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Joker Pitch Meeting (ft. The Film Theorists)

May 31, 2021
so you have a movie for me yes sir I do I was thinking we can make a Joker movie okay okay will you add the word very to your damage tattoo? Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, that version of the Joker completely. Different Joker, but if he doesn't have a damaged tattoo on his forehead, how will people know he's damaged? Oh, they'll know, don't worry, it's all going to be an origin movie that takes place in 1981, an Origin movie. Yeah, yeah, you know, people love the Joker, so I guess we could show his origin story.
joker pitch meeting ft the film theorists
Don't know. I feel like one of the things that people love most about the Joker is that he doesn't really have a clear origin story. There are a lot of YouTube videos that theorize about it, yeah, and we need people to make theory videos about our movies, so you really care about theories, uh, yeah, I mean, they're essentially free advertising and I don't like spending money , Oh yeah. You hate that. I feel like if we give the Joker an origin story, it will be difficult for YouTubers to come up with theories. In fact, it will be super easy, barely an inconvenience, oh really, yes, I mean, these YouTube people can do it. theories of everything here chat with my theory boy he will reassure you what a theory boy has yes sir, I'm doing it right um hello hello how can I help you hello hello if I told you that we were doing a wildcard?
joker pitch meeting ft the film theorists

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joker pitch meeting ft the film theorists...

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taking place in the early 80s is something you could work with, please wait, Joker. The early 80's origin movie has something for me, yes lord I do, God that's what I love about you, fast as lightning, that's why you pay me a lot of money. I actually didn't know we were paying you anything. I just took it out of your wallet. Oh petty thefts are fine, hit me with those theories, well maybe the whole movie is playing out in his head, that's a fantastic classic angle or maybe we could. Let's say Jared Leto is the Joker took up the mantle of this 80's Joker, which would probably get us a lot of angry clicks, those are great to behold, cow or get this, maybe the Joker is Batman, okay, I'm going to take a risk here. and say no, let's dial it back, that's going too far.
joker pitch meeting ft the film theorists
Oh, Walt, wait, hello, yes, we can definitely work with this. Oh amazing, thanks for your time, super easy, hardly an inconvenience. It was a pleasure talking to you, what a good guy. I'll keep your phone by the way, I like, oh, that's so bad, so what actually happens in the movie, well, we'll follow this guy, Arthur Fleck, and he has this thing where he laughs uncontrollably in inappropriate situations, oh, I got that with a smile, they do. Whoa, whoa, whoa, anyway Arthur is going through a very difficult time, he works as a clown, takes care of his mother and has several mental illnesses.
joker pitch meeting ft the film theorists
Oh, what does he have? Oh, you know, the lazy kind we can use as an excuse for violent outbursts later. That's probably fine, so Arthur just wants to be loved and make everyone happy, but people are really mean to him and the system is just beating him down. What system D? Which? Which? Oh, don't get me started on the system. Could you start? I'd love to delve a little deeper into that. No, damn it, it's enough to say that although we live in a society, why didn't you say it? That's deep enough for me, so yeah, for a good portion of the movie we are.
I'm just going to watch bad things happen to him, you know he gets fired, some kids beat him up while screaming, they beat him up in some very appropriate dialogue and then at one point he's on a train in clown makeup and these banker guys start to harassing a woman which isn't very cute, but then Arthur starts laughing so they start harassing him and let me tell you these guys know all the letters to send to the clowns, how convenient that they had that in their repertoire, yeah, like that They start beating him and he kills them all, oh God.
God, yeah, and then he runs away and dances, oh, dances, huh, very creepy. Well, I'm glad you like it because it's going to happen a lot. Oh yeah, laughing and dancing makes up about half of the running time. Wow, so what else is going on? Well, Arthur. He's also an aspiring comedian and he's obsessed with this late-night talk show host who he's convinced will give him his big break that's a lot like that Scorsese king of comedy movie you've seen, uh, yes of course. Well, full disclosure, there's a lot of that in this movie and a fair amount of taxi driver, too.
If I'm honest, what do you mean there are a lot of things? Are they just uplifting scenes from those movies or do you like to pay homage? They, well, I mean, you know, that depends which one of them doesn't end the lawsuit, the second one, well, then the second one, then it's a mirage, I'm sure you know what, just to make that perfectly clear, we're coming Robert de niro playing the host, okay, cool, so anyway one night, Arthur ends up trying out a monologue and an open mic and can't stop laughing about it and then Robert De Niro plays the footage on his show because it's so ridiculous that he got footage from an open mic, yeah well I mean it's 2019, everyone


s everything these days, well I mean people don't really film unknown comic book sets with open mic, besides, isn't this happening in 1981?
Okay, then let's say. that someone brought a very expensive and bulky camcorder to an open mic and filmed the whole thing, for some reason, pretty sure camcorders only hit the market in 83, okay, so someone brought their super 8 film camera and then developed that film and then he sent it to Robert De Niro, well, a very convenient filmmaker then, and also Arthur finds out that Thomas Wayne maybe his father, so he goes and, you know, sticks his fingers in his little brother's mouth. DC villains love to stick their fingers in people's mouths. mouths, yes, they do, but he'll find out later that maybe Batman isn't his brother, so, you know, he smothers his mother with a pillow, oh my god, he also has this whole relationship with this neighbor of his, he's okay, but towards the end of the movie, he walks into her apartment and she's afraid that he's there and she's like, "Your name is Arthur, right, you live down the hall.
Oh, okay, that's one way." nice and subtle way of letting the audience know that it was all in their imagination, so there we are." We'll have a flashback of Fight Club oh no yes, we'll have a flashback of every moment they have together and reveal that he was actually alone. No, I get it like Fight Club. I'm mirages on that one too. Well I guess, so how does the movie end? When does the big CGI sky bolt come in? Well, it's a comic book movie Where's Heaven? Who does not? There is no heaven. Oh, you're crazy I guess, so what's wrong?
Well, Arthur. comes on TV and, you know, he hits DeNiro in the head and that causes a big riot where everyone's dressed like really cool clowns and then in the middle of that, Thomas and Martha Wayne will come out of a movie theater and They will walk through an alley. Are we doing this? You are staying right. We are doing this. We have to do this. So we do this and the pearls fly everywhere. Oh, doing this is hard, so yeah, so Joker becomes this symbol. and only the Basques and the glory of this movement that he started wow wow wow wow maybe you didn't know maybe he imagined it what yes maybe it's all in his head who knows so well so what do you think?
Well, I mean, it sounds like a movie. I'm a little worried about what kind of message we might be sending and what kind of things we might be glorifying. Yeah, I wouldn't worry about that. Oh, okay, then I won't. Hey guys, Ryan here. , I hope you enjoyed that speech. Big thanks to Matt Pat from the Film Theorists channel for collaborating on this and I actually also collaborated on a video on his channel about the Joker, so you can check it out while you're there, make sure you subscribe, they have amazing videos. detailed theories, they are a lot of fun to watch, definitely check them out if you haven't already.
Also let me know in the comments section here what other movies you would like to see in



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