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Aug 30, 2023
100 It was a mistake for them to leave Jonathan Taylor's league and what it's like to look at running backs and not give them the value and money that I think they've earned. Why would you trade him now when you just brought in Anthony Richardson today? the conclusion of a saga that we have been following for the last few months, although the one with Jonathan Taylor specifically is more recent, this is all part of what I consider a great story that follows runners and all of this could have been avoided, but it seems that The Indianapolis Colts have shot themselves in the foot here or perhaps done themselves a great service, so before we get to the content, we're still posting Madden 24 codes on my Instagram story and Snapchat story.
jonathan taylor s worst nightmare came true
Flight mic on Instagram and appflight Mike connects to Snapchat and now that we have all that sorted out, it works. Oh, this is practically free money. You only need to correctly choose two squares to triple our money in prize selections and celebrate the NFL season. starting the fixed award gives us a free square, all that shield on these is one passing yard to meet his square, so you combine that with Travis Kelsey who only needs one receiving touchdown and this is a one in my opinion. Guaranteed victory in our books. It doesn't matter if you're the biggest cowboy hater on Earth, Dak Prescott will get a passing yard and we all know Travis Kelsey will definitely get a receiving touchdown if you haven't signed up for prize selections yet, if you could match your initial deposit using my promo code mic when you sign up that's the promo code mic when you sign up for prizes or just click the link in the description below thank you prize pigs for the sponsor mic check one two , one, two, what's going on. everyone and what I believe is the most preventable drama we've ever covered on this channel as I assume the San Francisco 49ers gave up multiple first round picks to trade for Trey Lance, of which we have another video coming out later this week about following a series of meetings between disgruntled running backs as a result of running backs not being paid enough, at least in his opinion, Jim Morrissey decided to tweet this about a month ago about the NFL running back situation , we have negotiated a collective bargaining agreement that required years of effort and hard work and compromising good faith on both sides to say now that a specific category of players wants another negotiation after the fact is inappropriate some agents are selling bad faith and I will be honest, Jim Mercy's opinion is correct here, but the problem is that Jim Irsay had one of the most disgruntled running backs in the entire NFL on his roster and that running back is none other than Jonathan Taylor, almost instantly, Jonathan Taylor's Asian malkikawa hit to Jim, erase with the last catch moment, bad faith is not paying your best offensive player, this is where things get really interesting because a big argument that Austin Ackler would make in the past is the fact that the Running backs aren't paid a lot of money, but whenever they're on the trade block, teams typically ask for first- and second-round picks in order for them to be traded, just look at the Christian McCaffrey trade from last year.
jonathan taylor s worst nightmare came true

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jonathan taylor s worst nightmare came true...

The San Francisco 49ers had to give up a lot of draft picks in order to acquire him, and by the way, they weren't seventh-round picks, by the way, we're talking second round picks. rounders too and this is after Christian McCaffrey has been in the NFL for five years, so what would be the value of a player who has been in the NFL for three years? Well, this is where things get really interesting. Jim Mercy would continue to do things. Worse in my opinion, he would try to clean up his comments by saying that his comments were not directed at Jonathan Taylor and that so far no contract talks have occurred, saying that the comment was not actually directed at Jonathan, we have not exchanged any contact. numbers between us or anything like that, so it's not like we're in the middle of it.
jonathan taylor s worst nightmare came true
I think we had a tough season last year, we didn't win many games, this is a year to come together and have a great year and we're really depending on Jonathan teaming up with quarterback Anthony Richardson to try to come together and have a great year. Yeah, Jonathan Taylor isn't doing that, he's trying to replicate what Ezekiel Elliott was able to do in his third season and What makes all of this worse is that, of all the running backs, the individual who seemed to have been the angriest about the whole situation was none other than Jonathan Taylor and you could see this clearly because even before all of this happened, Matt Miller tweeted something that was becoming very obvious: the best way to get the most out of a running back you draft without needing to pay him that much money.
jonathan taylor s worst nightmare came true
I've been saying it for years: you draft a running back to play running back if he's a good franchise, the running back one time and then the running back Raptor, what you're trying to say here is that, in theory, you could draft a running back in the first round pick in the NFL draft and then you have him on a four-year rookie skill contract and then you could exercise your fifth-year option on him to get him a rookie contract or something like that in his fifth year and then you could label him as franchise for a year and then another year and then you would have a rider in your team for Seven.
Seasons without the need to commit to him in a maximum contract. Jonathan Taylor was very angry with this idea, he even said that one, if you are good enough, they will find you both, if you work hard enough, you will succeed, if you succeed, you will boost. the organization and then it doesn't matter because you're a runner so you can see Jonathan Taylor was very angry about the whole situation, on the one hand I can't blame the runners for feeling the way they feel at the same time. I can't blame the general managers for feeling that way either.
I mean how many times general managers tried to pay top running backs in the 2014 NFL season. DeMarco Murray led the NFL in rushing in much the same way Josh Jacobs did last time. The year DeMarco Murray in 2014 carried the ball 392 times and ran for over 1,800 yards, the reward is that the Dallas Cowboys didn't want to sign him to an extension, but the Philadelphia Eagles, did you go to Philadelphia for a season, had the


season of your career? Next thing you know he's out of the league two seasons later, how about Todd Gurley in 2017? He began to thrive with Sean McVay rushing for 1300 yards and 13 touchdowns and that's before we discussed what he did in the receiving game 788 yards receiving that season. winner of the NFL Offensive Player of the Year award when the LA Rams exercised Todd Gurley's fifth-year option.
At this point, Todd Gurley would be in the NFL during Four Seasons. They also decided to reward him with a four-year, $60 million contract extension. season Todd Gurley rewarded them with another incredible season 1800 yards from scrimmage 21 total touchdowns and suffered injuries during the playoffs, in fact as a result of this the LA Rams were a shell of their former self by reaching the Super Bowl and After building an entire offense based on Todd Gurley's skill set, it seemed like Sean McVay understood that you can't build teams around running backs anymore. How about Le'Veon Bell? Le'Veon Bell decided to hold out for an entire season when the Pittsburgh Steelers refused. to give him a contract extension that he liked, he then signed with the New York Jets and was a shell of his former self.
Ezekiel Elliott also comes to mind, the Cowboys decided to reward their running back after he held out in 2019 and around the time the contract was signed. The extension kicked in, well, the Cowboys released them the moment they could. Now Jim Morrissey would have this meeting with Jonathan Taylor and essentially tell him to his face that we're not giving you a contract extension, probably because it never worked out for any team. that has signed their running back to a long term contract extension and as a result Jonathan Taylor demanded a trade now originally when we found out Jonathan Taylor demanded a trade Jim irsay would boldly say we will not trade Jonathan end of discussion not now and not in October now things would get a little weird Jim Murphy tried to avoid paying Jonathan Taylor for this season and extend his contract one more season by saying he's too injured to play for the full year he's currently in with players who can't. performance roster, but even though the Indianapolis Colts said they weren't going to trade Jonathan Taylor and Taylor demanded a trade, they ultimately decided they were going to allow him to pursue trades, which brings us to where we are now: There were two top contenders . at this point trade for Jonathan Taylor Services, the first one is the Philadelphia Eagles because the Philadelphia Eagles just want to get all the talent in the world and put it on their roster if someone plays for the Georgia Bulldogs in college or is just a high level talent that's buying cheap, Howie Roseman will pick up the phone and try to find a way to get it and I think I speak for all of us, that part of me, even though I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan.
I would love to see the Philadelphia Eagles get Jonathan Taylor because so far the Philadelphia Eagles have a running back room of Rashad Penny and DeAndre Swift, which means trading for Jonathan Taylor means you'll have a Taylor running back room. Swift, can you imagine the possibilities of merchandise, but the Philadelphia Eagles apart from the team that seems to have been making the most moves and one of the most aggressive for Jonathan Taylor was none other than the Miami Dolphins, keep in mind that Mike McDaniel comes from training by Kyle Shanahan? tree, he practically employed Kyle Shanahan's offense last year in the Miami Dolphins offense, the difference is that he actually has a quarterback, although he has been dealing with a significant amount of injuries, two he has looked good when he was , has two wide receivers Speedy and the Dolphins.
They've been very aggressive defensively and also held out for Jalen Ramsey in Bradley Chubb's final offseason workout midway through last season, so the Dolphins were doing everything they could to set up a trade for Jonathan Taylor and today too We saw them make some moves, the first was the fact that they reworked Cedric Wilson's contract to free up around three million dollars in cap space, the second was the fact that they directly released pick Anderson, formerly known as Robbie Anderson, every time you make a bunch of decisions like this it's probably due to a particular reason why the Miami Dolphins had until 4 pm ET to try to find a way to trade for Jonathan Taylor and throughout The day the Miami Dolphins were fueling speculation that they were losing salary even more as the day went by trading Noah Ibkin again, which likely killed the Dallas Cowboys for Calvin Joseph.
A move that was clearly a cost cutting move for the Miami Dolphins and as time went on we finally found out that the Indianapolis Colts are not going to change. trading Jonathan Taylor, which makes this saga even crazier, so this comes to us first from Adam Shafter according to Adam Shafter. No deal Indianapolis didn't find what it felt was a fair value offer for Jonathan Taylor and isn't trading away his career All-Pro. Today, Taylor is expected to remain on the physically unable to perform list, making him ineligible to play in the first four games of the season.
Taylor is now expected to miss games against the Jaguars in Houston, in Baltimore and the Rams, so Now that Jonathan Taylor is not going to be traded for now, who would you say is the biggest winner here? Well, it's certainly not Jonathan Taylor of the Indianapolis Colts. They could have gone either way in this situation. I mean, I don't think so. It's the


thing in the world to be able to keep the best player on your roster on your team and at the same time sell a running back at the peak of his value by trading him for some early draft picks so you can build around him.
Anthony Richardson, when your team is relatively raw, isn't the worst idea either. I applaud Chris Ballard for not making a decision where he felt the value was not there because of what Jonathan Taylor is worth, but simply because Jonathan Taylor is currently in Indianapolis. The Colts don't necessarily mean that's going to be the case in the future, the best chance for Jonathan Taylor to be traded in the future would probably be during the trade deadline or at least close to the trade deadline, mainly because it's possible that see another team emerge similar to the San Francisco 49ers when they traded for Christian McCaffrey, all you need is to find a team that is clearly one running back away from unlocking theiroffense and that's where the San Francisco 49ers were last year.
Kyle Shanahan's offense is an offense that heavily emphasizes zone running schemes. Same thing with the Miami Dolphins and same thing with the Philadelphia Eagles offense, if you don't have a threatening running back in the Philadelphia Eagles offense, it kind of takes away that RPO triple option that they like to run with Jalen it hurts and even though Rashad Penny or DeAndre Swift could easily step up and fill that void that you won't really know until four weeks into the season, so this is Jonathan Taylor's worst


because he won't be playing football for the next four weeks.
It's also a


scenario if it happens. Have drafted Jonathan Taylor in your fantasy football league, so let me know in the comments section below how you guys feel about it. We'll keep an eye on this in the future, besides that, I'm his, Mike's, and I's guy. I'll drop our mic until our next overseas upload.

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