down because I felt I was going to faint and doing brother cattle cattle If we win I told him but the risk is lowered and I want to be in Miami I want to invite you yes I had the interview about the fight and to see and see when I do it with my people it is reaching the price the truth is very long the fact is that and ga Namos was 28 years old 27 years old in the case of strikes in the very long run we did not get off the river and he wants to take me to the hospital that the fight in a hotel or then work if it is going to hit your room confirm the room as no longer with water frozen and everything and everyone crying and why why well because they won't exist and there was no why because I knew it was tiredness you don't understand it was lightening you understand me exhaustion then it puts me in water they bathe with ice water and the whole case for make it very long after half an hour for me to recover I told them now yes we are going to the track so as not to do the grandmother little good of course that the whiskey cannot be like this it was not worth it to continue there as soon as they began to chat and services inside the drug did not win at all but if they click and they are received, let's go to celebrate my song in the air, therefore for dry soil, morros abastos, little canita in the air of the eggs that the incor has like little faces as they see eggs no no no I paint my hair but it tends to look good beautiful gray hair it's time then leave no but I still want to be in roles of stern pure purpose but when you had a wife it consists of a horn they will not wait that is another good I am not going to give you a little here I am going to tell you here they have a system here to get a rating for those who come to invite us even if they throw them there like a I have a dropper how stupid hot isn't it true July because this is just as lively and we have more diamond water for water send them kisses dads or we suggest you to that you paint your hair for the floor tone it down because you're brighter what happens is that if I wear it very brown I'm half a pineapple but originally I don't have a light brown close I put it on to appear



but if I were you I would I used to leave your friends, I think it makes you look very handsome, my girlfriends don't allow it, that is, the youngest who is there is 24 and here somewhere between 30-35 yesterday I was just talking about why over 30 no no because they didn't know well because there are many jeres de 30 40 50 very pretty like you man find networks however I'm going to tell you why not let's see because all the blessed women after 30 already feel left and want to tie up at any rate they are already going out to dinner they are already talking about when we go to cold they tie the wedding dress in the trunk or the wedding dress in the trunk and that is the one that scares me the least the civil judge is the one that gives me the most favor the one that comes out very affectionate the Another one, well, we dissolve it with holy water, but you get a divorce, nothing, the normal invocation, don't have to get together, but not to marry, but why stop because it's expensive or why not because I don't feel like, look, I feel that when you get married you already have it there safe the lady in the city has insurance the man is a little careless when you are a boyfriend you say well he treated her badly the main security adviser is leaving and they came from a year before with him but it does not exist in Mexico like divorces it is not unconstitutional mir listen very well the only thing that exists in mexico is separation of property or property fact numbers or mothers if you are real you look at you listen to me well you can have a right now the matter has been reformed even if you marry with separation of property it is all acquired After marriage, you cannot make an agreement that goes against the rights of women and that goes against the constitution, if you can make an agreement in private, which is the best agreement for the separation of property, it is easy, each to their own. now yes I will marry you if you come bank I want to talk about it I said I got enormous courage because it will be the last time sometimes you want well while the melon is online and give me adelitas they kidnap her and transmit from there but don't wait well look there aren't two but rather we are going to transmit it here it is related I think it is more do not take the cloth because they want us to measure the palaces with which it comes is much higher that of debbie zimmer external environment par to the soles of which towns and that is not enough and then he is complaining there was already a normalito better if the size of the is not important the pp is like you have so many things to learn


only those who have it small say that The size doesn't matter, say goodbye, the diamond is not missing, study marriage settlements before a notary public, you didn't see a diamond, I'm going to check that, many other capitals, no, that's crazy and they do it against the constitutional law.
I said that you enter with what is the divine social triune so there are three sides and each side has three sides at the same time so here is mind body and soul here is love wisdom and power but not the love that I may feel for your son for your wife but universal love love wisdom and power and up to the top we have the father the son and the holy spirit together united is the divine triune sophia and it is a protection that I bring I just want the plexus that you ted protects from envy conaway protected me a girl hahaha placed on the head but peratta but itself if it is something and from that it was only there at the airport the chain because the race celebrates a son ten years ago courage and was defeated by the step because they know the activity the same but but it's my time and that's where they sell them you don't send them to do that because I am quite generous generous I say they are not super or gender you have to be generous side today you saw that elias calm down build a hotel here In Cancun together with other businessmen of about three thousand rooms, I'm already doing it.
They're not building a new shopping center, but it's not in Laguna de la Laguna, it's a property and it's been there for a long time, what they did years ago. And now they are going to cross a bridge if because of my subdivision in fact we have just signed the authorization so that they can do it Ivana they are going to put 20 million at the entrance of the subdivision to be able to cross a bridge over it that they communicated to displace a thousand million dollars that are charged more than I say there are several are several companies are called fiber your group does not create a fiba group if the cababié were there they bought from theCababié and the people in Cali have already kept it, who died, you died, this is like your distant uncle, not in the language, the sculptor died, my second cousin died, but he left an impressive collection of his work in his landlord, he was not a close friend of Leonora's, he was Its founder in Lyon, now in two years, left pieces of gold, silver and diamonds from Leonora Carrington, he also didn't have much in one day. house his house like this through a passageway to his house and not the impressive house the works of art that had a lot of art in itself a lot of art and a spectacular guy in your far away 18 cousin cousin cousins ​​and that's how it is cousin I don't get along much with the family But cousin cousin, hey, you have good pieces of art, yes, I'm a collector, you're not a palazuelo, lower three stripes for dad, then the dog has to work a lot, but seriously, the handsome ones don't suffer, the handsome ones aren't handsome and you think you're very pretty not at all. what I do consider myself to be almost a person with a sense of humor and he always when I'm working when I'm with people I'm always chattering and I'm always having a great time I think there's nothing healthier than having fun and thanks to the people that I highly appreciate the very strong cheek I am very cheeky if you want to like it you go through everything it is one thing I did not know for soil I know the truth I have already greeted you in everything but I am honest and I thought they were not I met him but nothing like that Plus, you don't understand me if the three of us have greeted each other, we left him with torrado because of this, but I hadn't practiced putting the ideas, they're coming out among doctors, I'm not, but it's part of your charm and building your characters in a niche and not people for the I haven't seen it in series and reality shows, well, you already have a fan, aguiló, right?
The channels repeat 15 today, the other Monday is on MTV, Palazuelo, judicial, everyone learns what they are saying, shout, I wasn't there with the child with the t naughty with him today the donkey was on the bus in that same one to whom not because I was the chosen one I was going to go in very hard very hard because look the hardest thing about being there is the fact that he looks 20 I compare it with the boat what a person is in the boat has a telephone has can the newspaper can talk to people finds out what is happening outside but a person is locked up inside and has no contact with the outside and not having contact with the outside Outside is what causes you the most that disorder going outside locks yourself in a room for 20 days without knowing what is happening outside and the violence is really very hard, very very hard and no one tells you anything how many days you were like 55 and who told you He left to drink and you when you went out I went out I got married I got married later but they went through the same pain and after that television it was televised it was canceled always on a Sunday to spend my wedding in case it was bought of course why money is important for you this question is serious c Hired without paying the money is important to me but I have more important things that was not my question because it is money money does not buy everything but it also helps but look it is not so important to me health is more important of course love for that the list discussing that we don't know that you're a good person deep down but from the list of the list of those who least bothered a couple of macho and misogynists I'm not being serious because I'm just giving I'm making one well It is a kind of spectacle, Rebeca de Alba, Susana Zabaleta, and the two of them who are called the commandments of a cool woman and the first commandment will lower the bill, he went bankrupt, but since it has not been my commandment, I cannot say this, but one of my commandments.
It is to observe and then I elaborate and I say because it seems to me a woman, you know why for a woman it gives you independence, it is a remuneration for your work or the birds and to collect what you deserve because in this country There is a huge gap or paying what they deserve also generates us to generate or pay because I think that is what generates money for you by giving, that which generates you more. There is a book that I am going to publish with 30 and 40 days. right now in print I'm going to put it out with random penguin it's called alchemy for success already done we're already talking about that book in reality so the book talks about that it talks about what's important for example me since I started as an entrepreneur for like About ten years ago I could have started to give my life and stretch the line in other things in other toys, however I have gone for the option to continue reinvesting reinvesting reinvesting I have been earning for 20 years reinvesting winning reinvesting winning there are about 23 to go and there I will stop but for me I think that this is what has made me grow that I also say that if you reach the fire and it will destroy it but if you have money and distribute it it is because it is also a sin to throw it away and throw it away You have me ambitious and that led me to show myself the champion too or throw it away foolishly not wasting no but if you do it to generate employment and so on the money if you stop spending it stops coming if normally there is also there something deeper when you stop spending it normally who stops spending it who says no I'm not going to spend it is because deep down they are afraid that there will be money in the future it is then the moment that you are throwing away that is also closed to I don't know a certain age that you can reach, but you may say, well, I want to save it for when I retire, but I mean during the lapse of life, we have to circulate, we have to help, it's also the best, that's the way it is. university without wasting it, so I think it's a joy to enjoy it too, but it does seem to me that a person like you who has dedicated himself to a great extent, that is, it's something that I always brought, I want to make wool, because of the things I told you and because keep contemplating I told you about one of the motors I don't know about me I suffered a lot as a teenager that they didn't want to give me and while Ian and then the worst thing they can do to you is that they put you in a school with rich kids who don't give you what the others bring is good bastard bastard these were the knicks he has no mother and I tell him but now I thank him now well yes because he taught you to be what you wanted and simple that's why I do feel that it is an important issue because people They are not interested and I am not interested in money and I am not, but when someone arrives they tell you yes, it is not just for greed or for accumulating but for what you have left in life and what you can give seems to me to be important to say we analyze one thing we analyze one thing what a woman likes the most we are not going to say vulgarly money because it is not like that what a woman likes the most luxuries comfort 2 comfort and money gives you comfort but no I don't think it's a matter of gender or sex It's good, but speaking of women, everyone likes comfort, but rather the comfort of being comfortable, living with dignity and being able to give you certain joys in life.
It is very impressive that there are women who, if they go for the wool of a guy, most of them, but also that, yes, from this language, languages ​​are detected when a woman comes, as well as because of donkeys that fall there, no, well, if I don't let you fall there, I'm going to touch one. You get rid of those, I'm going to grab a load that happens to me, one that has a falcon 900, they are frugal. If there is no wool, it is very cool, that is, yes, the truth is, yes, values ​​and principles, but I have always been that, my whole life has been different, like right now.
I think that if you feel that values ​​have been lost more, I am now. ok go It's true that the girl of 2018 but then also always the george hotz the short path always with two areas does not come out a long path always gives great satisfaction the short path always around here the champagne so sorry sorry with all respects miriam but I'm with very pretty women and Elche I knew that my soul was still around those souls long live that son who had a beard since he was little he wanted diamonds since he was little the same thing I knew her I know he was with Victor Hugo it is not true what happened they are not friends days they just had a fight of mine is with him and come with me wilder but one more has already gone up and they already said there stay with me imagine the floor that works on television with all the women who saw it if I have it was chanted that he is not going to say yes yes I am afraid of actresses, actresses, his girlfriend scares him with klose, aldo ministerial, with the only actress I had was with Gaby Platas and it was like a fair for me. or conventions no the actresses are a problem if it is difficult the truth if the truth and more if you dedicate the 22 hours also the interview these are good friends so many models but is talking about you or both marta gomez says respect to Mr.
Julio please send greetings to the zurita gomez family from seattle washington and right now where they see us on youtube on facebook and how many followers are there here how many followers not how many do you already have in the julio cesar sales series that you had some chapters they say here with salma that Don't play hey talking about that what a great actor if this wey rearming a man that goes in part I like him wonderfully but what a good actor it is true that he is a top notch actor do what you want comedy all tragedy he already did very well in interview July when it premiered and he told me that he cried when you saw the series I what happens that I was alone in my house at that time I was alone I was with my wife and I cried and cried when I was in the farm because the truth was that it was a very difficult moment when I fell for the second time into a rehabilitation set, that is, I went to a clinic, shaio, I had to pay for a clinic and my wife took me, you understand me, but no My children were my son and my son my friend had told him very nice that they understand knowing that I was going to have my room or television you have a lamela exam take away well well pretty you understand me then fine it just a very nice soccer field and everything And I hope that if they were my children and they told me that some friends wanted to meet him, a big guy, no, I'm going in, and when he came in, they closed the door in a bad way, but they gave it to me because Milan was here to get more tourism, Karaki, or choose Well, 120 bastards are coming back, all filthy, all filthy.
Here you are going to create from that hosting transport, and it caught me, don't tell me if sushi caught me, if five bastards come and for five days, theor blockades. Ă­a 20 bastards come to me love ties me up so that it does not happen to us four times more prince reality beauty I did not know it I do not swear to God you have to see the interviews I do and the bad thing you know you can't talk to anyone no you can give by phone you couldn't talk with your colleagues and the food to see two rotten equal to fuck a clinic for my king is addicted to Mount genius but something already what's wrong with you this salmon called in the morning and wait what's the difference you no longer let him end up between one of these farms and a clinic because greatness what they call the annex is nothingness you know who also told me jose jose I mean it was a brutal thing but those who look at an annex kilo good for only You have to work here, there are habit problems, but since I was 25,06 years old, I got clean, no, but if I had, I belonged a lot to that very terrible, very, very hard parrot generation, and you went to a clinic to help a nation, and here I have never been I went to a massive l The talks I wrote down vanity saved me I was so vain I liked to look good and others living emaciated I said this I'm not handsome anymore so then I said no to this mother's china he has to be handsome again and there is no if he I left and was like at 6 I studied you for a relapse but then I called lighten up why why why a bed is there are no psychologists there are no opponents there are no doctors there are no doctors so it is essential for a mother because sometimes sometimes You don't really need that, do you understand me, it depends on the patient, do you understand me, there are patients, anyone hits a lot of rock bottom, yes, of course, you understand me, oh, but that was not for me, the group came forward, and that was the last one, the government did not want them to burn down the place, here it is.
Incredible if God didn't thank you help if they help you Adela if they help you because everything has changed lately you understand me when I raised my voice and said you know they treated me like that the hell they beat me and this didn't last a month I looked at him from separate graves like this, all mine, all loaded, all swollen with their legs, and I wasn't angry with your children, who had left you there, I love them, I could talk, I didn't know you anymore, but internally, they were all pissed off, even manning, of course, it's okay to implement, the mother is with I wanted to kill her and you understand me and it is admirable the truth that you raised her up but until I came in with a criticism of an activity where they really did show me a feef clinic and a girl you understand there between a clinic and there I was able to recover, you realize and I They taught me I think it's different they did other things you understand me about other things another dynamic and another is another dynamic it's different the 12 steps that you understand accepting that if I really am sick that I need help you understand me logically but new mother's words to beaten in your mother blade the toxic one you know why because I had my mansion outside outside in Culiacán we have buildings we have floats all good q Far away had money, God, they did not have the millions of dollars that the bots had won, but they still had to live, logically, they had lost a lotfrom stores but like the four months before there in four months and how was the exit who went for you or what moment at what moment they decide that you can leave or how it works like that let's see in mother's mind my wife to visit us but you I had no idea what it was like without first promising five bastards here with the baton over the phone I truly believe that this can help anyone, I mean I don't think I don't think so I don't think it's a system for example that a very low-income person resources that do not have the passion of an alcoholic when you clean yourself up you are making tea which is what I would go to talks and oceanic but when you are at a very critical moment it is that if there are things oh oh oh sometimes here yes you have to get into an annex when they behave badly when they behave cruising with they become reluctant cote or when you are already one step away from committing the and that is because there are also people who with drugs and visions and really crimes and that can threaten their own pee rsona without a doubt but people who want to be cured at 7 but I don't want to be cured at that moment I still don't think I agree with you I think that it was not to throw better if they had taken you to another clinic because that is what you do your clinics They are different, that's the way it is, and it's also for low-income people, but I think it's handsome.
Efe, I'm Andrés García's lawyer, so I have there, I have the administration of the ranch of the ajusco, which is a castle that is said of Juande many of those days in his house in acapulco you have to talk to zeballos or someone you have to set up a rehabilitation clinic here it's 40 thousand meters in the ajusco imagine yourself there in the castle and the star roll of mother and then let's see you have to invite the little town that deals or if we don't talk we go back to a clinic and we manage if we put it like no for what we would call it the fifa clinic then we talk and then we talk james racing in the hotels no good he has gone to tulum and made a video with willia m levy in tulum williams usa i spoke with my friend in the artistic atmosphere of the environment because i get along well with elegance the crazy son valdés the christian although i see him little but hey this is so crazy the cristiano this well there i get along well with jorge salinas sergio sendel alexis ayala verastegui who are my friends ok and friends 3 I come because I say the Chinese leg is good man hey but you don't have artistic friends I get along yes and with several I am a friend of thalia of paulina rubio of silvia navarro of this of several 10 I adore the light, you're my cisterns, that's a character, working with her, it's a show, I've been spreading the light, well, but we'll fix it for you, but if you come to tell them if it fixes me, I don't know that I'll come in a bathing suit tomorrow to the forum and suddenly I'm in the forest yesterday you fucking screamed at us and the fuck came into my raincoat and made them like that it was a bathing suit no one is a very intelligent woman for you very intelligent and very adored and very funny working is a person who is contouring from 8 in the morning to 10 at night he is chattering yes very funny I was preparing for meritello he went to see me at the hotel a photo this you can ask them and sergio rodríguez how to achieve success in life and some anecdote, champion, well, based on the database in the mirror and case, it's beautiful.
What is my big secret, seriously, I'm not telling you and few people know that I'm going to tell you here right now I cut the aloe vera leaves, I don't cut them, I don't cut them because they lose properties, the mind finds out about the fridge when it's you are going to use it cut a frame do not speak at the moment the first thing you put it to the side in the eyes and leave it for about 40 and 50 minutes to bathe I do it every morning sometimes when when I have to be filming something that I they are putting dust and I bring the medi evo I wash my face very well and I put on the skills together at night that this one I put on protection 30 40 to sunbathe and since I exercise very well they drink a lot of water with all the water and I take it lightly with alcohol no no of what I didn't drink anything but I take it very lightly when it's worth it I take a drink two drinks like this but light but each one feels that the work but what does it feel like if you get adelita let's see if of course but where here but it doesn't hurt much It hurts a lot to fight inside that it hurts, he already has experience in the neck of the neck in the neck and it was worth more I think I don't know if there is any surgery but I don't know and the hands don't have well well a terrible terrible conflict July indicates to be the Guinness with The palazuelo while you are authorized is good I don't have the property there we can do it on one side and then we talk orally and then we talk we agree we come and see him in his place like this at the exit of the ajusco upstairs to the huge ranch not in the I adjust and rés andrés built himself a castle he built a castle and he doesn't go anymore because he's on the beach and I'm helping him with his goods we were seeing if we could sell it but we'd better go do a clinic today and since it's been very good a year ago he has his problems but he is riding his four-wheeler with his coach back in his account if there is a player who asked him last week but one can recognize I tell him the same as in the mornings I tell him now andrés this as been obviously you what happened then now who is making you eat who is helping moyano nobody is helping because what happened no well the guard of hours is moving that happened that that the capes of gunning yesterday and gunned the mosso eggs as harmful if we have a character one doors living at the foot of It's a hill, but he's always had a house in Acapulco. now because they are building a mega highway so that it can be connected quickly but there is no service it is a pain at the foot of the slope you have to put it at the foot of the slope to do something and it is very beautiful I loved it and the truth is that I also like them The best chances are that Andrés lives there and there he goes and this is a great character and he has two children, he doesn't have two children, she is gorgeous, not the only ones recognized are Leonardo and Andrés, and Andrea is from another marriage, but I think he recognized her later, but the only ones Well-known are the ones he had with Sandri Valdelateja, and yes, they are the ones who grew up with Luis Miguel, there is one who is also tremendous, Leonardito, Leonard the bear, and since the two are the same, they collide, it is impressive if the two are equal in terms of citizens, I arrived in Seattle, it would be happening. you didn't tell me this you know maca of course I know her incredible but incredible it's a spectacular job please I think it's one of the times I've laughed the most in my life and it has a mark It's in the parody and then I should upload it.
It's very good since they hadn't sent it to me. I'm talking to the donkey Luis Miguel and Ququén and the shorty. It's also very good. here my place mom who is hey if you saw him he was great she told me before that he was going to go out that life is good today he doesn't hey he told me that work marks my respect man I'm not going to invite you to talk to each other we are that now when I would just leave sitting like that, not basically as I was seeing because Luis Miguel the donkey and I were just there fighting and so I don't know what the wise man told me or the fuck I said to him, click a plane to your house, it's like the service port of My house, you had said this, you are not here, the series arrives, you know that they defamed there, it is even the young man who invented there, who supposedly had already thrown a party at the baby or arrived at Mickey, yes, and there I said that I had had to I will be in heaven opening my participation in little girls and elroy the other laughed at my daughter that never happened and that supposedly now she complained that she did not see her daughter and that she complained about her mother and the roll is not true nothing is true I never fought I just stopped seeing him with him right away and until now he is in the faith he left Acapulco like many people left because the first murder that took place in Acapulco when the violence began to decompose was from churches churches he was our teacher Iglesias was a lifelong ski champion who would throw himself across in a helicopter pulling a helicopter and he would cross the bay of Acapulco with his mother in a slalom so he taught them that now all of Luis Miguel as children a little older teenager for me when I was little because the best friend of Antonio's brother my dad and then as a result of that they confused him and killed him because they confused him also he left a lot of people left Acapulco right now very Many people are coming back who applied again.
You have never seen or talked to me again. I met him before the series with Miguelito Aleman and the lawyer who were celebrating that they had just finished work, well, yes, but he told the story. no it was not a lie talking to álex and you look at the writers they gave him a lot of his development they made it that they made it they made it that a story has to have an antagonistic cut and basile also good the plan he wanted to outline so they got to Federico Lamadrid Guaminí because then you don't go with him anymore, the one I see visiting his brother, the little one, the good little one with the dow, that in Guadalajara is the place that took care of Charles, he gets to know something that someone never knew him and for example, luis moya practiced it for his mom something when they were kids or nothing is that his mom was there with the kids he doesn't have to talk the mom was there it was a delicious spaghetti and in the private and we got there, suddenly they stopped seeing her, it's that then they moved and then I don't know what happened anymore and then I met him again because we had several friends in common and then another stage of life began, but I met him from children from an early adolescence and then the day we found ourselves around 18 adolescents, hey, but I think he did very well with this good jealousy. debts there was a lot of wool this site already had a legal problem there with alejandro alejandro and moving away from a lawyer from a vehicle but they already say that alejandro behaved first and so it is loaded to meet well I don't know but they are very loaded it is a family They are very entrepreneurial, a good friend, they, they, are established businessmen, and on Saturday, Alejandro sings with his son, something like that with the Guadalajara Guadalajara in singing, which is a very admirable family, the truth is, only an institution, the Fernas. nde are the institution you say they operated on andrés garcía's back for the second time again, that is, this was the second time because the first time what was hung from this far away was also called canvas but later we operated on it very well in the military medical hospital they left him very well 777 78 years old if he turns 78 I think right now in a few months yes it is true that he was coming very night from the tabo they put said he is fine and he is lucid according to the lawyer and I tell 3 normal at 85 to continue firing bullets he looks bursting yes just that he can't walk much but he is very good and they are doing very well the best general store that the infomercial made for them already said it with some land condoms land land like this for real estate from Jorge from real estate and they did the promotion for us in the morning then more or less we already know andrew garcía diversity to say wheels later my little brother and I waited from 9 in the morning until 12 at night and fed the mother George to Jorge Ojeda and Grecia it is super tedious commercial is a job if it is one in the morning you can not pay a good but the truth but stop that I did it with andrés garcía for me reading life three legends I don't know well we had several but with all the good brothers but the main thing is the Lord you were able to convince me because you stopped drinking me too but whoever stopped drinking before his problem was already alcohol health for so long to go without oil but one person affirms yes really really yes incredible incredible really if we already wanted it, imagine the t2a that we put on goddess description and holanda and we are going to deliver areas jose jose the break was going my compadre coco muñiz and that is another guy to other imaginative steps after my fight there we woke up quality your hand of guys and in the very good friend and since there were not several many fights it was very nice many good artists and then the fights would go to my room then why else will he forget we see him you don't hang out with he doesn't know Well, I told you that the play is the fourth and today she has seen Yolanda's new program, she did not do everything in unicable either, and in the only one, yes, of course, when I spoke to grass four days ago, she says that I told her if you do, I will do stupid things but it's already been left, you know what you're doing but since it was his fault but I say well, my friend my guide can also see Verónica, yes, that is, why does he have to be ventilating those things and they are all custom-made, not considering that face and her and then after a while and but because she has to take out those things we grew up to do it is a function for women we have a relationship they have never given you a kiss with a guy I am beautiful but backpack a little kiss is not denied calamita handsome that was good that luismi is that it is better conserve matxín you also put votes but that you told them in la jolla and that she told you no no no no this day it is not that I do not agree with you because she did not commit any indiscretion I think it came out that is I don't know and I love or get into that just don't talk to me with her had to now pull it how are you fine fine what's up today in sutiss they demand a loss of people stop sending to talkwith her and all the pills of stupid people veronica good friend and all of you too if time heals everything spiritual who walks in pure waves spiritual veronica but denying super spiritual empowering their own and why didn't they make the house of the flower let's see If it comes out suddenly in memories I started to see it before, it's good, there is, but but, Cecilia Suárez is like that, I installed it intact, no, sorry, Cecilia Suárez has been taking the series since last time and since the first season, Veronica says, she indicated that she took to the waist you saw the note of the flowers well everyone right now we are going to go see your reality show where else are you doing something on youtube when there is a program like this the academy of my king is the academy of kings that appears on youtube every Thursday and this one is great the last election was how to buy a yacht this next course I am the one who learns the most you don't learn everything you learn manners how to buy a yacht I don't have a yacht anymore but I'm going to buy a new one and since I live in the lagoon it is always recommended a maximum of 53 feet which right now is not over a son seeker portofino since it is an English yacht yes I know which ones are not bigger for the lagoon but you have always had here yes I buy you I sell I buy I sell not like that suddenly I'm going to see I don't know what toy you feel like right now well right now I feel like it they are rolls royce and to handle the mushrooms sorry to drive it in miami it doesn't have much knowledge they bought rolls royce because like me I have all My cars and all my flowers have not been paid on credit of course we are 45 years old as I sometimes work in the US those from Dusko that's how it should be Mexico that we can deduce everything evenly here this is not this if this I don't know no then this sign would win a treat you have an apartment in miami do not deport your house in miami so much because of their environments they are the ones that count and we have to become good good friends of this get together with the choir together at 10 but they also repeat it again 1 0 45 and during the week it is repeated 15 times and it will be an hour I want to go see what Cancun Miami is playing this time although 233 Tulum the 4th is this Acapulco with a beach priest Julián's codes to a long gun and hey ok then in youtube every time you go up strong on Thursdays websites that don't have cable can download the reality show on their mtv play app ok that's right and well we're seeing each other at the same time in a bunch of countries I don't know how many and in this program but we are in peru we are in chile in the gel the digital thread soldiers arrive in dubai no but soon we if you are a excuse it is fine

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