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Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore | 60 Minutes Full Episodes

May 28, 2024
Jennifer Lawrence is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood, one of the biggest movie stars in the world and she is only 27 years old. She is the youngest actress to be nominated for four Academy Awards. She won once for best actress. She can deliver dramatic performances. or wander through screwball comedies, a range she compares to Catherine Hepburn and Meryl Streep. She took an unconventional path to Hollywood. A risky and surprising part of her story. We find a young woman with a fiercely independent spirit living a life she could only have dreamed of. Growing up in Louisville Kentucky, how did you get from Kentucky to the top of Hollywood? desperation, um, appetite, confidence and ambition, you really wanted this.
jennifer lawrence meryl streep angelina jolie drew barrymore 60 minutes full episodes
I knew that if they gave me the opportunity, it would work. I knew it, but not even she knew it. would work so well for a decade in Hollywood that she has been defying odds and breaking barriers at the age of 21 shattered the myth that women can't carry an action franchise or The Hunger Games movies earned almost $3 billion made three comedy dramas in as many years playing unforgettable flawed and resilient women Tiffany, a young widow in Silver Linings Playbook, you're not a serious guy right now if I'm the one reading the signs, oh okay foreigner, she played You fell in love with Rosalind, a crazy housewife from Long Island.
jennifer lawrence meryl streep angelina jolie drew barrymore 60 minutes full episodes

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jennifer lawrence meryl streep angelina jolie drew barrymore 60 minutes full episodes...

Don't you dare forget. In that part we fell madly in love and in Joy she was a desperate mother turned businesswoman. It's the only month you'll buy the bundle you'll ever use. She earned Academy Award nominations for all three films. I'm just crazy. a dead husband and I took home the Oscar for Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook Hi Tiffany, but Jennifer Lawrence is not one to rest on her laurels. I'm hard on myself because they pay me a huge amount of money to be able to do what I love so much. you're the one pushing it, yeah, too many people sacrificed so I could be here, my parents, you know, changed their entire lives to support me and I worked too hard to get here to be stupid about it.
jennifer lawrence meryl streep angelina jolie drew barrymore 60 minutes full episodes
Lawrence's father was a construction owner. company her mother ran a summer camp she told us that her two older brothers practically ignored her annoying little sister did you use to act when you were a kid? No, oh yeah, I acted constantly, but we didn't know that meant I was an actor. I just thought you knew I was a weirdo, but I understand that you pretended to have a problem with your leg at school. Who told you that we have our sources at school? I told everyone at school that I had a wooden leg because I like it.
jennifer lawrence meryl streep angelina jolie drew barrymore 60 minutes full episodes
I walked on a lamp very consistent, incredibly consistent and when my mom came to pick me up from school, my teachers said it's horrible, what happened to Jennifer's leg , my mother said no, her leg has not been amputated. She used to make up stories. just to make them up she used outlandish antics to hide the fact that she was a poor student, hyperactive, she didn't fit in, she could drive her parents crazy, my parents were just, you know, they would go through periods of time or um, they just wanted me to go out I walked into the house and it was called a lockout, so I'd go to the door and it was locked and I'd say, "Okay, I've got to find something else to do until my parents are ready to deal with me again, they were a handful." ". that was hard and I understood it, we never thought about it and I have always been very self conscious without my annoying kindness, she told us that she felt lost in school and that she dreamed of being an actress at 14, she bullied her parents to visit New York.
York, where she was improbably discovered by a model Scout and then given some scripts to read. I had difficulties in school. I never felt very smart and when I read the script I feel like I know exactly what it would look like if someone felt that way, it was a whole part of my brain that didn't even know there was something I could trust and I didn't want to let it go. What was it that you wanted so much? It's so hard to explain. an overwhelming feeling of understanding that this is what I was supposed to do and getting people to try to understand that when you're 14 you want to drop out of school and do this and your parents are like you're on the outside.
What do you think? Did you finish high school? I dropped out of high school. I technically don't have a GED or a diploma. I'm autodidactic. Do you regret that? No not really. I wanted to forge my own path. I found what I wanted to do and I didn't want anything to get in my way and even friends for many years were not as important to me as my career, that is, since I was 14 years old. That stubborn determination earned her a role in a sitcom. When her parents saw her happy and focused for the first time, they agreed to accompany her to Hollywood.
She never went back to school. At age 18, she landed the lead role in a small independent Bleak film. called Winter's Bone I Don't Know What to Do Do It, was a standout performance that earned him his first Oscar nomination. There isn't much dialogue, but your presence still fills the screen. It was really just feeling believing you know in this situation. Look at it through his eyes and that will always be seen. in your eyes and your face and in your body language that empathy that you can channel into acting, yeah, I mean, that's how I act, that's really my only tool.
I think there is no acting training, no, it's just empathy, yes, it's that difficult or easy for you. It's easy to do that just let Jennifer Lawrence go, yeah, because that's when you get the high, that's what I crave, that's really getting lost in something, being almost possessed by another emotion, that's the adrenaline, that's the high without which I cannot live. In her new film Red Sparrow Lawrence plays a Russian dancer forced to be a spy, she demands nudity, something she thought she would never do after being traumatized when her most private photos of her were hacked in 2014 and released. by Internet.
We didn't like making movies with a lot of sex, but Red Sparrow is all about sex, why did you change your mind? I read this script that I'm dying to do and the only thing standing in my way is nudity and I realize there's a difference between consent and not and I showed up on the first day and did it and I felt empowered. I feel like something has been taken from me. I recovered and was fun in my art and that hacking incident did it. just vaporizing it, it didn't vaporize, but it felt like the power of having my body was taken away.
I felt like I got it back and could and could almost possess it again. Are you worried about the public winning? I don't see it like you see it I was but it doesn't matter, it's my body and it's my art and it's my choice and if you don't like boobs you shouldn't go see Red Sparrow after making two movies a year since then. age 20 Lawrence is taking some time off, all good, he wanted to go fishing something he has always found relaxing, so we found a trout lake in Anaheim here, away from the paparazzi and the pressures of celebrity, We find her playful and


y aware that she is a 27 year old in a tightrope act with everyone watching.
It's problematic for you to go out in public. I just have to prepare a little. It's always the day you look like shit and a paparazzi jumps behind a car and you say: oh, it looked so cute yesterday, fame locks you in, but my favorite thing to do is sit by the fire drinking wine with my friends, that's why you come, it's a girls' night out with Bill. It's a great night, it's good. She invited us to meet her three closest friends, Laura Justine and Lauren. They've known her long before she became a movie star and she says they keep her sane, so you're just like her.
Rock the base of it. We are her security guards, much safer, emotional security guard, yes, they make fun of her, no, she can't. I guess I told her the other day that she knew your classic dance moves, but she got really mad at me and said no. do that, I'm not dancing and then she's going to wait a second, this feels like home when Jennifer left the room, her friends conspired if she brought him the self-portrait, it was a masterpiece that she had painted at 16 years. a self portrait, oh my gosh, I didn't know she was going to go this far, I mean they literally jumped over me to get to this picture.
God talks about laughter therapy which seems to be central to who you laugh, the laugh you have to have. I should note that it is his defense against the brutal and ruthless side of showbiz, which has been on conspicuous display recently with shocking allegations of sexual harassment and assault. Lawrence has added his voice to the time movement until and told us about Harvey Weinstein, he produced it. The Oscar-winning film Silver Linings Playbook was ever inappropriate, no, it was never inappropriate with me, but what it did is criminal and deplorable, and when it came out and I found out about it, I wanted to kill it the same way it destroyed the lives of so many women. . um, I want to see him in jail.
She was one of the first to speak publicly about wages and equity in Hollywood when it emerged three years ago that her male co-stars on American Hustle had been paid more than she had written down. essay blaming herself why not blame the studio they are the ones who didn't pay you because I didn't fight hard enough it was my own mentality that led me to believe that I didn't deserve to be paid the same would you? which again no, you feel like you know your worth now I feel like I know what I'm worth and I feel like I work to keep it that way does that translate into money and power?
Yes, I get to work with directors whom I have admired for a long time. a lot of time and writing a script I have an incredible career what you do there are also many risks this is now all this is very temporary Hollywood is very fickle well, you are like the flavor of the month yes, it could be yes If the next movies don't do well at the box office, they won't pay me the same. That's how it works, if you can't prove that you deserve that number, then I'm not going to understand it, so it's very fickle, so I don't want to sound like I'm on a high horse because I might be on a little Shetland pony inside. a month in Great Britain they honored their distinguished actors with royal titles.
Lord Olivier Dame Helen Mirren, the best we can do is nominate you for the Oscars, a much-publicized annual competition for a shiny little statue. If we had a real list, Meryl Streep's name would surely be at the top. She has won two Oscars and been nominated. a record 16 times and will undoubtedly be again for a new film about one of the most controversial political figures of the 20th century, Margaret Thatcher in life and on film. The Iron Lady, this is a day to put aside differences to hold your head up high and take Proud to be British, the street has a unique gift for not only portraying a character, but literally becoming her on stage from the Delacorte Theater in New York's Central Park, where he first performed 35 years ago.
I asked him how real she seems to him while he acts. I mean, I'm not crazy, I know I'm acting, but you forget, yeah, you know when you're doing it right, there's an exciting suspension of the everyday and you're into someone. someone else's head on this day in a London film studio that someone else is Margaret Thatcher dancing with a cold warrior Ronald Reagan Thatcher there you go again why isn't it the last Twitter for us Streep a woman of many faces Sophie in Sophie's Cast as Julia Child as The French Lieutenant's Wife as the devil who wears Prada we are worried about our careers and now The Iron Lady we can restore the health of the British economy and we will do precisely that which especially attracted her to the role of Margaret Thatcher. just the chance to deal with the deeply buried discomfort that people still had men and women with women in leadership positions while British Prime Minister Thatcher roamed the world stage for more than a decade leaving heel prints on the backs of her own conservative parties, old boys. club, did you like it?
I'm amazed at what she did, the policies you can argue with, but sit in the dock. I can't even imagine having that firmness. Her stories are about transformation, the actress transforming into the politician she transformed to think better at work and outwit the men around her. One of the things he did was get a drama teacher to tell him how to hold his voice because his voice was a little lighter like mine and they taught him how to hold it and bring him out of the depths of his place where conviction lies and bring him to out without breathing until the end of the thought and then not giving him the opportunity to interrupt her she was also a lover or hater remarkably determined and sure that she far was the only way yes I have a lot of that foreigner at 62 Meryl Streep is still on top of her game one of the winners of this year's Kennedy Center Honors that is her husband of 33 years the sculptor Don Gummer and her children a son and three daughters, two of them actresses, there is something I want to show you: the theory of that high school is destiny.
We take her back to the days long before she became theMerrell from the movies. Oh, this is my high school yearbook photo from back then. Bernardsville, New Jersey, she was just playing Mary Louise Streep, well, not so simple, pretty, blonde, vivacious, cheerleader, our prom queen, where the boys are, where the boys are, oh God, Bernardian arts editor , that's what I was and morning host Diane Sawyer eats your heart out home movies made It's clear that the camera loved her from an early age, but the prom queen didn't care much for the movies of the day she was fascinated with the classics.
There was a channel that had older movies and I loved Carol Lombard and I loved Kate Hepburn, Betty Davis and Barbara Stanwick. I like girls with attitude. You know, Moxie, there's an old word. Although she had dabbled in acting, she took it seriously at Yale Drama School, which led her to an audition with public theater director Joe Papp. could be a Taskmaster yeah, not for me Pap gave him his first break on Broadway a small role in a period piece called Trelawny of the Wells Joe Pep asked you if you could do a southern accent, yeah and he said, wait, try doing this, uh, the south can.
Can you do a southern accent even from southern New Jersey? You know, I probably got it from a four o'clock movie. I heard somewhere that it was from the dinosaur show. Oh yeah, maybe that was it. Remember yes, oh God. Isn't she divine? This is where I forgot my lines on the seagull. Soon she was doing the classics in this outdoor setting competing with airplanes, heat, rain and more ducks. Her career took off so quickly that one summer she did The Taming of the Shrew here at night. hey hey hey hey hey and during the day I filmed two movies Kramer vs.
Kramer and Woody Allen's Manhattan she was on the right track are you writing a book about our marriage? leave me alone his rage was amazing one year in Texan Karen Silkwood let's not fight the next dane in Out of Africa he asked me for a divorce he found someone he wants to marry she wore spandex for Mamma Mia a nun's habit out of a doubt amen your clay and Your beard playing a rabbi in Los Angeles in America always bothers me a lot when people imagine that characters who don't look like you or who don't have the same accent as you are far from you, said the great actress Sybil Thorndike.
I think we all have the germ of each other person inside us and I think so. Vanessa, how are you feeling? Margaret Thatcher is 86 now and her daughter Carol has written openly about her mother's slide into the darkness of dementia. The film addresses the issue head-on. Were you worried about showing this woman that she was once remarkably vital and that she lost everything? That was the part that intrigued me the most. Firstly, I don't feel there is shame in dementia and people who suffer from it, and you are no longer Prime Minister to tell an honest story about a great life in hers. rebb, you have to deal with this part there is an observation that makes her recoil when people notice that she has played a lot of determined women, no one has ever asked an actor that you are playing a determined man, we assume that men have a mentality strong or have opinions, but a determined woman is a different animal;
She is the public face of a movement to build a national women's history museum in Washington. Margaret Thatcher said if you want something talked about, ask a man if I want it done, ask a woman, the museum near the National Mall would showcase little-known stories about women in America wandering the Massachusetts countryside, not far from her house, she insisted on taking us to the location of one of those stories, clearing the undergrowth so that our camera equipment wouldn't trip, look out that window, it's the house where in 1781 a slave named mumbet intervened when a young slave girl She was threatened by the lady of the house and she took a red hot chimney shovel and tried to hit the child and Mumbai was saved. the girl and she burned her arm until the end and that was the last straw that broke the camel's back.
She recalled that lawsuit in court and gained her freedom by taking the new name Elizabeth Freeman. The case led to the abolition of slavery in the state in 1790. The census. There were no recorded enslaved people in Massachusetts for women in Hollywood Street is an exception to the rule that most protagonists have a short lifespan. Four of her most recent films have been directed by women, but one thing that drives her crazy is the pace of the film. having us shoot the same scene over and over again I don't like going over things over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over more, I don't like that that happens a lot, although it doesn't happen in the movies, yes, but I understand, I guess I have less tolerance.
I like movies that are low budget and therefore can't do that, do you think that? The movies are getting better than when you started. I think the acting is better. I think the acting is better than in the classic days, frankly, of movies, but if you look at the movies that are being made, the big movies that are being made are about comic strips. I don't see those empires or rude behavior, yes, all aimed at what 18-year-old boys, yes, that's called audience reduction. The film industry has worked assiduously to discourage you and other intelligent people who discern from theater to film.
They have worked hard to get rid of you because you don't go and then buy toys and games and then there is this disgusting Enigma that hints at a Mona Lisa smile or as the Italians call the painting the giacanda Jack Nicholson says about you is the jiganda smiles the mystery of What Meryl attracts is that a snake is a diaconda, no, you don't think it's an anaconda, it's the Mona Lisa, okay, okay, I'm sorry, all that education went down the drain, okay, okay, I thought, what does it mean? It's It's good to have something that's undiscoverable, which, frankly, I think every human being has.
I don't think it's that mysterious, but I'm glad he thinks so we'll soon know what the public and Oscar voters think of Scripps' performance, the actress, the Prime Minister, no doubt, disagree. politically but each one forced to leave their mark to brilliant artists to sisters under the skin you discovered something of yourself in her no what do you mean yes of course my duty my desire to work hard my desire to be to do right for you I know how to be a good girl all those things that I think she grew up with and I too occasionally draw the short story here on 60 Minutes this time we were told to spend a few days with a woman who is often called the most beautiful woman in the world , Angelina Jolie, may well be the most photographed, the most recognizable and the highest paid actress in Hollywood, she is undoubtedly the number one target of paparazzi everywhere and that is how many Americans know her in the tabloids as wild, strange and eccentric, but the Angelina we met was quite different from all that to begin with she simply wrote and directed a movie about a very serious topic that will be released next month and it doesn't even appear in it for the first time that Angelina moves behind the camera. where she says she feels most comfortable we connect with her in the undeniably beautiful city of Budapest, which is where she shot most of her film In the Land of Blood and Honey we came here to Budapest for logistical and economic reasons because we are a small film And We Came Here may be a small film but watch it, it deals with a difficult subject: the war in Bosnia, which was fought in the early 1990s, killed at least a hundred thousand people and brought ethnic cleansing to Europe for the first time. . since Hitler, what did your friends and colleagues say when you said hey, I'm going to direct a film about the war in Bosnia?
I think people who really know me weren't surprised, but I think everyone thought it was a bit crazy, I think. everyone still thinks it's something big, you know, it's not. I still think it's crazy. You could have made a light comedy or an action movie. I think it would be terrible with a comedy. There is certainly no humor in this film about a Muslim woman. called Islam who begins to fall in love with a Serb named Daniel after the war breaks out the Bosnians are surrounded and locked up by the Serbs and Daniel is served The captain becomes Isla's jailer this is a beautiful building it is a beautiful building you did things Horrible things happen in here and beautiful things, but yes, Angelina filmed the prison scenes in this museum in Budapest and she trusted her actors a lot, they all come from the former Yugoslavia, she let them rewrite scenes and they speak the native language in the film that will be released with English Subtitles Angelina said she wanted to make the film as realistic as possible.
We all talked about every speech in every scene and made sure it was correct and true, so everyone helped educate me and we all fine-tuned the script together. You can see? Yes, while we were there Angelina gave the cast a preview of the movie trailer and they thought it reflected the reality of her war. Goran kostich and Zana marianovich play the two lovers. The people I know, my friends and their families never thought in their lives that everything that could be taken from them goes to the core of who I am and what I am and what we are I guess it's very personal others might find the plot implausible an affair between a Muslim prisoner and the Serbian commandant of the prison where women are raped every day some Bosnian women who had been through it found the film objectionable the Bosnian government temporarily with


Angelina's permission to film there you entered a minefield and when you were writing the script you realized that every step you took there was a mind in your way I didn't know it was going to be so uh so sensitive everything was something to be very careful and sensitive with but Angelina says remember It's a movie, a love story, not a documentary, there's a lot of heart, there's also a lot of brutality, there's a lot more than there ever was in a movie that you had an accident with, yes, I'm making you nervous.
She has acted in more than 30 films and the first ones, like Gia, about a drug-addicted fashionista. the model felt edgy and real Angelina whose actor parents split up before she experimented with drugs and a few other things early in her life said she used those experiences to play her roles It's Good to Be Home won an Oscar for her chilling portrait from a schizophrenic in Girl Interrupted, she later switched gears as Laura Croft, a video game character in Tomb Raider, dodged bullets and played a spy, Mrs. Smith to Brad Pitt's Mr. Smith. You were once asked if you wanted to play a Bond girl and you said no, you wanted to play Bond, well you didn't play Bond, but you played a Bond-like character in Salt.
That is one of your ambitions to overcome these gender stereotypes. It's not something I did intentionally, but when it comes to me, it's and I'm aware that it was a lot of fun to do, especially because I had just had kids, I had just had my twins and I had been in my nightgown for about seven months and I felt like to get up and hit something that was his favorite movie. is not an action movie but a tragedy based on a true story with a powerful heart Angelina plays Marion Pearl, the widow of Daniel Pearl The Wall Street Journal reporter who was beheaded by terrorists in Pakistan no, that was a moment that I have never I will forget, that was the most difficult thing, yes, as an actress, that was the most difficult, many of her films earned her more money than praise.
Critics have often been harsh, but some directors are enthusiastic about it. Clint Eastwood said that she is a great talent, hindered only by the fact that he has been quoted more. beautiful face on the planet that face has sold many bags and magazines but from the beginning Angelina Jolie flirted with a very different career you wanted to be a funeral director I did it and you even took courses to prepare it sounds very strange and eccentric It is a very dark, but I actually lost my grandfather and I was very upset with his funeral, so we discussed that maybe there are ways in which this whole idea of ​​how someone dies and how a family deals with this passing and what death is should be approached in a different way, um, if this acting thing didn't work out, that was going to come back up, now she can joke about it, but there were other scary and dangerous times that she told us that weren't funny at all.
I went through darker times and survived. I didn't die young, so I'm very lucky that there are other artists and people who didn't survive. Certain things speak of darker times. What are you talking about? I was hoping you'd miss it. I don't want to go into much detail about that, but I think people can imagine that I did the most dangerous and the worst thing and I met myself for many reasons. I shouldn't be here. It's a very provocative phrase for many reasons. Well, Lord, just think about those too many times. where he was close to too many dangerous things, too many opportunities taken too far, his strange behavior was left there for everyone to see, the intimate way he kissed his brother in public, the vials of blood.
She and her second husband, Billy Bob Thornton, worearound the neck Angelina acknowledges she's taken quite a walk on the wild side, but says she's moved on. I'm Angie, the reason she, my dear, has been traveling the world as a UN Goodwill Ambassador she visited. over 20 countries mainly to work with refugees I used to be a pretty bad girl now you're a UN ambassador you're a member of the Council on Foreign Relations you're a humanitarian activist Do you ever miss being a bad girl? I'm still a bad girl, yeah, you know, I still have that side of me, I mean, it's in its place now it belongs, you know, it belongs to Brad or it belongs to our adventures Angelina and Brad Pitt have had three children together, she also adopted three from three different countries: Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam, the tabloids say the couple separates one week and gets married the next Angelina told us that they have no plans to get married.
The vast majority of Americans know you because you are on the cover of magazines every week and every time they go to a supermarket they see you what they are missing. I don't know what they are but I assume they are not me they are not who I am they are not what that I spend the day worrying about them. I find them quite superficial and often very wrong when I hear what they are, but they make it impossible for her to do anything in public, even in Budapest we could only have lunch with her in the private room of a restaurant when you are Angelina jolido does not exist Nothing private takes her tortured relationship with her father, actor Jon Voight actually went on television and said that his daughter had serious mental problems that even shocked Hollywood for years Angelina refused to talk to her father after her mother died, she began to see him again, but he gives his mother Marceline Bertrand all the credit for where he is today, beautiful woman, she is, they are quite chipped, can you?
I was all cheeks, yes, big lips, Angelina also says that it was her mother who taught her how to raise her own children in the house that Angelina rents in Budapest. We weren't allowed to film her children unless you called Jacques one of her children. She seemed to love the camera almost as much as the camera loves Angelina. He likes you. "You are here because Brad is filming a movie here, you are not filming a movie, no, we never work at the same time, what is better when Brad is working and you are with the kids when you are working?
Brothers with the kids when I am" . I'm at home with the kids, but many


-time parents would love to shoot movies. Yes, they would love it because it's easier. My mother was a full-time mother. I didn't have much of it. Her own career. Her own life. From your own experiences you know that everything was for her children and you try to be the same type of man she was. I will never be as good a mother as her. She would do the best she could but I don't think she can ever be. she was she was simply Grace incarnate she was the most generous loving he is better than me it is clear that you can talk about anything except your mother without insisting yes, that is my that is my weak point Angelina's biggest regret is that her Mother won't be there for the premiere of In the Land of Blood and Honey, a film she suspects won't have the commercial appeal of anything she's done, will be released soon, yes, nervous, I'm nervous that people won't see it. understand right now if necessary.
She decides that in six months you're going to act in a movie or direct a movie or do it. I would prefer to direct, yes, yes. I loved having the spotlight on someone else and would prefer it. Angelina is already writing and planning to direct Another. War movie about Afghanistan and she knows as a director that her beauty and her acting skills will not be worth a dime. It's good, it's good that all that doesn't matter. It's also risky. I mean, I think what's risky is living your life and never trying anything and never doing anything Brave and never being scared and being afraid the story of a child star made for fame is as old as Hollywood itself, but the story of a child star from one of America's biggest acting families who nearly destroys herself and then recovers to become not only a leading lady but a major film producer.
Well that story belongs only to Drew Barrymore, she was famous for seven years of drug abuse at age 11 and at 15 she was broke and on her own she may have stepped out of acting royalty, but in many ways she was an orphan, a wild child. Raised by Crews on movie sets, she is now 34 years old and, although she sometimes still talks like a teenager, she has become one of Hollywood's most bankable stars, having success far beyond what anyone could have predicted. Did she do it? That's what we wanted to know. We meet Drew Barrymore on Broadway in New York in the middle of the afternoon rush hour.
She stopped traffic. Do you feel comfortable in New York? I feel very comfortable in New York. It's been a while. but a Barrymore on Broadway was something that generations of New Yorkers were once accustomed to, so the Barrymore theater. I can't believe we're going here. This Broadway theater is named after her great-aunt Ethel, a legendary stage actress of the early 20th century. same profile yes, we think the profile is strange, it is a good profile. I don't want to be too complacent about that. I just love the fact that we have this kind of family stamp that Barrymore put on the gray silver screens of silent films until the 1940s.
Her great-grandmother Anne Ethel and her grandfather John Barrymore were considered the best actors of her generation . Can I just say that Drew's great-uncle Lionel was a famous character actor who will always be known as the sinister banker Potter in It's a Wonderful Life? You once called me deformed. Performing a frustrated old man has been the family business for hundreds of years, since Georgiana Drew and John Drew and my great-grandfather Maurice Barrymore, and this was a kind of circus of strange and interesting people who loved performing in Baron Wars. I've been acting since George III was in power, like the 14th century, it goes back down the family tree and I thought, well, I'm not crazy, if I feel this magnetic lineage drawing me to do this, it will throw you out, she felt the as a child, but she had been pushed into the business much earlier.
That's true, when she was only 11 months old and she starred in a dog food commercial. Her big break, however, came at the age of six and the Blockbuster hit, E.T. Feeling, Gertie did. she's an international star audiences love precocious Gertie and so did director Steven Spielberg, who calls her Godfather, you know, I've always said about Drew that she's, you know, she's doggedly optimistic and, you know, and she truly had the kind of imagination that not only invited E.T into a reality within herself, but invited us all to believe that what Drew was seeing was true on set between takes.
Seven-year-old Drew used to talk to E.T. She told him her secrets. I liked hanging out with him and I would bring him lunch and put a scarf around his neck, but you knew it was fake. I knew it was fake, but that beating red heart told me a lot and I don't know, I just felt. Like I could talk to him, I just wanted to say goodbye. It turns out that the girl from the famous family was practically alone. Her father, an actor who struggled with drugs and alcohol, was rarely around her. Drew's mother, who also acted, had to work to support them both on the set of the movie Drew says he finally found a home when I made ET it solidified like the only family I know is these film crews these gypsies these filmmakers that was the solidification and the revelation of this is what I want to do with my life and this is this is where I'm going to survive it was a family it was the perfect family so what's it like when a movie ends that was the devastating part it was okay it's over how you continue with this because the family moves on, yes people get other jobs, yes there were many other acting jobs for Drew after E.T, but there were also many other Temptations, his mother became his manager, but neither she nor her son seemed to have much control for Nine Drew and her mother was a regular at nightclubs in Los Angeles and New York you had no discipline when you were a child none No authority none no no no parental authority telling you this is right this is wrong everything The opposite was more like can you take me to that club?
It was very excessive, wild and hedonistic. When did you start smoking when I was nine nine? Yeah, it's not something I'm proud of at all. When did you have your first drink? Sometime around the same time. I thought the two went very well together. and how about marijuana 11. who gave you a joint when you were 11 years old. my friend's mom actually just to make it sound even crazier yeah she was just raised around hippies, cocaine 12. a 12 year old doing cocaine, I mean I know It's crazy that some people don't survive though that's that phase of experience, yeah, I mean, I don't think it has to be that heavy either, you know, it's like, oh, it's so tragic, no, it wasn't.
It was like it was an extraordinary experience. I went through that and I learned a lot, and I learned it in front of everyone, which was really embarrassing, but you know, what made me stronger, may have made her stronger, but at the time it was. It was not clear that she would outgrow it at the age of 13, she was forced to go to rehab and she ended up in intermittent treatment for over a year. When you were in rehab, your father called you, but he called you to ask for money. great dad, um, yeah, yeah, he would ask me for money on birthdays and you know, at inappropriate times and then I just brushed it off like you're not a dad.
I just found out that you can't invest emotionally in people who aren't reachable, she also learned that she could legally separate from her parents she found out that of all places a movie she starred in was called irreconcilable differences the reason I went all the way down to get a divorce from my parents because I can no longer bear to live with any of them at the age of 15, leaving rehab, Drew Barrymore petitioned the state of California for emancipation arguing that she would be better off without her mother and father, the court agreed and she was left alone .
I did what I had to do to get there, which was interpreted by the rules and reshaping my life and disconnecting from the people I knew and the lifestyle I knew and you know, they prove that I was a responsible citizen with a good head on my shoulders and I did it and was therefore rewarded with emancipation. your own apartment yeah you signed your own lease yeah you got a job yeah what kind of job I worked in a coffee shop called lounge and my boss just hated me he told me please at one point He told me: go live your dreams. and I left my store, his agents told him that he was overweight and couldn't work, but he missed acting and the makeshift families that film sets create.
I missed my tribe and was really alone there, so I started going to auditions again. Her years of television movies, small roles and low-budget films, but Drew Barrymore won over Hollywood and the public supported her quirky sense of humor and girl-next-door appeal have made her the star of a series of romantic comedies. great success that people seem to support it. It doesn't matter what the movie is, it doesn't matter what role she's in or what she's doing well, you know, it's very easy to root for the girl on ET and that girl has grown up, but she's still the same character she was on ET, you know?
She just has a kind of spell, unlike many Hollywood leading ladies, she's remarkably approachable on screen and off, never seems afraid to reveal too much, even if she sometimes goes too far with that surprising late-night appearance in 1995, she says. I don't regret it, I felt like bread, I was like, I don't know, you know, in the woods, thinking that life was a hippie nudist colony, you know, get on David Letterman's desk and be free and have fun, and that's what that I was. she's still part of who she is, but in Hollywood she's taken more and more seriously as an actress and producer.
She was nominated for an Emmy for her role as eccentric socialite Edie Beale, a woman made famous by the 1975 documentary Gray Gardens. This is the real Edie Beale. It's very It's very difficult to keep the line between the past and the present, you know what I mean? It's terribly difficult and this is Drew Barrymore's interpretation. It is very difficult to maintain the line between the past and the present. It's terribly difficult as a producer. Drew has made movies that grossed over $900 million. The walls of a Hollywood office are covered in photographs and stills from movies that he uses as inspiration, they just constantly remind me of what it is I'm trying to do.
His latest focus is directing Right Where You Are, her directorial debut. is a movie called Whip It, an unusual coming-of-age story set in the world of Texas Roller Derby. The girl who grew up on movie sets is now in charge of them. You have completely created your own family and you have the opportunity to do that, it is her friends who are now her family, many of them work with Drew inall his movies; He currently does not speak to his own mother and has not reconciled with his father for a long time shortly before his death in 2004.
There are many of us little gypsies who need to go and find another place that we know, safer and healthier or just a different place to be able to develop and find ourselves. I am very lucky to live the life I do.

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