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Jul 09, 2022
that I offer you as stream one it's rare that we can invoke it I picked it up well it's difficult I'm fine I'm having a hard time there is dancing that is happening brulin who does that and I'm done imagine if we did that in our cities in genre mode every afternoon a 7 p.m. there is the mayor puts a radio on the ground does aerobics with all the towns august madness genre good we had a new point that we can break between us on an island that is too scared to meet an old emiliano gasser and the misery is less three points guys i'm scared he pushed me because of how dangerous it is to do unknown hockey islands and we're going to go find my island of course i can't wait to come and decide on your nier i'm delighted it looks great i don't have a feeling I cut myself from a tarantula guys I think it's better I'm going home than I close the points the macbooks in the world a resident we will try to have as many inhabitants as possible so that we in the town hall faster and if we come across a tarantula we are fine I go around the island to look for a tarantula oh but if it is true that tarantulas appear the more there are fewer objects on the ground and it is to get the most out of the measures to attract sports tarantulas they did that guys I have all the objects on the floor and I'm going to keep a thread in my hand you never know in male mode homes exactly there it is archi klinsi ya pas a tarantula is coming I don't understand we' are going to talk for a while we are all going to have the data after my goal for that night is set which is to try to catch a tarantula and I would also like to bring the other five species before decorating fatigue where I am going to go fishing I am going to try to get my five species back and if we see a tarantula we throw ourselves into it let's either be a big fish I want to go diving I'm fishing common montbard I'm yours to tell you so you were fucking there you should go to the fishing rod have finished diving l are gentlemen if he made a tarantula 3/ 6 special people we are going to cut and you could look to validate I am going to go on the air - there is no fire left that I was also looking for a while ago I took it all the areas all the things in Montreux me or it is a point but suddenly we are tied to the earth good guys it was safe for the tarantula we are not a big deal we recap the scores if I say no nonsense the Inca a - 3 current points one point and I one point, we remind you that whoever have more points at the end, the other two offer you 50 seube. away 1 which i'm going fast i went there on the cliff of ugh but he told me its over which means i can't accept donations however of course i'll be happy to give me an expert opinion if you'd like it's ok we're done , so there it should be good for the museum I was waiting for, but we handle the island from a masterful point of view we are in a shower of shooting stars I only have one wish the u13 100 miles nuke it's a pity the tarantula a gold our game of rituals i think they had done the cost 3.6 lords for the console in two minutes we won't be able to go and make a mystery island now but when we recognize that the goal will be to try to make the town hall as fast as possible and therefore it will happen, we won't I tried to collect an inhabitant, but I'm so happy not to have talked to the inhabitants and not to have recovered them, gentlemen, we have to cut, we'll stop everything, well, well, guys, I hope you like it, it was a good session. n we send many kisses to all
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