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Jorge & Mateus - Coração Calejado [Terra Sem CEP] (Vídeo Oficial)

May 09, 2020
My love failures take me away from you for fear of deceiving myself I have had a few love affairs but I had no love and that was it and it left me with a calloused 9 close to that and it hurts the schedule is boring to give in again you have to listen and you'll leave me to love so much that our longing will be concentrated if not forget it if you really love me for you do not see my failure the lovers of your faction I am afraid of deceiving myself I have had some love affairs but I did not love and that I keep the insensitive name of Pedro He said hurt Hassan street to surrender to see dispute and you will love me rogoff only ours the longing makes Iran rise up for being like this forget if you really love me efe and you are our stranger to my father I will not forget that he really wants you to promise
jorge mateus   cora o calejado terra sem cep v deo oficial

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