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JEEPS OR A TESLA?!! (ft. Nickmercs, DrLupo & SypherPK) | Fortnite Battle Royale Highlights #119

Jun 05, 2021
Nick wants to play, tell them that the child is small and discarded, tell him that Nick just bought the tomato. Alpha. Nick Mercs is wearing the tomato suit right now. It's a joke. If I do, this man broadcasts and he is directing the tomato suit. I'm going to have a problem. Inclination is equivalent to wasting time. Blue. You're stupid. Stop spamming. Symbols. Warning. I have another night. What is this man doing? What is this man doing? What is this man doing? I'm going to have your editor do a new introduction. I'm tired of seeing the old, oh sure, Kyle, sure, yeah, I'll address that message from Kyle to my editor.
jeeps or a tesla ft nickmercs drlupo sypherpk fortnite battle royale highlights 119
I mean, hey, sure, nerd. It's time to get a new introduction. It'll be like why be like Kyle said too? I already have it. Let me do it for you, Kyle, thanks for your 5 Cal. This isn't an insult to console gamers, right? top man army hey thanks you got your old discord button look at that smile he's so happy i sent that thing just watching your stream tim is seeing what's up tim oh man we gotta come up with a game plan here we go buddy What is the most? games I can play with Tim before you guys start getting headaches Scott feels like after this for about three I can stretch him out Tim is so fucking fat and ugly Jess ooh I think you meant Jesus call me plug try that with that insult button someone gif the guys substitute them Bantam head you do challenges brother Betty this is not going to work for me just look at your challenges tab it's easy wait Tim I'll be back my dad skiing a headache.
jeeps or a tesla ft nickmercs drlupo sypherpk fortnite battle royale highlights 119

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jeeps or a tesla ft nickmercs drlupo sypherpk fortnite battle royale highlights 119...

I'll be right back oh yeah, yeah, yeah, who kills all the records, it's like 50, that's easy, I'm down, come on, did you look for the challenge? I'm actually a little curious, Jeff, what the tomato challenge is, I mean, grab your joystick. and I go to the Oshie challenges, it's hard, I have to go down to five times, we get to the right three and then I clicked a bunch of buttons Nick, I don't know why you're already screaming, dude, okay, now I'm. Very, yesterday you told me at seven, I met at six, I'm not even seven and we just started, you know, what I play with you, doctor, it's good, yes, yes, me too, he just flexes a little with me everything the time you call.
jeeps or a tesla ft nickmercs drlupo sypherpk fortnite battle royale highlights 119
For me, he caused Timmy to have a physical in the first game of the day, okay, I didn't play this morning, honestly, man, I was just trying to get that into the safe, he wants to play, so I'm trying to go back to Los Angeles because yes, yes, faster, Rico. I have it going. My plan is to literally wake up at seven tomorrow morning, just do an hour of cardio, like it's nothing. Think, yeah, you're not going to do an hour of cardio, so I'm going to do it, yeah, what, yeah, what. what are you and I don't have a you know I mean like we okay okay I accept you for the way you are what you can't do this he chases it's like not accepting BC they're trying to tell me it was an athletic problem so I decided to take a look like yeah, I can move, you know, I'm light on my feet, I said, oh no, don't say sorry, my mentions on Twitter are like you know, go to your checkout tab and then I want you to rate the athletics here at a 110 you looked breathless, he said light on his feet oh no, no, no, no chance, that's a lot of lips, I'm touching him on the knee, that's definitely the opposite of light. in your time, I mean APK houses, yeah, how are the dogs, oh, you're watching my video, me running, uh, the Hilton, you always like to run like that when you're over six feet, it's so quiet, calm down, lightning because I just want to be able to scream, okay, I almost did it, literally I almost did it, if you want to be able to scream, you are in the right discord.
jeeps or a tesla ft nickmercs drlupo sypherpk fortnite battle royale highlights 119
Ron Tilton, nice easy man, I think his body is great, we'll play, we'll do it. do some, you know, okay and then we'll judge this, this team of experts, you know it's all about eating with you every day, that's essentially getting close to someone, my dog, okay, you know, because dude, your sous is easy, check me out because Lupo's east coast servers guy, where's your? You're in the brat, people, I mean, kitchen people, man, it's like you're in a different place, you don't have to. I'm going up that ramp, that's crazy, wow. That's hard, where do you leave me next?
Where are our other teammates? What's happening? Was occupied. It's okay, there are things that are needed. I was also a good shot. Personally, I never did that. Okay, it's a pride of lions to defeat an elephant. lions not a big one know that it takes six or seven tigers to capture them Annelle tigers lions I have you the tiger says they won't the prey is weak so I don't eat the old ones and I like the base but you No, you will never see something like an ice floe? I'm running you, the Lions will get Tim, they will get you, all good, Tim, all faster for one.
Where am I in a situation? I don't have a vehicle around the Alliance. In what scenario do I hear a crack? I don't know if you guys scream. Do they think they're cool because they got a Jeepster? How cheesy. What's so cool? But a Jeep. Google Ford Raptor and see how many of them look alike and then me. I'll Google a Jeep Wrangler, you're telling me dude, just turn them off, just turn them off, you know, you know what you dropped these, but this better play with you taking down the old power before we go back live, turn it up a little bit? some live death watch a bombshell start with Nick merge, verse 12 this is off it's an unreal scythe what happened mate, he's not Thurston to me, isn't this to me wow, what a good guy, okay, boys text another peak, Iron Man, no way on the road sign on the road Jolly, you gotta split up, it still looks like you're alive buddy, good job bro, I guess it's up to the task, I know he hasn't played, it's probably bad, we'd like to and this is something I've always done.
I thought I'm not here to hit your fast car, that's really cool, it goes really fast, boy, super fast, bro, but we, poor thing, have you ever been in one, the thing is Nicolas and this is my main point. Sorry, the car is leaving. 0 to 60 in a loop straight to point two point two three seconds that's amazing right, I'll look at the lines where the speed limit is 30 like, what's it like here, you do it every weekend? I'm going straight, muddin, bro, I can say all that stuff. my Tesla can tell us that 747 is a video of it, so on a straight road I am not full of 747 out of the ravine.
I had a friend. I had a friend in the snow. He went off the road. Who do you call friends like Lupo? Dude, we don't knock these presents for this delicious solitaire oh oh, this is great, yeah, yeah, yeah. I helped Lupo and now I'm in trouble. I took down two of them. Good job, guys, good job. I'm broke. I had to build there. I'm 40 Matt Roku crashed into a tree. I'm looking at a stream. I give you 51. You don't know much about science. Where is the top of the construction? I'm more like saying it. Where if?
I'm running back here and you know I did it where it's written out of necessity, you're towing, no, oh, that's unreal, nice, yeah, yeah, Barney, this guy on top of me, you on top of me, no, that's me Yo, go grab that campfire and grab the mini and just. pop it but I'm literally full kids Oh wonderfully use super weak there Boulder the guy above just got shot in the head you can finish it commando girl is so weak the person has like what's coming above he has a hand towards her she has shield 27 I did a rad wrapping loosely she's looking at Tim's builds looking excellent this is amazing he's under Tim Nick come on buddy Tim that's the wrong gesture wait no 2700 more more a loophole 5 yes 32 come on PK brother playing hungry man where am I? go buddy Nicko tilt dye Tim, go tilt it too with Nick and I'll take Pleasant, I forget paradise and then we're going to have to tear each other apart while I train a bunch of pigs.
Oh God, he's right behind you, killing me, I'm giving you. you're awake right now, I know they called me pushy, I think you have to say down here, you jumped, oh my God, we got it, I got a thing to run back, let me get back at you, so I got three down and you I'm not going to let you I caught you. Let me provide you with a good camera, right? I saw the Seifer guy embarrass this kid. You know you want Taylor, that's the advice, this is the only one, five speeds, speed, speed, speed, it's hard command 3 9 2 4 4 players, go ahead, some growth.
I literally threw my mouse t-shirt on your wet t-shirt. What do you think? Look, that's all you do there, buddy. I am a drop, it is so dense. I mean, he's getting steamy right next to me. Nick, it's a creepy feeling, it's Rico, I'm running towards you, oh man, kids are so unlucky, they're going to curse me, where does the attention come from, he's picking it up, that's my goal to kill, wow , I'm watching my little game. kill go there in the corner in that corner in the wooden box dude this guy is going to come in sit there because he knows I'm a streamer you're on the show wait - okay that was a guy that was fighting and the other guy was going to show up over me, that's it, you're behind you, behind you, real quick, Nick, what do you think about ketchup with steak?
Dude, hell, because I was afraid I had a friend come over a long time ago, when we were like 11 12, my dad was grilling steaks my son Sheldon Chung wants a steak, but Sheldon doesn't want it. Little is a little different there at Sheldon's house and my dad put the steaks on the play, we got the roasted corn on the cob, you know, the big glass of milk and he asked me for ketchup on the first date and my dad told me that I went home

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