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JEFFREE STAR Jawbreaker Collection Review | NikkieTutorials

Feb 20, 2020
Hi guys, it's me Nikki. Hello. Welcome back to my channel. I am very happy and excited and above all proud to inform you that I am restored again. Got my nails going I went longer. I was neon, there are aliens on my fingers and that brings me to someone who likes to call themselves an alien. In today's video, I dive into the new jaw-breaking


from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. As you can see the packaging is disgusting and I think this is Jeffrey's summer


. I got it in PR and I'm really, really excited to dive into it because when I show you this palette here.
jeffree star jawbreaker collection review nikkietutorials
Look at all those bright hues, this is going to be a very colorful video. So not only did you come up with a great color palette, but you also came up with a mini one. What can we talk about? Like


. Has anyone ever tried


s? Do Jawbreakers still exist? The question is whether they still exist. I remember having one as a kid and it took weeks and then my mom said this was


ting to get really gross. We are throwing it away. There's a lot going on in this collection because not only do we have these two eyeshadow palettes, there's also a shimmer palette called Brain Freeze.
jeffree star jawbreaker collection review nikkietutorials

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jeffree star jawbreaker collection review nikkietutorials...

There is new liquid velvet and lipsticks. So today I want to sit down and do a game time video with him. I feel like a lot of you want to know what I think of these products, you know I'm keeping it real. So yes. If you're excited and want to see all about the new Jawbreaker collection from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, then stay tuned. Alright, as this is a video that focuses solely on playing with the Jawbreaker palette and lip products, as well as highlighters for brain freeze, I'm going to step away from camera a bit and do my base off camera. to get going.
jeffree star jawbreaker collection review nikkietutorials
I always feel kind of guilty because I'm like I want to like them to know that I'm about to do that because a lot of people love it when I play with my face. Don't take it the wrong way and also because you know what? I have a day of rough skin, stress has been bothering me. I've been very, very busy and to be honest sometimes we come a little too much and my head overflows with thoughts and it's, it's, it's real and it's what I want to show you. So yeah, even though I have good skin, I also break out and that's okay.
jeffree star jawbreaker collection review nikkietutorials
That is human that is perfectly. Okay. So I'm just here to show you that now. Let me lay some foundation and I'll be right back. Okay, foundation done, brows done, and now it's time to finally dive into this really exciting palette, but first we have to Optimus Prime Alright, when I look at the palette of course one of the first things that really speak to me is bright colors of course. But there's one particular shade that you know, ever since I saw it I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this shade is everything.' It is a very appropriate name.
It's called hmm *chirps* this shadow here is not doing, it's not getting justice on camera because in real life it's like that. It looks like a neon. I don't have a look in mind. All I know is that I love colors and that I love, you know, kind of like brighter colors. There are plenty of deeper warm red tones here as well. But I feel like I've been doing it a lot lately. So I'd really like to create a fun, bright eye. So I take the color and with a fluffy blending brush I'm going to stamp this on the inner third of my eyelid.
This is a nice neon coral. So I place it on the lid and then drag it towards the crease while still using stamping motions. I see a lot of pigment. It's really applying very well to the POV base. I'm polishing the edges very lightly to see how it blends and doesn't lose any of its power. This is pigment upon pigment. I want to show you, I think it's important to point out that just like I did with the hamburger popsicle, there's some fallout going on. Ok, once that shade is applied, I want to move on to bright pink.
We're sick of my brush and I


t stamping it right next to F u c k and we're applying it over the Louise pea foundation. Now. This has pigment, honey. Hello. Also, it is very nice to look at, although there is rain on the palette in the palette, it does not necessarily fall on my cheeks much. There's a little bit with the F u c k color like here and that inner part, but nothing like 'OMG I need to fix my makeup right now.' I love these two shades together. So it might be to go back in with F u c k and get that out, yeah that's what I'm doing.
Okay, putting some F u c k back in that outer corner my dear, and I just want this to look like a simplistic color statement. As you can see, I was wiping some of that rain off my cheeks. But it's not like clinging to the skin. So it's very easy to remove. Okay, what I like about this is that usually the really bright shades once you pack them up and start blending them out, they lose a little bit of their intensity and then once you wear them again it's very weird. But once you use that shade again, it doesn't hold as much and it starts to look washed out.
It happens with a lot of super bright shadows and I am happy to report that this is not the case. The F u c k color does it a bit on the lid, it's losing a bit of its vibrancy and can't really get it back. But the pink keeps its power. Okay, now let's say good morning to the shadow by the bubble gum. I'm going to fade and fade it some more. I'm just using a fluffy brush. I would like to give more smoke around it. Now I want to plunge into the snack for the inner corner, I tell you that today it will be a pink fantasy.
I'm going to put it right here. Oh oh That's awesome next to you these two colors above. My God, yes, I live. Ok, I really like how this is being applied so far. I think Jeffree's bright shades are one of the best because they pack so much punch. But it still has a beautiful chrome shine. F u c k it wasn't the easiest color to blend, but it's a neon when you look at neon colors. They tend to get a little more irregular. This is not irregular. You just need a little more time to mix it up.
So even though F u c k is my favorite color in the whole palette. It's definitely not the easiest. Hmm, okay, I guess what I'm going to do is open a tab and leave the bottom lash bear for now because I really wanted to be minimalist, but an explosion of color. So I think about putting on a lash and then playing with holographic stars to give it a look. Alright, so I did my lashes, I put the coral color on the outer third of my lower lash line and opened up a couple of stars on my lower lash line.
I have three right at the root of my lashes. Two below and one at the bottom and it's giving me like a little pride month moment. So that's what I create with the Jawbreaker palette and I usually make it a challenge for myself to incorporate as many colors as I can into a single look so that it's like a cut crease. It's like multiple rainbows in one look. But today I really just wanted to create a fantasy with a vibe and I feel like with the stars like with the accessories and with my jacket, I feel like this is a really fun look.
So right now I'm going to do the other eye and then I'll be back to play with more of this new collection. Alright as I mentioned I really want to go for a vibe today for a certain type of look and that type of look is pink and there are a bunch of really fun new Valora liquid lipsticks in this collection. And I was looking at this after I got dressed and put on my eye makeup and I thought if I put it on right now I'd be like Cosmo and Wanda. You are not skillful. So there's a couple of other really really fun ones.
Here we also have a naked one. But I feel like you guys will attack me if I look for another nude. So I was like, you know what? Let's go all the way today and look for this one called Yes, ma'am. I really wanted to go for coral as it matched the outside and inside of my eyes, but then I thought it turned into something else and I wanted to go pink. So it's going to be pink if you're like Nikkie you haven't done your cheeks yet I really want to do my lips first you'll see where we go and then I can adapt my cheeks to whatever's going on.
So yes ma'am it goes on the lips. Oh my gosh, no, that's a pink honey. Now, if you hate the color pink, I don't think you'll like this video very much. Wow, that easily applied lip is so rich. I love the color and I love what it is doing to the look. Now I'm glad I didn't go for the more coral tone because I feel like this is a good mix, I'm Cosmo and Wanda. My nails are Cosmo and I am Wanda. So now let's work a little more on the face to make it a full ride.
Good wearing bright clothes wearing bright clothes. makeup I feel like it's very important and vital to warm up the skin a little bit more because it can really wash you out, I mean look at my face right now. I'm washed. I'm going to go in with my favorite bronzer, private island by Fenty B. And I'm just going to give myself the warmth that I deserve, okay, so high on the cheekbone that I'm starting to go around in this age of bronze and just applying bronzer. just on the cheeks can make a world of difference when it comes to such a colorful look.
Sometimes adding blush to this look could be too much and if you've been following me for 11 years here on YouTube you know I paint the cheeks first then the lips and sometimes I regret doing it in that order because I feel like cheeks don't necessarily like to match lips. So now we're really looking at the face and seeing what it needs, what needs to be adjusted and we're here to apply that look, we're here to do it. I really like how the warmer face like warmer complexion ties into this look now to give it a little more clarity and glow in the palette here.
I have this shade here. This is called a cone. So I'm just hitting my brush here hoping I don't like the dark shadows around it because it would be a mess. And I'm just going to smile a little bit and I'm going to put it in the apples and bring it back. Oh, I like that tone. So right here at Apple and then open it again. Apple up. Apple up. For highlighter. Of course. I'm dipping into the Brain Freeze Skin Frost Pro Palette. This is, this is exciting to me like hello. I'm gravitating towards this color here, frozen fruit, much appreciated.
I feel like this color here called frozen tag could be great on the inside corners. But out of all of them, frozen fruit is like saying my name, so I'm going to shine with it. Ooh ok i thought i was going to have too much dark foundation to work on my skin tone. But look, it doesn't look darker. That's giving me a beautiful glow. I don't go overboard with the shine because it can get a bit Hades even though I already look like Cosmo and Wanda from the 80s, but yeah. Okay, I just set that up and I'm applying more so obviously duh.
Listen to me. Oh oh oh oh oh my gosh oh that kind of flared up on the tip of the nose. And then here and then here. Well all we need now is a setting spray to end the day and this is my skindinavia. It's called the bridal finishing makeup spray. I almost wanted to put this sparkly glitter on top. But I feel like it's going to take things too far, even though we've already crossed the line of going too far. Alright. And here we have it, glow babies. The final look after playing with the jawbreaker collection from Jeffree Star cosmetics.
And I have a couple of thoughts. So when we look at the mini switch, we haven't really done much with it. But I feel like if you love the history of color and are comfortable using Jeffree Star's formula, I'm sure you'll have fun with this one. But I don't want to say too much about it because I haven't dove into it. I want to say something about the jawbreaker, like the main event like the big pallet. So the jawbreaker palette comes with 24 shades. 24 bright, fun and exciting shades that will make sure you have a fun and unique look.
This palette retails for $58, I feel like $58. That's a hefty price. But I think this is the biggest palate that Jeffrey has ever released with the most colors. I feel like if you don't like the color you'll have a hard time loving this. I feel like the consistency and formula is just like your regular frozen releases. I feel like and want to point this out: bright neon colors were my favorite to play with and neon colors need extra neon powder to make them neon. So that can cause a little more patchiness, a little more difficult to blend in your colors.
And I didn't experience that using bubblegum, but I definitely experienced it using f u c k and it's not that it looks bad. And I mean I got it to work, but I definitely needed a couple extra minutes to get it down and get it right. So I want to point that out because I feel like if you're buying this expecting it to apply like any other eyeshadow, it's not because it's neon. Do I see myself gravitating towards this a lot? Actually, it might come as a surprise, but I think so. Here are a couple of bright shades that are perfect for everyday.
I mean the color on my inner corners. This one here would be beautiful on a day to day basis. So I really like this palette. say? Oh my God. It's out, can you get it right now before it's gone? Not necessarily. It's such a personal journey, if you don't like bright colors, it's not for like this. Now let's move on to the brain freeze skin frost Pro palette. A fun and exciting highlighter palette. This retails for $40 for six highlighters. And I think it's a wide range of beautiful highlight colors that can also be applied as shadows.
I don't think many people are going to use freeze tag as a highlighter on the cheeks, but more on the eyes. This is beautiful on deeper skin tones, as well as these two here. The cold shoulder is like a duochrome fluid, like a duochromatic bluish. See how it is that is impressive. So yeah, you know again just like with any makeup on the market. It is personal preference. If you like these colors, I think you will love them. Of course, the standout qualities of Jeffree Star cosmetics are crazy. They like that they are radiant and look good.
So again, like all my


s, please take everything at your own discretion. Look at your wallet. Watch your comfort. See what you like in makeup and then make your decision. And I'm just here to tell you about my experience. And I feel like I have a good makeup day. It's a look. It's a vibe. The products didn't let me down. I love the lipstick. Oh, by the way, the lips. You know, look again at the colors you like and if you like the Jeffree Star formula then go for it I say. Good. So, without further ado, let's move on to today's Dutch word of the day.
So a jawbreaker is a type of candy and I really want to teach you the word candy because it's so different from candy. So, let's go. Snoep. Snoep. Basically when you say snooping dog? Snoop is Dutch for candy. So if you want to be featured in my next video, all you have to do is leave the Dutch word of the day below in the comments or leave a video response on Instagram with the hashtag Dutch word of the day. I want to thank you so much for watching today's video guys I hope you enjoyed if you're in the mood for color.
Let's recreate this look and have some fun with it. And yes, thank you very much for looking. Love you. And I hope to see you in the next one. Goodbye!

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