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John Salley Explains How Racist Boston Celtics Fans Can Be (Flashback)

Jun 04, 2021
Did you see Russell Westbrook's whole altercation with the fan? Yeah, because I guess the guy said, "Get on your knees or something," like you liked, yeah, and Russell just lost it. Did you experience that type of racism?


, yeah, really, what's the craziest thing anyone has ever said to you? I bet on bossa, there you go, so I say my favorite team was the Boston Celtics growing up, okay, because they were the first to hire a black coach, I can say that, that was my reason. two, I love Bill Russell's left handed blocked shots, he had a nice little hook shot and I can run the cart and he was known as a smart player, he chose when to retire.
john salley explains how racist boston celtics fans can be flashback
I like everything about Bill Russell, the things they said to him and him. You played on a team, huh, but I would do it with Russell. He's right this time. He doesn't have to put up with that. Not to say we did it. We were just so numb. He's not as


as Boston was at the bar. You know the Boston Celtics crowd when you were around. playing because I remember interviewing Jemele Hill and she compared the Celtics to Hitler at one point in 2008 and was suspended. the entire column was meant to be satirical and funny. about how the


you know once they got kg. ray allen rondo I grew up in Detroit, we hated the Celtics, and as a lot of people know, there was a racial dynamic there to hate the Celtics.
john salley explains how racist boston celtics fans can be flashback

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john salley explains how racist boston celtics fans can be flashback...

There were black people who didn't like the Celtics because of the way they were positioned against the Lakers and the kind of racial dynamics on plays that we didn't even realize were in play, so I grew up hating the team mainly because They were rivals of Detroit, yes, because Jews hate to be reminded or people hate to be reminded that they gave the rights to Hitler. do what he did to people that they hate, they don't like, they don't like to be reminded of, they don't like that nobody goes when they read something and clicks on it to find out the story or who Hitler is.
john salley explains how racist boston celtics fans can be flashback
They don't want you to be a critical thinker, they don't want you to have an opinion if it doesn't match their way, they don't, so the difference with going to Boston we had to know exactly where to eat or we had to ship. Someone going to get our food like it was the '50s, not that you wouldn't sit down, but I don't know what would be in it because the threats were getting better from these people saying things and getting on the bus. you know why everyone plays good in


you can't get out I can't get out good because you're I mean they try to stab their own player and paul pierce gets stabbed you can't get out so you end up trying to do things like can I tell you this right down the street, the steakhouse, they have no problem taking us in because they're making a lot of money, they give you a quiet room in the back and they feed you. you dead animals, and they give you too many things so that you can be two things to play with the next day, so there are certain places that you can't really go and venture without someone literally telling you: hey, I should kick your leg or hit you with this. this iron like they're dead in


i was in boston and this guy says hey great italian restaurant no one's going to bother us we're going back i said really yes i said we can get like this that's when i ate really bad food when i ordered all the things i didn't they were good for my arthritis in the future, okay, and sure enough, I walk in there and there's five mafia guys there and I'm thinking, oh, this is a joke, that's cool, guys, do you know these guys?
john salley explains how racist boston celtics fans can be flashback
Damn, this is what you look at the Kanasi boys, yeah, how many points do they think they're going to win? I can't answer yes you can, no I can't, it's Isaiah playing and I look at my son and he's sitting there. It was nice meeting you guys, no, no, don't go anywhere. I got up, I had to leave, so it was even to the point where the gangsters are like, yeah, maybe we'll keep them here, so it's dangerous and my last year in my junior year. High School College Turns out I'm dating this Irish girl who gave me a ring of clarity.
You know, that's the ring they have with the heart held and I guess it was a family heirloom and her dad was like an idiot because I was. black and to ask us if he couldn't find a ring so I gave him a ring back so I tell you it was back in the 80's remember that's when the riots started and how I came to be friends with Patrick Ewing since he was 16 years old and I was playing. I made a mistake and played a tournament with Riverside Church in the Bronx in Manhattan. I should never have done that silly gaucho thing.
I should have remained a gaucho all the time. but I went to play and met Patrick and it was during the riots that happened in Boston. I was huge in the 80s. 81. I remember there were riots at my school. I was the only black kid in school in 1982. Period. the janitor didn't show up the black teachers no one showed up it was just because I lived in this where my mom lived in this part of Kenosha and they had seen me my whole life so yeah, you know it was different than now him him attacking me taking off my suede hat

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