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JORDAN Travel Vlog | Jesus Was Baptized HERE (Jerash & Mt. Nebo)

Jun 08, 2021
I'll be quiet until tomorrow again, our north of mine, which means it's much colder and windier until we make it, which is why


is actually the best preserved roman city outside of italy. I am currently walking the stands of the old hippodrome and this is w


the Romans would have sat to watch the chariot races, it's great that this whole city is so well preserved unlike other places we have been w


there is a Roman race here and then there and like there just all scattered here you can see what the whole city would have been the craziest amphitheater I've ever stood in and I'm talking so normally and I feel like I'm speaking into a microphone how can I stand it's hell what What I have now is AG mooing okay if you saw the video yesterday this is Belle China Virginia you're not going to have a band I know I thought I started hockey outside the Pantheon in Rome and Ephesus in Turkey this has to be the Roman ruins most impressive I have ever seen and not something I would have expected to see so far from the heart of the Roman Empire.
jordan travel vlog jesus was baptized here jerash mt nebo
I mean, like in the old days, you wanted to have a lot of time to spend among Rome. and here I realize that we never really explained how we're moving this week. I'm sure so far it looks like we've been teleporting from one place to another, but since we're here with nano, she's hooked us up with some of our connections, so we actually have a driver and tour guide for the entire trip. week, which I think should be pretty cool because it will allow us to see more and learn a lot more than we would if we were running around here at lunchtime.
jordan travel vlog jesus was baptized here jerash mt nebo

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jordan travel vlog jesus was baptized here jerash mt nebo...

I honestly never thought I would be hungry again after a food tour yesterday. I even skipped breakfast this morning, so great. However, it's two o'clock and this girl is hungry. family style at the table everyone is grabbing food left and right look at this probably the most impressive thing on the table is the fresh bread this whole play is full of starters including fried cheese Wow there is no more room on the table i have a bad feeling about that this whole plate of meat is for me after the whole table is already full of other dishes that i have been eating for the last 15 minutes


ians eat very well surely they don't make more than a miller even on thanksgiving my family never she's had so much food on the table So far since we've been here we've eaten like this both days she asked us for some raw meat so this is literally raw ground beef with a creamy garlic sauce on top and some vegetables if you drizzle olive oil and eat them. with a piece of French Brahmi sandwich I'm really expanding my palate I think it's delicious the garlic sauce is really strong and then the meats are very soft like grainy they have to taste like cinnamon in there - holy eat that well seriously top ten bills of my life eve Everything is amazing, it's a lot of food.
jordan travel vlog jesus was baptized here jerash mt nebo
I don't know if everyone else eats a little bit of everything, but I think I like Gil Dezer. I try to eat something. Oh, I'll be full until tomorrow. I've learned that lunch is a big problem in Jordan and bigger than all other meals, so I think we're eating more than the average Jordanian, but it's normal that we have to walk - who am I? - together we spent the afternoon exploring a 12th century Muslim castle built on top of a strategic hill which made the sense of sight perfect up here, yes it's the third day in Jordan and today we packed our things in a mine because we are heading to the Dead Sea, but we have a few stops along the way, the first of which is Mount Nebo, where we just arrived and this is where God showed Moses the Promised Land.
jordan travel vlog jesus was baptized here jerash mt nebo
I drove about an hour to get here, just up this mountain and the views are already amazing, I think because of us. it's getting higher it's getting colder luckily nonno bo I would have liked a traditional Jordanian scarf to keep my neck nice and warm. Apparently, based on the color and pattern of the scarves, you can tell where people are from, so this red and white pattern is Jordanian, but there are also many. Palestinians here and if you see someone wearing a black and white pattern that indicates they are Palestinian, almost all men wear. I feel like I fit in right now so this metal statue that you see behind that signifies the exact spot where they think God showed Moses the promised land.
It is absolutely wonderful to be in the exact place of a story that we have read a million times in our lives. It really feels completely surreal. You read these stories and it feels like they just happened in this distant place so far in the past that you can't really relate to it, but then you like standing here looking at everything that we're seeing, it kind of brings all those stories to life. life. I can see why God chose this spot because the views are amazing and it's not even a clear day, it's super cloudy and we can still see so far.
I think Moses would have been very pleased when he came here so this area Jordan is known for the art of storytelling through mosaics and there is actually a church on top of Mount Nebo with all these beautiful original mosaics so who have built this building on top of it to help preserve it. very windy and we are supposed to swim in the Dead Sea tomorrow, but we have heard that the degrees of seven days down there as the water that we could see from here is born. I am having a hard time believing everything I can see from here who is possibly warm right now yeah this is amazing probably my favorite our next stop on the agenda is this really amazing city of madhava and there is something our guys have been trying to make sure that we understand and that is that Muslims and Christians in this area live in perfect harmony and a really cool story that he told us is that there was a time when the city mosque had no way to make its call to prayer and Christians allowed them to use their church bells to make the Muslim call to prayer.
That was cool to hear, so the biggest thing to see here modified is this church called st. George, it was built on top of this really unique mosaic map, so the mosaic itself was put together in the 6th century, but it was hidden for thousands of years and they found it only recently, it helped him understand a lot about the layout of the Saint. Land, it's actually extremely fascinating so it's this map of the entire Holy Land with all these important areas and when they found it there was a street there that no one knew existed in Jerusalem so they went and dug up this street which was like intact. underground, it had been completely built on top of it, it probably would have been lost over time, but this math has allowed him to discover these new things, he said, but what's interesting about it is like everything they've dug up on the map so far.
It's accurate, but the only thing that sticks out and is a little weird is that there's a lion, so I think maybe the weather here used to be different and the lions are actually us. ed to live here in Jordan yeah because they need more green land and there's a lot of desert here now so it's interesting that we've learned a new word that we're going to be using a lot lately Bela's gone which means we're very followed like with any other meal ok we have one more stop we are about to be at the Dead Sea but we just stopped to see where Jesus was


it actually happened in the Jordan River which is the border between Jordan and Israel so it's a highly secure area so we're not supposed to have the camera inside but we're going to be able to see it we can film here but we can only take pictures oh it's gold yeah dead warmer . moving story yes i am currently standing in


and that is israel


was here and now we are here i just cant get over it rania lemonade we added to our new hotel just in time to see one of the most beautiful ever. sunsets over the dead sea it was really perfect im so excited to spend the next two or nights here we can swim in it tomorrow and its like a billion degrees warmer hence the fact i took off both coats so I think we both said swim in the Dead Sea, but I don't think you swept float, what a relax.
I heard that you shouldn't try to swim today, in fact, they would use them to catapult people trying to climb their castle. Strange, but it's the best I've ever seen. I don't even know an animal. That's why I can't buy nice sunglasses because I drop them all the time.

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