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Johnny vs. Sonic Unleashed

Feb 09, 2022
I know it's a bit of a weird ending, this was supposed to be a portable Sonic marathon with Sonic Unleashed, but believe me, this has been a long time coming. I don't intend to do this for quite some time at a time when I don't have to put a camcorder in front of a TV anymore T good footage a right time thanks we don't have to switch so many games just to get one thing I'm not even sure I like it first of all a time where i'm a little older a little more smoothed out a little more experienced in some aspect Sonic Unleashed I haven't played this completely through and through since I first got it in 2008 but I've mentioned it a couple of times times every time I go back to this it's strictly the day stages because they mean what I know Sonic 4 other than that if I'm going to go back to the day stages I'm going to play them through the Unleashed project a mod that implemented day levels into Sonic Generations for be able to enjoy them with the silky smooth frame rate and after the load times that rehog, i would be dead if i gave my opinion about the shower in the contest again ago so many years but that was some time ago and after titles like


boom rise of lyric i have to load other stuff i played between then and now what is my total game pain today?
johnny vs sonic unleashed
Now I'm talking about the complete package for both versions. you know i remember you were so excited for this game what i said we were insecure depending if i can take anything after


oh six yeah there was a time you thought sonic chronicles was ok who later and it they got so good when sonic. Unleashed was gone now, fans were excited to see it's not exactly their element after that little episode that was a couple of years old until a short time later when Sega showed off the next thing for the next game pig man and it wasn't completely different. character or something son I would transform into this thing when the sun went down and I have to be honest.
johnny vs sonic unleashed

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I thought this looked silly and after Sonic. Oh, sex really was the best way to get off the bottom when that game was such a bitter taste in everyone's mouth. like the team held their own in the slightest either way and i went and bought it because i was a desperate sack of elliot here i got the wii version of the game of the year of release it was a christmas present yeah it was good that gave me, a excuse to play it. I didn't have enough money at the time for game builds and you may not have thought very highly of this rating at one time, maybe because it was a graphics total or whatever at the time.
johnny vs sonic unleashed
Megan Karass I say is all to give it another chance let's take a full on this video talking about Elliott are you ready to return to Sonic Unleashed? Yes, every day as always I will be. I'm glad you said that because we started with Sonic Unleashed for mobile what you now see Sonic Unleashed ended up fitting well into the handheld marathon what the heck is Sonic Unleashed for mobile you mean Android and iOS do you wish that We were talking about Elliott from 2008 when mobile phone games were barely above the quality of an early '90s title? for windows 95 and so look at the choppy frame rate the control shows the eto about half a screen the color defects of the game give that but damn it's awkward to play if i had a proper controller to play with this maybe i really can getting it past the first werehog level because the touch screen is so irresponsible jumping with climbing ledges when you have to control the HUD off can you blame me look what space this thing takes up it's a good thing the day stays played alone most of the time It's partly more automated in Sonic Rush, but this funky little guy needed to keep my mind off stuff like that.
johnny vs sonic unleashed
I didn't turn the music down so they can hear me speak. There is no music at all. a few seconds or so when a level starts but after that utter silence honestly if it wasn't for the half decent graphics it could be on the same level as one of those LCD games from Tiger Electronics you say half a season but look at the pig man here. That facia screams when I get in here right now, right? seems more annoying than fair oh that's actually kind of funny but ok the real Sonic Unleashed begins with Sonic and Eggman going head to head in passionate classics to this day still one of my favorite openings of any period of Sonic gameplay just fire on all cylinders from the start hero meets villain we got some great action intense music all without much dialogue great way to start the game that is until Eggman. manages to trap Sonic in his little trap with a head button Eggman breaks through the chaos and looks directly at Super Sonic and uses the power of the harness to fire a gun that splits the entire planet into different rent pieces miraculously this is at the end of the game and jumping here none of the people in town seem to be stressed about the fact that the whole planet just broke there's a lot wrong with this picture I could spend a whole video on that, okay? it's a video game.
I can suspend my disbelief at that extending just in time because this is where Sonic transforms into the pig-man, so I'm guessing because Sonic was exposed to negative energy from the air mods when the gun went off. Sonic turned. in this, they later hint that it was Dark Gaia that Eggman wanted to awaken was responsible for the change, but I don't see how a Sonic was still in space when Dark Gaia woke up, but with the huge beast on Eggman cast off sonic, the father with the one he was dealing with, you know it won't kill him, survived the Fallen's sonic advance;
After all, Sonic survives the fall thanks to a mysterious flight, and upon recovering, he discovers a small creature. next to him, who can't remember anything of himself, Sonic ends up calling a little thing a ship after realizing we orgasm over a chocolate chip dessert, the thing has a perpetual boner from the food and feels the urge to comfort her - that unless hardly, only hate rates who, like Sonic, agree to help Chip get his memories back, leading them to meet up with Tails after trading a few punches with some dark guys. Tails thinks that Professor Pickle, a renowned scholar, can shed some light on what Eggman


and with this tornado, which is actually a third product according to this fine print, Sonic and friends loop through the world. fractured planet to find the professor, unfortunately the professional pickle ends up kidnapped by Eggman, but it's not as big of a deal as Sonic ends up. rescuing him in the blink of an eye later, especially by playing the Wii version, the biggest cucumber lover exposes that this isn't the first time the planet has been under these circumstances Dark Gaia is a creature that naturally every million years or so he wakes up and breaks the planet, completely destroying it in due time, he's already 3/4 of the way there if you ask me, but luckily Eggman's little son woke him up prematurely. so it's not a full power rally, sonic has enough time to travel around the world in search of these ancient temples, he saw the power of the Chaos Emeralds and used their energy to bring the planet back together and thus , the rest of the game can easily be summed up as Sonic traveling from temple to temple restoring the air to most of its former jolly rancher glory and coming that much closer to stopping Eggman's scheme, finally the chip remembering that he actually is lighting up Gaia, the polar opposite of its evil counterpart charged with the duty of restoring the planet every time Dark Gaia destroys it, that's one hell of a vicious cycle, isn't it?
Yeah I apply his basic overpop but kind of lick the dark guy or if he does he's no where near Jesus using the energy of Dark Gaia Eggman in a time that's been a long time coming if you complain adventure one finally manages to build Eggman's land, it's a total hell and sadly the last stop on Sonic's journey is the final temple is right in the center of this crimson carnival but Sonic manages to restore the last arable plant right after doing so he is confronted to Eggman Dreamcast, who is immediately pushed aside by Dark Gaia, the creature ripping Sonic's pig-man in case people didn't.
I like them enough for future games and he almost finished off the blue hedgehog until Chip steps in and using his latent power he summons all the temples around the world to form a Megazord which Megazord blushes working together with the Colossus type who finally Super Sonic managed to stop. Gaia's rampage and restoring everything to normal sadly this means the chip is left behind Dark Gaia as he is just part of the natural planets. woe to life as it is and leaves sonic with one last goodbye sonic takes the token bracelet as a memento we'll never see again after this game and runs off into the dawn he was killed by his side it's not a terribly complicated story it's very safe compared to the last few games kind of storytelling anyway it's classic Sonic versus Eggman and it's the various planets that I don't care for at all it just seems a bit silly to me that the circumstances are extreme or take a little more seriously what would happen to sonic world yummy pretty laid back in tone there are some people here and they are worried about the state of the planet but the real focus is on sonic world adventure the kind of people , Sonic knows a variety of cultures to experience a great selection of foods.
Final Fantasy 15 clearly took note of Sonic Unleashed because food is everywhere in this game. I remember the first time I was content to grab an Eggman sandwich or whatever. Dammit. Now I want hoagie and I usually hate hopping. world in a sonic game i think they are nothing more than a distraction from the actual gist of the game and i still feel that way to some degree here but i will come out and say i think these are some of the best overall series two reasons one there may be a select number of them, but they are all quite small in size and it doesn't take long to get where you need to go second, the townspeople are more than your run-of-the-mill welcome to the Akron area, many of them have their own kind of stories to tell and side quests to cover the whole story.
Back then, I might get stuck with these kinds of details, but this is something I might appreciate a bit more by revisiting this. The whole game is like Majora's Mask in a way and one of the reasons I loved that game was the people I talk to now. I don't think these guys and gals are on the same level if you ask me, but I like the attempt to make the hub worlds run into something more, even if their rewards aren't much more than achievement points of course, it all applies to the HD version because the Wii version doesn't really have hub worlds per se, but rather hub menus where you talk to static portraits of townspeople to progress to the next area.
It's a completely forced presentation for a platformer, what's the shame? because I like to see these characters come to life. This game has a fantastic art style. which I think fits perfectly with Sonic's inherently cartoonish design. If you're going to get Sonic to interact with people beyond those green hills, this is how you do it. I will definitely pick Sonic just because the overall game looks amazing. man you're not a line it's still the best looking sonic game by far even today you're absolutely right the hedgehog engine man is the first game isn't it damn what a first impression they are the environments? beautiful character models are super soft and blend in so well with their surroundings even when you look so insanely fast you can still admire everything around you so damn well except when it comes to frame rate bed even happens a lot . because how the graphics are, I can smell the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Catching Fire trying to render all these lighting effects and polygons at once, ladies like Empire sitting down, specially added by Kepler. and the introduction during the jungle tunnel of the aquatic areas, the Wii version doesn't look bad compared to, say, the sonic heroes or Sonic in secret rings.
I considered this a step up, sure it doesn't have the Hedgehog engine, but at least the frame rate. doesn't half scream in agony at that point my only real problem is that the level design environments are colorful but sometimes feel a bit too spacious and therefore empty. I'll be a little easy. Since this was the first time the dev team had incorporated the boost formula into a 3D space and didn't know how to fully integrate it without fully compromising the level design, it's easier to forgive nowadays in the game, no more books of speed acrostics, but Yes, Sonic Unleashed was the first game to use the boost formula in 3D.
Today, we all know what that implies. Samushe has a standard adventure moveset. i am going to use this but the boost feature is the highlight of this game. You have a boost meter that fills up when you collect rings to destroy bad guys and he has enough in the tank. You can shoot with sonic speed with the push of a button and never before I hope we can total science moving so fast I mean everyone who was speeding but me it's awesome to see Sonic run at these speeds it's really a sight we've gone beyond the slower and more methodical approach of previous games and filled in its certainly a different style of sonic i might even say it makes the game a bit more shallow compared to other games its clear that anyway the things they want you to do with Sonic Unleashed, he goes extremely fast and have the reflexes to keep up with that talk oh that takes precedence over everything else including basic exploration and platforming that has this here but takes a backseat , it's like sonic rush but in 3d its fun to go fast and if you enjoy that sort of thing then you have something to look forward to here but day stay gives me very few r reasons to do it? exploring my environment this is due to the narrow tunnels that make up the level design or the high speed that gives me constant access to unfortunately Sonic Unleashed tries to have his cake and it's easy because to advance to other stages you need to have a certain amount of these Sun and Moon medals are simply collectibles that you find in the middle of the stage and nothing else is unless you're in an instance where things slow down the These things are almost impossible to spot with this type of game.
The style of the game wants you to go fast, not explore, so when you have to stop and look for these things, it's awkward. the day stages contain various routes to get to the goal ring and try to replicate the classic sonic the hedgehog design and this is something i think future games will execute better but in this game look for things that are mandatory for progression with this kind of speed and strict design is not intuitive. There's a reason a lot of people don't care about red rings and sighing generations. They are completely optional. If the game was more like a Sonic Adventure title, I have no doubt that it would be a bit better. that's the kind of game speed could offer but also for exploring things it could help navigate the layout was in points and again if sun and moon modes were handled like say power stars in Mario 64 its level end l objective rather than something you find in a discrete base which would fix a lot of problems I just listed ok plus one for the Wii version then because that is exactly how they are handled Sun and Moon medals are your reward for completing a stage, the better you do the more medals you get and while that means you have to replay the stages if you don't meet the criteria for later zones, at least you don't have to worry about missing something because you passed it quickly and I really appreciate that I think it helps that the Wii version was developed by them, says the people responsible for the game to introduce the boost formula, I think they had a better understanding of how to handle it s obligatory MacGuffins, it's a shame the Wii version is missing two whole levels compared to the HD version, it doesn't have Missouri even though it still hosts a boss fight there and our town was skipped entirely probably because it didn't have a actual meaning in the plot if you think about it just flirt there but now we're getting to what may well be the second half of the pack the pig man when Sun Goes Down the word Hawk appears where speed is completely gone and instead is a basic platformer.
With beat-em-up elements on the plus side, searching for the metals with this type of layout isn't too bad because unlike the daytime levels, you're encouraged to look around for either finding those metals, solutions for simple puzzles or maybe some power-ups to help take out some enemies for some reason, Sonic has springy limbs while in this state, allowing him to scale ledges with the shimmy along poles to travel narrow and, what More importantly, the coop should have enemies in six ways starting on Sunday that you can even grab. these little little things and just smash his face like the biggest jerk of a wolf.
Combat is a main focus of the pigmen sections, from the great titans, magic wizards to good old roblox. hit as the dick is huge but not much variety sadly halfway through you will see all the enemies the game has to offer the only difference is the number you face rather than what you face and although the pig man has a huge selection of combos at your disposal even more so when you accumulate enough experience points to level up, the basic X and Y combos are usually enough to get the job done no matter the opponent, while nothing stops you from pausing the game to search for the new things you can do.
I have little reason to try new things as a result of once again the small group of enemies, though pulling a piledriver on top of another moose is somewhat satisfying packing flashes and character action games are all the rage right now. I don't blame Sega for wanting to cash in on that market, even if it was a soem primarily not known for combat, but even with a fundamentally sound build, but where the pig sections are still stuck with overly tense course design, just going on too long with fines and pigs. I'm flabbergasted times like these are still met with an S, right, Jesus Christ, it's some platforming stuff that's nothing you haven't seen. the camera that can be a really fickle sometimes there is and this one can't be decided sometimes you can control it manually the other times you can just move it from left to right like some kind of shaky camera I don't get it but the worst offender of the stages too Long stem from the large number of encounters that touch on the same battle theme every time you fight something.
It doesn't really exasperate me. Sonic Unleashed has a great soundtrack. Some of my favorite pieces are actually the Sage World themes. It plays when you're scouting the stage, but whenever you fight someone on it, I was like, oh damn, I just wanted it to not be that sexy jazz. pull out some sweet t ash spider-man moves on the park horn I'm thinking man isn't it awesome to do it in stages instead let's grab the ledge here and jump over a pole here and swing every once in a while here move why the hard work is pretty limited it's doubled it's not that exciting it doesn't even always have a drop shadow for some puzzling reason it makes platforming a bit difficult I'd say it's even worse on the Wii version plus there's a Hogman has more prominence overall, the combat abilities aren't quite as expansive and a bit more intrusive to pull off, so you can use a GameCube controller or a Classic controller. for each hit, this is more natural with motion controls, if not a bit taxing, but with button inputs it seems like everything Elliott said is moot.
Poole isn't that big, so he's doing a lot of the same thing over and over. better than saying the sonic boom lyric rhymes and again that's not very hard to achieve and you see the pig man has more prominence in the wii version well in this version the stages are mission based when you are done with the main act you need to play the stage again with a different stipulation like collect a certain number of rings or something, the number of missions between normal Sonic and the pigman is the same, it's just that the missions of the Pigman naturally takes a lot longer than the daytime stuff so in essence it's really no different than the HD version when you compare the ratios of day and night it feels worse given the number of times you see Pigman star in another mission and howl like a wolf, although it's not so obvious that the HD version also has different axes in one area.
They are not required but I recommend playing them anyway because they are more sun and moon medals that you can collect so you can at least have a change of scenery instead of repeating the same levels all over again if you need more medals the HD version also has DLC adventure packs basically super hardcore versions of the status someone qualifies you to have a massive spike fetish so you can give them a shot feel the day they just weren't. It's not challenging enough. I remember getting my butt kicked in 2008 by this game because you move so fast that you need higher than average reflexes to perform optimally and avoid hitting an obstacle at 300 miles per hour or plummeting down a bottomless pit that specifically it could happen on more than one occasion, given the life and death scenarios and QuickTime events the game is plagued with.
In the second one, I actually mentioned Eggmanland. The game's final level is appropriate for something technically in the works from 1998. This circus from hell meets pain and heartbreak on both accounts playing as well as Sonic and the werehog 72 minutes that's how long it took my first attempt all those years ago years today I can finish it in less than half an hour but god Mn dammit and the final boss is just the worst. I'll gladly give the leader a thumbs up for just making the first half disengage. Is it facia? Sonic Unleash can be hard, maybe a little too hard in my opinion.
I wouldn't recommend it for someone's first Sonic game, that's for sure, it takes more than your standard Mario game asks for in something that might be a good thing to give the game its own identity, but let's just say your average Joe is just im looking for another kenny platformer but finish the thing is its really a good thing after all as a sonic fan i got this because im just what a sonic fan expected of me now i know what to expect but its still kicking my ass Kind of time on this game, if anything I would recommend the Wii version to start with, it's not quite as pretty or fast as the HD gameplay, but I think it's easier to jump into and doesn't ask for too much early on. he takes his time with things and yes he notes that the level feels a bit empty but once you get the hang of it you'll be clearing levels much faster which you can manage in the HD version stages like Eggman land or even split it into a separate quest so you don't have to do everything in one go buy thank god i was able to finish this game and i'm not the biggest platformer.
Let that speak to how accessible this version of the game is so it doesn't completely negate the pig-man stuff, though it doesn't matter which version you play. it's the antithesis of what you'd expect from a Sonic game that doesn't offer anything that games like God of War double can cry about already offer on a much better scale, seriously go play those if you really want to punch something in the face , you know I might not enjoy the werehog ability, but I'm glad Sonic Unleashed was a thing because it gave us a form of Sonic that Sonic Team which we then found and polished resulting in games that I think anyone, not only Sonic fans can enjoy not to mention the game is loosing with charm as if clean r Sonic Team wanted to apologize for the 15th anniversary and they want to make up for Sonic Unleashed the technical marvel looks and sounds has a lot of personality too you know the world they travel through and the people you meet there's a lot to do and collect outside of the main games you want to go for achievements and all of that Sonic Unleashed reminds me in a lot of ways of why i love the franchise in the first place, it's just that Werehog Man just wasn't needed, so why just go back to daytime levels?
I'm sorry if you originally thought that without the pigman Monica that would be considered two less than a game to sell well, but a Sonic Colors and generations is anything to go by people don't care if the game is good from start to finish End. So let the SUV click for you sometime this year. I guess we can know you enjoy half. ow yeah that was a thing this is weird we usually talk to each other at the end of these you wanted action right? I guess I was smoking a little more, I guess I got it. you have to dress like kinda slow your back so try again back not much tell me more laughs oh i'm not mode a ah it's funny nope ok

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