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Jim Caveizel's real story - almost died during shooting "The Passion"

Jim Caveizel's real story - almost died during shooting
place of deep deep just like in a in the zone and and throughout the whole film I was always meditating and always praying the whole time and and as you would say staying in character and this was important because I knew that for only the people that will be able to see Jesus is through the prayer the daily prayer and the fasting and the fasting was immediate because of the sickness at the end of the movie when I was on the cross my body's blue there was no makeup my body was actually blue they between takes as I'm here they would put they would take me down and my every time my shoulder was locked in there was a thousand foot cliff and it would hit the cross and would snap my shoulder out of joint and I wasn't I was just beyond and at that point I was so sick that it would be ripped out and I honestly I could barely feel it anyway I was so gone but something was wrong with my heart and the man put a stethoscope on my heart and he said now he can die and at that point you know mal some of the greatest things about Mel Gibson was that he was a gambling man and he said Jim what do you think and I said I'm going between me and this is between me and God because I never thought I was good enough and at that moment it was I'm ready to go home so you can take me here there's no problem but I knew if I


making this movie I knew that people would be so many people would be safe yeah at the end of the movie I was walking up the the mountainside as I got up...
jim caveizel s real story   almost died during shooting the passion
about half way everybody's in everybody's in the location about 250 people about halfway up I felt this presence come over me that evil presence and it was you're a dead man and I remember thinking this is the best news this is where I was this is the best news I've ever had because I know if I die I'm going to have it I got to the top about the fifth take the clouds were so low the thunder and lightning was the sound of a howitzer it was so powerful that you could feel the earth mouth yeah and I saw two people there was boughs closest these two are to me and their eyes were looking up and they were watering like they were going to cry and my hair I couldn't feel it and I heard a huge guest in the audience because they saw something and I couldn't hear anything or it was like an eye of a storm if you're in the eye of the storm your hair could be blowing it could be 30 knot winds and I don't I'd never heard it heard the wind blowing I could just all it was silence five seconds four three two one and this light came right down from heaven and lit me up what people witnessed was an illumination around my body and a fire on the right and left side of my head and for one moment I was looking at myself outside my body you get struck with lightning I was struck by lightning and the there were three groups of people pastor miles mentioned that it asked me this yesterday wasn't true there are a lot of people that were very indifferent about...
jim caveizel s real story   almost died during shooting the passion
doing you know being extras in the mood yes tremendous amount in fact there were three groups of people and there were the believers and there were the non-believers and there were the fence riders they're the ones that are very indifferent about it two of those are bad decisions but the what was amazing is that people who think the offense riding think that that's not a choice it is a choice you are fence riding and that is a decision that one is making and but when I was hit everybody fell on their face the ground shook and from that point that was the last shot of the movie we're gonna in a second we're gonna look at that last scene when they drop the cross into the into the ground and it shook and you were you were telling me over our conversation that as the because where you were elevated the wind would blow and the cross would move and your shoulder would continually come out of socket and the pneumonia had set in your lungs and some of those things tell us about that I think I mean I couldn't breathe very well the the obviously people when you're hung on a cross you you die by asphyxiation suffocation but I would mean physically I could has struggling but our Lord was letting me feel a little bit of what he went through yeah and he was sustaining me but to a point of how far do you want to go with this how much of do you want the world to see of me and I said every bit of it well then you're in for it it's kind of like you know Lord I...
jim caveizel s real story   almost died during shooting the passion
want to drink your can you drink the cup that I'm going yes we can we can James and John asking that we want to sit at your right and left hand side so it was given but you know it's funny I'm in San Diego when I was a young man I came out at 18 and I wanted to be a Navy SEAL I didn't know what Navy SEALs were they started talking about frogmen at 18 I told my dad that's what I wanted to do and I applied to the United States Naval Academy three times I was going to give my life but in a different way God had reserved that in me I I see those guys when they go through buds and I said there's no way you can make it through unless you're willing to say it's okay if I die here at Budds yes I want to give my life for something let me be very clear did you go to one of your friends and ask your friend here my


and you say yes I went to one person I said why do you go to this person it's confide in this into them because they didn't judge me because they loved me because I felt mercy and grace now I ask you this do you think that your God doesn't have more mercy than your friend do you think your friend has more grace than God does your friend have more love than the Creator it can never be it can never be so God forgives you and now he needs you to begin again and there was plenty parts of the world that pulled you from today for them even coming but you came don't you know how much God will remember this do you think he is a God...
that's just sitting there waiting to toss you off you were perfect there is no one else like you and without you he would cry so he's coming to you now right now in this moment oh it has to hear from you yes yes you've accepted Jesus some of you keep accepting him every time we sin we deny him be holy be perfect just as my father is perfect or in the


Rosina OT abu umar ezra 'they shall marry me Maria Teixeira manuel i the Hakkasan of shia deny oaxaca city the cup top tea bar collector Karen Cahill Casa de meanie kinloch is for layaway de la kiss for me lathela comara hey maja caleda he think he will denali the now coca verdiana I have a flu Coleman tuned Keith a Hebrew Lacombe my commandment to you is this you love one another just as I have loved you and if that doesn't grab you maybe this one will you name may not appear down here in this world's Hall of Fame in fact you may be so unknown that no one knows your name the Oscars and the praise of men they never come your way but don't forget God has rewards that he'll hand out someday this crowd on earth they will soon forget when you're not at the top they will cheer like mad until you've fallen in their praise we'll stop not God he never does forget and in his Hall of Fame by just believing on his son forever there's your name I tell you friend I wouldn't trade my name however small that's written there beyond the stars in that celestial Hall for all the famous...
names on earth or the glory that they share I'd rather be an unknown here and have my name up there god bless you that's it I love you