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Jase Robertson

Nov 11, 2021
good morning, let's get up this morning, the most important person in this building this morning is Jesus and we are here to worship him, are you ready to worship him? you transform us and I pray that today we leave here with a purpose and a mission to reach this world we thank you God our praise our hands our eyes oh shame we know kind fear your kingdom come your will be done on earth as in Dave spirit of god or our hearts are wide open jesus we need in space break walls down spirit of god 400 thousand here jesus we need you it's just spirit falls this morning lord drop the sky that always falls in your presence there is peace in your presence we are free there is no better place to be there is no better place to be in your presence there is truth in your presence blue mountains always - you run to you it is your presence there is speech in your presence we are free your there is no baby to come, there is no better place to be for See you in your presence my Reaper you a joint Oh we are very much in prayer I raise a Holly my gun easily I raise aha my phone now our reason Haleh den tro look at the dark our razor stop now you gonna stop singing play louder press singh i raise hallelujah loud little la ma let me hear you come on you can make it louder sing some me yeah watch the shop powder louder you gonna hear my praises roar from - i hope we love damn defeated i'll stay here oh i'm good in the middle of the store growing louder you'll hear my praises roar from the ashes i hope damn to feed the king he's alive it's not him thank you jesus we're alive because you are like jesus prison a screw has come to take my team mauri getting up from where my song of freedom is sinking well they already know go to it that drop inside raisa its the angle is going to hold my body, we are the soft and the velvets ha he's always saying hello to me oh my body here that's wrong look at this there was a battle a war between the devil eye in a tree let's sail anyway os to pack every No Oh there ain't nobody can hold his body oh yeah you came out of the brain you came out of the grave I'm walking if you came out of the brain walk in if you came out of Grady's I'm walking if the grade came out of the gray if you came out of Hawkins my body Oh , we just thank you this morning thank Jesus for our life thank God thank you Jesus got our message that we can walk every day as believers as if death can't catch you it doesn't have to get us so God if you went before us if you are the pioneer if you had all that life had to offer you were made in all things like us and yet you did not sin if you could not be held by death death does not have to hold us and I thank you Todd for that That is so true that addiction to God does not has to keep us from depression and I only pray that today you help each and every one of us to know and understand that you are the God who came to bring life, you are life and today God, who may life be available, may light be available to open our hearts this morning to what you have to say through your word, I beg you to help us maintain the courage we need to face this life you have put us in here in the city. this region to live we prayed this in Jesus name and they all said man you have a helping hand this amazing morning yes you can go ahead and sit down we are so glad you are here this morning I am Pastor Jeff the Senior Pastor Here at First Assembly of God, okay, yes, welcome if this is your first time attending First Assembly.
jase robertson
I'm so glad you can be with us this morning and if you wouldn't mind taking a moment there is a connection card on your seat or on the recline in front of you we just ask you to fill it out we want to stay connected with you and we are very glad you can be with us and you can leave it at the offering that is about to come so yes and can you tell who this beautiful woman is this is my wife Rochelle and we are so glad you are here our ushers they are getting ahead of themselves, and while they are, we have an opportunity to give this morning. we say this is what we do every Sunday. it just says i keep 90% so i give back 10% we want to be a giving congregation so our goal this year is to donate $450,000 to see the city reach to see the world reached in various missionaries that is our goal, it's ambitious but with Jesus Christ we know all things are possible and that's a word about being ready to do this morning we are worshiping as we give back to Jesus and give beyond that to efforts around the world and across our city ​​and our region to pray with me as we take this s offering Lord we thank you today we come we are so excited to be able to give tithe back to you give beyond that to kingdom builders to reach this world for you God no we're giving to feel religious, we don't.
jase robertson

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We don't give just because it's what we feel we should do. We give because you gave first. You gave us your best and so, God, we return the tide and give more than you asked for. thank you we prayed this in jesus name and everyone said a couple of amazing announcements so you are aware of what is happening next sunday we have baby dedication and if you recently had a baby and want to dedicate your son or daughter to Sir, you can sign up for a connection card or you can email the church and send a carrier pigeon however you want to do it, but we want you to connect with that as well if you are new to the first assembly next Sunday morning at 9:30. we are having our catch division class sharing all about what we believe here at First Assembly how you can be a part of the family here.
jase robertson
I make more noise, yes, the first assembly and that is dangerous. You may not want to do that in and so if you want to come you are welcome and everyone. Wednesday nights I tell you I love Wednesday nights Wednesday nights are lively here at First Assembly at 7 o'clock we have children's programs in our youth program and adult bible study so always you are welcome and I just want to invite you to that. There's a lot going on and we're very excited and I'm just going to tell you about a couple of my irrational fears, one of them has been put to rest this weekend and that's last night around 9:10pm. when we find out jason landed because i just tell them i love them all but i don't want to face them if they think he's preaching and me and he's not coming so he's here this morning.
jase robertson
I am very glad that each and every one of you are here. We are very excited to have Jase Robertson here and let me tell you why we have Jase Robertson. I tell you, obviously one of the stars of Andy's Duck Dynasty is a hilarious show. actually my daughter is the first time they watched it yesterday for the first time yesterday morning we got home last night they said can we watch Duck Dynasty again let's do it and every time she comes she says oh there's Jase Jase No, not simply because he has a huge following in our nation and the world, I'm sure, but because his message is so much bigger than his platform and how do you know when God gives you a platform, yes, you can go ahead and clap your hands. platform you better have the message e It's not enough to bring him and that's exactly what he does all the time, not just on TV on the podcast, but obviously he has a family. a Kentucky welcome to Jase Robertson where we in Henderson Kentucky it's good to be here everyone take a seat you know they told me on the plane someone said I heard they'd be in Henderson Kentucky let's see how they found out they said look that place is Lively I said okay I'll tell you this is better than mortal so I'm glad to be here what Pastor Jeff didn't tell you is that your kids see Duck Dynasty for the first time yesterday and then they met me this morning in the back and one of they said what happened old age is creeping in resurrection is looming every second well i knew i was in the right place when we took a johnny cash song and i'm not sure how he got those words right but you know where work the Lord. mysterious ways, right?
Because he did well, so you come here and watch a show called Duck Dynasty. You hear I'm going to come here and I'm going to preach and I want you to relax because technically I'm not a preacher which may be a shock to some of you and you say well what are you doing I'm a believer I'm a believer and you say why does it matter because I know that some of you have stumbled in here and i'll tell you i'm not going to no church but i'm going here that guy from the duck dynasty and i'm glad you think so and i know you're curious about how this happens because when you see a show that's on tv that's not like other shows and you said what do you mean our show you can watch from grandparents to kids and you don't have to worry about what it's going to be sad i think it's a good thing he said how it happened that how she even watches tv and a lot of you sarah look you see my wife and you think well how did that happen in the world okay look for years i have had to go through this where we go to the airport we escalate us ted has the security line he knows when you ride together walk together and the guy says wait your turn sir he's like no he's with me oh yeah by the way stuff i have to go through so remind me when you say, well, how did this start?
I'll tell you about the TV show, my brother and I were in New York City on purpose. I was going to watch a baseball game I was doing a seminar on how to operate these are duck calls you know the technical term for him is air traffic controllers it's the same line I told my wife's father when he said you had to go to seek my father's blessing for us to get married i said ok well how did we do that? He said he just go and ask him. I'm sure he'll say yes so I walked in and said look wanting to marry your daughter and he said absolutely no so we never go over the part of what happens if he says no he says what do you plan to do g for a living and at that point he already said no I did I was thinking what can I say what can I do and I thought I'm going to be an air traffic controller oh well that's cool so that was still enough so I did something mature I said well we'll do it anyway and you're invited and he said well I'm not sure I like where this is going and I said well you're a preacher and he said y'all understand this verse it's better to get married than burn with passion that it was not a good verse to say to your future father but as god usually does when you have conflict and let me tell you in a family you are going to have conflict and you have a family like mine you are going to have many conflicts but God unites us he gives us grace he gives us hope gives us a reason to be laughing when we should be frowning yesterday i met a 16 year old boy who had had over 200 surgeries and i looked around and i thought you know you think we have problems.
I'm looking at this guy and he never stops smiling. encouraging it's inspiring it was an honor to meet that guy so I'm in New York with my brother and we're off an AME he said look I'm going to host this show here I think it can go well whatever let's do. I'm drinking $4 cups of coffee it was weird the first time I did it we were outside you know I feel a little claustrophobic because I'm an outdoors type of person you see the way I'm dressed I get nervous I always know if I seen like this i can run out into the woods just duck no one else will see me it's kind of a freedom thing you know so all of a sudden you know there are people walking everywhere in new york city. you drive too but you walk this guy walks pretty fast in the blink of an eye he dropped some quarters in willie's coffee cup you can't make these things up so i start laughing and he says why do you think funny?
I spent four bucks on this, I said, you know, the funny thing is, God walked so fast in such a short time, he realized that even though you're 50 pounds heavier than me, you're so much worse off, he did well, oh, that's amazing. he thought we were bums. I learned at that time. I was introduced to facial profiling. he needs a dollar you know give it to him that happened so i'll tell you that story the last thing you would think is we were going to be on tv that was our interview to be on tv and we got mistaken for homeless the next time i go to new york now we have a show i'm at the trump hotel having a good time we're in the trunk i'm looking around we're all set to go to a place that's like $700 and i'm like i need to go to the bathroom it's like finding someone i know so i said oh lord , where is the bathroom?
He's right here sir we went outside and I think these Trumps have an outdoor facility. She's amazing, that's literally what I thought she pointed out. to Central Park and he told me have a nice day sir. I thought I just got kicked out of the Trump Hotel so I turn around oh I'll get us some more she said I thought you had to go to the bathroom look I do I just can't escort me out of this jointyou say it's funny so the next day I'm on a talk show and ice they say how's New York and I was like cool they kicked me out of the Trump Hotel that was weird they laughed you know well it's back to Trump this it's long before they ever ran for office, well it was a bit embarrassing so they called. get up I don't know how they got my number but they said hi next time you're in New York we want to take care of you I didn't know what that meant but I wanted to find out so next time I was in New York hey I'm in New York and I guess that what they took care of me was amazing so i had a reunion with my two sons eric and don jr. because he didn't know that his family are the biggest contributors to children with cleft lip and palate and my daughter was born with that condition and this the boy presented to them that he had the 200 surgeries that he had a little more difficult situation than that but he was that counts and that's how I met him and then you said well what did you do when you met him I did the same thing I've done with everyone and what I'm going to do with today I introduced them to Jesus you said well why did you do that because I believe Jesus is real there is a verse in this bible hebrews 13:8 says jesus christ is the same yesterday today and forever now i have a breaking news for you things don't change you get old things happen.
There are three questions that I want you to consider and put in the back of your mind because, like I said, I am a believer. I go out into the world. I meet on Sunday mornings at various locations. and people and we celebrate it I like when I come in a p lace like that and say yes these people think they are going to heaven. I don't like going places and I say I thought everyone would go to heaven. hard, that's where they're after you. I did an event, it was a group this size and I am 100 percent convinced that I was the only sober person there. everyone was impressed except me but I had made a deal with the Almighty and we'll talk about how that happened in a second but I got up and held this and it probably took about two minutes for the crowd to quiet down they did.
Were they nervous? Yes, I said that some of you will not have the ability to retain what I am willing to share with you, but I think your subconscious understands, but I want to explain this to you in less than a minute before I speak to these because that is what They hired me to do was talk about these but I said look you have three sections Genesis to Malachi says Jesus Christ God in human form the image of the invisible God comes to earth a few said Amen none of them said a word Matthew to John Jesus Christ the image of invisible god is here on planet earth came to earth and acts 2 the revelation jesus christ god in human form anyone wants to guess he will return to earth if you want to know what god is like you need to look at jesus christ you want your life to change for the better you need to fall in love with Jesus Christ so you say why are you here I'm here not for you to go back to church I'm not here to make you religious I probably know a lot of you en I had bad religious experiences because people screw things up, that's what we do, we screw it up.
How could anyone go to church and miss Jesus even though I'd like to say that all these people said no. I went through the duck calls. I hit the road, but over the next few months, people started calling the store their life. Bible and well, I started thinking about some of those things and they always asked me those three questions that I am going to ask you. The three questions are: how did you get here? I don't mean being here this morning. how did you get to the planet well, mom, I don't mean how did you get here on earth, it's a valid question, there aren't many options, you have algae, algae, yes, they teach that in universities in this country, you track it.
Well technically they fish and tell you a story. They say there were some combustible components flying through space. You raise your hand and say where that came from. They say don't worry because it crashes. There was a spark. puddle you're like w Well, where in the world did that happen? Don't worry about it, all of a sudden BAM, it was like I was in a puddle of mud. Leap. She grew. It grew a tail. The tail fell off. laughing but i'm telling you that's what they're teaching you read it but im looking at that light huh that's hard for me to believe as a nature lover as a hunter i look at the details of life this planet it's literally full of life and colors it's breathing and just because i didn't see this place when it was built i know there was a builder if i invited you all to my house you guys show up and i was like look my house was built 50 years ago years. ago and i say look this house came out of nowhere let's just say jay it's been around too long we know someone built a house it has a design don't read something this is hebrews 3 now it says fix your thoughts on jesus christ that's what i'm trying to do I am introducing you to Jesus Hebrews 12 will say fix your eyes on Jesus you said well as I fix my eyes on something that I cannot see there is a word called faith is to be sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see why explain to you this you're going to have to believe that Jesus Christ is real or not because when he's real, things change, oh, they change quickly, but continue in Hebrews three and listen to what he says.
Jesus is of greater honor than Moses, just as the builder of a house has greater honor than the house itself for each house is built by someone, yes we see the design, but God is the builder of everything, too many details, how did you get there to earth acts 17 goes through a description of what the unknown god is like it's amazing now it's in the section of the return of jesus but found a group of people bowing down to this sign that said unknown god because that is what I am trying to present to you today, what is God like if you close your eyes and imagine God? many of their minds would just go blank well they didn't win Der you're struggling to follow you don't have that image in your mind it's hard to see so he said look at God the Lord of heaven and earth explaining this and I am paraphrasing, but above all citing the God, the Lord of heaven, earth, he does. don't live in hand built buildings don't look for it back seventeen that's what's in your life wait a minute i thought he was in the church building he doesn't live in hand built buildings now he did it did the staff they then lived there and He says that he is not served by human hands as if he needed something do you think that the God who can make this planet he could make you make all of humanity to make the galaxies to make these stars that are so big there are so many bigger stars out there much bigger than the earth than if the earth was a golf ball Canis Majoris is one you could fill the state of Texas two feet D with golf balls about how much bigger is that star than the earth you are like you learned everything that about a telescope google it i will see it and it's not even the biggest star we can't relate to this but i know one thing he doesn't need us he doesn't need us so act 17 continue to saying, but God of a man made everything. nations of men and he determined the exact times for them in the exact places where they should live you said the bible says yes and he did this for all men to seek and reach and find you said what does that mean question 1 how did we get here if that is true if paul was right this is inspired by the holy spirit it was correct then you are not an accident you are not trash you were actually made on purpose for a purpose so it goes back to my family they say yes let's do this show they said on reality shows look we're not doing drama we want a lot of four letter words we want a lot of conflict my dad said i think we're in this so back to faith family and ducks what he said that later they marketed themselves that you know and see so well how this show happened my uncle saw walk around that time they said can you do this on tv?
He said he did the Oye, so we made up our minds. We sit around the table. We had Hollywood people there. We said a prayer and when the prayer my dad said Amen they said how often do you all do this we just ate the same table you've seen on the show now dad said how often do we do this every day we are family no matter what happen during the day we get together as a family we have a meal together and we pray to god together that's what we do and it's not going to change they said we'll try to make it work so on the first day of filming then i said hey where's the director are we like you its going to be hard to work with them he hired him where is the director is uh leave him leave him alone dude i dont want to talk to the director i was like they know what you are doing they are professionals he kept yelling where is the director? finally, the director, the little mouse, comes out and says, "Hey, I'll leave you." i know something you're not running this we all laugh then he's crazy then he said something deep he said god almighty is running this so you learn about sigh he's crazy but he loves the lord and i like him so much the question is what are we doing?
Here, how did we get here? You have options. I believe that God made me my masterpiece. What are we doing here? Acts 17 says that God put us here to find him. This is what's interesting. Jesus, we are ourselves, there is something called grace, which is incredible, you will spend the rest of your life trying to understand it, let me motivate you, but God loves us and forgives us despite our mistakes, but he also use despite our mistakes, the number one challenge you'll have if you walk out of this building and try to live for Jesus because you remember that's what I'm here to challenge you today, it's easy to do here. say something about you felt a little uncomfortable because you're like, man, people of something is like dancing and you know I'm not like that you know it's okay you know it's okay and it might make you uncomfortable but how you walk with Jesus and love Jesus and you realize there will come a time in your time when you can't help it you're like you know what excites me I have a laid back personality no doubt but on the inside when I think about Jesus and what he did on the cross for my sins and in him coming back from the dead look I'm like I only say that to say if you just tie your relationship with God to what happens in the buildings every Sunday morning you have only one hundred and sixty eight hours in a week you're here too this doesn't mean a thing sit in church feelings that don't make you a christian sitting on the blind duck doesn't make your duck hunter i see it every year people walk in i'm like i don't know what you're doing and that?
What are we doing here? God represents us through Jesus in heaven, he is the same yesterday, today and forever, he is eternal, he is real, he is alive and good, he is representing those who love him in heaven right now. That is why we are here. Why didn't God come down right now and take everyone they want? He knows everyone who is going to respond. Why didn't he do it? Why are we sitting around waiting for what the problem is while we have to do it? overcome adversity why bad things happen because god is using flawed human beings to unveil his son that's all you're not going to think of another reason why we're here when you don't have that figured out well you just become a bum restless on earth you know you see it every day and if you don't have God in your life and Jesus isn't real then you just start going out doing whatever and then what happens makes a mess the third question how do we get away hmm how a we're leaving Jase it's getting deep we're leaving they're leaving in what how are we leaving no man's land so well I'm leaving in a box well no wonder you're so depressed that's all I went to Israel last year for the first time I read this I went to Israel and I'm like a man this is the bible in picture form this is cool we went down to where they believe Jesus was crucified a woman got up she walked by Jesus did who was basically what I just deal with you bi en, this is amazing and then we went down and visited some of the graves and they're like these are the types of teams he would have been on, you know, oh yeah, you walked in and got in line you went in just walked in he looked around at a dark gloomy cold when I came out it was just a hole in the rock you know I stuck my head out and had a moment here was the moment I thought this is what Jesus did he was dead and he stuck his head out he said no I'm not dead and now i'm sticking my head out thinking i think this is going to go well i was ready to worship so yeah he's real he said what did you do we had 50 on our team it wasn't a church trip israel reached out to people who have big social media followers evidently I have a lot of followers on social media I don't really like it but I realized it's big numbers so they said look come here we'll give you a free trip to Israel if you just post your pictures on your site web in your social networks, could do it. awesome great idea i'm on can i bring my family? yeah so we had photographers we had young people well you had to say you were a believer to go buthere all this weird way up to the season this morning because I think there's someone in this audience maybe some of you who haven't fallen in love with Jesus I want you to go to his house we're going to give you a chance to respond if you want to make the commitment here does the commitment here today but look at your house that's where it's going to happen i want you to go there and i want you to turn to the book of John and i want you to see what jesus is like don't call your preacher no offense go home take this out and say what it is like Jesus and if you realize how amazing he is I don't see how you could miss it you say you know what I'm going to make of him Lord in my life I will surrender and you will watch me. dude things are going to change here and then all of a sudden you'll look up and all the people around you start saying this guy is real this lady is real and God is going to use you to bring other people to this son and Yes I will not see you again before I see you in heaven and it will be a great incentive for you to make it and we will have a great time let's do it you can sit with your head bowed and eyes closed.
Jace came up here this morning to introduce you to the person of Jesus Christ my job this morning no one is looking around is to set up an opportunity today that you can answer him so every head bows every eye closes you are here today and you say you know so i can't answer all the questions but i know i want to follow jesus i want to start a relationship with jesus and i want to leave this earth much different than i thought i would leave it i don't want to leave it in a box i will leave it knowing i will be in heaven with him forever I want my sins to be forgiven.
I want all the things that I have caused in my life and that sin has caused in my life. I want to find that solution in the person of Jesus Christ. If that's you. Nobody looks around you. Just raise your hand. that's me yes as simple as saying that's me that's me several people here this morning who said I want to do that and there are several other people who want to meet you there are several other people who want to stand up and pray for you and say what's next So can I encourage you? Jace came all the way.
He hates public speaking because you were here today, so with your head bowed and your eyes closed, if you raise your hand, can you muster all the courage you can and just stand up and say I? this morning and commit to following Jesus Christ stand up in this whole place several people yeah let's stand up stand up stand up could I encourage you more if that's you and you say yes I want encourage you to come to this little space between the chair and the front of the stage called the altar if that's you you can just come to the front this morning we want to celebrate with you you can celebrate with you this morning let's go down let's go down keep coming from the back to the front we are waiting for you we are celebrating with you because you just made the best decision you could ever make in your entire life we ​​are waiting for you keep coming keep coming keep coming our altar team you're going to come right now our altar team is going to come and before long they'll show you what's next yeah come on keep coming back it's never too late if you say i still wanna make that decision just keep going down i still wanna make it. make that decision here now it's not too late one day i think i speak for the rest of our church family when i say you can say i don't even agree here's the good thing you don't need to agree with everything it is written in the scriptures it says to start a relationship with jesus christ, you said i belonged to the church, neither did i when i first came to jesus so this morning we are going to pray together it is a prayer of repentance. those who came here i am so proud of you today you said jesus will be lord of my heart in my life in my mind so i want us all to pray together this simple prayer of repentance everyone in this building dear jesus i trust you with my life i know that you came to this earth you died on the cross to forgive me of my sins so right now forgive me of my sins give me a new life give me a fresh start i give you my heart and submit my will to you take full control of my life in Jesus na me a man can we celebrate with these this morning thank God oh let's give God a standing ovation this morning thank you Jesus thank you God we honor you we praise you now our altar team if you came our altar team is leaving to give them a card I wanted to write their name and write down the decision you made today because on september 29th we are going to do exactly what jay said we are going to baptize oh i would love to baptize each and every one of you look n o I like water ok you don't have to like water to get into the baptismal tank this is why we do it it's a public profession of an internal commitment it may be for the rest of you who are here today.
Say if you're following Christ maybe you're here hopefully I hope you're not missing your church today but if you are I'm kidding if you are I'm just saying can we take this city for Jesus Christ can we take this? city ​​for Jesus Christ and if you go to another church let me tell you I'm praying for you I'm praying for your church because Henderson needs more than one church and if you don't have a church I would love for you to call First Assembly your home let me pray for you first Before we leave, the food trucks will be out on you. do that here in a while but let me pray for you god just thank you for each person here today thank you for the fact that there are those who said yes to you this morning a relationship with you this morning god i pray for that today we understand that you have hope for us you have a purpose and a plan for us god you have a purpose and a plan for the city of Henderson and surrounding areas god i pray that god help us reach this city for you reach this state for you thank you for those who said god i am responding this morning maybe for the first time maybe for the second time but God I ask you to help us live our faith not only in the building but outside in the city because people need you I thank you god bl Teach this food to our body stay with us as we go in jesus name amen amen amazing heaven we will see you next week you you

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