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Juan José Origel pisa otra vez el foro de Ventaneando

Feb 27, 2020
At the time when I presented the pilot with Ricardo Salinas and all the big bosses of Aztec television, they made the decision, especially from Ricardo, that the program be called Ventaneando. This name arose from what I usually said to my dad. My dad lived in the first floor of a house in the Juárez neighborhood and my father looked out of the window to distract himself and when I spoke to him on the phone and I said daddy what are you doing and he said to me, my little daughter, then somehow through the window I continue to thank my father for creating a girl who today became a woman, of course, but at that moment when we went on the air we made a revolution but only Jose Origen was going.
juan jos origel pisa otra vez el foro de ventaneando
To this day, the real number of days here is that the truth is I'm excited. because for me it was a good one but you and I can talk about the emotion that was that setback or that we took without expecting it for no without waiting without expecting it the eyes closed true in what way imagine 22 years yes yes yes yes yes yes yes when we left on the air and that was a scandal and overnight in a week I couldn't go down possible and all the people were piling up and I know well my peace of mind ended because it was at that moment that Mexican television transformed what was being done and the way in which they saw the shows, you who also had been writing for so long, yes, but it was something different and totally ximo, the truth is, I think that none of us, neither for you nor meats, expected that tracas or on televisa regal for no nothing nothing nothing nothing and then you realize and a really very nice team was put together because those trips that they did, what if they were impressive, we also couldn't even go out on the street because the Juan Jose airport got to the airport to go get on the plane was an impossible thing and the places where you behaved the most with the public felt the change in your life better because one thing I had my radio program and it was and I had always been in the newspaper but in social events I was almost always in social events and since The move to monetary shows, like how people ran when they were going to interview us and ran when they saw the good thing, is necessary and if it is changing, if television is changing and that openness seems wonderful to me, of course, of course, when suddenly someone on the team tells me He says and if this ends I always tell them about Ana Juan José Origel is working here there is someone who supports I mean we are not dying of hunger he has no talent that we were also lucky that the original group was always very loved and admired You don't have a joke about the public where we went, when he always behaved like a gentleman with all the power, but he was always incredibly affectionate, the trips limping for hours in Veracruz when when they bought the Veracruz, there we go to the stadium and that was madness, we couldn't go out because Apart from that, they were not prepared for us to leave, as if they could not imagine leaving the second division, but I do not believe at all that Batía is reinventing itself, so it was very included, the truth is that it was very nice and I will always be very grateful. with patti and this because it was a very nice time that we enjoyed a lot and that we all got along very well the truth is how long you were there almost two years and that was the beginning of the war of the television stations we are going to remember the first program we arrived and they were three thirty in the morning so we were here as a reporter and then we will see each other in the lobby tomorrow at 8 so suddenly you slam the door in front of my face I say dad face because I was impressed and he comes out enjoy running in shorts sweet boots and back and runs away and suddenly what you don't lose and if not if it is no and if it is you know with a partner and suddenly the balls come out running after the removal of the rooms that I don't know how the whole and his neighbor standing at the door if seeing them for the last third slam of the door san luis miguel in s'hort des cars hair like that with those legs and tan in a white shirt all handsome and he runs out shortly it will be like this for you and you see us standing They stay cold that anecdote is real that is to be clear it is a successful coverage you sat down to make the pilot so that the rest of us who did not know how to do it I had not the slightest idea because you did not think about doing this program when we made money that we We got together a week before, which was when you really became friends because we didn't know each other, so it was when this boy Andrés wasn't there, of course, so you stayed and he was given the name of window, he was on the program for the first time on the air, if you see the fat TV although we couldn't make bulbs 22 and everyone's hair since you were there Juanjo left Alvarito Cueva entered and the next to enter in 1997 was your disgusting servant 97 years later look how I arrived I made a mess and like putting In 322 Americo, if you remember, the first autograph comes, but that's true that you had no reason to leave.
juan jos origel pisa otra vez el foro de ventaneando

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juan jos origel pisa otra vez el foro de ventaneando...

I was there because that's how the TV war started. What happened is that he can talk. They told me he was your friend because they are from Guanajuato. Zelaya and I were friends from León and we were friends long before, he spoke to me and told me, hey, look, well, it starts with Emilio and Pepe, which is that if you come to my total program, that's where the change was, well, it was very strong, the truth is, because yes, with me. because I said that you were a chacha but let's remember Juan Jose after the waters calmed down I was around five years old when my dad died and how much time had passed we were happy yes we agree but if it hadn't been about four years I I always love it when suddenly he whispers to you with some of the others, he said, look what happens is that he was always jealous and that was also the most Leonese thing to you, of course, but it was like I have always said that this was like a table when I will always be eternally grateful to Mrs.
juan jos origel pisa otra vez el foro de ventaneando
Chapoy for that great opportunity she gave me. believe in myself, I never wanted to turn my back on him, Televisa simply offered me a program, offered me to come work at Mr. Azcárraga's television station, and well, I said, it's my chance, it's not my chance to be here. The problem wasn't so much that the driver left. Yes it was because games will be an important element in our program but the problem was that the host left and took the producer and the entire production team that worked with her and we made the program and we agreed that the next day he would come to say goodbye I received the order not to let him say goodbye he arrives late and with a slightly serious face he sits down and says I'm sorry to Jose but you can't be for sale today anymore I'm telling Carmen Armendáriz that we didn't know but that he had already started the choir with him and he was already leaving was sitting there and stood up and shouted who said that today's games told him well in Mr.
juan jos origel pisa otra vez el foro de ventaneando
Departures Marquita started to cry Juan José turned pale he stood up he took off the microphone the phone there The driver had the driver, the driver brought him the phone and the viper gave it to Patti and he left. Yes, it was very sad, it was very sad because I wanted to have the opportunity to tell him, well, thank you very much, not to everyone, but as if it were, I'm going to talk to you. When we were left alone, the drivers and two or three on the floor, I said, what do I do now, but then the boss appears and tells me I know you're in trouble, here's my entire production team so that you can get ahead and once you're ready to the dispatches it was like that it was because something of something of that moment of having done wrong of you regret there must be something that you regret because of the way we listened right now I don't look at what happened and now it will search you know one thing I understand later I understood Juan Jose for a very simple reason, we are all waiting for another opportunity, you can be very comfortable at this moment, but if someone comes and offers you something that you are waiting for to come to you, but as the years go by, the damage will be counted.
Do you regret having had well look no I don't regret it because I have worked very well I have worked very comfortably they treated me wonderfully at the beginning at the beginning well the program was not what I expected because the program I did with Montserrat Oliver and that she wants nothing more in a week but immediately after three no no at least two months they told me one no longer you're going to be this one there were already two days and between her with the snack that in the program and that one lasted quite a few years all that They wanted to compete with us, the snack was not about because neither at the same time nor were they going to see something different and bad the whole program.
We were never at the same time as a couple if you left but you regret the way or Maybe you left, you took the production company, he didn't take the producer, carmela, carmela, he took everyone, I wasn't told what was happening that day in the morning, I froze, I told him, "We're not getting any younger." This is an opportunity it was your opportunity so I'm not curious about something since you were there your problem was already starting you were working I missed leaving here I was very angry because look when I left imagine first something I tell him that this one left like cha cha bus and you can't see it no I hadn't realized it and I hadn't realized the magnitude of what was happening so where does it come from what I felt the most when Carmen Armendáriz told me one hundred you say goodbye and everything arrives for you and it stopped that day I said goodbye until the next day it was known that she was leaving with the production some time later it was a month later and then a week before and then when I am already like this it arrives for you my yes What are you doing here?
I stayed, well, I had to say goodbye and since I had left a little while ago, Ana Colchero had just told you that I lost everything and to give them encouragement if I no longer had any communication or anything clear, I left like that when she got home they were answered well. I was at full capacity on the answering machine because my idea of ​​the lady told me that she saw me as the chacha and then I put a lot of emotion into it when I got to the parking lot I let out Carmen accompanied me to the car and so when I was crying I left she received it like Saturday That same night that I told you this other one, why did I come to Televisa because they are simply going to receive me here?
He arrived and saw like this the 24 hours that he was going around and the man came out and I was already in the other company and I was already in Televisa and he wouldn't even believe me if I told them that I never saw him again, of course, of course I saw him and I have always seen him happy and over the years that they could rescue from that relationship that began as work and that I know is a relationship of friendship between him and of very affectionate affection. very important but that's why they were called that's also what it's like at the end of the day work is something that also in a difficult moment of life for you was a moment where the lady approached you yes when my dad rooted us in Europe and how I said there in that interview I will always be very grateful because thank you and truly leave I say it here that thanks to you my life changed for me and to this day because it has gone very well for me, bless God now giving there in the United States but but well there I come and go but around the world so well not this openness that there is from the television stations that beyond even with the families because we know yours very well my mother well here she spent it with your family there The program was clear, how was your influence so that Marta is more this in the program we have than the one we already had to do, until we no longer have it, we don't have it, this agreement when you left here, did you maintain communication with someone on the team or cut you off with everything when very sporadically and with marta more with marketta with marty thomas eta with her like it was more they always got along with you very well yes then this one and then it happened you don't know that first he was with me on the radio too and then he He came out of the radio and I called him where Marta left but yes and this was thanks to the fact that they were sitting in the same chair he left I was it was so so so cool that we can't forget all the details that we had It's because of those trips and those experiences that we had and maybe because it's hunger that we each had to give the news, not because that's what made us sleepless like the one who went out because the nights when I wanted to bring everything from the nights you know it was fantastic one thing iztapa and on a rooftop in a very elegant suite we made a large mesh it was good in the pool one if everything is fine now I have it not that I have a swollen egg I was here in the program average consultation 22 years old careless duck well yes but there is also suddenly well since I don't get tired don't tell me that you haven't done you look a million and the prostate I have everything in my place well he tells me I put on cartilage but no I don't know much about a cartilage either, the prosthesis cartilage escartín cartilage in the tip just and then here my sweetheart and the one with hair the hair doesn't hurt because it sleeps you because the night takes it away on the televised windowing that they said you were there what This is what was said about windowing its members, well, look, you don't think it's like that, but as a competition, having left here, if for you it was a competition to talk about art, a place and a position that you had left here and that you wanted to have there, I guess What were you looking for to compete with what you were trying to achieve at the end of the day?
You left to grow, yes, and well, look what happens, everyone had to do their best and everyone had to look for the best exclusives and there was advantage that in that time with him now when we started here we had a disadvantage here no one right now look here this amount no longer you can't talk about everything at that time if it had been difficult for us then I arrived at televisa where they were tone imagine when I went to Televisa with all my complaints about something sometime seconds 22 one of them tried to hit me this one I went into the laundry room he told me like that he said he was coming towards me laundry zanetti on the counter and he jumped at me I say that's it like this I want here I'll kick him of course no yes then this one I said no I don't want to say that he was a man I don't love him if that's where but as I always go around talking bad about everyone also to see if they don't see or don't believe that it is the act that they fell for has had a destiny Where is the truth but you tell the police what you wanted to do to compete with windowing what I wanted to be so do it as best as possible I had a good school of course so I no longer knew more or less that how it is where the fang is and why is it still there if you have to know that for you atrium with miles ago when this was already coming from how many years of television and for us no I for me I had a radio and everything but the television I didn't have any I had been life you I visited eco with jasmine alessandrini but they were doing some interviews this is the fang just like that if you already have that school we are going to continue very well and the truth is I have not complained about anything because the truth is everything I expected In fact, with a lot of affection, first of all, it was a pride because my parents would live, not to show them about Lyon, but that I was doing something in life and I am now for the family.
You do all this for the people because I was already thinking of retiring, I was already thinking. Now that they've taken away my exclusivity from Televisa, I said, well, I think it's time to go to the lion to enjoy my family. We'll try it out. It's going to bring more today than I said, but I'm going in and it's already arrived with the bottles, but then I said, well, that's it. time for the best dialogue to enjoy the family but then they talk to me about Telemundo and I'm going there and then well here maybe look I'm open to everything you can never close to anything of course the doors I'm also very grateful to Televisa on Televisa has behaved with me very well, very well, I would be a bad attacker, nor have I ever spoken ill of the Aztec nation in my life, not anywhere, not on Teleformula, not anywhere where I have been, on the contrary, you are when they have given you a job and you have been there for so long this day of maximum imagine every day to this birth a pure irony irony grams with a lot that you have accepted to remember together the beginnings of windowing very cantinas thank you radio


jo contrary many thanks to those who They love you, they admire you, they respect you and all of you, for those who study to continue, it was not this, it will be if the truth turns out, these 22 years are nothing, but not if we pretend that all of this is congratulations, you want to be aware of all of them.
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