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Jun 24, 2022
hey gang i'm brian from fx builders we're going to do something today that i've wanted to do for a long time and just didn't have the material to do it and i know earl is doing some online analysis and really that little fire under me to do this , so I found some non-copyrighted material for you guys that we can look at and analyze from an educational point of view, so we're going to see two of the best players in the


not just the best players in the


and this is from a match that it goes back to 2014 for the


um now they had a safety battle on the first four or five shots and bread ended with that um that bench shot it's very rare that you'll see a bench shot in a competition especially at this high level, uh you can go two games and see an offensive bench shot but they're starting there's a run to nine so it's a long event as far as the number of games they're going to play and she took the bench shot so he did and um, she's in control of the table now pan is they call her the queen of nine


or the queen of


in china she's a very popular athlete there and on that shot she played high english with her right hand to turn around you can see how far she is from the four


this is by design guys i'm going to talk about this a lot during this video she's about five foot three and one of the things she does to keep the bridge out of her hand is play with the cue ball either in the middle of the table at the midpoint of the table or closer to the opposite end and that keeps the bridge out of your hand so you'll see a lot of shots where you'll be playing the position at the center table where he might have He thought he would get close, but the reason he plays that center table position more often is because of his height.
jeanette lee vs pan xiaoting world 9 ball championship commentary by fx billiards pool lessons
Now, here, she's going to shoot. six for those of you not used to the ball Being this color, the six ball on top and the seven ball is right next to it, to the left of it. She's going to play this left hand high. table and here's a um an easy stun to get on this eight ball but you'll see he's going to play this differently than how I would see how he stun below eight instead of above eight and taking the easy takedown here on this corner this is exactly what i was talking about with his height if she had stunned him to the other side he would have to reach all the way to the back of the table to play the eight in this corner but from this angle he can play eight without raising the bridge or going left or anything that might not have been to her advantage so watch throughout the match how she plays the position to make up for those things here you can see she has a very polished break watch the action on signal b everyone here now she put some power into it and got the cue ball relatively controlled i mean it went back to the other end of the table which very often is where you want it because if you don't go on your break it's going to end up there and extreme but she does the wing ball and the single ball so she's in a pretty decent position middle of the table would have been better but we're going to see her break vs


's break and you'll see a world of difference at least early in the game so here she's going to queue up a three ball that's way down the table but she's really good at these long shots um they're pretty common for her like I said. she will play the position for a longer shot versus a shorter shot just to keep that game cue in her hand and away from the bridge the height difference between her and


lee is about three inches and i will show you how we go through the match where there's your red zone, there's a spot on the table where you can basically reach the shot and instead of not being able to reach the shot, so here you have a cut back on this four ball.
jeanette lee vs pan xiaoting world 9 ball championship commentary by fx billiards pool lessons

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jeanette lee vs pan xiaoting world 9 ball championship commentary by fx billiards pool lessons...

This is one of the more difficult shots. This is one of the most challenging shots for me and she's on the wing. now look at what happens with the eight ball here so clearly he's playing the four but he pushes that eight ball and it goes in the pocket of course the crowd loves it because it looks like it came out so clean it looked like he was planning it . but clearly she wasn't playing that eight ball, she would have gotten a totally different position if she was playing to, um, to play that eight ball, but she'll be fine, even though she missed the four that she's going to get to with. the left. hand english a little um easy high left to position yourself on the five ball and it will take the longest way down the table at that five if you had left the eight ball on the table you would have had to play the five ball in the direction opposite because there would probably bee n blocking this shot but I really doubt she intended to hit that eight she would have been much better with the eight sitting in front of the pocket and using it as a key ball so these are all little things you need to think about guys so side pocket shots are really good for getting up and down the table you can see how low he queues up on this he's obviously going to shoot a tie shot here good speed on the tie for go to the other side of the table and here's one of those mid-table shots I was talking about and this will show you where your red zone is so you're coming off the rail to take position on this b wave nine and you can see how she just shot under you would think she would try to get further down the table because the ball was going to fall right down the table she would cross the short rail from this position to play it but she left the cue ball in the middle of the table because this is her reach when she gets past this point that she has the bridge in her hand and even players at this level try to avoid having the bridge in hand so this is the jeanette break and you can see how much power put it but the cue ball goes flying around the table and that break isn't popular anymore I mean this was only six years ago and players have changed their break so much you actually have to change the rules to make sure that they break the balls with force.
jeanette lee vs pan xiaoting world 9 ball championship commentary by fx billiards pool lessons
She really hits those balls and the cue ball goes flying around the table from a tie I mean she hit it low so it actually went back off two rails and almost scratched in that side pocket that really isn't you need to guys uh when you're at this level you're going to do the wing ball every time and you're probably going to do the one on the side from that direction so there's no reason to lose control of the cue ball trying to spread the balls. it'll spread those balls out and you could also play for good position and there were a couple safeties that I took out because I didn't feel like there was anything to be learned from those particular shots but here you can see the pan is on the two ball and she's going to have to playing safety here is a tough shot because it's actually a zero shot if you hit it wrong so she comes off two rails and almost gets behind that six ball which would have helped her but jeanette will have a pretty decent shot on the side pocket you'll have to put a little bit of English on the left you won't have to but I'm sure you will put a little bit of English on the left on this two balls to do two things one to throw the two balls to the right, which helps you with slice shots to put outside English on these shots and also needs to get through all this traffic and get off the table so he plays perfectly, goes down and gets on the three ball. now going down to the table you can see she is checking to make sure this is so.
jeanette lee vs pan xiaoting world 9 ball championship commentary by fx billiards pool lessons
Your ball passes into this corner pocket, so clearly your intention is to play the four ball into this lower right corner pocket. He's going to shoot with his left high. about jeanette you can tell by her body language when things didn't go as she planned but she's on this four ball now she's clearly lined up to make the four ball but i want you to pay attention to what happens because the nine ball is right next to her so if she shoots this with a little push she can at the very least push it and possibly do it in the corner pocket but I want you to follow her eyes you can see what her intention is if you look at her eyes right here she he's playing the four ball but the nine is going for it so I don't think he intended that shot at all if they're calling the nine he may have called it just in case I don't think they're calling the nine because if you look at the production value of this t The camera work is amazing and the cameraman completely missed that shot so if she had called nine the production booth would have put a camera on that nine shot balls, but all you have here is the projector, so I think she didn't call. that nine ball and she seemed as surprised as we were when the nine ball went so here's pam's break and she's going to make the side ball look at the single ball one ball goes in the side pocket the side ball goes in the corner pocket the cue good ball control once again even though he is at the other end of the table this is his Achilles heel the shots on the wing were the Achilles shots of everyone on the wing and especially the long shots that are on the wing are the hardest shots obviously you can't put the English you want on them um you only have one part of the ball to work with and she will have a pretty long chance here on this two ball , it gets even worse because what she's trying to do here and this is what I think she's trying to do is position herself on the three because there's a three nine combo shot in the side pocket and she may be looking to do that like minimum or, she wants to come up short and position herself at three right there. but everything misses the shot um position do you know everything went wrong on that but it was a long shot six feet from the table the cue ball on the rail is not an easy shot so here jeanette just wants to hit this ball two is going to go to the left side of this four, it might as well have gone the long way, which I could have done, uh, you can see he's looking at it, do I want to go to the other end? lane but she's going to take a more direct route now the advantage you have if you go the opposite direction around four and go the long way would be you could have gone down and you'd have two chances to hit that ball so would have been able to hit it if you were short and if you were long because she would have gone out with two cushions but she gets lucky and puts herself on a safety uh jeanette is one of the best players in the world but she intentionally didn't play that safety with that kick he could have known. that the cue ball could end up on this rail but um hiding behind that seven ball that didn't make it back there um would have been much, much more awesome than anyone shoots so pam missed a side pocket shot that she's only looked at this about three quarters of the way through the pocket to work and she comes up short but once again she's lucky and doesn't leave jeanette with a chance now jeanette is going to play it safe here and this is not really good safety at This level everyone I don't care if you're efren and you can play you know five kick shots everyone has to jump q in their bag everyone is good at jumping if you're a professional nine ball player you're spending thousands of hours working on your ju mp shots then she goes and grabs the jump shot they jump q and this is actually one of the easier jump shots the ball is right on the rail the ball you're jumping over is only about 10 inches from distance and you're heading straight for the pocket, so he's about two inches away from making that jump shot, but guys, you can learn from that, if you're playing safety in these situations, try to face the other balls .
Jeannette had very easy insurance she could have gotten so close to this other ball she'd be playing ball in hand right now she's going to play for a better shot here and it just stuns her and she's very close to the three so this maybe the jump cue isn't going to come into play now and I think he had a little bit of tunnel vision here he had an easier chance I think to kick this double ball than what he ends up doing the diamond system took it out of the left the long rail here and so the short rail is the problem with the diamond system At this point the main point is that the place you need to hit there is a pocket there so it's a bit behind the three at an angle you can't get there, so you do a parallel shift.
I want you to look at what she does with the cue I actually twerked in one of my videos so you divide the difference between the two balls so there she is measure the difference between the two balls in her pocket now watch her move it q about this is a parallel change guys and now she finds the spot she needs to hit on the long rail well the problem is if there's a pocket in there and now you have to cheat somehow she's going to load some left english and try it, but it doesn't. wow she only missed by a couple of millimeters so jeanette has control of the table here she will be on ball two and when you have the ball in hand you need to make it count in these matches you don't understand. to pitch a lot of innings, so if it's an amateur game you're playing, you could play five six innings inthis rack but at this level they most likely have um one and two entry games so change your mind about throwing ball two I think I would probably play on the side but entering this three is not a chore easy, but will take an interesting route with which he will fire an equalizing shot.
The low right hand Englishman comes out with two rails and gets a very good position on this three ball. The only problem with this three ball shot is that she is directly inside, so to take position on this he has two options to back off a bit and play. the four at the other end of the table or she goes to shoot a power draw, come back from the rail and move around the four ball. A guy hit me up in the comments on one of the giveaway videos and said ok. He didn't shoot draw shots more than a few inches and then hit me with the you, um, you, uh, draw for show and go for money.
You know that expression. That expression was made by a guy who uh didn't have a strong shot if you don't have a good shot guys 50 write that down five zero percent of the directions you can go for position have been eliminated I'll take that handicap put me up with some of the best players and they tell me they're not allowed to shoot the cue ball below center to get a tie shot and um pretty much everyone hearing this is going to have a good day so if they don't have a tie shot decent shot decent uh you know you're really giving up mid game and you can see in her her little shot shot um she had to put a little bit of energy into that because she was going off lane I didn't add anything in English, but you could tell it was a good draw and here Jeanette is in her red zone, which is about three inches beyond Pan's red zone, and she fives.
Sorry for dining ball too easily. so there's jeanette's power break, which was very good to put the cue ball in the side pocket, uh, i know she already did it. help him that rest has gone the way of the dinosaur these days people are doing one of two things if they are putting that much power into their rest they have a lot better control these days than just six years ago but most people it's using a softer shot in fact there are so many people who use a softer these days that they're changing the rules to make sure you hit the balls harder so they have the three point rule now we have to get three balls down to the kitchen uh to make it a legal break and um but at the same time you can get the balls if there's a tight rack uh you don't have to put a lot of crazy speed on the cue ball it's going to cause you end up scratching yourself you know what Jeanette would be at the table right now if she got a softer break in it.
Now, Pan is playing a lot of short shots here. bunt shots I like to let my stroke come out but here you're going to have a nity to um opportunity to work the table one of my favorite free shots here it's going to come out with three cushions to get position on the four ball which is right under her and um very good english speed left hand so she's pretty much straight on this four you can see where she wants to go on five so again another tie shot won't be a problem for her decent speed here and anything but straight into this five you're probably in pretty good shape so she comes back and gets a decent angle on the five the six is ​​sitting in the pocket it looks like it's sitting in the pocket it's not really um it's a a little too left of the pocket so when i first saw this i was wondering why she went to so much trouble getting the table down for this shot but she needs to get on our left side of this six ball so she can take a risky shot here. to a point where she can do the s ix from this direction, but she's past her red zone, so I'm sure she's going to get to the bridge and there's the bridge right up to her. three uh playing with your left hand so you're going to see her do all those things during this match now notice how she ducks on the cue when she's using the bridge so just bunt the six ball on this seven it can go a couple different directions if she plays on the side, she might get blocked by that nine ball, but um, I don't think she's going to think much and go down to the table, she will, you can see where she wants the eight ball up there, so she's going to shoot this with follow-through, probably zero and she'll be on the eight so decent velocity on that shot she got a little bit close to the eight and this is not the best angle guys this is a scratch shot in the side pocket she's going to put some tie in it to avoid scratching but I tell you a lot of fans scratch right there in fact back in the days of apa I would have gotten up to go shoot when ninety percent of the players made that shot because I knew they were about to . to scratch, um, little things, a little drawing, change the trajectory of not just the shot, but the whole game, possibly, so pam hits the side ball and hits the single ball and controls the two balls near the center of table.
I can see that she doesn't put much on that break and that's probably 70 of the speed she could hit those balls looking at this rack. I don't see any major issues but let's see once they show us the table again we can break it down well then she has a back cut on this two balls and with the right velocity she could get to the um on the next shot here and she does this is which was a beautiful shot english left hand sorry yeah english right hand to come take position uh on this ball now she's g or the six and the seven both on the rail both lined up could be a problem the open shot puts you in that pocket, so she'll bring it back a little bit and collide with the nine, I don't think it was intentional, no one. wanted to push that nine closer to the eight, so he may not have had the option to push that nine ball from his angle, but here he is, um, he's going to play just a couple of bunt shots, play the six from this angle will drive you crazy. the rail, which is their only challenge, the seven and the eight begin to look at that because here we have parallel balls, I always talk about parallel balls when I'm breaking and running and when the balls are almost directly across from each other on the table it can be very challenging so he's going to do a little draw here to get to the eight ball and he probably could have improved a little bit more than this it's at the point where you go back and forth or shoot a little draw the table is so fast the felt is new and she has such a good touch she's just going to put a little drawing on this and stay on that nine personally i like it i said i like to let my punch come out i would have gone over and over and that it would have been as easy as one shot to get the nine ball so he's out once again the score is four to two and look at the nets breaking this time look he didn't finish he didn't get off his feet no did. any of the things he does when he does that power break and you can see he not only balls but he left a cue ball in the middle of the table so he wasted a game or two with that power break he left she scratched but hit at probably 70 percent of her speed she made two balls and left the cue ball in the middle of the table she has a shot at both a lot of good things happened there just because she um lost a little bit of speed that break and with the point system we talked about earlier, the three-point system he would have had still been a legal break, so he didn't have to hammer those balls.
Now, Jeanette was trying to get around the table to get on that four ball. He wanted to go up and get to the left our left side of that four ball but the five got in the way so he has to put the table down um that was one of those three rail shots where the math wasn't right, so now he's going to put the table down he's going to put English right hand on this shot to try and get to 5 but it's a long shot for right hand english for any kind of english and you can see he threw that four ball much further to the left than he wanted and would have been perfect position-wise for that shot. outside, five is lined up for six, six would have backed up, she would have backed up to get to seven, eight was natural and nine is sitting right there, so that shot cost her this shelf, unless Pan does . something really bad here so he has another tie shot where he's going to go off the rail he could have gone the other way but he's going to play a little bit not even draw but just a little bit of a stun off the rail because He doesn't care about these long shots, frankly guys I would have played this totally different.
Possibly the wrong way, but I would have tied, tied, and put that 5 ball in the side pocket, which would have left me an easy shot on the six ball, but since she is so happy playing these long shots on the table, I she did no matter her position and obviously it's working for her so there's more than one way to get through a rack and her shape was probably the smarter route but I tend to play a more aggressive position so she gets more shots easy a little bit of a draw to get on this four ball it's going to stun this here and maybe back off a little bit so you want to keep an angle so you can get on the nine ball and you can see it's in that red zone you're you look how stretched she has one foot off the ground and this shot you shoot with a little English left hand but she got it wrong and it wasn't a terrible cut but it's not the easiest shot she could have had a shot much easier when i shoot those f shots Outside the rails if it's one or two rails or three rails, I'm thinking if I want to be over or under in this shot, which means I'm probably not going to get the perfect position, where do I want to be if I mess it up?
Wanna? go too far or I want to go too short and with that particular shot I would play the over so she would have had an easier shot on the nine ball because she um she had a tough cut tough for most people she probably shoots thousands and thousands of those side balls in the corner pocket, the one that missed the side pocket, but it will almost always end up on the end of the table that you broke off of when you take that angle and here she's going to do something where it's you. I know a lot of people call it the mirror shot um she's g To measure how far the ball is from the center of the ball from the rail and then you measure the exact same distance from the rail to the rail and what happens here is that you have an imaginary point that is the same distance as the object ball is from the rail of the band and then you aim at that point and it puts you on the ball that you are trying to hit, it is a difficult shot, however, because you have to keep your eyes on that imaginary point i'm going to produce a video that will teach you how to do it sometimes it's a lot easier than others if i had put a little proper english in that shot i would have gotten a little more juice I gave him that shot but he didn't have a lot of options it's not an easy shot especially from where he was right now Jeannette can try to get him off this ball or play a combination I think the combination would have worked but she plays the climb to eight and then you have a difficult position in that if you are shooting a


, a carom or a combination, it is important that you know where the balls are going to end up, cue ball, object ball, everything so that you have a difficult shot in the side pocket, here is. probably working seventy and eighty percent out of pocket here and she's against derailing but she pulls it off well so now she's on both she's got a big cut here huh and she has to put the table down every time she has to cut that much ball your position can be affected so he's trying to figure out exactly where he can get to that three ball if he had a position where he could get to the center of the table he'd be golden but since he's cutting it so much you can see that um she doesn't have much control of the ball here and she gets blocked by the nine ball so what happened guys it wasn't the shot on both that wasn't the problem it was the shot she played the problem on out of the one to play the eight if she played that different one The truth is that everything from then on would have been different, she would have gotten into the one ball, most likely she would have had a much better position on the ball two and could have b Ajar through the center of the table to get into position. this three ball so this all happened because of the way he chose to play that single ball and eight ball so here he's going to kick all three because it's the most direct route and it's the route that makes the most sense here and um she plays a good shot uh just touching it i knew she would leave the ball in traffic which is all i could ever hope to do but Pan will also have an easy safe when the balls are so close together these safes are pretty simple. you don't have to go far to hit a dynamic shot so it's going to stun the cue ball right there there's no diamond system there's no jump shot there's no four lane shot there's nothing to get you out of this you have to do it more or less get out of the long lane wit h english the perfect amount of english to hit this ball soyou have to avoid the six and you have to spin the cue ball to hit the three ball, not an easy shot at all, so you can see that she, um, misses plate three, has ball in hand and will probably walk out of here.
I mean they're quite willing, most of us would be very happy with this layout in a nine ball game, the balls are, um, pretty much in a good position, designed to run here, the only problem might be moving on. that 7 ball and I don't think that's going to be a problem for her so just a little um throw a little stun on that three ball to get a little closer to the four now I might serve to get on that six she's lining up like she wants to play it in that side pocket that side pocket is such a hard touch shot I don't think she's going to go that way so yeah she decides to come and fold to go up the other side of the six this is exactly what would have done um i would like to see her play on the side but why would she use the seven but she would definitely play that draw around the six it was just so much easier you could drop your um off your punch and get the position it's almost a position automatic, so again, here's one of those long shots down. the rail that does it so well and if you can bounce off this rail you'll be fine so a little bit of um a little bit of bass comes off the rail and back a little bit and it's a wrap so the score is six to two and then let's look at the break one more time and see what they're doing differently because they actually change, um, they're alternate breaks, but you know, jeanette started on the power break that wasn't working for her because she was shooting the cue ball. all over the place and um bread started on the soft rest and it was working for her but then she started making them work and now Jeanette is left with that soft rest she found out that that power rest wasn't going to work. help her around so she has the t ay of the sixth combination here this is not an easy shot and um not sure if that was the best idea i probably could have played a safety i mean it would have been a long safety and i would have to think of something special to make this take happen but she's going to play the combo from um two to six let's see how she does it guys if you watched my videos on combo takes it was the first rule of takes combo, avoid combo shots, now she tails low in this shot. this was one of the mistakes and i'm not sure why she did it i mean she's a great player so she had something on her mind but that's not what she had on her mind so you can tell by her body language every time things go wrong and Guys I tell you if I haven't said it already in this video I shouldn't be able to look at you guys and say things went wrong after getting shot.
If something goes wrong and you fail, go sit down. it conveys to your opponent to your own brain that things went wrong your physical state is very important when it comes to his mental state so stay positive in how you approach these things once something goes wrong all that stuff Acting and overacting won't help him, it'll only hurt him with his next try, so it's okay you know, oh yeah, you wanna act like it's okay, I do this all day and night, but she took a bad shot, she missed it, you don't need to stand on the table and overact so Pan will play insurance here not a good but insurance and I'm not sure at first I wasn't sure what I was doing here but I've seen this before and that three ball looks behind the nine not sure what happened to the three but it was seen behind the nine and they are not frozen they should actually be touching if they were seen but it looks like three are going in this corner but obviously Pan didn't see a place where she was going to do both and position herself and n this three ball, so why not let Jeanette shoot me? t and then you expect to come back to the table because she has a tough position here, but if she had played that safety behind the seven ball a little better, she would be at the table right now with ball in hand and she definitely would. get on the three so jeanette gets on the three she plays a nice two rail position to get back to the table and she's on that four ball.
This is an easier shot than the one she had on the last ball four. coming off the rail and then back towards the center of the table to get to the five now she's heading straight for that seven ball and look at her arms and her head and all the guys don't do that look what she did and don't you do that ok she just broadcast ok things are wrong i was wrong now let me go to the table and rush and fail because i didn't like what happened you can't let your emotions show for your opponent and you can't let them show for your own brain, okay that's what happens so she's an elite player would have made that shot probably nine times out of ten but she went through it all conveying the fact that something went wrong now some people would do it for the crowd they want let them know oh this is not where i wanted to be just not the shot you don't need to do any of that especially when you're still going to be at the table now if you're missing a shot and you're going to sit for five minutes because pam is going to s er running racks on you that's a whole different thing but if you're still on the table let's not over act she'll go up and back on this take and very nice take not very hard but very hard to get the perfect position like her. she did I think she's going to get out of here so this is um this is the seven ball she'll just stun him in the middle of the table and he'll get decent position on the nine ball decently and perfectly okay there's that shelf. i think the pan is breaking this time so grab the brake cue i'm not sure what he's using there someone told me he uses a bk2 predator to break but i'm not sure it looked like a bk2 just the tip part so finish now jeanette got off the power outage and then pan picked her up but pan has a different situation she is winning seven to two she can be a more aggressive player at this point and look at the control you see what happened to that cue ball stopped right in the middle of the table until a ball came and knocked him out of the way so he has a lot more control over that power cut but i think he should have stuck with the softer cut anyway so it worked for her now she has to draw all the way back to the table so here's that long shot today um that people don't want to have in their arsenal i want to play all the guys that don't they think they need to take a shot at their game um so she's used to the long shot she would have been further down the table but she hits the eight and um has easy position on the three to t the four so now uh looks like it's a wrap here she's going to come off the rail just a little to get on that five you see how low he queues on these shots that it's not even a tie shot it was a stun shot and um most players at this level are queuing very low for open shots, shots stuns even a follow up stun you'll see her shoot a few times and she's going to be queuing real low so guys if you don't have the stroke that allows If you hit the ball that low and don't miss the cue then you really need work on that so she can drop back another three or four foot shot and she's perfect on the nine ball so that game is a wrap she'll put on. at eight and two this is a race to nine hang on guys we have another exciting rack to watch so I hope this video has been beneficial to you and you guys have learned a lot um again thanks to earl strickland he es is doing this type of analysis online and will probably do it for a few weeks until he's tired, but I definitely got motivated to do this, so as long as I can find non-copyrighted material to do this with you guys, I'll keep posting.
I already have a good idea for the next one and it should be interesting. so i'll work on that soon after you see this so jeanette has a long shot across the table on this two ball and she goes down and gets really good position on that three ball i mean that's an amazing shot so here have a difficult problem. position on that four, she really needs to go up and down to get on that four, but she tries to smooth it out and you see what happens when you can let your stroke go ahead and do it, but you can tell she's not. happy with this shot and i've seen this shot i don't know what you're thinking here but he's going to hit this four ball hard so if he was trying to hit that five like that i mean he hit it so hard that his outfit he fell apart i mean he got tangled in his own clothes he hit that so hard but the um the shot just didn't make any sense to me that's the only shot of this match i can't give you any explanation because now, uh, she's going to have to play a safety of this five ball and she's trying to go. all the way back to the table and hide the cue ball at the same time sticky situation and look what happens here oh you know what i just realized what he's trying to do he's trying to play the nine here so check out the shot here this was not a safety the first time i saw this i thought it was a safety she is trying to play the nine and that will be bad news because now the nine is right in front of the pocket if you have that lower percentage chance of making that 9 you don't want to hit it in front of the pocket when there's another ball on the table right in front of that pocket and Pan is going to have an easy time with this uh this five ball and and you know the six if she just puts a little left on this she should come right to the middle of the table and be on the um sorry that's the seven ball so she's um perfect on this seven and you can see where they're lined up that eight and nine so you know that won't go well for him now a a jeanette it could be that jeanette was so far behind in the match that she got really aggressive and tried to hit that nine but pan will go left hand here most of you guys can hit this shot left hand right hand um you're just hitting that ball it's going to come out and she's perfectly lined up so look what happens here guys this is interesting she gets up moving her chalk she didn't like the chalk being under her and um you know you want consistency in your game and where it puts the chalk if you rewatch this you'll see it puts the chalk almost exactly the same distance from itself every time it's very interesting to watch so guys I know you didn't think I spoke Chinese but I'm going to translate what's going on here for you and basically he's asked how you felt about the match well he'd like to thank his sponsors and coaches and um he'd also like to thank brian at fx


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