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Joe Burrow’s extension talks, Dianna Russini on Travis Kelce & Nick Bosa’s holdout | NFL | THE HERD

Sep 07, 2023
Well, years ago Jason McIntyre was out there, I think he was anonymous, he had one of those blogs and then someone bought him and made him rich, but all the time he used to tell people that guy is a scammer. I like this jmac guy. he's a con man and then you know we work together that's very rare so whatever happens in the cosmos whatever it is you're still a con man and for years I watched Diana Rossini and she was on the news and then did Sports and then went to ESPN and now works at Athletic as a senior member of the NFL and I missed his break stories for years, what a pleasure it is to finally meet you, so happy for your success and okay, let's get this started.
joe burrow s extension talks dianna russini on travis kelce nick bosa s holdout nfl the herd
You've been into Joe Burl's stuff, so I follow you, you know, your stuff gives me, it doesn't feel like there's any acrimony. Diana, are they hiding in the Bengals? Are they close? Is there any acrimony? Are they going? To do this right, first of all, Hi Jason, it's a pleasure to see and hear you. Hi Colin, thanks for having me. I'm obviously a big fan of the show I've followed for years and listened to back in the day when I knew absolutely nothing about sports and was living in Seattle trying to learn. I would listen to you, so if I say something stupid during this appearance today, it will completely fall into your lap because I learned from you.
joe burrow s extension talks dianna russini on travis kelce nick bosa s holdout nfl the herd

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joe burrow s extension talks dianna russini on travis kelce nick bosa s holdout nfl the herd...

So, Joe's story. with, I just find this to be really interesting if you look at the landscape of the league as we head into the start of this season, this is a story that needs to be talked about more. Joe Burrows' contract is not finished, the owner has said that he wants to pay him well, he has been very open about it, Joe Burrow feels confident that he is going to be paid and the feeling I get from talking to people in the league, people in the building in Cincinnati, people who are even close. to Joe, borrow this will be done soon.
joe burrow s extension talks dianna russini on travis kelce nick bosa s holdout nfl the herd
Everyone is very, very optimistic. I don't feel any concern that there will be a big disagreement, it's just the timing of all of this, so now here we are just a few days away from when they head out. I went to Cleveland to start against the Browns and I've had people around the league that Colin come up to me that's not with the Cincinnati Bengals and say, "You guys are crazy throwing Joe Burrow, you know the face of this franchise, maybe maybe maybe." the next 10 years and he will set foot in the fields with no deal, this may not be the smartest business, but from what I can gather from these conversations, Joe is not worried about that, the calf is fine, he fully practiced on Monday , complete practice. today, uh, that's not going to be a problem and apparently this contract isn't going to be a problem either, so he'll be out there no matter what I just have question marks about what's the delay here, why not do this, OK?
joe burrow s extension talks dianna russini on travis kelce nick bosa s holdout nfl the herd
Now Nick Bosa, you're talking about, you know, listen, quarterbacks, Edge Rushers, left tackles, they make a lot of money with Star receivers, but the Niners have a lot of players now that are high-end players. Fred Warner George Kittle Christian McCaffrey Trent Williams and They have a Debo group that is making a lot of money now and they have a group of young players who will be paid here in the next year or two, so with Nick Bosa you just can't give him what he wants , you have to negotiate this. Cub, they have Brock Purdy, so they have a break in salaries, but the Nick Bosa thing doesn't feel like a rabbit hole, it seems like there might be a little stiffness with the Niners, where are we outside of that?
But. I feel like it because it's not like that, right Joe borrows Camp they know this is happening everyone is on the same page or at least close this doesn't seem to be very close and it doesn't seem to be very close all this time summer, this is not a player that has reported to training camp and spent time with the team, is not there, is not there today, so they also open in a few days and there is a world here where Nick Bosa is not. in San Francisco 49ers camp, you know and can understand where Bose is coming from and when you get into the nitty-gritty of the money here, of what he's looking for, you just have to keep going back to that Aaron Donald. good deal, that's the amount of money he's looking for, and all these players here, you know, out there, obviously, Joe Burrow, here they're looking to be the highest-paid non-quarterback player, including Justin Jefferson, who's another player looking get. a new contract, but Nick Beau said this is the one that worries me the most.
Do I think Nick Bosa can show up if they agree to a deal later this afternoon, come on the field and be completely fine. Mike Tomlin doesn't seem too worried about Bosa being there, he believes he will show up and they are preparing the Steelers. I know for a fact, they are preparing as if Bosa is there because they know about a phone call Colin and I have had. GMS has been telling me this for years, you can talk all day about this, the deal is not that they are far apart, they are not coming together, one call changes everything and you can make the deal work and you know the Niners want it and their defense goes Being exposed if Nick Bosa's not on the field, yeah, okay, so you've been with the Jets a lot, they have the Hard Knock stuff, but that's edited, you know, you're seeing the warts, you're seeing the tension . line and I've said it's very rare that I've seen a team come into a season with big question marks and offensive tackle on both sides and they're great, especially in a division where you know Buffalo is in a hurry.
Belichick's defensive coach. Bradley played for the Dolphins now, so I worry about the Jets. I think there are some warning signs here if they can't do well in the tackle, um, just give me, you know, you've been around them a lot, give me your something positive and something that you noticed that maybe is a concern, yeah, that's right. exactly how I would have presented it in your column because there are a lot of positives and they are kind of a team when you stand and watch them from the sideline and watch them go through the drills, you see the talent even a few months ago, the first time I saw Aaron Rodgers on the offensive doing the exercises.
I looked at my producers at the time and said, Oh my God, it's so good you just forget about it. You almost take it for granted sometimes, all that skill, you hear it all and we've seen it for years, but when you saw him with this team, it really stood out the talent level he's at and really the physicality of him. how he looks physically and of course you've seen him and we've seen him over the last few months, just the pure joy that he's playing with and how happy he seems, and it all comes from Aaron Rodgers, this is an organization that has given he's in complete control, it's an Aaron Rodgers show and you have to give this organization credit for at least allowing that because I think there are teams around the league that maybe haven't completely handed over the keys, that's right, the New York Jets have done it.
Well done, they sat there and walked away, you know, we haven't done well as usual, so let's give it to someone who knows what they're doing, similar to what we're seeing in Denver with the Broncos with Sean Payton saying Hello. take full control here, but now we're seeing a player do it and having a guy hold the players accountable, that's more powerful than anything else you'll see on the field. I often think that sometimes he is even better than a coach. because you have a player out there that he's really in that hybrid position of coach and player, but the offensive line has been the problem.
Colin, I think we're going to talk about this again in October, this is not something that's just being fixed. They'll try to fix it, they'll try to find ways to use other players to protect Aaron, but if we start seeing Aaron Rodgers getting hit over and over again, you're going to wonder, come this trade deadline, if this New York team Jets are going to make a move for sure, Travis Kelsey. Both Jason and I feel like Detroit is the play just because Chris Jones is out. I don't think there's a 13-win team, but I think it could be 10-11 and I think it will give Kansas City a real test.
Chris Jones is not there, he is a dominant player. Travis Kelsey, although they have won a lot of games. of shootings as long as Mahomes and Travis Kelsey are healthy, so what's the latest? Jason Kelsey is talking about that. Do you think he plays? Yeah, I think Travis Kelsey, if he holds back the swelling that well, I think he'll push to try to play well. We don't know for sure at this time. I've had conversations with people close to the situation and obviously we're all keeping our fingers crossed to see what it's going to feel like on Thursday morning.
This is truly one of those days. -day-to-day situations, but this is the player who we know is that security blanket on offense for Patrick Mahomes. Obviously he's crucial in the Red Zone, we've seen it time and time again, he's the best receiver on this team and I. I know you look at this young group here that's gathering in Kansas City and yeah, maybe there's no other God that stands out. You know Sky. There is more potential there. You're hearing tons of great things Andy Reid says even in the offseason, that's the goal: get him as many targets as possible during training camp to develop him in year two on offense.
That said, they need Travis Kelsey, those guys can get the job done, but obviously we know he's going to be the most productive player there, so Travis isn't going to miss many games due to injuries, so I'd be surprised if he wasn't there, but You know it's early in the season here. maybe you want to play smart. Okay, so I know I don't know if you've covered them regularly, but I know you know Sean Payton, he sat in our chairs here for 20 weeks, give me your fair share to finish. uh uh Diana Rossini joins us for our radio audience uh I think they're a nine or a 10, not a 10 or a 12.
I don't think they'll make the playoffs. I think they are very captivating. You listen to all your sources, all your knowledge about Sean Payton, just give me your guess on what Denver looks like, there are a lot of moving pieces, culture changes, changing personnel, what do you think it looks like? Well, I definitely don't have to guess. which when you try to wrap them up to get to commercial, it was probably impossible, because we know how much Sean Payne likes to talk and you're seeing him talk a lot about this team right now and the thing is talking. what he's doing right now with this Broncos team, from what I can understand, and even just having conversations with him specifically, but others on this team, people associated with the Denver Broncos, even players, there's a reason why He's doing this and he's trying to push.
He himself is trying to point out Hey, I can fix this, don't focus on the players. Put it to me and we'll figure it out. Look, I have all the faith in the world. This man pays attention to details like no one else. I have never seen before that he will come up with game plans every week and make them competitive. I think though it's going to be very difficult in this first year to get this team to the playoffs with the way this roster looks. period, yes, line, they don't have any kind of new faces, hamler, you care about him, Jerry Judy, now the injury, Diana Rossini, great job, she will have a great race again, congratulations on athletics.
I subscribe and read it all day, uh. Thank you for taking the time today in our New York studio. Thank you. Hello everyone, thanks for watching. Subscribe here to get the latest on the show. Also be sure to check out more of the pack's best clips or watch some segments from other shows. on FS1

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