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Joseph, The 10-Year-Old Killer...

Apr 25, 2023
The story of Joseph Hall is tragic. His case has raised a number of difficult questions that have yet to be answered. What happens when a child is exposed to a life of such destruction? How should the justice system respond to this type of tragic situation today? video we will explore the tragic case of Joseph Hall and the questions that arise from it we will look at how Joseph's upbringing shaped his life and actions and what his case says about the criminal justice system welcome or welcome back to Twisted Minds my name It's James and today we're going to dive into a case where a young child's innocence was replaced with violence.
joseph the 10 year old killer
Joseph was born on June 19, 2000 to Jeffrey Hall and his ex-wife Latika Neal in Riverside California. Jeffrey raised their sons Joseph. and Shirley after his ex-wife lost custody due to her neglect and erratic behavior and after Neil remarried and had three more children Jeffrey was a plumber and faced many financial problems as he struggled to get a job during an economic downturn in California real estate was hit the hardest, he struggled to support such a large family but had a place where he felt important and as a leader he was a leading figure in the white supremacist movement as he believed the loss of his job and financial problems were due to Jews and non-whites taking over the jobs was the regional leader of the National Social Movement or NSM, also known as the Nazi party, the National Socialist movement became the largest neo-Nazi organization in the country with 46 chapters in 20 states in October 2009 Jeffrey Hall led a demonstration near a day labor site in Riverside, people were wearing WWII-era Nazi gear later, in an interview, Jeffrey said they are proud of who they are, tired Of kids feeling guilty about whites and multiculturalism they can't see any reason for it, Jeff often held member meetings at his home in the presence of his kids.
joseph the 10 year old killer

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joseph the 10 year old killer...

The meetings were filled with all kinds of anti-non-white slogans and other hate speech. Due to Jeff's lack of work, he had become increasingly violent towards his son and his wife Krista McCarey, often beating them according to Joseph's stepmother, Krista Jeffrey, punishing her son every day for being too loud or For forgetting on his way, he hit and kicked the boy several times in the back, so what did Joseph's life do? it seems that he was reportedly very aggressive and verbally abusive from a very young age, his behavior began to get so out of hand that Joseph had been expelled from six schools for harming students and teachers at age five Joseph had stabbed a teacher with a pencil on her first day of kindergarten and had also tried to strangle a teacher with a telephone cord.
joseph the 10 year old killer
Later, Joseph reportedly suffered from ADHD, and after changing so many schools, he eventually had to be homeschooled, according to his grandmother. Joseph had been like this from the beginning for as long as That could be true. The hateful atmosphere of the house which included Jeff's regular violence towards Joseph and the NSM meetings definitely added to Joseph's aggression. In fact, Joseph was exposed to drugs and alcohol even before he was born in his mother's womb. Leticia Neal allegedly used heroin, methamphetamine, LSD, marijuana, and alcohol when she was pregnant and as a child. Joseph had witnessed his father's discriminatory behavior on a regular basis.
joseph the 10 year old killer
A young man, Joseph had no guidance and the only example he had was a violent father who was fostering foreign hatred Joseph Hall was a troubled child who had a history of violence and mental health issues, he began to display increasingly volatile behavior, perhaps due to his mental illnesses and his father's new Nazi beliefs, one simply couldn't Imagine the events that would unfold next, this violent and hateful environment was unknowingly brewing a murderer. Jeffrey Hall was murdered and his own son Joseph was the murderer just days before the tragedy struck. Jeffrey Hall bragged to his NSM group about teaching his eldest son, Joseph, how to use night vision equipment and how to shoot a gun.
Jeffrey had no idea that this same training would be used to kill him. On May 1, 2011, 32-


-old Jeffrey returned home from a neo-Nazi gathering allegedly drunk. He slept on the couch later in the morning. Retrieving a revolver from his father's bedroom, Joseph returned to the couch where Jeff was sleeping where he fatally shot him in the head behind the left ear at Point Blank Range upon hearing The Gunshot Hall's wife, Krista, woke up and ran to the scene to see Jeff bleeding profusely and unconscious and Joseph with revolver in hand. Joseph said I shot dad. He immediately called 9-1-1 and reported that Joseph had shot Jeff.
My son shot my husband. I need an ambulance. He's bleeding. How old is your son? How old is your son? Before his murder, Jeffrey Hall had threatened to remove all the smoke detectors and burn down the family home while the family slept. That was what led a young Joseph to kill his father, the boy knew he had shot Joseph. her father, but it is not clear if he fully understood that he had done something wrong while in the police car. Joseph told officers that he shot Jeffrey Hall because he had repeatedly hit him and other family members.
Joseph was detained for questioning. During questioning, authorities discovered that child protective services. had issued 23 reports of alleged abuse, neglect, and poor living conditions at the Hall residence, but according to court reports, these allegations came to nothing; however, after Jeff's murder, when police officers arrived at Hall's house, they found dirty clothes lying around and empty beer bottles. everywhere the bathroom had a pungent smell of urine and the pillows the mattresses and blankets were dirty and dirty there were no boundaries in that house weapons like the 357 Magnum that Joseph used to murder Hall were easily accessible to the children the revolver Joseph used to kill his father was recovered under Joseph's bed, he had hidden it there after killing Jeffrey, a .22 caliber rifle was also reportedly found in the garage leaning against a wall, there was also a unlocked cabinet which had some ammo and many other weapons its not just easy access to guns as if that wasn't bad enough at only 10


s old


really knew how to use these guns jeffrey sometimes took him to the mexico border where heavily armed members of the neo-Nazi group often patrolled to catch illegal immigrants according to court reports, that's where Jeff taught his son to shoot.
It's crazy how Jeff had no idea what to keep from his son. Instead, it appears that he gladly taught his son the art of inflicting violence. Foreign. Joseph's interrogation lasted more than an hour. During questioning, ten-year-old Joseph was asked why he killed his father, to which he said he was motivated by an episode of Criminal Minds in which he saw a boy shoot his abusive father and faced no consequence for it. Joseph also thought that his father would not really die, he thought that he would recover and that the two could eventually reconcile as he questioned the ten-year-old boy, the authorities quickly realized that he did not really understand the gravity of the situation or the depravity of his crime. , there are many conflicting reactions to the way the interrogation was carried out, although the crime was heinous, the fact is also that a 10 year old cannot be expected to understand the importance of the Miranda warning during the interrogation to those of you who don't know what a miranda warning is here is the exact wording you have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions if you waive the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law we have all heard this before the authorities start questioning any suspect or culprit a 10 year old will not understand this and really cannot be expected to know the importance of remaining silent in a situation like this because to this


kept answering what he was asked he didn't know the consequences that would follow this is a part of what he said joseph wasn't really thinking if he was going to die or pass out he said i just thought maybe i could learn a lesson he was trying to let him know how i feel when i get hurt then maybe we could be friends again and start over.
This shows that the boy did not really think of murder, but his mind only allowed him to understand the taking Part of revenge in hurting his father Joseph was told enough to understand cause and effect, action and consequence according to court records. The defense team tried to raise this important issue during the trial when Joe Joseph was asked what it meant you have the right to remain silent. you thought that meant you had the right to remain calm when asked what you say will be used against you in a court of law means you did not answer when asked what you have the right to speak to a lawyer and have a lawyer with you meant you couldn't explain it properly court records also note that a Riverside police detective who is in charge of this investigation did not read Miranda's warnings to Joseph until approximately two minutes into questioning after each sentence the officer asked Joseph did understand what it meant, however Joseph, who is 10 years old, could not understand anything correctly and the officer had to explain to him what the sentences meant every time another loophole in the interrogation was the role of Joseph's stepmother , who was with him when detectives left the room to take a break after about 45 minutes of questioning Joseph, the boy's stepmother was recorded telling Joseph he didn't have to talk to the officer if he didn't want to, she too he added, but it's good that you told the The truth is that the stepmother's husband was killed by his own son Joseph.
Why was he present during the interrogation? He had a conflict of interest that could affect how he guided Joseph and it happened that, ironically or not, Krista McCarey, the stepmother, became a prosecution witness against Joseph. During the trial, the boy finally told police how he picked up the revolver from his father's bedroom and shot her in the middle of the night. He was later arrested and taken to the juvenile detention center while Jeffrey Hall's four other children were taken into protective custody. Joseph's stepmother. Christa was also later arrested and charged with criminal storage of firearms and child neglect.
Joan Patterson. Jeff's mother and Joseph's grandmother were given temporary custody of the other four children. In an interview on 60 Minutes, she said that she was not surprised that Joseph killed her father. she had anticipated it because of how violent Joseph was and how Jeffrey abused him, but she didn't expect it to happen as soon as she thought it would when Joseph got older. Foreign started in 2013 after spending around 18 months in a juvenile detention center. It was a difficult task for Chief District Attorney Mike Socho, as Joseph was a young child and not only did he have the age in his favor on the case, but he also had the sympathy of the people. and Jeffrey Hall, being a neo-Nazi, might have put the little boy in the hero category to some people, so he was also moved because he had never tried a child before, especially not for murder, but because murder is murder. and a case. it is a case that must be analyzed as objectively as possible socho had to state his points in agreement with socho Jeff's Nazism had nothing to do with the case socho said that Joseph would have shot his father even if he had been a member of the Peace and Freedom Party implied that Joseph killed his father for his own reasons, not for the greater good or anything Joseph, no matter how young he is, in fact a murderer Defense 2 had a very strong response the defense Matthew Hardy cited Joseph's motives as protective in nature, Joseph did what he did to save his family from Jeff's violence.
He also insisted that Nazism cannot be completely ruled out in this case and was relevant in assessing Jeff's only son according to Joseph's childhood background and conditioning. In this case, he emphasized that children learn from their parents, and when Jeff spoke about hate speech and Nazism in the home, he became a role model for Joseph. Sunday morning in 2011, where she said my stepson shot my husband, he's bleeding. Hearing this call made Joseph a bit distraught in the courtroom, while both sides had strong arguments to make the case very, very difficult if there werebeen an adult instead of Joseph. may have been much easier as an adult has an understanding of what is right and wrong and no other major factor can make the case for a cold blooded murder like this but Joseph, just 10 years old, gave the defense the same weight if an adult had committed this crime, they would get 40 years to life in prison, but in Joseph's case, what kind of sentence can be expected under California law?
Joseph can only be retained until he turns 23 years old. Eventually, after all kinds of arguments in court, a lot of people are disappointed. Judge Leonard handed down the sentence, although Joseph was 13 at the time of the trial and 10 at the time of the crime, the crime itself carried a lot of weight, so Joseph was found guilty of second degree murder for the murder from his father Jeffrey Hall. he was sentenced to 40 years to life in prison, but since he was not an adult, the sentence would actually be 10 years in a California Youth Center. Joseph would be released when he was 23 years old.
This is what the judge said before sentencing. I know some will be saddened by my decision and there may be some tears, that was the end of the case, but it was not the end of a fight for better rights and protection for five years after the death of Jeffrey Hall, California lawmakers introduced a Bill that would give children some level of protection from police questioning. This new bill was born because of Joseph's case, unlike some states. children receive legal guidance from a lawyer or guardian before being questioned. This Senate Bill 1052 was introduced in February 2016 and could potentially affect hundreds of children like Joseph who enter the criminal justice system at a young age under Senate Bill 1052.
Children under the age of 18 will consult first with a lawyer or legal guardian before they are allowed to give up their Miranda rights and also before they are questioned by the authorities. Joseph was a mentally bullied child throughout his childhood and lived with his abusive Neo-Nazi father, but what Does that mean killing someone is okay, even if you were only 10 at the time? Whether the sentence was just will always be debatable. While this case was tragic in many ways, it brought to light many things like the Senate. Bill 1052, which will at least provide better handling of cases where everything from cross-examination and trial to sentencing becomes challenging;
Furthermore, the case also sheds light on the identification of mental health problems in children and the assessment of the environment in which children grow up from the very beginning. Joseph was expelled from six schools for violent behavior before the age of 10. What steps did the parents or school take to identify the problem and help? On the other hand, Jeffrey was a discriminatory person, leader of a neon Nazi movement, he spread hatred and violence against others. in front of your son at home, what an example you were setting for little Joseph, thanks for tuning in to Twisted Minds, that was the case with Joseph Hall, and why don't you go ahead and click on one of the two videos on your screen to see another? of our videos

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