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JRE MMA Show #28 with Georges St-Pierre

Feb 27, 2020
going to contender after freddie roach oh yeah nice live boom we're live are you going to wear headphones or not yeah that's better you where are your cauliflower ears? They keep you from wearing headphones, uh-huh, you know those little feet go in your ear. I need it? No, I don't need it, you don't need it, just hold this close to your face and we're good. It wouldn't be for me like also that there would be a I feel better than I did when I was 25 years old what did you have your colitis yes collision is what is that what cause we really don't know what caused it but the best the best theory is that before my last fight with michael bisping i tried to put on extra weight so i went on a diet program i ate almost every two hours and i think your system is like a car you know if you do a lot of mileage you overuse it and then that's what happened with the stress and all the g during my training camp was a big problem you know i couldn't sleep with crazy cramps you know sometimes i would have blood even when i went to the bathroom at one point i had to go get some tests done because i was worried it was something Rather, I mean very serious colitis but it was cancer or something because I had blood so I took some tests and they came back negative and I told myself I said this fight has been delayed, it hasn't been delayed but rather postponed for so long. ime that if I do something if I say that publicly what's going on I'm going to lose my title shot yeah at 185 so I'm sticking with it and I said to myself I said whatever I'll deal with that after the fight so I did the I fought it all went well then after I went to do it's called a colonoscopy they put a camera inside you yeah and I did.
jre mma show 28 with georges st pierre
I was also diagnosed with colitis, that's probably the combination of the stress and also the fact that I was constantly eating, I was eating and not just eating Joe, I was trying to put on some weight which was very difficult at times. I remember that many times I was having breakfast, but I really regretted having breakfast. I'm chewing because you hid too much food, yes, but I had to because I needed to keep my 7 true. weight and therefore the crazy thing about this is that first now I realize that it is a mistake. I never should have but when I hit 185 the day before the fight I couldn't get back up to 190. so the day of the fight I woke up and added a little breakfast made my breakfast again Wow yeah yeah well, it was really bad, so I went to weigh myself, I was like 191, yeah, and what do you think?
jre mma show 28 with georges st pierre

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jre mma show 28 with georges st pierre...

Mike wait it felt really strong I mean it's not really the weight right now because you are the way you weigh right now depending on what you eat you have a lot of stuff inside your gut and all that and also retention of water. I felt like I had a lot of water retention and unnecessary weight that's exactly how the other wider one I got back that you wear on your shoulder, so I think what I should have done is stay the same way I have my natural weight. I believe that the body has a shape that is the best way to perform athletics. performance and that's what I should have done right but it was a mistake on my part it was a big mistake so you were just thinking that because you're going up to 185 and you're fighting a guy in Bisping who used to fight at 205 exactly, he's a pretty big guy exactly i taught him that to perform better i needed to increase my weight but in doing so i created a huge problem of health problems so colitis didn't exist before that and it's not like i was diagnosed no no and I think that's what triggered it, so after the fight, now you're back on a normal diet, has it changed?
jre mma show 28 with georges st pierre
I heard a fight about what happened and it's also very interesting. medication and i met a doctor his name is jason fong not our motto people can research your amazing amazing man and i met a doctor who treats people with cancer and diabetes with intermittent fasting so i started doing a program intermittent fasting and time restricted eating and my symptoms decreased like every week, every month it decreased for him to have it. he is getting better, not 100% now, but he is getting much, much better and I feel much better. Yesterday we had Ben Greenfield mm-hmm, who knows, he's a journalist because he experiments a lot with his body, not much of a scientist. stuff and scientific research on diet and restricted eating is a big part of it he does a lot of it it's interesting because I'm conditioned to think what I want when I gain muscle and when I get it you know I need to eat more to speed up my metabolism but but I never felt better in my life if it weren't for that particular issue I feel better now I sleep better and inflammation and I also had a test in January I went to McGill University to get a scan of me my weight my bag my percentage of fat my muscle density bone density and my in five months I did it a few days ago like no no this week Tuesday of last week and my fat percentage has decreased my muscle mass has increased and my weight is the same hmm so no It was in January.
jre mma show 28 with georges st pierre
Do you think this is all due to the food restriction? my training didn't change so the only thing that has changed quite a bit is the restricted eating time and interpreted fasting yeah yeah that intermittent fasting gives your digestive system a break and allows your body to recover better I think that's what helped me uh that mostly I think that's what a I felt like it was okay as I said like a car was putting too much for nothing and I think as a human being we're in fashion. I am very interested in paleontology and also in history and I know that the human being is a time of ant or collector who eats three meals a day, no, they need eight, maybe a couple of times. a week but when they eat they eat a lot yeah I need to do it fast so I think it's more natural for a human being to do it and also now I read a lot and see a lot on the internet about intermittent fasting. and time restricts the food of the day and i just wish i knew back then for so many years i used to follow the rules oh we need to eat at least three times a day and you know i don't really care what i eat but i you know, although in the morning I was not hungry, I always forced myself to eat, which is bad, you know, yes, but what has changed in your diet?
What are you eating? What is a normal meal for you? No Not really, I don't really watch what I eat anymore. It's more when I eat. I try to eat healthy but I don't have a specific diet that I like eg Oh Tuesday I'm going to eat this this this is in our jobs I just try to eat LT you know like me I try to eat right and of course I don't look at all this is a desert. t a desert a chocolate i remember that from one of your old videos like you're having a glass of wine during boot camp you don't like anything bad a glass of wine well if you think about it joy i don't think a glass of wine or anything will do it know before a fight there were some of us who have a tendency to be too like oh what should i eat?
What should I do this? Should I do that? some thai boxers world champions and they smoke they get drunk before the fight I'm like you're fighting tomorrow man it's like Zygons like no problem but when you think about it this is one extreme this is the other extreme yeah but I don't think it will have much of an effect , you know what i used to eat before, like before a fight, my favorite food before i started reading about eating and stuff like that, i was having pasta before 5:00 plus. from my father, I eat fettuccine alfredo, I can, it's a lot of carbohydrates, I mean n it's not babbling if you eat if you talk to her for example a nutritionist would be like oh my god we'll grab her head it will be like you serious oh my - Nikita you see the steak and the pasta before his fights that was my thing Happens to me all the time and there's no problem with that for me and it felt great but ever since I started reading up on nutrition and stuff like that yeah it's like oh you need be clean and I'm like they never affect me.
I don't think it has a big effect, you know it's more psychological, I think well, you also think about the amount of energy you're burning. I think for the average person, a pasta dish is not a good idea, but for an athlete. that's about to fight five five minute rounds against a world class fighter you have different energy requirements you know you have different nutrition requirements you can burn a lot more fuel you know i was listening to chad mendes on the podcast the other day and he was talking how he's so hungry he eats a lot yeah - he wakes up in the middle of the night and goes and eats sometimes Wow he just can't he can't go a couple hours without eating he just has this crazy metabolism you know what? since i found out i have myristic restrictions eating and intermittent fasting now i feel better training on an empty stomach i feel stronger up here mmm i feel more creative especially in jiu jitsu i feel better i feel lighter on my feet really yeah man look first you just to sort tomorrow no there is no food in your stomach i never have a meal i haven't eaten today this is the coffee you give me it's the first thing i have so when you go to eat it's 12 24 right now after this I'm going I'm going I'm going to train with Freddie Roach and then I'm going to eat every day and maybe eat another time I'm a late eater so I'm not very good and I don't like to eat too early in the day yes I don't have much hunger.
I used to eat because everyone else eats, but now I'm like I'm not going to eat because I have to find out. ed this I don't eat when I know I'm when I'm not hungry and that's why people eat is because they have an insulin spike yeah so anytime when I start doing intermittent fasting and time restricted eating was hard at first because i was conditioned to eat all the time yes but my friend got acclimated and now it's very easy i can eat once a day no problem now you know i could do it and i think it's good. being hungry somehow i remember the doctor who told me something told me would you rather be like a lion who just had a full belly or an angry lion i'm like a fighter i'd rather be like an angry lion and it makes sense to me if you look at the nature makes sense you know what i mean it doesn't make sense especially when you eat on time restriction your body gets used to burning fat - and using fat for fuel it's true true that's why i think when i did the test to compare my percentage of fat decreased and I didn't have a lot of fat but it decreased and the doctor I met tells him and says yes I gained a lot of weight he said you don't think I'm going to lose muscle he tells me he believed the way I got because now i weigh around 185 lbs and i when i train for bisping and i went up to 197 when i have to go his way and i couldnt get back up to that weight so i was 190 he believed the extra weight i added was more water retention tion and waste inside my body it wasn't like a solid mass and it makes sense to me because now I feel so much better and am just as strong and even stronger than when I do olympic lifting much stronger gymnastics much stronger like I feel sharper yeah, and you said it narrowed your info too, it's got a few cubits of time, you know, problems, yeah it was a birthday, what's a birthday?
That was during my guava fight, but I had surgery to remove the residue. that the bone chip inside my elbow is not from the landing elbows i think it only uses us ers use but but now i dont have any problem anymore i know what bill and i like before it was a chronic thing i used to fill some once in a while From time to time at some point he came and went but since I started this I haven't arrived I felt great I can touch him My both shoulders like this No, you came back It's very interesting because many people take time off and then come back and wonder how they they will see but one of the things that I had high hopes with you is that you have always been almost a martial artist first in a fighter second and in that you are always learning and you are always practicing like you would always take time between camps and you would know how to do jiu-jitsu in Brazil or would you be constantly practicing your very thai you are always trying to learn and improve your game and i was thinking when you came back it was like you were saying that you are better than ever i am as a man he could be better than ever i like you you wre the only one guy I believed in because a lot of times guys come back and as a man he's been out of the game for a long time who knows how hard he's been training because a lot of fighters when they're not in camp when they're not preparing for a fight , they don't like to train a lot because they know that the camp routine is almost while I say, you know how you see a lot of fighters after they they retire they get so fat yeah like wow how could he get fat like he was looking at my Donna the other day?
It is a photo of Madonna's Chinese mondop Maidana. He has an Instagram page. He is fat as if he had a cigar. He is drinking a whiskey. a couple of years ago it was torn and this was removed they don't care the way I want to do this anymore but I knew you were still training because I would see in Gracie's hands the guys that you were training with there and I knew that you were training with danaher i knew you were training constantly and you look good so it was like that when i left him over four years ago i knew thatI wanted to go back, the guy was not in a diaper place, he had a lot of personal problems and he should.
I even stopped earlier than after my fight with Hendrix if I had stopped sooner I might have come back sooner too hmm it was me it was I was kind of stuffed with a claustrophobic feeling you know I like it was I couldn't breathe well I couldn't sleep well my mental pressure was too much pressure personal problems so many things happened to me that it is still very early in my life and for the respect of some people I know I could not talk about it one day. I will join. I knew it was a drug problem in the sport. and i did but the reason i think i didn't lose the edge is a l a lot of people because we do an extreme sport it's like what we do is some kind of do or die situation it's not because there's a referee but the spirit it's the same as a brilliant gladiator or a person in a war going to war he thinks it's to die it's the same spirit even if it's not the same we'll go there with the same spirit we're ready to give it or give it all it's such a feeling It's extreme that once you don't have that in your life, you get a little boring, you feel like you're not alive anymore, so when people stop doing it, they withdraw and try to go back, a lot of people fall into drugs because they want to get up to speed. day with it they want to feel alive again so they want need that feeling they know they had before but couldn't get it back unless they get high or do something crazy outlandish the thing with me is i knew it was coming back and i always liked it too I've been training and keeping fit and I never did drugs you know how I never did art drugs I drink I'm not a drinker sometimes my birthday last saturday I went out and was dead drunk that's ok it is what it is I like to date I rate myself on sometime i'm not perfect it's kind of fun exactly and what is the point of doing this if you're not enjoying your life what is the point of this truth i know that people fight is a no i don't like to fight and that's another thing I would like to talk to you because why do you do that if you don't like fighting it's like because I like my lifestyle you know it gives me but that's why people think if you go back to what you say that's why I think people have our Time to come back after so many years because they fall into that trap, they need to feel alive so they find ways to make them feel alive, but it's the Tyrian, they break your rhythm themselves, yeah, they drain the idea, I didn't. do that i didn't do that and i never will i hope i can it's not my thing you know so when you do you decided to go back how far did you decide?
But you took four years off, yeah, how many years were you like? I think I'm ready to go back when I see the US DEA implemented so I've seen a lot a lot lately yeah a lot of you feel huh like you felt vindicated when you saw some of these people I just kinda feel like I mean it It feels wrong to wish people bad luck to get some kind of recognition, but that's not what I want. I want to do. I don't wish people bad luck but if you cheat you cheat and a lot of people get cut and eventually a lot of people at first including my my own friend think I'm talking some of my own friends say oh you're paranoid you get paranoid you need to take a break you're going crazy just walk away you know they're paranoid because I was talking about a long time before Hendricks and everyone was ignoring me but none when It appeared that many of the champions fell and many of the heroes in the sport were pointed fingers because AI is a cheater so now it got real so when i saw that happen it was a start for me to start and now it's time to go back you know why i am i am a guy if i said something you know it goes I'm going to do it I didn't want to go back when the sport was dirty that's one of my things and so when I decided to go back I had a great conversation with one of my coaches, John De Niro, and me, and for us, there are my two main men and they are like my friend, my brother with me, I mean, it's me. im undefeated at this with these two guys you know they are how i need them when i fight serious knowledge yeah those two men and they mixed its crazy you know they are two different people very different they both have studied both philosophy the variant and trust people to talk to because i have two different mindsets you know they see the world in d different ways so i like to have the experience of both and John Johnny told me said listen said you always have three big critical reviews when you fought this you never moved up a weight class never your people say you're a bit boring you're too technical brain all you don't want to take unnecessary risks that make the fight boring and also you don't finish your opponent you know that was one of my big critics criticize if I decide to come back and we will change the way I trained because the way you train reflects the way you fight you know people say or h, I'm going to, I'm not going to train too hard, I'm going to do this and train, but when it's time to fight I'm going to step up, there's no step up, you're just going to do what you did every day, You know, so I decided to change a few things and fix those three things and that's what happened, you know, I'm happy. it worked it worked fine but that was my goal.
I wanted to go back for s. something that excites me something that was different something that was unique and weird you know and I didn't want to go back to doing the same thing that I was doing before and so I decided to go back well when you came back first of all you came back you fought a very tough guy right? You fought a great 185-pound Michael Bisping, but what impressed me was that you didn't look like you were gone like you were like you immediately felt like you felt your rhythm back again you didn't look at a place I don't know looked uncomfortable and you were


ing things especially different things with your kicks and your movement that we hadn't seen from you before like you looked like you had improved III was tested and then the training even for us some of the guys for us want to tell them as if he'll whisper to them like me if you knocked out george inspirational i'll give you money or you know stuff like yeah man it's like he's crazy about us. crazy about us it's my war send me training sometime you know he tells diet I tell people it's a few if you beat Jay if you hurt George I'm going to glorify you you know I'm going we're going wow I'm going talk about you and you know which way he's going to be happy that's the opposite of what a lot of people think a training camp for a champion should look like it depends on what kind of you know we don't train like this every day but to my sparring heart i have when i'm training for a two day fight for my last training camp in two days that was like hard sparring it was called we call it shoot box fight it should be shoot bucks fighting what would put the big loves in the extra padding and his feet on the ground once we hit the ground we stop and get back up and that was the area of ​​expertise Bisping was most proficient in the amazing Department is good at floristry why I was and I was bringing a lot of good guys to train with me and in that particular training it's hard to find someone who's exactly like the guy, you're going to fight, but you can find a guy who thinks better than him in one area. particular, you know, I can't find a replica of Michael Bisping, he was as complete as Michael Bisping, but I can find a guy, for example, either a guy coming from Spain, his name is Cesar, he's a k1 fighter and he's a big guy he's like 205 pounds and he's big and he's a very, very good kickboxer so I had him during my training camp I flew him in from Spain he had a different group of guys than me that I was training with and all these guys i was training with are not like michael bisping but in a certain area i was training with them it might be grappling or shoot shoot box or a different different area there they might be as good or maybe better than micha the Bisping, that's how I do my training camp, yeah, you know, I remember when you brought, how do you say his last name is Garbowsky? the ultimate fighter and he wou I partyed all night drunk and


ed up at the gym the next day and everyone was still up yeah and he did that.
That guy influenced you. Is this your idea of ​​being more relaxed in training and not worrying about it so much? different like it's a totally different extreme, you know, like I don't believe in that extreme, but Holly, yeah, I remember the producer of The Ultimate Fighter show when he was about to be supposed to stay what week and when was he I was about to say the producer was like hey can we keep it for the rest of his show because it was good television you know so I'm like I don't know I'm going to ask him and at the same time I'm going to like a lot of the people of my team was like man ok that's enough now we have what we need and that and I was like yeah I like him but he's a guy you know I need to take care of him at the same time yeah the knowledge of that this the add-and-eat guy that he gave us was just a big plus, you know, but yeah, Charlie's a d Different end Joe I think there's a center line you have to hold You know that's what I believe I believe in life It's not white It's not black It's always cool There's a middle zone for everything I think you already know I think you're right that when you have a camp and you set up a camp and you have Donna she and us they are essentially the architects of the whole camp they come together and try to figure out what you're doing and when you're doing and how he is for us the guy who handles the punching aspects more or putting the grapple and punch together I am a bit the boss in a way that you know I think as a fighter you need to know the type of publicity you are you are the master we will have the people who work with you and but you need to know how to use these people well for example I don't know anything about business but I have agents who are there to negotiate Friday nose number they know about investment I have another guy who knows about physicality he is a lawyer and he is good for a tax report I don't know anything but I know how to get good people to help me with that particular thing so Farris and Joan to me are the most competent people I can have r to help me fight someone because in Joan, especially in the grappling area, but John is not just into grappling the difference with John and Farris, which makes them unique as trainers, they're not really just trainers there. they are teachers and I would say the same about Freddie Roach the same about Freddie Rodin only coach they are teachers the way I structure my training camp is like a pyramid the first layer the bottom that the the the fundamental the base is physical you are fit you are how your vo2 max are you fit you are in good condition no injuries athletics you are an athlete you are good good athlete this is a physical layer this is the widest that is the bottom one it is like a pyramid then go up one layer the technical layer you know what to do your knowledge you know a numerical defense to a triangle choke how to counter a jab or how you know the technical aspect that you know in terms of knowledge of fighting there comes into play the coach also the physical and technical and a lot that coach does not have the last layer or they only have one of those or two of those but they don't have all three layers that's where feriss John and I would also say that Freddie and boxing come into play for a specific MMA Especially for us and John the tactical layer that is the last one that is what separates the contenders and the champion.
There is a physical, technical and tactical aspect. Let's say we are the same. We are the same person that I can make the difference between beating you against you are you winning against me the tactic because we are the same person where I come from they sounded replicas where we are a clone that the difference is the tactic I will know how w here I can get you out of your comfort zone and i can bring the fight where i am strongest and fighting with you to eliminate the odds that the fight will be will tilt the odds of me winning in my favor that is where John and Faris are our masters at this and Freddie Roach is the master in this unboxing which is why I feel very lucky to have this guy with me in my corner because they are proficient in these three layers technical physical technical and tactical which most coaches may have just one, two or may not have a tree It's very rare to find those coaches who can do all three of these things, so when you get to the tactical layer, is that something everyone agrees on? discuss it when we get close to a fight, like Michael Bisping, yeah, how do you do it? how do you do it? entry yeah and you start arguing how best to handle it so going into that fight with Michael Bisping Michael whispered he was very well prepared he's very mixed as a very good team with Jason Perello so we hoped you always have to evaluate also knowing you and knowing your opponent know at some point knowing what you open is easier than knowing yourself so you have to be relaxed, realistic about your strengths and weaknesses and how you are going to deal with your opponent with Michael Bisping , what a mess to annoy me a little is a and allwe were expecting michael bisping to come right at me to try to take me out right away instead he was moving especially more in the second round so the first one was I was doing okay but in the second round I started to move away and be more ready instead of coming at me he was more trying to run away from me and that's why a lot of people told me he was a big man because I lost a second run against Michael Bisping and people say man what happened to you it seems that you went to slow down a bit, it's just that I saw that Donna is me too, yeah, some guy hit me with a real hard right hand right at the bottom. that he maybe he weighs more than me, but 20 pounds, you know, so it slows down a man something like that.
My cardio was bad, not that I was my cardio homework. round one to round two we became more like a runner instead of a hunter type mm-hmm and then he got you on the counter what he did is very smart he couldn't get to me if you look at the replay of the fight with Michael Bisping , you couldn't get to me directly to the head because he was trying to hit me with his jab with his punch he tried to aim for my head and but I was too fast for him so I didn't know if it's his trainer or him who He decides to switch so he decided to be like a runner so I decided to try to chase him some more and what happened to me was he hit me with his lead which got me squared up and then he connected me straight into that chain at the same time he was trying to kick me in the leg.
It was a beautiful execution with perfect timing and I don't know if he practiced that but it was very well done very smart so I tried to aim for my head he jab my my my hand and he hit me with his back hand and that's why i got hurt he heard me try to put on that poker face and during that fight he heard me it's one of the punches that hurt the most even though michael bisping isn't known as a guy who knocks out this this this this punch really hurt because the accuracy it was the moment it was good.
I've never understood where people don't think he hits hard. Look what he did to Brock. someone isn't necessarily the power because of this more precision and timing and that particular Ryan was perfect in timing and with great precision that's why I got hurt and you won his second round then I had to make adjustments for the third round that's when Freddie John and Ferris came into play it was what he was doing and they say after the run he just slipped and come hook on that up and there right hand and that's what I did and then he took him down and but in a fight he whatever your coach tells you if you didn't practice it it's not going to work I mean you don't have time to think it's on autopilot yeah so it was on autopilot sometimes you just need some kind of guidance to pull you back , that you put your autopilot in the right direction, that's what happens in that fight. reminder yeah a little reminder to we're not going to this or we're going this way our cage so you you so it's still autopilot but it's a different direction the crazy thing about mike is he has really poor vision in his right eye a lot of people may not know about me t but in the vitor belfort fight his retina was damaged a lot he said several surgeries and he has oil in his eye which is like protecting him and he will fix it once he finishes fighting but you know if you look at him one of his eyes is darker than the other eyes, of course, and that's the right eye, and did you particularly aim for the things that go to that right side, like the things that come out of your left side? when I hit him with a left hook many times, but the thing about Michael is that he adjusts to this very well, you know, like it's like he knows it and probably knows it himself or the way he knows it. he fights he adjusted very well you know he put himself in a position where you can't get hit often with this especially in my fight so I almost had to wait for him to commit to right hands to get to the top if you look at that fight with Kevin gas so let me the Same thing he missed with a right hand and then countered.
It's always when he missed with a right hand that he got the count. Can Heartland fight? I think it was a mistake, it was a mistake because he wasn't ready for this. I don't write what is also that he just got out of a crazy fight with you it was bad I think it was a big mistake on his part but look in his favor he tried to do something and that's what I try to do all the time that i tried. to do something unique and very special, and if you would have done it when we didn't have this description, we would have been, we would be saying, man, what a comeback, that's amazing, you lose the title, you go right back to fighting Cal Kelvin Castle, that's amazing, You know?
What I mean is he took a chance, man, and I can't blame him for that. I also took a risk. It's just that at some point you roll the dice. I felt bad but it's with that he even said that when he went out to that fight In the Kelvin Gaston fight, it just didn't feel like, I just didn't feel there, of course I didn't feel there because he didn't have time to prepare for it. This like I said, but you know you're not. he's going to get into a fight and improvise everything he's going to do the same thing he's been doing in training what he's been doing in training he didn't have enough time to prepare for that particular type of body that particular type of like I said, physical, technical and tactical, which is the most important, you did not have the technology, the tactical preparation, the physical was not prepared, probably one hundred percent also, and the technician is there because he is his brain, but you know that it is as if I did not I would.
The program is an autopilot to react to a certain situation that Kelvin will give you. He was a shorter, stockier lefty. You know a different style than mine. Completely different. It's like you can't have a difference in time or between a different style than mine. this guy but I won the title That way I won the title on 11 days notice. I agree. It's like a way of working in the past. It was a form for him in that past. But you weren't shot down or drowned before. what I mean was cool I probably don't know maybe he wasn't I don't know personally what he was doing but your guys later it was he wasn't like him maybe not even a month or something like he was no I don't you They would have given permission to fight if it had been in America I don't think it would have been to clear the view I think it would not have been to clear it if I think he was suspended I think I don't think so because I think so I think they did it because it was in China it is different can three weeks be Wow three weeks yeah man you didn't yeah that seems pretty close yeah yeah cause you heard him with that left hook and then you choked him unconscious yeah if it was me I like maybe I'm not as brave as Michael Bisping, I wouldn't.
I wouldn't take that fight, even if I win the fight with Michael Bisping. I wouldn't take that fight. He had the floor, although brave, quite brave. Is it tactical, yes, tactical? I'm not in your place. I don't know his background well, maybe I would let you know that toughness is rewarded for him, but I want to say that he is one of the toughest guys in the sport that he has ever been and that toughness is the reason why he is like that, I'll fight again yeah let's do it just an animal he's a great example of hard work and perseverance and you know when you say anything is possible it's unbelievable it's unbelievable you fight this guy you know. and as brave and what I like about him to defend the same so I represent 4 against performance-enhancing drugs and I think it is very important to me and then for me it was an honor to fight with him he was like a lot of boy who lost to this guy that would have been cut with performance enhancing drugs and he's very open he talks about it all the time and so you know what he is I think he's a great great role model for this part yes I know I agree I agree agreement and a great model because he is just an example of how you can achieve great things if you work hard, yes, and that is what he has done. period we are at a conference in Toronto and the biggest story after the conference we go through the back of the back door of a shopping center and there is like I don't know if it's a setup or not I mean I don't know if it was a staging I didn't know, so there's a camera like, I think it was TMZ or something, it was a camera following us, so there's kids following us, they're about to ask us, they asked me to. take pictures and then and then I say camera coming at me and then like Michael behind the cover is a Michael this system is a don't lay your hand on me again because then and then and then I look at his face and I think what which I like, don't put my NNE fast creates a kind of buzz for the fight. and and and we started yelling at each other and almost pushed each other and I'm Jason, the guys from the show, leave it for the fireman, later, but it's not staged, it's true, now I'm like and what the hell. he's doing there, but then after realizing it was on TMZ before I filmed right there, then the kids, the ones that came to me for an autograph, they can, they came, they get intimidating right? come and see, thank you when they returned to their parents.
I'm no god but it is what it is you know but that was probably the best promo of the old fight like that particular one as an incident you know what I mean so I hate him and I love him just the same that Michael is a guy where he's a pro at building anticipation f or a fight fight you want to hate him but you love him and just the same for the human being he is you know he's not he's great to talk to and he sure does that It's a big thing these days I mean especially after Connor yeah you know Conor McGregor has changed the sport in so many ways and talking shit is a huge factor now that it is but sometimes you don't know when is really when not because I'm not. part of my personality the same thing at s ESPN in Boston the same thing we do the interview we come back and for a black tie I almost insulted each other so to speak so there you see it does everything to separate us from each other like me I'm like I don't know if it's real or not I don't even know if he's trying to push me I have to push him back because I feel like I felt threatening so you don't know if it's hype or final because I'm not an instigator I don't like confrontation but it's what is so I go to the bathroom in between who comes next to the bathroom with us is Michael Bay like that man is the camera that photo said it bathroom we are pissing now next to each other we are like this so I don't see Michael base me ' I'm like oh you should so the camera then you tell a camera to turn off when I go out the camera never turns off lady look at me look at me then he starts laughing then I start laughing then I told him I say you have a range Rover says that yes but now it's not the garage. boy like this you know what i mean but i hate it because when we call each other names we say real real things we think about each other but somehow we have the respect yeah so its really but that relationship i have with Bisping it was very unique I didn't have the same relationship with Diaz for example Diaz I don't know about us it's like I run into him even in the industry today, maybe he hates me like he doesn't know what he's going to do, I don't know if he wanted to fight me or i have it i really want to fight you he's not an exaggerated guy i think i think he takes it personally i think he's man he's a fucking spark man is more for life than he is because i'm fighting like my Nam and fighting is not my life man my life is my family the man is my friend the people I love this is what I do in my life it is not my life to fight if fighting is over is over or I turn around do another thing you know what I mean as is what I do in my life alg or of my life you know what I mean Sat the man from the end of the world is more for life than fighting it's funny hearing that from you why would you expect to hear that from someone who isn't considered one of the greatest of all time but you are considered one of the greatest of all time so it would be very artistic it would be very difficult to argue with your approach because it's been so successful they they they they got it super obsessed baby i'm super obsessed joe but that's why i freak out later I stop for four years then and when I got back some of my circuitry and brain then I start to analyze myself and wonder why I went crazy why did I stop because I'm taking this too seriously man you gotta take it for what it is, you know, yeah, it's a world championship. fight i'm fighting i was fighting michael misses me after four years people oh my god the fight is promoted in drama yes and as john said john dinar says i fight they don't win in r1 drama or mundane things we do every day this is how you fight r1 yes how program program your your your cruiser you you your cruise driver you know your your autopilot to win the fight this is how you can i can see it i fight like an autopilot you know like this when i fight when i prepare for a fight mostly for I tactical it part I program like a computer now I want to react against that specific problem oh I'm going to take care that that specific problem the only way to program it is to do repeat repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat it's like you said one point eddie bravo we said how to tie tie tie your shoes yes because we havebeen doing so long can you talk to someone the same thing yes when i get into a fight scan again and i am fighting and see what pattern it does most of the time so i want to program my computer to react to that pattern that would give me the advantage in the fight.
I don't know when that pattern will occur. When I want to schedule myself. Right away I don't have to think about it I don't think I just react and that's my problem when I used to fight and I was criticized a lot before I thought too much towards the end of my career a lot of pressure I didn't perform as well as before and it's especially my last fight before I stopped for all four years I was overthinking overthinking putting too much pressure like you say to say you gotta take it for what it is it's just one fight in 10 years you know it's you know it sucks if you lose but man , it is what it is you know what I mean don't take it for don't make it bigger than it is it's just a fight and sometimes it's a very therapeutic thing I like to do before a fight I drive a car, yes, when I fight in Las Vegas, for example, I drive a car or the same in New York.
I drive a car when I used to fight in Las Vegas before my fights. I used to be very, very stressed and wanted very therapeutic things. What I like to do is drive my car and see normal people, then I go and think about I guess mine too, why do I drive and see an old lady with our grocery bag haha ​​and think she doesn't. i dont care if i win the fight on saturday or not she wont even know so theres always another guy yelling at another guy because any problem or this guy goes to the bank to pay my mortgage they dont care they dont care you know the effect what i have in the universe is so fucking small no one cares i'm the only one pushing me no one gives a damn so that's why they helped me act now that's how me a little bit younger i have to say i'm nervous how It's just that I heard you didn't sleep well that night before I said yes that's right I don't sleep well What's your trick?
How do you find a way to sleep well? I thought I don't sleep well nowadays either. I will not sleep well and it will not affect the result of the competition it is something normal you learn to handle it better you are not going to change it yes just accept it yes stress is your friend and that will make you react it will be on the limit have you ever slept well before a fight never never just a t The moment I fought Sara and then after I got knocked out I got really scared and it happened again.
It is the most humiliating day of my career. I was as angry as I said. I don't want to go to the supermarket to buy eggs because people this day seem knocked out like they think everyone cares about me, nobody cares about you, nobody cares, it's just a small percentage of the population, nobody cares and even if they do what you make a mistake you zig when you should have zagged you get a lip so what everyone makes a mistake you have to fight like it is you know it's a sporting event that's why i don't take it personally like i want to have the problem with the Diaz but there is no problem and it is that fighting is not personal for me you are in my life now you will not be there in ten years maybe maybe you will do it my who knows it's just like a piece of life that we share together and then, after that's gone, no problem with that' It's definitely a better attitude that's what it is that's how I actually should think you know that's that knowledge that I have is with yours from the competition yours you know all the problem I have the colitis and all that's why that BS i figured out how to get too much if i fight again will it go back to the same pattern i will i won't be i'll be very stressed and it's normal to be stressed but i'll accept it i accept it better now than i used to when I was younger now, after you won the title, there were thoughts about whether or not you were going to defend it if you were going to fight Robert Whittaker, yeah, like what you were going to do, what caused your decision, what made you.
I decide to give up the belt so the reason I really encourage the belt is AG I want to do some physical tests to see what the problem is with my L condition because making the cap I knew I had a problem I didn't know about. what it was i knew it was you know th on tests blood work and everything related to cancer came back negative so after wanting to do like i said colonoscopy came back saying i had no lord inside of me stomach. Now as a doctor I say how long does it take to get rid of this. it's ice all your life but there is some term the symptom may increase depending on each person do what you do differently so i started researching who is the best doctor how can i do this and that's when i started reading about fasting and stuff and me and then I tried it then but I saw a lot of you guys know that in the sport of MMA a lot of the guys are hungry you know you ain't hung up you ain't rich you know I'm lucky now that I have. enough money for the rest of my life i don't need to fight anymore you know if i don't do anything crazy like buy a private plane and i'm not that kind of person or fall into drugs and things like i think i'm fine you know for me and my family and everything, and i think i'm fine, however, app when i'm looking at t The scenery i see a lot of guys like for the pond Connor McGregor, he holds on to the title to get the attention of sponsors this and that and a lot of people do that , somehow they stole the division and I told myself I said, you know, I defend the fighters, you always knew it and publicly as a why I am going to keep that inactive until I see if I feel better or not and defend it because neither I don't even know if I like my weight. falling like I'm not even a 185.
I'm over 170 or 155 hours. I'm not. I don't have the fiber size of a 180, so I'm just like me. I really want it right away. I don't want to install the division and make people wait because of me and the world doesn't turn me around you know what I mean so out of respect I did it when I didn't know before the fight what I was going to do is that it happened as a friend you teach it like that because I owe you you know I don't know I didn't do it I didn't know it was going to happen all these things came up I never tried it before I didn't know what the result would be how I would feel I never did it You know, it was a test and at the same time, I didn't know, you know.
I have a lot of negative things about me. I am not a perfect man. The only thing I'm not is that I'm not a coward. I swear if I say I'm going to do something. I'm going to do I'm not a coward you know and every one of my fights every one of my fights I was scared I'm scared I'm terrified but whatever I feel happened and I and I respect my contract and I do it, you know I didn't know the kaleidos and all that was would be illogical right now if i want to go back when i'm ready to go back 185 i'm not 185 you know right that would be a stupid move so if you're going to fight again it'll be 170 or 155 yeah where were you leaning ?
Do you lean towards 55 or 70? I don't know I'm Emily I'm going to I want a thin word if I want you to know what I've climbed Everest many times you know w I have weather once I lose with my used and I climb it to why I lose then I had it then I have it then I lose With my Sara then I upload it again and I've done it like three times and you're light at the end 37 years old I just turned 27 a few days ago I don't have much left for what I have left I want to make the big fight the fight that the fans want see they want to enjoy I also personally want me to achieve something that is unique that is rare that maybe it had never been tried before you know that it would be something that excites me and not only motivated by money you know that I like it as a have it is good for have money you like money it drives us all including me but it's not the only thing that drives me you have to be more than money and you have to be some kind of achievement i think it comes with that i would be excited so i would be there would be a hundred fifty five thousand million nes Tyler are they are for me Nate Diaz now yes and and it was like a rumor, they say it was a done deal, it's not a done deal, not on my part and I don't think it was on Nate Diaz's part too because From what I've heard, his brother Nick and even Nate say that's his big brothers fight, it's not his Nick fight. of that except money and money isn't the only thing that really drives me if I beat Nate Diaz down hard some people will say I'm almost because they are he took an easy fight or whatever as the critics will say oh he's a bully you know 155 yeah he fought a smaller guy who may be the smallest maybe he's not even smaller than me maybe we're the most 51 many 155 little ones are bigger than me right now he's big he's a big guy he's about the same size as me but because I compete at 170 for most of my career and you won the title if it would make me look bad it would make me look like a bully and this is if I win decisively if I for example if I win not decisively if I wouldn't act it's a back and forth war back in the people oh my god forget it this above assumption is the end of the world all the work i did is done and i might have a bad day yeah something i also found out during my career is to be the strongest man alive. my dream when i was young that's why i did ufc i wanted to be the strongest man in the world and i realized this didn't exist you can't be the strongest man in the world this is an illusion i love the youngest guy he deserves the better man now you are not a man does not exist you would be strong you would be a better fighter than this guy on that particular day in that particular place at that particular time maybe in an hour if the fight happened in an hour later an hour before or maybe in a different place where the altitude I want or lower or different scenario different environment you will lose that fight it's always a matter of probability you know what I mean so being a strongest man in the world makes his style make fight maybe there were three guys I beat you you beat them he beat me who is who is the best there is no better guy right that's MMA math right that's the way to look at it so there ain't a stronger man in the world you can't tell r oh i'm the baddest man in the world planet cause i'm a champion like the belt thing is an illusion the belt thing the belt thing is a symbol but it's an illusion it doesn't exist you're not the strongest man and i know a lot of people you will disagree with me but it is what it is if you ask the most experienced fighter most people will think the same way because we realized a point like when we are young because of our confidence or maybe there is arrogance or a trust after that, it's not that. it fades but we see that we have more experience with the knowledge we get up is all is all bs not true so the ufc offered you nate if you considered it at all or it was how I consider it I consider it however I analyze it I spoke with fairs with my coach and we were all on the same page about that it's like no, it's not worth it, but did the UFC announce it?
They said they were working? I think I think they said I'm not sure. I think they said it was a done deal. It's not the first time it's happened and yes and I'm not they have a business to run the UFC and their biggest fear is someone will take the title and run with it and I've been doing it twice with Johnny and tricks and with Michael Bisping how I run they say I run but it's for the reasons you know there's always a reason and that's their biggest fear for sure so they understand they have a business to run it but it's like WWE when the giant passed the torch to all the Cogans he passed the torch because it's for business and he agreed to pass the torch yes, but one thing in this in this in this part we are no and WWE is my life on the line here yes I don't care about business I do what is in my best interest For me, you sure have to be selfish and I am selfish.
I say it openly. Do I tell the fanatic to everyone? I'm selfish 'cause it's a sport I can die in man you can die in this part and this is the truth you may or may not get maybe not but I might create create in your death the next time you come next year , maybe you take that blow that messed something up in your brain because of trauma that creates something else so it's a very serious sport man it's not like a player you play Aki you play baseball you play soccer no. Don't play fighting so you can do it yourself.
Do what is best for you. The organization will do whatever. First of all, for the organization, they are not your friends, right? That's why the relationship that they have with Dana and some of the guys in the UFC is a very special relationship, maybe one day we'll sit down, talk about the good day then and have a lot of fun, well right now, I'm always there. defensive when my phone rings. some pastry chef no, I say that if you do it it is because you are an idiot if you do it if you only accept any fight that you the line is this always an obstacle there you know it so you go back there it is what it is it is what it is and you need to be surrounded by smart people and if you don't have smart people you need to be smart enough to find those people who are competent who will help you in a particular domain where you are not competent to do the job for you and complete your circle,competing will be like some kind of Seaborg people, yes cyborgs, they're all really concerned about gene doping and, yes, they're already starting to make that minority gene, even mother, mother, and performance-enhancing things. drug they make man it's very hard to get people so like I said it's easy to take something I mean there's always a chance you could get caught but that's how I do it if I did it that's how we do it , You know? i go ing in antarctica art i give myself a shot then i come back and i'm fine nowitzki told me they are starting if they will have it and they don't know if people are taking it or not but they are taking testosterone it is derived from animals not from wild yams like how they get testosterone now if you get a shot of testosterone they'll get it from wild yams and some yams yeah the fruit other you know the vegetable really the root vegetable Jamaica knows is them yeah , yeah, that's how they get testosterone, they get it from that, yeah, well, yeah, yeah, plant-based wild yam testosterone, but now they can get it from animals and animal testosterone you can't. like they do carbon isotope tests yes and carbon isotope tests don't detect the difference between animal testosterone and human testosterone but these are current tests one of the things they do is freeze your urine and freeze your blood stops and they're doing it for years and that's how they got some of these Russian fighters and they took gold medals from guys who won in the early 2000s who found new evidence and with the new evidence they were able to determine that they were on steroids it's the same when ben johnson beat carl lewis yeah yeah and ben johnson ok he was on some but guess what day carl wasn't there yeah so i think nine out of ten or eight of that like the guy who finished like eight like he was a brazilian guy but then he came in he got the interview idea i was just a line filler for the main guy he would have won the gold medal because man that should change your life that changed your life man you make you live better millionaire maybe sponsorship yeah that's so bad you know he yeah the man is crazy about lance armstrong yeah when you go to the tour de france when he won and then they took away the title all the people below him were also guilty yes then you take away the title who would do it over number two he is guilty of number three they said in one of the years and he won you had to come back to 18th place to find a guy who never got caught drinking anything that's a dirty sport but man you asked me if i think he was drinking i don't know i have suspicions i have a suspicion but it's not right if you know what you got the evidence like you someone yes i agree man still today is yes i think there are some guys yes there are many guys who take the red drug and for performance enhancement yes yes and i have an idea who and i am pretty similar just by my intuition, 99.9 percent sure , but I don't have the evidence, it's not what. you think it's something you know it's what you can try and freeze I don't know you know how to talk you know I'm in a game I'm talking to a lot of people between fighters we know who does who there are only a few and full of people who do everything the whole team you know what You know one guy could make this team this I'm you this team and another guy can make two teams the word goes run man especially when you're your best elite fighter the world goes the world turns you know like the people, they talk to me and say if I would be Interested different enough offered before in different things you know what they have offered you before they offered me at some point to go training and then I like some offers you know how good go train and do something being part of you know how they take a sample of your blood they know what's missing and then they put the missing things they make you like I know how I read a stay in Montreal you know I'm fine and I don't say much everything could po It could be a lot of cheating or I wish I died that's what you accuse a gym of cheating you can't accuse a gem of cheating because everyone is different you know there are people cheating everywhere now you can't say oh these these people are Chit Nam and it doesn't work like that it works ev Every person knows if they made the decision if they decide to go that way they have to be prepared to face the consequences if they don't face a consequence during their competition yours may face it later after that he is gone and you retire for your careers.
I, a lot of people. I know he is giving up many. Some of my friends were bodybuilders. You should now see that his body is in bad shape. problem i don't wanna be like that yeah i don't wanna be like that i wanna be happy you know what it's like to be healthy yeah i get my joint wrecked that's all dorian yates had on the podcast he can. I don't even do pushups now, I mean, and Dorian Yates was mr. Olympia was a giant guy but that all fell apart, it's like everything she was doing just didn't work right anymore, yet if you ask these people would you do it again?
It wasn't to make it up to every single individual you meet, but for me, yeah, I'm happy with what I've got so far, though I might get more maybe in the future, but I don't want to go down that road to try to risk it all or whatever. I think back when testosterone replacement therapy was a thing and they allowed people like Vitor and these people to take testosterone. I was so fucking mad about this. I think if you need to take race drug, performance and a race drug you shouldn't be allowed to, it should be and Joe, I'm not against a roid. because I eat steroids or I'm not against it if it's for well-being if he's an older man we can't have sex with his wife and he's like a man he goes to the doctors like a man I lose a bit of edge we can director it was that I did put the cream that will increase a sound so that you and the boy are pure.
You have sex with your rival competition. Yeah, in terms of competition, if we were fighting and I sign that we're not using any weapons and I'm talking about a biological weapon and we fight man to man like real martial artists for a code of a code of honor a new ass or I go and get i inject something to make myself stronger or more competent my power could also help my neuron to fire better to get something to be more or to be better to improve my performance now and now i am against that yes there is a code of honor and if you don't respect that code, you should be out of martial art, what are people taking that makes the reaction time better makes you think I don't know the name but there there is a lot if you talk to a guy that there are many things many things that I know is that the baseball player takes things for the reaction time like the pitch that is heard and this because in baseball in tennis and even in fights before attempting a hit there is an indication, yes, but body language you read something like before trying the ball, there is a movement for you to hit, there is a mode for you to see better, you manage your brain, there is even a medicine that you can take for the exam, you study in school, there is an exam . - you have an exam tomorrow we are going to study your things you need to know then and I will increase you later you are going to pass the exam I know it sounds crazy go go look for it in this crazy why not adderall Annerose I want it to make them manly, make them bad , better in the brain if you improve your brain your nervous system is better man but you guys are better fighters yeah it's not just a physical physical improvement it wasn't the 80's now in the year 2000 now now it's neurological man th at that moment it is very dangerous and soon it will be like that with gene doping forget it man the athlete will be born an athlete you want me I have like me or anyone who fights in the UFC will not be able to compete and you have already seen why they are not super you mean human you know how what i mean no i agree future sport will be so complicated it's going to be crazy we will all be gamers playing video games yeah yeah yeah you're probably right. everyone's going to be a player this this will end this what it's like being an athlete won't make any sense in the future i think you know maybe we'll be completely ridiculous say oh you weren't born you're never will yeah no you know i mean and it will be real because you were not born to be a now, you were not raised to be an athlete, yes, they would with gene editing, they will be able to. change your height they are going to do it they can do it now they can do it now they haven't really shown they can do it wit h humans in america at least crazy but they are absolutely experimenting experimenting with it all over the world cow and always like it's crazy , it's crazy, they're doing a lot of crazy things, yeah, and I think maybe it's a hundred years, maybe it's 50 years, but whatever it is, in that amount of time you're going to be dealing with people who are basically superheroes , yes the sport will be destroyed that is when when that happens the sport will be destroyed yea no I agree the sport will end and I will like 100 can you believe a human being can get any closer to zero seconds, yeah, do you think we'll pass the nine second bar one day?
Theoretically, it's not impossible in a way, I mean I won't. Point there, there's a line you can't like, you know you can decrease that time, but it's like a Charles, you know you can't, but if we got that kind of performance-enhancing drug, it would be but there would be something. kind of a side effect and some kind of inconvenience you know i'll probably die younger tissue shrink quicker but who knows maybe they can regenerate things if you talk to a doctor who knows like i know you've done they said the performance is similar to that of steroids. -enhancing medicine if you do it if they do it right it's ok some people don't have any side effects right?
They don't abuse it yeah yeah so man maybe it won't have any side effects maybe everyone's on maybe it's like an iPhone will be like oh that's like who knows who knows the future who knows you know that's totally possible i mean you could be in a lot of ways one of the last natural athletes maybe maybe it's a few more years before we get there but yeah man when i think about it it's gonna be, it's gonna be over it's gonna to be, I don't know, maybe they'll be video game players or whatever, when you see yourself competing again, how much longer?
Do you think you weighed? I mean you are 37 now. So do you think you will be healthy enough? When will your colitis feel good enough? Do you have a period of time say baby a few weeks take a few weeks maybe one to three months max maybe max maybe less than that maybe less than that a little free time just a little yes yes i want make sure I get over that because I feel like if I get back into it and I and I'll start all over again I don't want it to be bad Joe I'd like I couldn't sleep the night I had like shit like mega bad shit I stay up all night and add the save the next day and yeah oh my gosh I was crazy it's so bad it had blood on it I had to go in the back it had blood on it man you feel like you want to go to the bathroom but then and I think ammidon is the blood, the blood that comes. outside man, you could look at the bathroom, you see the blood, you think it's like, man, what's up?
Do you think you like them? you like you like what's going on with me i'm dying k to this i want to make sure i take care of these things so maybe even a few more months of just taking care of your body month week week i want one i want to see when i feel good i leave a little bit of time in which I feel one hundred percent like I don't feel anything like sometimes I feel that when I have to eat I feel that I don't feel that crime or that pain, but I feel that inside it is something different, but they are the ones that diminish. every week it is every month it decreases I see a difference so if you go back and come back to 55 have you tried to make that cut before?
I've never tried it and I won't when I explained to you that I'm not a fan of weight cutting. I think cutting weight should be like a marathon runner. A marathon runner when you train for my right and never do a marathon in this training. It does F or maybe a quarter in different things so it's not LT. to lose weight well you dehydrate and go hungry it's not so bad but it's more than the problem of repeating hydrated, I'm very worried about the health problem and I don't want this to be very important, so when I do, I go with everything , i will do like the best ping fight i ever tried to do to get my weight back a lot is different you know when you go up and down but ok i said yes i do and i go and you know what i mean and i do i like that trace, the thrill of the unknown, well, you get a little excited.
I kind of don't know if you know so it's some kind of experimentation it's live I can't mess it up okay that's what excites me it's not him oh I know I can't know I don't know man I'm gonna do it now it's happening now it it's what excites me well these guys are your size like heavenly is your size you know he never needs my size i think khabib is close to 200 i saw a different ferguson it's you II was a post pic i was 200 i never was 200 naturally like when I fought better, at one point I was almost 200 likeif he was big boy like but i was like everything like water retention i didn't feel i didn't feel good i didn't feel good man yeah kevin is a big guy and there was an article today that i saw somewhere that said you know kevin he really wants a 165 pound weight class like you really can't do 155 for much longer.
I think he would be the better man. This type. I think if I look like the new guy coming. have one maybe two maybe three I don't know how I do my thing and get out of there what do you think you're going to retire do you have an idea oh I never reached 40 you have it is impossible for me to fight beyond 40, it will be impossible, Damn again I ain't gonna cage fight at 4 and like I'm 37 man it's like I kill, play like it's our north what he tell me is like I kill that plays with that train he is two years old three years old four years five years old so you look at that train when you are six i like hell i'm doing it with that train at 40 it's over for me cage fighting is that you?
I've done it like it's not interesting here now 40 years old I mean I'm a grown man I'm not going to fight in a fucking cage at 40 that's only thirty six months from now you say it like always, yeah exactly, so it has to happen fast, that's a given, and if it doesn't happen then I'm happy, so am I. well coming back solo was like one of the best comebacks ever, yeah coming back after four years, winning the title, beating the champion and beating him to finish for good. turn me on because I'm going to tell you something.
One of my friends, Ct Fletcher, says something about Ct Fletcher, which is a heart transplant. man i love that boy he says satisfaction is definitely blue and it's true now i'm happy i'm s satisfied but if i see anything about satisfaction it's definitely blue it's over if you're satisfied if you're a champion in your retirement satisfied because you are going to fall you will end up hurt yes as an athlete especially in our game no man and all that i am i going further and further? That's why I didn't want to fight Nate Diaz. I have AI fighting Nate Diaz.
It's been done before it's been done. I'm going to be very dangerous I want to do something that's like 155 I'm like I've never done it before the title or beat a certain guy who's on a fucking rise and we could beat them because like a big baby he's already beaten Connor Kabhi Kabhi could be idk if her new guy doing something like that is unbeatable i mean i come back i'm like oh george he's never going to die we say never man i love to say never when dana juicer is when she said never I would come back and I like it.
You excite me and when you say I can't do that, it's never been done before, that means if I do it would be the first time that it excites me. dinosaurs and this is people saying no that may really be freaking out dinosaurs yeah no it's paleontology that's awesome i traveled the world during those four years off by the way yeah yeah what did you do during those four years off? I was very went I travel a lot around the world on site and sightseeing yes yes I would never be that that made me realize also that I could never be a paleontologist I don't have the patience to go like a will to brush myself for hours I'm driving myself like to get the knowledge to be in the field to get the right knowledge fast but i don't like to work together the right knowledge which makes me not a true paleontologist the ultimate intelligence is willing to put the work into it yes in MMA I am willing to put the work in to become the champion, you know, yes, but in paleontology that's how I am because I'm a point.
I thought I like both equally. Now I realize. No, I like sports better. find a t-rex head or something it's not a man of knowledge it's very knowledge it's exciting i said every i have one thing in every month every time the other discoveries it's on my phone yes every time it's a new discovery or something poem and my friend made fun of me as bad you are the people who like paleontology it was bad because they make fun of me i went to argentina in patagonia i was also there with like polly autologous bio biologists and microbiologists - on the site you know and I had that blast, man, it was amazing, but the choice of people's eyes has gone into a bad fucking land and I'm kind of alone, cut off from the rest of the world. but i went on site so egg if i saw remains of sauropods titanosaurs these are they still in the ground when you were there yeah yeah but it just takes it's a long process man that means it's been covered for at least 66 million years, man, you talk about light. and the place I was at was early Cretaceous and I was like the Cretaceous but it was like a hundred million years ago that means it wasn't exposed to oxygen for 100 million years that's it again so it's like a scene man, come on and this thing is driving you crazy, man, it's like a crime scene you find out, but like a crime scene a hundred million years old and you see these sauropods meant these titanosaurs, it's crazy, man, the crazy thing is, it's not even really a bone. since the mineral has replaced the bone and you only get the shape of the bone that was fossilized, yeah, you know, that's why if you see teeth like Megalodon, they're black.
I don't have Megalodon teeth in my house. It's crazy man. Megalodon is like the strongest bite force ever recorded man it's insanely big yeah there's a huge fish yeah you should eat whale like yeah it's crazy but this is one of the things that really got me excited so for those four years that I was doing, man. I had a great time. I didn't have that time to do it before that and I felt like real paleontologists were missing from my life, yeah yeah that's fast now. I went to Alberto. I wanna go to egypt and then egypt and morocco and there was this place they were once upon a time it was like i was talking about this probably nobody cares but i loved it they were like a giant tree predator living in the same thing like a giant crocodile circus ooh sushis car car and car doors and a spinosaurus used to live in the same area and i wonder what happened like three alpha predators living at the same time and i wonder if they interact with each other and and would it must have been a cra zy time and I have a friend and one of his good friends has a ranch in Montana and he found something on the ranch and he called this paleontologist and they went to his ranch and they closed the place down as a friend you have a t-rex here really yeah , they gave him over a million dollars for it yeah and they climbed this t-rex on their ranch and apparently it was a really cool specimen in Canada if you find anything it's part of it it belongs to the government let's say let's say let's say What do you find a bone in your backyard it doesn't belong to you can you believe it yeah that bogeyman is real mean that was when i was young joe i remember i used to live in the country i used to go and try to go to find bones, but I didn't know at the time.
He was uneducated, so I thought maybe he could find diners. I would spend hours and search trying to find dinosaurs. Every job he took. Mom, yeah, it's a dinosaur farm, yeah, right there because it was kind of triangular in shape, but then I found out that all that place I came from was all erosion, so there's nothing Cretaceous, Jurassic, or Triassic behind, it's all like before so it's all gone yeah so it's crazy it's been I was in Montana a long time once and there's this area that used to be the Great Western Inland Sea and this area like the ground is like this muddy ground especially when it rains yeah it's essentially silt like the bottom of a lake you know that's because it was like a sea between england i think cutting in the middle of cutting america in F yeah yeah last year in laramidia the mainland to damn yes you know all about it i know this man i know as much as i am MA with this Lily almost yes.
Wow, maybe not, but I've been passionate about this man for a long time. It's fascinating when you walk through this area in Montana. It's called Missouri Breaks and because this is the terrain you feel like you do. know if you have ever seen a lake bed if the water recedes it has that kind of weird slimy mud this is all the ground is it like that yes it sticks to your boots like it gets heavy and clumps on the soles of your boots like this dung maybe man we don't know what the future is going to be like man sometime i'm thinking am i like you know what people talk about the environment and they say oh pollution will make our hair hot and the Ice Age has been happening? forever so i'm thinking yeah ok of course pollution and human being as an effect on climate climate yes but i wonder how big of an ethic we have Some people say it's debatable if it is. is it so big or not so big some some sizes yes it's bad some say yes it's bad boys we don't have that much effect as you know I don't know but I would like to have clearance or 2 2 to 4 days i think we have an effect but i like i wonder how now we go in a hot air the glacier for our rising but the heat here will reach a good age you know because of the current and all so i wonder do you know how much effect and how long it will take, you know because we don't have any records. recent record of how long it all takes we know a little bit but not that much you know it's a fascinating subject it would be if we're going to live that long probably not but im lying you know what i mean it's like how long it will take I'm very interesting about it that's why I love this learning from that past makes you understand something of the present and in the future anyway I think it's really interesting you know I'm very fascinated by it still You are interested in aliens, yes? man this deal so that's what happened when i first walked on your show yeah you caught me off guard because most people we talk to about aliensthey completely think you're crazy or ignore it so you have to talk like you know most of the people i attract with them you know you feel ridiculous at the time and then after i found you out you read a lot about such things like the sumerian texts the creation tablets an answer of conversation and I do it too I want to say that I don't know if there is as if there is a you know how I think they would be forms of life I don't if it is intelligence we have no evidence for it and I think my ego as a human being wants us to believe that the alien came and interacted with us, yes that's our ego, but if they are so alien that they move on from us and come from a different world, maybe they don't want to interact because we have nothing to offer rles, they're not going to kidnap the farmer and ask him what kind of suspension he's wearing, you know what I mean, like they think about it, you know what I mean, it's but think about it.
What you just said about paleontology I mean we're paying attention to stupid lizards that lived sixty-five million years ago. It's true. I mean, don't you think they would be curious about this weird monkey with nuclear weapons? Yes, but we don't communicate with him. We do not think directly. We see that there are ways. that it can learn from us without communicating I don't know I mean I think it's our ego that makes us we want to feel special we want to feel that we are different you know as if we were different beings so for example a dog or yes, we can think because we are intelligent, but I don't know how this has been giving us something like I don't know, you know and you were talking about it like when I was young.
I used to have how you talked last time you said oh you were talking like the experience I said I remember I remembered but I can't remember when I was when I was young in not even three my room I used to dry I used to draw the figure of the monster I say the The night I was like this is, that's what we talked about last time, but I was very uncomfortable and didn't want to talk about it. You can investigate that's how I did I made the drawing and then my mom even now today today I ask myself I want to see the drawing you know how I and I and they show them the drawing and I'm like and then later I remember later I remember that I remember but no i could remember do you know someone i mean i remembered i remember something happened but now i can't remember what exactly happened it could well be a nightmare it could be another slip up sleep paralysis or process my my imagination i have no proof you know what i mean that's what we talked last time and that's what happened to me and and and and i hope i hope it's not me it's a nightmare you know what i mean but the thing is then i saw a documentary on tv i saw some people who had a similar experience to mine memory loss and stuff like this when they were young and they claimed they had a head and nose and stuff then went back and explained again and got kidnapped by a and then or I'm starting to freak out because I told them that what happened to me I know, but there was a much more logical explanation, you know what I mean, but that's why when he gave it back to me I was terrified, you know what this was like how the hell do you know it's this me boy i didn't want to talk about him at any point so my agent was there toohey we need it in ten minutes i mean i like it we didn't we were misinformed we didn't i don't know the podcast lasted so long in this house all these things in my head baby baby and i didn't know what to do with it you know, that's what it was, yes, it's quite possible that we are experiencing something. when we dream that we are angry sleeping well we are unaware that perhaps There are dimensions that consciousness travels to that are not physical, like this, this dimension we are in now, we can touch this table, move this microphone, these are physical dimensions , but it is very possible that it is whatever your spirit or your conscience is. or your your mind when when when you're thinking about your thoughts your soul what do you say you say you said you're a soul yeah whatever that means you think this is a soul you don't know what that means ok ok it's a word weird right so it really has religious connotations but i agree but the idea of ​​whatever your essence is as a human being there is something within all of us that makes us aware and at that moment that something is not there when you are sleeping and he is also inactive Is he recovering?
Do you know the scientific version? Or is it possible that while you are in this dream state and your body turns off your mind and consciousness? ness travels to a non-physical dimension that you can only access through the chemicals that are released in your brain, which we know produce psychedelic experiences, so if you take the chemicals that are released in your brain or within your brain like dimethyltryptamine and there are all kinds of different psychedelic chemicals that are produced by the mind if you take them out of you know the dream state if you take these drugs you have these crazy fantastic experiences and we know these are produced by the brain that produce a product by the brain they are produced by the brain it was not produced by the liver and the lungs we believe are produced by your third eye which is your pineal gland they have shown that the Cottonwood Research Foundation is released that this is done in rats that rats produce dimethyltryptamine in their pineal gland doesn't necessarily mean that people do, but it stands to reason that people probably do.
I don't know or conclude that people probably do too, so those chemicals that are producing these psychedelic experiences are being released by the brain, we don't know why, and we don't know what they're doing when you sleep. I take it Mathieu Walker boy yeah it was amazing when you sleep you're your keeper your logic isn't there that part of your brain is gone yeah so we could that's probably the most logical experience but it's kind of of scary thought to think that that man is me, makes you wonder sometime sometime you at night that you'm alone at night in your thinking and I'm a guy who thinks a lot you know I'm thinking about all kinds of stage like in a fight if i think about that too no but in life i'm the same way you're thinking what if this really happened or what if man it's so scary we talked and it's, it's, it's, there is nothing more terrifying in the world, but what is more terrifying is terrifying to think that when you die you're just gone and nothing happens or it's scary to think that your consciousness leaves this physical dimension and enters what is essentially a well of souls, only one dimension, one dimension not f The physics of consciousness where all consciousnesses interact with each other and are just geometric patterns that don't have a physical being attached to them, it's hard for me. believe that consciousness is not Material material because that's how you would say sometimes people say that always a good person is a bad person i don't believe there are good and bad people i believe there are no people no baby born good or bad i think it is your environment and that makes you form and it has a lot to do with that it has a lot to do so what they say the mind let's say I'm sure I'm a person I am a certain way you know me in a certain way and it happened to me I know I have a friend that happened to me was my best friend and now he is dead sadly he was a certain way but he was in a car accident remember after his car accident he changed men he was not the same guy he became a bit paranoid but some kind of dementia yes so the person i knew was a bit dead yes but physically it was the dna it was all the same but is this the person different? no material ik my materialistic that wouldn't have changed but his personality was completely different is he short tempered remember your girlfriend was extremely jealous he was starting to hit her and stuff it was completely different completely different person you knew before so if they let's say the mind your brain your brain is materialism but your mind is not if you have if you are big if you have like if you have an accident like my friend maybe you have some kind of dementia or something bad if it is not materialism that would not happen it is possible but I'm sorry, I'm sorry to say something and you have the explanation that they are subjective and objective if I pinch you you say that I'm hurt there is no objective way for me to do it or tell you that it hurts a lot because even if I walk away I open your brain I can't do it see not the only way I know is from my experience but I can't prove it who knows who knows it is also possible that when you think about consciousness or soul or what is going on in the mind, that is, it is expressed through the body and then the body is damaged, that consciousness is also damaged because your consciousness now expresses itself through the lack of certain hormones. your your your mind itself, the brain itself can be an antenna or something that consciousness uses to move through life, but that consciousness is independent of the brain and the damaged brain is just expressing consciousness in a fucked up way because you' I have dementia or Parkinson's or what other neurological disorders people have, but deep down it's still the same, it's one of the things people say when they have it, so maybe we say you die and you're done.
Bring out the best in you, you mean it will continue to exist somewhere outside of you, but you are independent of the body, these are just theories, okay, okay, but there are people who believe that consciousness is not local and that the body is actually like an antenna for your consciousness now if the body is damaged if your hormonal balance is disturbed your neurological system is out of control you like one of the things Muhammad Ali said when he was told about his Parkinson's is that he is still there he simply cannot express himself because his body had been damaged by so many fights and so many hard training sessions and so many blows to the head that he was not able to express himself but inside he was still the same but he was trapped his consciousness was trapped in a broken body I see it's like a prison like a locomotion yeah yeah and you know when you think about CTE like a lot of these football players like you know Aaron Hernandez the guy who was a killer, but he was a football player and they examined his brain after he died and like this is one of the worst CTE cases we've seen after he committed suicide in prison they examined him and the idea is that he's supposed to your consciousness is expressed through a healthy brain through healthy hormones a healthy endocrine system a healthy neurological system and that in that way your brain can express your consciousness and do it without any physical hindrance then there is also psychological what is LT I was yeah but how old are you far i started the minute you start to breathe and live there is some kind of change that happens in your mind so for sure whats the status lt being 15 12 and annie right you are a year old , you are not the same person at 15 and 15, you are not the same as at 30, I think at 30 or not at 16, I think not, there is no independence, I think everyone is connected. a and i think you know that the physical vitality of the body is important the vitality of the mind is important but i think there is probably something you know when the first time i saw a real corpse how close it was my grandfather my grandfather died and you i know i was to the funeral.
They had an open casket. It's very strange, but one thing I realized when I was standing there. I'm like he's not even there. Not here. As if he wasn't here. he lived, he could have lived in this body, yes, he is not here anymore, yes, it was a very strange feeling for me because it was as if internally I realized something. I understand the fact that he is dead and he is not moving. This is his body. they put makeup on you and all this weird but it was also this feeling that he's not there he's gone yes you know what the body is so it's the body of the vehicle for whatever you are yes you say this maybe one day we will know, maybe we love each other it is not very it is really yes it is one of those they are a couple of such conceptual questions you also know that people have their ideological reasons to believe one thing or another there are people who are Annihilus to think that you know that it's over when it's over and then you go black and that's it, you're done, end of story, it's okay when you're dead, well you don't know that because you are, we never die, we can't, we can't, yeah, It's a real it's a real open question I'm on the same page as you for this I don't know you know I've been presented with many ideas many of the ideas I rejected because they didn't make sense logically I like that aroma like all day you believe in it free will right that's good if my phone it is there and by default there is a reason why the asymmetry of the phone makes it fall, maybe it will bloom, it is a reason that I will not say that my phone only fell, but if you do something wrong, for example, you kill someone you just didn't decide to kill someone like there's a reason you do something and if you come back the reason there's a reason the reason the reason it's like I'm a fool you know yeah yeah sometime I'm thinking I'm like man do me to think that i have no choice ok how are you world champion you work for us i never had a choice ok so i don't have no i don't deserve any support because there is no choice right? you are the product of your life experience to me, that's what makes the most sense to me, yes people think i'm crazy. but i have a discussion with a lot of people at some point like a lot of really simple people say oh yeah but that but like me that's why i think i believe at some point like it doesn't mean i don't even believe god or no doesn't mean I'm different in my beliefs but I think I have no choice if I do something I don't know how to choose but you have ethics and morals and you make decisions so that's where it gets slippery.
I don't think I've made up my mind. No, and on the day it was the cause of that decision. and by definition there is a cause there is no free will well it's a good argument I heard it I mean Sam Harris made the best argument for me and made me reconsider and Robert Sapolsky who is a famous scientist and deals with a lot of the functions of the human brain in terms of our motivations for the things that he took was that in the future that will be, you know, when we look back today at people burning people for witchcraft and things like that, what fools they are. yes, he believes we will have the same reaction when people judge and punish people based on their behavior.
I agree one hundred percent. Wow, we'll look back in time. I think he's an ancient Greek mmm-hmm man. that he will succeed in teaching knowledge to children. in exchange for a sexual favor there wasn't, you know it happened, yeah we call that pedophilia now, it's, it's, it's, it's wrong, it's us, we put people in jail, but back in the day it was normal, you know what I mean, sometimes our conception of good. and bad or our choice you know I choose how I don't know I don't know many I don't think there are good and bad I don't believe that choice I don't I find it hard to believe that I choose something good, certainly there are things that you think are more positive than negative, like in my opinion with people and people friendly it's more positive than being a murderer yeah that's how you have a gun let's say you want to kill someone it's a charge.
Can you lend me a gun, please? Oh yes, I'm nice, a nice gesture. I'll give you a gun, but then you're going to kill someone. So my gesture is nice or it's not nice. You see Joe, that's all they've been doing. You see the hands in why you give the person a gun. you raped a little boy give me your gun i'm going to go kill them like oh yeah i'll do something nice and let you borrow my guns and go kill this ok ok so my argument is ok you want to go you said george give me your gun i want to go to kill this guy ok i'm going to give you the gun this guy is a boring fiddler you're going to kill him is it a good thing or a bad thing for certain people it will be good or certain people will be bad it depends on what is good bad yes decide on sometime thinking as a man all this we who knows so you know we don't know man that's like the interesting thing about life is there's a lot of things in life that are messy there's no there's no simple answer , yeah yeah so we have options it's like a game of pool yeah if mathematically I can like it I thought I'd talk to Ferriss and Pharisees he's very smart he studies fact philosophy yeah great philosophy like fight, fight a boy. you study the pattern ofAss, you know when you do this, you do that when you do that. is you do that so if you do this you think you will do that but maybe you won't because the environment has changed since then but you know it's the same so if you play pool if I can measure the force that I hit the ball, it bounces off a certain ball, if I can measure everything accurately, I'll know where all the balls end up on the table. predicts if i agree that it would be the same with you if i know you by heart i know your genetic background i know all the facts of the universe and its impossible to know if i would know i will know specifically what exactly you would do Right now if i do that you will know exactly how you would react or what you are about to tell me.
Will I believe that it is all that could be measurable? It is not impossible? Meditate well and then when you see people doing good things and achieving good things, it motivates you to do good things and achieve things and that also changes all the people around you and makes them move in a certain direction too and if you look in certain cultures that are extremely negative and crime ridden and more produce extremely negative crime ridden people yeah it's like all of this is happening is it those people's fault and that's one of the things that people really criticize and I rightly think about people on the far right who think that everyone should be responsible for their own actions.
I don't care if you grow up in a crime ridden neighborhood you stop committing crimes and you're a good person and that's not an easy task the brain has no way of knowing if a piece of information is relevant or not if you grew up in a democratic value system You will be a democrat if you are intelligent you will be a more intelligent democrat if you grew up in this same but in a republicanism you will be a more intelligent republican however maybe there are things in your environment that will make you change you know today we will not eat you dad do you like it I am going to be a democrat exactly we don't know but your brain is shapeless so sometimes yes there's our on tv as an evil genius mm-hmm the type i mean the results are very clever but it's evil as light in what regarding what we talked about. it's not good bad there's no good bad there's no that's one when I fight I fight guys like Nick Diaz or yes and I swear it's true let's say I'm driving my car and I see you have a problem with this government I'll stop to help you yes let's go Dewey wasn't hot whoever it is I'll do it because to me it's that I don't think you know it's not that I'm nicer the way I think you know that's what you are yeah exactly I don't have a choice to be as I am.
It is what it is you know I've gotten better at it as I get older better at forgiving people and not holding grudges and not being I'm upset with people and if I see someone I had a problem with in the past just give them a hug , you know no, I don't care, yeah, I think it's, it's, it's not healthy to hold grudges and you make yourself feel good. sometimes it feels so good and it feels so bad to keep the hate and anger inside you fester and you think well if he says this time i say mm-hmm he and i shouldn't have done this right shouldn't i haven't done that , but yeah, but I only did it because he did this and you play, you have these stupid little arguments in your head instead of just saying hello and being friendly or saying you're sorry or saying "hey man, I'm not." I don't have a problem there's a guy a few years ago I drove my car down the street and my Charlotte second at night I see a tall guy come up to me and ask for you Ask for money Roll down my window this guy I swear he's a true story he's a guy who used to bully me in school well i say i don't want to say his name and i say hey wait a second i parked my name i parked my car i parked the car go talk to him what the hell are you doing here the eye of the man and he thought he would be mad because when he saw me he saw I was smashed like now I'm world champion you know I can't beat him beat him you know back in the day he was like three years older than me he was bigger he was beating me on the bus, this guy now sees me, it scares me a bit.
Get out of my car you don't know you don't know if I should run or go crazy I go to him I say so what are you doing here man Zack it's like you say yes I know but things aren't going well for me you know I'm like it's okay to say as a man you're a tall guy handsome like what are you doing here man like i give him what i have left you know i kinda don't remember how i got 100 something i give him i told him get out of here man it's like you're full of potential when i walk out of here man like when i was young and when i wanted to be like you're a tall guy man you you me You're handsome, he's full of potential so I'm sorry for a few seconds.
He was like no problem and then he says thanks George and you walk away. So I don't. I do not know anything about him. A few weeks A few months later I go to my paradise for dinner then my dad says you know come over to the house a few days ago this guy I'm like yeah I met him I mean yeah he said you met him on the street , but now he said he came to thank. You he came he wanted to talk to you he said you don't live here and I didn't want to give you a number he said he said look he said george he talked to me and he said something changed my life now I have a job and I and I felt good, just i want to thank him and it feels so good now that you only went when i met him and i didn't get mad at him as you know because it was there we did very bad things to me when i was young but when i saw him it made me feel good it can soothe me now yeah and this guy when i was young beat me up on the bus all the time it was ridiculous lousy ridiculous of me i would like some adidas pants you can tie them like this it was like taking enough so it was like an underwear and find everyone in front of the girl who was offering me all the time and he was stronger than me he was like three four years older than me and he was a tall strong guy he is a key player in the past and yeah i couldn't beat him even with the martial right was always stronger than me it hurt a lot like in the past he then my dad once beat me up on the bus so i told him why i came back with a black eye once in my life i told my dad what happened i never said anything but i saw my dad I say it's a boy on a bus he hit me he said I tell him the guy's name so what my dad did he found out I'm from the countryside so everyone knows who lives where everyone goes home you know I don't I can never talk to the dad tell him listen to can you tell your son to stop hitting my son on the bus because he needs to concentrate on school and stuff?
Dad, when my dad came back, he said, "I want to talk to his dad." He's going to stop, so he said it was like drinking and stuff, and he was hitting his kid, so the way this kid learned to communicate with his dad. he was hitting he was drunk and hitting him that's the committee's way of communicating with the community he was hitting me because he learned the same way from his father to communicate so it turned out he was right the right the wrong time at the time right of his life at the perfect time you know I was the guy who was taking a beating so it's good and bad he wasn't a bad person for my version of life from my perspective he was a terrible person as he was terrible i wanted to kill him but like many me and me at school miserable man amelie ate me all the time they beat me he was a very proud person so i used to go fight him all the time because he was proud. and i'm not going to point it out i thought so many times this guy is complaining ng and saying stop insulting him because that's what he was never going to give up even though he was hitting getting hit all the time but to me oh he he was a bad person, but the truth is that in his eyes it was a different story and for him. father was a different story today everyone was a different story yeah just to say when i met him that way we talked about how it feels so good to meet him on the street and make up and give him money like if you hit me you didn't, but you know what, even though you did, i give you the money and make me feel like it's some kind of payback better than payback, you make me feel like, man, you see without me.
I wouldn't have anything maybe to sleep or eat tonight so I give it to you I still give it to you if you do that to me that makes me feel so much better than if I would like to read them yeah and don't you think maybe that guy in him doing that to you was one of the reasons you became a champion because you got into martial arts largely because yeah the guy was punching and the school maybe was maybe he wasn't the only guy that was punching me all his friend, but he was the guy that was everything the girl liked and he was like the tallest and strongest guy so he was kind of the alpha guy at the time maybe he was an influence I don't think just one thing influenced me but it's a lot of things a lot of cars that make that happen but maybe it's one of the cars yeah yeah that's crazy I could be wrong I could be right but that's my philosophy in life that's how I think so everyone says Oh George your true martial artist you are a Nice guy, I appreciate it, right?
I have no time. to explain everything i just told you well but that's how i think of me when they say you're a good boy from zion thanks i'm not a good boy evan and me and i'm dying myself but it makes me happy when people say you're a good boy you try to be good i try to be a man you are yes trying to be who you are i try to be a good role model good role model i think it's important to me my value that had increased and yes but it doesn't mean i don't like other guys.
I like the boys and what I like the most is watching their fight. They are not good. Yeah, my favorite fighters to watch aren't the ones. good guys Chael Sonnen I like to see Nick Diaz I like to see Nick Diaz I like Conor McGregor when he fights I like it if good guys bore them they are boring guys they make me sleep I like drama I eat even though I don't act like that like we'll be like that i know it's completely contradictory i like i love the seat or the back of the T in the D he was my favorite man shop at ease men he was amazing he came with his flag like bad bad boy i love you star wars i love you so much to the Sith Lord, they are much more charismatic than the Jedi, are you kidding me? g me Jedi Karate Kid the new the new karate kid I watched the first episode of Moping Danielsson gets beat up all the time you know Johnny Lawrence I hope you crack his head you didn't so you know what I mean I think it makes me a bad person no it's good i like you you know it's different that way that's how you see things you know good when you see a lion chasing the gazelle you support the gazelle i hope the lion catches the gazelle yes exactly exactly yes it is that good o bad like these people and they don't eat meat it's not natural right like what's natural what's not natural man it's an interesting conversation you talk about this people think Saint-Pierre is weird only to get hit on the head one too many times, but it's just that my english is good.
I can communicate with you as if it were easier. I feel more comfortable, yes, and it is what it is, but that's why I like it because you are a person too. I'm also a big fan of yours and I know I didn't. Now that at the beginning when I met you for the first time, but now I know that you are interested in the same thing that interests me and what I like about you is that you don't care, you do what you don't have. bus you do what you want when you want with who you want I mean I respect that it's kind of a code you have your own code that you do and I respect that I like being human so I also like being with a human being like these guys I don't have an animal code like this I don't know my circle of friends short you know I have some Gaia lichens that I keep I am diplomatic with a lot of people but I am not friends with a lot of people yes Maddie because I have to be for that for my work for my business for the person who I am and I don't like the confrontations you have with people the exchanges you have with people it is very important to only maintain a strong positive influence people around you because you learn and grow from those people and they give you fuel when you are around people who are inspiring or who do interesting things who live their lives by a code who are ambitious who succeed who strive for difficult things those are the people who they inspire and energize you and i feel better with them i feel i get energy from them compared to people who always make excuses and people who always fall short people who fail all the time and people who complain all the time those people the opposite and those people that take away from you and you're around them you just go oh I just have to get away from this guy however that doesn't mean that the good people you have in your life will always be good people to different situations, the correct example before the fights, my family, I stayed away from them.
I explain to them why it is my family who cares about me. I remember before the fights. my father, my family used to be like the last day dinner, they say they eat their soup, they look at me, are you okay, you feel good, you're not sick and before a fight, I need to feel like I'm going to war. with my soldier I need to feel that what I'm doing are normal events, although it's not like that, so when I go out with my family, they have a normal life,so what i do they see me as an outcast. completely crazy he's about to go cage fight you can die oh my god and i feel like because i love myself so my family before the fight i walk away from them i walk away from a lot of the people i love my circle of friends i love how family and I bring people like Ferris Joan closer, the fighters, even the ones that maybe aren't as much as my friend, a son I like, he sends them to the city, yes, it makes me feel normal, it makes me feel strong because we. you go to war when you go to war you don't bring a yes wife your child your family and you bring the p The people you go to war with you know what I mean is very important to me so it depends on what is happening.
I think we are good and bad people. a lot of sense, yes, especially after being nervous about your fight like the nerve that energy is contagious Pro, I'm already nervous as it is I don't want to be more nervous and I hate how I hate fighting people, I know you don't I really do and I know that maybe a lot of people don't believe me, but I'm going to explain it to the best of my ability in each of the works. There is no perfect job. Do you agree that it exists? it's not a perfect job that you like everything everything about it is impossible my work as a professional athlete and mixed martial arts 365 days I fight normally when I was very excited to fight twice a year approximately no more than that I never wanted more than because I wanted to stretch me especially when you want to stretch when your champion because it's better to advertise the also for longevity and everything, so more time, more money, more business and everything, and longevity, so twice a year in charge of sixty-one five days there are two days that I hate the most is the day that I'm fighting it's fucking unbearable the feeling of uncertainty that if you don't know if you're going to be in the military you're going to be the winner we're going to be the losers is that it matters a lot to me respect that is unbearable as much as i try to dismiss it is unbearable however i like the fact that i am a free man i am my own boss i do whatever i have i have access to certain things c I eat VIP things that most people don't do and my quality of life I didn't have money before now I have it I love my job I am very happy with my job but there is one thing about my job that I hate the most is fighting freaking out I hate, i love the study of wrestling, i love science, how i am the tactician. the physique I love to train I love to walk in a room I am strong I know if something happened I am the man even if it is an illusion because with a bullet and nobody is faster than this but I like that lifestyle that I do for the lifestyle for what it is.
I'm not doing it for the fight. I hate fighting. I had this conversation with Rory MacDonald about one point. Never say why you like to fight. Oh, I guess I like to fight, so you like to fight. of course, me and everyone in the room turn around they look at me like I'm crazy, okay, you're all crazy I don't like to fight, are you crazy? I like to win when you win, the feeling is amazing, it's so good it's worth it, yeah, but I hate it, man, do you hate fight day until the fight? but once the fight starts how do you feel once nananana starts and when it started all this and all the anticipation was gone? scum Like I hate the day to accumulate that day and the closer I get to the day I start to love it but I start to hate it more so I can build a hate that builds up like a ball of hate and at that point that's the time to go , there are so many seconds it's time to go and i realize what son used to be that guy used to kick the door in, sorry are you ready?
Now he is no longer, unfortunately, like little birds, so it's just like a bubble that accumulates in my stomach that I hate hate hate and damn for a while even in the dressing room before the fight and I ate it my last fight crazy I saw a my friend a man got knocked out and i'm going to dinner everyone likes that people like this and i see that something as bad as was wrong like me they said to themselves before entering the room don't tell them that that lost man don't tell him it's going to affect him so i understand in the room and my friend eddie he wasn't there one day when they followed each other the first thing you said to me is like on the road im endless and i owe you to say she's fine physically is yes she's fine and they're all like saints so they and the last thing I remember is Jody Phyllis Mickey was missing so I put Myra in my locker room.
I see one guy with the ice pack the other guy is like this and I'm like man all my wardrobe loose holy man I hate this job man so I'm thinking it's like everybody trying to take like oh it's gonna be good he's one of my agents like don't worry everything's going to be fine like me like me it's fine man don't talk to me like this i choose to be here i'm a warrior so go sit down now it's going to be fine like i want to be a warrior yeah oh it's going to be alright don't worry and they leave now you know they leave like this yeah use that first time they go like this guy they grab me like the whole region has to be fun look at you like i feel like i'm going to a semi like a graveyard like someone just died so i'm in the locker room everyone knows i'm like damn so i'm like i shake i go to the bathroom i just go i look in the mirror and that's why I do it before the fight I used the james-lange theory James Naja is a say that the spirit you can dictate your mind you say you are thirsty your mind says i am thirsty you grab the water and your spirit can take state your mind but your mind can dictate your spirit so i go to the bathroom i close the door people think i am going to the bathroom to pee or whatever but I don't close the door and I say I said now I see a lot of negative I go into the mirror I tell myself I say I try to convince myself like a child you know I'm the best I'm the strongest son and I think I think so looking at me and i'm this i'm beautiful i'm strong and this and then i'm faster i'm stronger i'm gonna win like this young man than lose but i'll show you how to do it you know maybe you fell but i didn't i'll show you all how to must do so i'm going back to the gym with the with the glory of showing them that i can do it and this is the way to do it if they're going to follow me man so i try to push myself i open the door i'm back i'm back i still hate my job but i'm a person different from when I got to the gate, so I play mind games like this with myself all the time, things that I had that were trying to change your attitude and it's very important for a fighter because confidence is the key for a fighter. very basic things and a fight but they do it when they do it they do it so well and they believe in it they feel tight and you don't have room for it's a fight shenana you go 100% and when you go 100% confident that's when the magic you know what I mean if you have the skills but you don't have the confidence don't you John says you have the skills and you don't have the confidence it's like having money and you don't have Spend it that's what John De Niro told me but if you have the confidence without the skills, it is not good. - it's like a dream that can't be achieved, you don't have the one together anyway, but if you have both, that's when magic can happen.
I remember when John Johnny tells me that all the time, so you have this ability and you have the confidence. and trust is not a choice it's trust it's not a state of mind it's a choice man you can build it in your head when something bad happens you build it and you work try to work on yourself to build it this is something you can work on yourself, you know, and that's why I've been doing it, yeah, it's like all these other things you say, there's no answer to how you do all this, all those pieces have to come together, all those pieces have to be together so you can go out and do it, but I love the fact that you say you don't like it.
I hate it. I hate it. Probably even in the locker room when I got there. I got there that night and like every other night I'm finding asking for my agent he's given for us I always say my look at him is like what the hell am I doing here what stupid and we always laugh about it because now it has become the point i know i know because i have experience you get braver you become you say you lose your fear you know to lose the free never lose the matter you learn to deal with it you accept it before i didn't i didn't accept my previous fight like i could use my first time i found my use man i was fighting this monument this oh my gosh it's like i haven't slept for that week man i came here looking like a fucking zombie. he looked up so it's like i couldn't imagine myself i knew i was going to lose confidence i wasn't there i have that ability it's not confidence so confidence is very important you know, for a fighter confidence is very important, why that you have guys in the gym who are very good in the gym, they fight, they are shit fighters, their king in the gym, they go to fight. guys, they are normal in the gym.
I've seen guys in the UFC. They fight in the UFC. as if he even knew, that was not his repertoire of techniques that he just did. I can't Academy or a thong. I'm like a man, it's amazing. both skill and confidence you see like john jones the man is magic man you go there turning your elbows and some like you ain't easy on egos man yeah yeah rodriguez is amazing and stuff he's just beautiful watching it you know and I really like that new generation and it's scary as hell oh my god which exc fight do you think more Connor or Khabib those are the two fights if I was going to do a fight for you right now right now it's like the big five the thing is that the taxi driver is calling me physically now it's not a good time for me I need to weigh a little, however, I feel that the 155 division now is Connor, he is the champion, he is Ferguson. to fight maybe in the corner or to be like a true champion.
I real is the real chair. I don't like to say that they are not really champions and my opinion of the belt is very different from what most people think. I don't even think. It should be about you know I think you should fight you know mate but it is what it is and I agree with you on that make the fight fun no belt like I said you can't be the strongest man alive It's an illusion, right? the belt that aims to elevate someone like you think he is God is a stronger layman there now not good marketing for that 8th rank guy I can beat you but maybe I can't beat the other seven in front of you yeah , or they said you know what I mean, there are six others, so I don't know how it could be done I know it's bad to criticize a system if you don't suggest any alternative I know what I do is better but it's ok the problem is the influx anyway because Tony was the interim champion and he didn't I didn't do anything to lose him all he did was fall while press duties tear me apart and then you have Connor who just didn't stand up for him and then he was stripped and then he was you're going to give khabib but he's fighting as Quinta, who normally wouldn't fight for the title, so why does he have the potential to fight for the title?
It doesn't make any sense that they had to do it for this event because they had this big event in Brooklyn. and they had to have a champion so they decided to sell they are going to b But you have to be careful when you make decisions like that, yes, because in the eyes of the people, in the eyes of the purists, you legitimize that they lose value, yes, I agree 100%, he loses value, it's especially like what I did. The Bisping on Rick's left side was gone. They hate my guts, that's why I don't think so because I think it makes me not good for the brand, it's not good and I know it's not good.
I'm not stupid. I realize, but I had no choice, man. I went back there and not in condition. You know what happened. I think it wasn't my name. Robbie Lawler won the title and then Robbie Lawler lost the title. Tyron Woodley. No one believes that Tyron Woodley is the legit one. champion because you retired I do not want to say it is it is a clear path it makes sense so understand the same as I said it is not WWE man I have to do what is best for me and I do not regret my decision that is what I regret that I have stayed too long time I should have retired maybe take my f The first stop after Diaz because Diaz was the fight a great fight and what I mean is he was like the main guy you know to fight then after Russian but there's always a Joe guy, that's one thing, there's always another damn guy, that's the way this sport you know we always believe that after that wall there would be no wall but now the man is always another other another other and I realize that it is and each fight is more expected than another and our biggest and another and it is what the man is what it is it is a very difficult life mentally like depending on your cable psychologically for me it was a lot to take one thing it is a lot of reason for me I have one theory about re that one of the reasons it's a lot to take because you're smart i think smart people consider all the possibilities they think of all the possibilities they are aware of all the variables and i'm a thinker i think alice does analyze i think a lot i mean it's well because it's prepared you so well and it's made you an amazing martial artist, but it also creates a lot of anxiety because you're aware of all the possibilities where as a person who doesn't think so much I'm just going to walk in there people like that personthey may have an easier path to fight, but they may also have a shorter limited potential because they are not aware of all the possibilities and they are not aware of all their flaws and they are not aware of other strengths and weaknesses, they just know what they have.
I've done it, and it's worked, and they're still doing it, and instead of building this incredibly well-rounded game, they have a very, very limited game, but that limited game works on some people. I agree. It is this part of the sport in general. it's not fair when you look at it it probably sounds like demetrius johnson is probably the best ever right now the best ever yeah I agree man when I talk about confidence and skills man what's the best guide on this, what better graphical user interface? from and this Dominick Cruz amazing man TJ Dillashaw that's a fight look I don't watch every fight again I don't watch every fight because I'm not a fan of every fighter but if there's a fight I'll pay for mine. the ticket to sit up front and fly myself is Dominick Demetrius Johnson vs.
TJ Dillashaw absolutely a man has to do it has to be done me there's not always things and factor we don't know why it doesn't happen maybe unfortunately we don't know everything and yes, As in the past, I and I understand the silver, it is long after why it did not happen, there are things that people do not know that led me to the day that I thought and then I wanted. take care of yourself and then move on but there's this fight man it's just a nut sometime it's sudden the light of sport like you got a fight like Mayweather Mayweather Pacquiao and it didn't happen it sucked but it is what it is you know ?
I think Demetrius wants TJ Dillashaw to fight once at 125lbs. It shows that he can make weight, especially when he's dealing with this incredibly long win streak, he's defended his title more than any other champion, so he doesn't want that. someone come and break their winning streak that doesn't even do all the ways they did as a I've thought about this because I've been in a similar situation, yeah this is a way to work this out with lawyers, light up the contract, that if you don't make the weight, there is no fight and you do the bag. a bag not that you see Dillashaw take the man you give him the bag you know what I mean yeah no I do but you don't have to be good enough to do it it's a risk yeah but I think Demetrius is worried that the UFC will pressure him to fight TJ even if TJ doesn't make it down the road, so we have TJ sure it's going to make him look bad in terms of the fan base and his brand.
I agree, however, he can do it through the lawyer until yes. there is such a difference in weight there is no fight right you know there Always fight, man Joe, there is something I learned, the fight can be negotiated the way you want. I can negotiate a fight, depending on the laws, that's fine. spring speedo i want you to use this or any as a fifth round or if everything could be done if it is written and and by law agreed yes it could be resolved i don't think - my husband will be like that guys let's do it let's go well i think in this At the moment the rematch is scheduled for Cody gar Brandt vs.
TJ Dillashaw and Mighty Mouse just had shoulder surgery yeah so he's rehabbing his shoulder that's going to take quite some time and that's the time minute teams doing the mix , man, he's amazing, yeah, he's amazing, I like to watch him a lot, yeah, there's a lot of talent, there's a lot of talent right now, the smaller guys are so much better than the bigger ones, like I'm telling you the truth. as if i had the same si ze as this guy a minute. I don't want to fight this guy, man, he'd beat me like now, man, they don't have gravity with them.
I agree. You know gravity isn't that big but they're so good so good to see yeah I'm learning I'm learning a lot I watch these guys a lot more and then in terms of learning yeah man how beautiful was that arm that Demetrius Johnson is, many hit well. I smacked my arm in the air and he said now I practice right now ready you learned I learned from these guys I learned from a lot of these guys yeah did you change the man every time he changes Dominick Cruz the man is footwork , man, he's very trained with Duane Ludwig a long time ago, yeah me, Sparra, we trained when I was in Denver helping Nathan Marquardt for a fight. yeah that yeah that wasn't so clever that was in the past maybe it should have been s happened and this is because your head thank god i didn't hurt but oh my god yeah i'm awake.
I remember in a EEE training I was not grounded with another guy who is like a light they all beat him off yeah he is a big monster but that was stupid of me when I when you are young you do stupid. I shouldn't have. be like 270 yeah he's a big huge guy I know that was stupid but I did it and then you know you move man you got a move yeah man hit hit and run man run don't try to stand in the pocket with this. dude and if you go for it go in and out and then quick holy man yeah your timing has to be perfect yeah that's the only round yeah one round yeah we went with everyone I train with other guys especially I train with everyone I train with John Jones I try what part with everyone with his it's a good experience there you know and there are guys that are on par like it's their life they depend on it like it's a life actual fight there are other guys of course depending on whether you prepare for a fight or not and if you know depending on the situation but that's when you just aspire to training you're not in boot camp or whatever you train but there's still guys I see younger guys they know they waste a lot of their years of fighting in the gym because they fight in the gym and it's not good for your brain man yeah hole you should never be a big fan of this you know i feel like even now in my last sparring guys get tough and you but i have to go hard otherwise i have to get hurt but that's not because of me it's because my fucking trailer tells them you should get in the way My way, let's praise him, you know what I mean, so why does Frost do that?
He is completely crazy ass. The man is crazy. I love him to death, but the man is completely crazy, he's my son, he sighs, my spy, can I call him, pay me, John? You know John? I call him the Emperor, yes John is ours who we have all nicknamed a tough guy. John is another one like when I'm in training camp. and he set me up with gordon ryan gary broke up the one after jake she likes to go go go go with them and i get smashing i go out like a pretzel it's good for my confidence sometimes it's sometimes man i start eating i have a hard time life It's a darkness inside John's brain, yeah man, and it's hard, hard, man, I made it. -minute, you will never spend five minutes on the ground when training for an MMA fight, so I did a treatment with a minute rest, it turns you into a starting fighting position like head and arm control, then go right or mount position come on we don't start off like shaking and then because you waste time while I'm doing to start from position control in a drop so it makes you more active when you fight makes you more opportunistic and now I teach in Tristar 12 arrests like I do it because I love it in 12 FS and that's why I teach people no more than a five minute round when you train for an MMA fight real minute three minute round and trimmerization you'll never go past the full five minute round and the minute you have what to spend on the ground you have to be very economical and very important is when you see something boom that's what i guess spring would be i see the neck boom you know i let it stand drag leg or blo quear up immediately, yeah, probably wouldn't have reacted the same way for a few years.
It does it would be more to take a position and an insecure mindset you know what I mean we have to learn to drown yeah it was like that but I practiced it a lot because I learned the Bisping pattern that when you do this you like to do this like this that i predict we've worked on it you know when i mean like things we were i wasn't in my like i said like my my autopilot is already on my hard drive so it's just a reaction you don't have time to think what before when you don't train like this you train in five minutes it's slower price so you're thinking more Jitsu is more it's not much more dynamic it's easier the matrix port at some point I didn't but it's more metric and so you don't want to be like that for him and you want to be like bang bang bang bang fast and you know what I mean make him do you more you know what I mean more efficient what kind of training are you doing now I mean that You are going to train with Fre ddie Roach now yes how much How much time are you spending training?
I normally train twice a day every day still yes. I don't train hard every day twice a day. o once a day i try to train at least four days a week which is twice a day and maybe two days which is once a day depending on what i do for example i will only train once a day two days with Freddie tomorrow I do this What's new now is that it really changed my life. I trained in a pool and all that weight, you know the weight. No man. I don't think so and I don't think so.
I don't think I think it's an illusion everyone has a sufficiency so I want to get tired more than the others because more efficient because everyone at their certain level is fit you know but but I trained in the pool I do it for example I have resistance equipment and I trained in the pool so it's like my weight training I do in a pool Wow for example you fly we have a leading antagonist muscle that works all the time and it's like the wing flies but instead of a lead does. and antagonist you make a fly and the pool in the same ti I push the pool and you are doing it with elastic bands as if we know it is a resistance.
The resistance team is like a. The Russians developed this like in the eighties a long time ago now we started to learn about it and the Russians were way ahead of us and his AG Gavin McMillan made me discover this form of training when I had my ACL rehabbed so he hates a workout he said hey wait apprentice they load your joint it damaged your joint you know and depending on how you do it but when you're going to damage your joint it's true that's why I look young and I feel better at 37 now if it were It wouldn't be because of this my ulcer I feel better now at 37 I fell at 25 mark my word is true the only difference is that we go out as if my birthday was May 19 last Saturday I got completely drunk it takes me more days to recover because I am 37 and when I was 25 but s As for strength, I feel more powerful, better, yes, man, there is hope for the older man.
There is hope that we can last better. We can have a better life. i think that's what everybody does nowadays no one is involved with strength and conditioning because sometimes they mix up their performance and strength conditioning because of the steroids i think a lot of people say oh my nutrition is because this is this or my new training be stronger look i'm a better fighter and ammon maybe it's because you're taking something you know what i mean yeah i believe it like in ufc let's say i talked to a pro boxer ok eg like this yeah yeah this and example here so you have yeah well yeah but they create resistance on the way up see so I would say don't load my joint and you just blow it up yeah , this is like a pistol squat but there are like hundreds l I like exercise like this as a sound to him maybe not a hundred but there are so many yeah man there is a study you can do with every part of your body, you can do an exercise, the Russians got it too, yes, and also the NFL football player. trained with it because an increase in your power works for that thing you know is stability but if you want to increase your power to increase power for muscle fiber you know what I mean you know you won't convert into a better fighter but in terms of longevity i will keep your car your your your car vehicle your vehicle more here is why i do rope conditioning i don't do it to make myself a better fighter i do it because i want to look good i want to be muscular i want to want to be balanced i want to have longer longevity it's not going to make me hit harder or harder heck no freddie roach could help me hit harder for example you know i mean john danara it will make me more creative having be tter on bars and ferris me it will make it known what i mean as a better fighter and in terms of giving me knowledge and different things that's what i think might be wrong with how i know we think in different ways in that s I understand, we discussed this before but that's why the name open minded.
I will argue many times. I'm just playing devil's advocate. I don't think there is a single way to do these things like example III. jujitsu boy do some experimentation go fight a real fighter like a top level fighter pure fighter wynnum wrestling you are going to get a lot of die you are going to get tired much faster than himsure how it's not because he has better cardio you know or maybe it's how I did it depending, but then go to the floor, sit down, shake his and start rolling on the floor. I guarantee he will get more tired than you because if you have never done jujitsu he will spend a lot. more energy skiing you're going to be much more efficient than him although maybe better at cardio than you if you take a vo2 max test maybe he'll score better however you're more efficient it's all about efficiency Yeah, they're trying to sell you the product, they're trying to sell you the program. all that is fucking because of strict advertising our life is made of advertising that's why i was angry and i like it we talk about intermittent fasting like there are no pills for this there is no one making money that's why no one talks about it but it's so efficient that the oldest remedy in the world you know what I mean in three days you can rebuild your immune system and your gut all in three days it's fascinating you do it take an email an assault with the water you're going to train it's perfect you go in Auto fashi faces maybe you know what i am but no one talks about the same thing and criticizes you and everything they have to market, money is always all about selling you the right thing, our life is all about the brand.
Wherever we go with the damn commercial, we were surrounded by commercials. If you want, it's under something that we don't even realize because it's very present in our life, so it's a second, make me a better fighter. I do it because it felt good. I could develop. my muscle and it's good for me to be you know to have muscle for my brand for me for publicity even for myself feel good you know what i mean feel solid you know i get it yeah that's a real truth it's not gonna make me hit you think that this is going to make me have a better hook now man it's not crossbar so timing precision ways right you know all it's not if joe louis had the smallest arm i think it's one of the smallest armies hit like crazy i mean, when you look at his build he wasn't like Mike Tyson my friend had Stephenson like I mean he's Billy he's a grown up he's an athlete but man I trained with him many times and he hit like a truck he sprayed the stronger. never seen hitter in my life you know what I mean yeah and it's not that I'm strong it's that lyric but there's a guy that more bass looks stronger than him or a bodybuilder yeah because that's because his form, the way he transfers his weight is a vector of force, everything is technique, it is timing, it is precision, everything. it's perfectly your own build usually power up your damn kick man like this something it's not because you were there and i said the human i've hit had produced the most amount of force i have a witness in my life it's human with you you are free and I am not saying that this is the truth I have never seen a human being physically capable of hitting something with such force that you are a perfect example of what argument it is not because you are stronger if you are a strong guy you are a nice athletic guy but you know you're older you're older than me you know what i mean because it's your form the technique the force vector your technique everything is in perfect timing that's why that's when you turn and make that right turn.
I don't care who you are if Francis and the gun hit them in the face. You are going to be dead. You know that's not but you've got to be knocked out man no this is crazy you know what I mean when you did that it was completely crazy you know yeah that's Keith I'm still working on it btw but i can't do what you do with my knee sticking out i feel like when i inspire guys they see it and they see it so i have to keep my knee bent yeah i think you're just thinking maybe It's because I learned karate in a different way so my brain is so wired in a certain way that the problem with karate is knee down and then knee down through the other knee versus up through the hip when you lift it by the hip there's a lot more leverage it's a tremendous amount of force and the alignment of the lower leg the supporting leg and the kicking leg is better for generating force while the kicking leg is almost independent of the bottom of the leg if you're going up because they're not moving in the same direction one leg goes up the other leg goes forward so it's like it's all bullshit when you turn the hip is up this is pushing and this is moving forward it's just though power comes you come from taekwondo yes its all olympic athlete as champion they dont do it like that yes no not exactly that you do it in a different way right ways but man i never seen anybody hit as hard as i dont care if its in control I never saw a hit a hit a hit from a human being that tough man I remember that bag when you were working on it was a fucking hole almost in the bag it was like a curve in the bag like with your imprint on it I'm like I was completely crazy man it's a lot of power I was with Eddie Brava where every time we'd go crazy and then you'd go back and forth on I like you yeah well you know we work together because I know about Danaher yeah because John fell in love with me he closed in and just asked me because I was a commentator, yeah he said he needed someone to help George with the fundamentals of a spinning back kick, he needs a technique refresher, you know someone and I said. this is going to sound crazy i just have to listen to myself but i have a really good roundhouse kick back that's how you turn it off smart he told me and he asked me no no no i knew he said no you know i he said it. he's going to ask you he's going to ask if you could work with me that's funny because he said it's me no no he didn't know someone no but you want to put it this way this Johnnie is the smart guy Johnny is the very smart guy you would have if you did I said he would be somewhat right because I remember him saying that to me and I say because he's like my son so it's on my mind so I say yeah I'm like that's ruling my language oh I guess Joe Rogan I didn't know what was your background, you know how I know, I know you did something Martian. he thought he was going to think not but he knew because word is getting around word is getting around that you have a very strong spinning back kick that he saw somewhere he somehow told him or he saw it or because he told me I remember that he told me so i was me yes i will when i go running with freddie roach and then and then i couldn't believe it i called him that same night i told him what was that so he should be a nilly if he ever fights handled this should be a lego you can kill somebody with this man he's crazy man the thing is it almost feels like a lie because it was a long time ago it was a different life i stopped fighting i'm 50 i stopped fighting when i was 21 so i haven't fought in a long time, so I keep doing it in training, but I haven't done it for that long, so when I tell someone that I can do it, I think that this is the real magazine.
It's true? How many people have you ever lit someone with that particular me when he was 19 at a taekwondo tournament? make a guy fly through the air, yeah, are you saying, yeah, oh my god, he's fine, now he's fine? I don't know, he's here, are you kidding me, man, yeah? cut it like you know we talk about precision like your technique is as powerful as if you had it on the shoulder on that no I didn't catch it on the body I wasn't sure you'll see it again yeah that's alright alright it's just his arm but i start putting on that guy every time because he's so insanely powerful, a guy would do the same thing with him in the same place, it probably wouldn't be saved like there. the impact goes right into his body and then I spread out and then when I spread out he was like oh yeah I don't see no that was perfect and he just sailed through the air it's crazy he has so much power yeah it's just crazy technique and I was raised in a Taekwondo school coming from the old school of Taekwondo before tournaments.
Go to general che che Hong Yi, he trained, he was the inventor of Taekwondo, the founder of Taekwondo and he trained a small handful of elite instructors and one of them was Jaehun Kim who was my instructor so my experience in Taekwondo it was the old school of Taekwondo before the Olympics, it was even in consideration and everyone trained for power. it was a different thing to break up, yeah it was just that you had to be able to hold your own in this deal. My instructor's idea was that if you couldn't hurt someone with a kick, why even practice it? and these Taekwondo guys in tournaments were touching each other, they were just moving too fast trying to score points and I hated to hate that and I felt like you had to carry more, there had to be more power in those techniques and it wasn't as fast as the Taekwondo olympic style points style really fast yeah but that olympic points style wouldn't hurt anyone you couldn't keep them away from you but that's hard for me as i try practice your forms but i have a i don't know if it's my hips or not it's just it's just reps it's just reps can I go in here after we've got it right anyway now breaking hardware this gym here I'll just give you a refresher yeah a lot of it comes from the front leg side kick . nobody.
I know you know not like you directly then moet i did it i haven't done it for a kid like kick in the back for a long time because i really don't do that much and more thigh now i went back to karate my last fight and when i start to redo it. I've been taught knee down again, yes, but I like yours. I like the way you do it. ace, yeah, so it has to be taller to get full power. I just don't have the same efficiency with it, yeah it's great it can be done you can learn it's 100% efficient it's amazing that's better yeah but it's all about learning. first the correct way to do the front leg side kick look at the front leg side kick you develop that grave that brings that knee up and then boom it's all about trusting that hip and throwing it forward and then once you develop the speed of doing that so you do it with the turn and then it's turn boom it's the same is that hip turn and leg extension but then it's also turn first so turn first boom and then leg extension so that's why the power comes from everything is in a straight line okay and then the 360 ​​when the right leg is forward and you step forward and then you throw yeah that was like a train that's the strongest I've ever seen in my life dutch it's crazy you're handling it somehow. you ain't even in your prime no nothing fifty yeah but when i was 19 i could do it like a laser beam that's the fact yeah you know like in that video i mean that's all i did , though I mean but from the time I was 15 until I was 21 I didn't I barely did my homework and then I paid attention in school all I did was fight that's all I did was the night that's all I did I just wanted to be in the Olympics I wanted to be a Taekwondo champion Wow yeah that's all I wanted to do but then the problem was I started training with kick boxers he was getting up I realized that in in Taekwondo there are no hands, like manual techniques were useless and when I was in a boxing ring and I was training with someone. just take me to a corner and get me going and I was like oh I don't know how to do this I need to learn how to box so I realized Taekwondo in a lot of situations is not effective not helpful yeah like I needed to learn to box first, yes, so I started training that and then I started g.
I'm trying to train with more Thai guys getting leg kicks. I'm like, oh, now this is because we were doing above-the-waist kickboxing, yeah, and then I saw Rick Rufus when he fought a Thai fighter. You know there's a real big fight when Rick fought this guy and I got my legs cut off around him like I watched that fight yet you put the same fight in MMA contests like I mean Rick Rufus hit him first , the first, I think so, you merge some. minutes yeah he killed a guy but the guy used the rules to defend himself so yeah okay he put it in the context of MMA that's why he gets attention in MMA people say oh let's just say that Mayweather enters MMA. out if they stay standing i'm not okay with that man ok kill them even ladies not just the leg i think even the ending like randy quits or beats victor bell remember with him how Did you see everything you say that? in English like the the the the boxing the dirty boxing glit ching is the big difference even the distance I would have time if just a little glove you know you can change everything for sure then I do sparring I borrow a lot with a much better pure fighter decorated than me in MMA, can I put them all? oh yeah all of them not because I'm a better fighter it's because my timing I learned from karate how to close the gap and karate but I use that. you a tool you know what i mean what you think about wonder boy say its this weekend oh im going to watch this fight i think two things can happen how long you gonna bein the city because I'm leaving on Friday, I have to come back.
Friday question yes yes you fight Sunday it's here yes no it's in England but it's early mum it's a race. I'm going to make a sparring partner. Let's come here and see it. I wish I knew that seriously it's because I really have to bounce but I h And this, we can have something big this weekend but man I need to be another Saturday but I'd like to do another kind of life. I usually watch fights with people who don't know anything about fighting. It's fun. We drink a couple. beers watch the fight my fighting partner is different than you know most of my friends aren't really fighters or like normal guys geeks or whatever they think they know but they don't know anything about fighting the way they are weird than use and I Try to be diplomatic.
I'm sitting here and everyone is doing this. Why didn't I and used to try to correct them? I used to, but I put in so much effort and energy that I gave up at one point. I'm like the fight will go I would live it with amazement for people like I was watching the fight to say it's so boring I just don't understand that with Wonder Boy you go with one away and you carry it so you would know what I mean I think of my friend and I want to speak for them. e until if you listen to this guy he's my he's my friend but they just don't get it they don't get they don't educate on culture like the same on the floor or like and damn if you fight in the street that's it you know , it's funny, they are my boys when I like them, but many like them, sometimes I listen to them, not all, but some like knowledge, they know but they don't know much.
Some of them think they know what they don't know why I still love them, but, my God, it's hard sometimes, you know, listen, George, let's get this over with, man, thanks for coming here. your man thanks is real time his is real time holy shot you say through we did three hours oh my god are you serious? to be Cantor today, let me see what you're going to go. I'm going to the Freddie Roach contender. What time is it? yes I'm checking better but you needed to train with me and I think I had to be there at 4:30 before you leave or I think it closed at 4:30 if you leave now you can be there at 4:30 yes , but I miss that damn kick in the back and the instruction and what I wanted I'll give you a week one real quick let's do it don't lie enjoy your shirt no bye everyone

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