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Jun 01, 2021
and here on the belize twitter account after the Game of Thrones backlash, he's like a super fan and said, oh, what exactly does HBO like to be on my favorite show. All the shit on the internet is on it. A good scene. I'll be honest. It was probably the worst scene of all. I refer to the contracted commitments. to start the timer he is this haunted place yes by me whoa aah sam mm-hmm she law nobility here um no mike wait I don't fully know which two places you can come back to me okay okay hey uh he was handy what do you say there a lot of bloodshed here yeah i mean in a context there was a lot going on all over the place though yeah well that's not really the question you ask yourself that's true i think my fans give you enough information, yes, Mike you.
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I know yes, is this a big or small place? e a smaller area who you ask sorry brandon it's big ok it gives you a lot of information it works well our castles around here stone around rock advanced question nico's hat is unique oh yeah a little, in which season did you see this place? the most i would say probably season like three and five i think now you go like weather wise i'm alive like oh no winter d yeah as REO been here was my was like the plants aren't good enough block huh i didn't haven't played to pick up where you're wrong, so I'm going to ask you for a month.
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That's all you've been here before. a lot cysec Brandon I was despite the whole time, so once you ask me a question, you bow down as an inspector. No, this time I'm not, so that's another question. Speaking of the current timeline, yes yes no high powered knows your location up to this point. I guess you can say that everywhere now because everyone is a little confused in season 7 the walls are pretty stable but literally everything so just doubt the wall like the guys don't plan to have is really a wall that doubts if all they can.
jon snow s secret   spyfall 2
Well Charlie you're as good as another for walling off a better man okay sorry that was starting over the history of this world bearings a lot of airlines don't make history the work I mean no I think they went here as one, but I think it's free? It's a good mission. You already give a lot. Yes that's fine. in ten seconds i'm a mess unless i rowboat now because we have to i would i really don't know who i really am yeah whoever that was the place i think it's my killer that's my suspect i don't think it's like a noise i wouldn't be googling yeah but i'd be in bamboo b beautiful fake old baby google ok let's vote beautiful for me dude thought her son left.
jon snow s secret   spyfall 2
Didn't you say those four new Sam? I bought you one for Sam that's all oh yeah I thought it was always guessing when time runs out. I guess Jess used to buy also get a dryer again for this location. That's what just tell them have no idea where it could be just a look. He replied that his last answer was very correct. Yes, is it like his answers? well, what do you think things are? Even I'm not on any bus. located no i guess if you want me to say a random word about this one and twins ok bad grades back there e all rah rah yeah yeah ok that's right harry hall yeah he melted down on the dope oh yeah I know what Harrenhal is you seem to be describing, do you seem to be like yeah the Dragons?
Lee there's never one you're about to say they flew amazing yeah come on we were trying to like each other cause it's like they got it yeah there's too much information that's a spy fall first sam your first question hey, MIGO. england villain button is just a good place for halloween if you want to go there yeah no no they celebrate halloween and like game of thrones town oh he needs halloween supplies ready to go here yeah dee she's survived here ah brutal fifty fifties shinzon anyway ok so no she's not oh i got voted it was like seeing those squeaky arms on my voting arm answering correctly by the way no no, i was just thinking about it and it's like cheating, going to win, i don't.
I don't know well anyway Mike would you say that they would like to download here if you had to describe these people would you say that they would like to download here as they or as they do not like to download that is something to leave a lot of depression in Game of Thrones, yes, but I wouldn't say it's known for people getting more depressed than anywhere else on Game of Thrones like I don't think it's specifically like that where people get down I don't think you better hope it isn't the brothel kinda specifically meaning sex btw it's ok just go down in general it's like i don't know like you know this is a big jerk dance with yeah i watch how they keep it up it was kind of a big dance the whole time ok , I'm just a jerk around here to go down here in the houses, those two have not joined him, she does not join the descent, okay, a battle area.
I have you down there any preferences let's ask Nico ask me see the brandy bye it's five home ag A man it could be the fight again oh that's good I think of course if I have two minutes and for the cyclist, I would not ask you to expand your question. Overall Lannister spent quite a bit of time there rather than expand on the questions you've brought up. i brought it up and you'll be fine ie overall spend a good amount of time here don't expand on it too much ok Nico is very specific about Circe so it's as Kevin says but no not Lannisters in general. okay go here again Doran you won't be joining the middle list anymore let me guess what's on the listen okay Dorn is on the list he's going to throw me off big time yeah I'm good go , he brought that, although yes, wide enough for all of tonight.
I say bullfighting perfectly too. I say complete. How about three give me 10 seconds? They have now. They may not have just what problem. Saying so, you already know all those games for nothing. yeah yeah i guess i shouldn't have ted i did it we pretty much got it right i think that's immediately where we go we start we die here yeah start dining everywhere though if you want to stay abroad, Sam runs Stannis's vineyard, hey Brandon, yeah man, to be here you have to. i know like a slave kinda like in bondage you have to be in general thats what it usually is good a little good a lot oh man mike yeah how are the girls around here few and far between nico just what i like her how long was she well that up what do you need coat yeah yeah okay i have no idea who it is why sweetie i wish i was with you has there been any targaryens in here let's say the last two seasons no i vote by D join me guys you almost ran so targaryen been here its cold so its knowing they got sherlock going its really called math its awesome is it black council yeah what what did we say?
John has been here few and far between women I'm surprisingly clicked right there you said it. I will have Clarence Bader. I thought he was a twin all along. Oh put them on. John looks like we had. in the middle of your earring burning the charger in what ain't right now that's not they Lannisters long in labor looting yeah that's why that's why sir say hello today how much who was your father tywin who hates them kinda i'm pretty sure that's why he hates us as much as his father guys hurry up why would he win taking care of here? it's because that available nickel surely could be safe for Volvo dragons only he can never ride a dragon keep watching this season's game Canaris ha ha ha oh wait you're right this brand will control the dragon that also on the rides where you said dad says he's not a lancer and they do lobster stuff. coming he is he is like the perfect incarnation moment whose father actually wanted a Targaryen who grew up in a brown land I'll be jealous County oh well you're not dragons they're cunning remember when they tell you the little monster listen to the story it has scale they don't have shiny blonde hair used to say designation like big and snake like baby dragon I'm willing to make a bet bet no earrings Gary wait wait I think we need some snakes better go gold necklace 50 dogs right now nickels ain't a bit more sure of 150 dollars but I want to pay in gold I don't know if a dog is the gold book but a little very very is the one of a dollar like that I want a small gold tooth this is worth 50 dollars to go in a way that all that cheered to a certain tyrion lanister brandon oc fifty dollars with a goal and if he reads targaryen niko he owes me 50 dollars for the gold but the choirs always in the end you have done them I'm leaving today fufu oh there they are going over the hill I see Rocky Mountain hit me but didn't kill me he has Humb er teammate taking a painkiller let me get up

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