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Joe Rogan Looks at Famous Paintings with Aliens in Them

Jun 10, 2021
the joggin experience do you know there is a very


painting that shows what appears to be men in boats flying through the sky in the background of an old painting do you know what i'm talking about? I actually have a page of The first pages posted on my website are like a bunch of these because throughout the story there are indications of shitty ships, but you know what the one I'm talking about is like and yeah, that's the shape of it , it is also like a plate. turned on its side and then there's a person inside it, yeah, yeah man, he's flying the same way, yeah, that's it, yeah, look how he's flying, but you know the thing is everyone can tell it's the above, that's great. because that was something hidden, I have studied the one where it says discovery from the 15th century, above his left shoulder there is an object and if you really zoom in, look at the guy looking at him as a painter, my wife is a painter of everything.
joe rogan looks at famous paintings with aliens in them
It's intentional, where is the ground? Yeah, right there, it's cool to look up, so I think he's from the 15th century, so the problem with this Joe is that he goes to the original, the one we just looked at Jamie, the previous one, yeah. so you have a big picture yeah that's so weird like here you have Christ crucified and then above him UFOs like they're supposed to be


or they're supposed to be angels so what's supposed to be in these things It is serious, it is very similar to what we are talking about here, that is the argument of the miracle of Fatima, let's say I repeat, this is so speculative, we have a witness here, a pilot, but when you see something like the miracle of Fatima, If you see. in the miracle of Fatima God, that's the one that, you know, was considered a real miracle by the church and the three children, we are receiving messages.
joe rogan looks at famous paintings with aliens in them

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joe rogan looks at famous paintings with aliens in them...

I will understand all this wrong, but for months they will be visited and brought. people and larger and larger groups gathered where there were over a hundred thousand people for years and I just haven't seen 1917, so you know, tens of thousands, if not hundreds, but dozens for sure see an event, a mass of something what happened. we're talking about people who were religious people who weren't religious, you know, doctors at the desk in a real picture, there's a gym, now the doctor a little bit so you can see like everyone is looking at something, but that's not real , yeah, that's the but that's the crowd, right, the crowd is real, that's right, so here's what people come out of.
joe rogan looks at famous paintings with aliens in them
Something happened that was so intense that some people thought it was religious, that it was a visit, but other people saw it as something technological, like something descended, you know, look. I'm just saying artistic images like


, we're talking about men, you can interpret


all day. I can't hold on to that. I can't hold on to a witness with other witnesses with radar and video systems. in a different era, now we don't have to paint it, man, we can see it, it's fascinating, but it's much more fascinating when someone like you talks about it compared to some random nutcase, you know, that's what I'm incredibly interested in. it's just your credibility in the fact that this is not like that, you know, I have a history of seeing strange things that other people don't see not only this time, but it's the video and there are others too, this is really strange. and I've seen people try to explain it and what I don't like when they explain it or try to explain it is that they're trying too hard, they're not going to know what this is.
joe rogan looks at famous paintings with aliens in them
They are not seeing it clearly, they are seeing it as a skeptic in quotes. I don't like the idea of ​​being a skeptic, it's not that I don't think you should be skeptical about certain things, I certainly would think so. You should be, but there are a lot of people who call


selves skeptics and I think that's a lazy way to look at the things I actually do because I think you're just looking for the holes in things without looking at them objectively if you wanted to. Be a scientist, if you want to be someone who is a fan of science, then you have to look at it as looking at this information and studying this without bias or preconceived notions.
I don't think they're doing that. They're looking at it, they're trying to find a way that they can justify that it's fake, and they're just doing all kinds of mental gymnastics to try to make that video that you show where that thing sliding is fake. it comes out to the left and takes off at incredible speeds, that alone should scare people, yeah well I think because people get confused all the time, like if we took the video, no it was another team that took the video, we watched it for five minutes. with our eyeballs and there were four of us and we all have the same story we all saw the same things we all came back and looked at each other and scratched our heads and said WTF, you know, I'm serious, what was that?

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