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Jay Kay Interview & Fastest Lap | Top Gear

Jun 02, 2021
Now let's talk about rock stars, most of them today wouldn't know a good car if it offered to please them in the back of a limousine. All they really want is to be invited to travel to Anton Lard and picked up at a sponsored city. It's pathetic, but my guest tonight is a real rocker. You gave him a car like this. He would probably lose it or crash into the pit of it. Ladies and gentlemen. Jqu leader JK. Thank you. How are you? I'm fine, have a seat, thank you. In fact, you're a big car fan, aren't you a little serious?
jay kay interview fastest lap top gear
Because we were going to the office the other day and I was working in my perfect garage and I would have a Mercedes Pullman Ferrari 550 uh Lamborghini miora SV SV, of course. you have any of those, yes all of them and what else, there is a 360 Spider that is out of DB5, Concourse 2002 turbo 74, that one really interests me, you have two. I call it because I've always had two. I've always had two. I started, my first car was a 16002, which is an underpowered job, well your first car, my first car, I brought it to two old ladies with some letters and they said we put 1500 miles on it this year. you know, when I did it, 1500 miles a week, you know, um and uh, that was a '72 car, all the original decals and everything and uh and then I went to TI T International Tan injection Internationals and then I had a turbo dog because some of them are real dogs, they only made about 15572 of them and now I have an X BMW Car Club contest winner, a really good one because when you are more of a fan of the 3 ler csl I used to have. an original Batmobile, yes, really a 3.2.
jay kay interview fastest lap top gear

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jay kay interview fastest lap top gear...

Had a 3.2 CSL, yeah look how boring we can be with numbers, yeah yeah, where did all your love for cars come from? um, uh, my mom had a Triumph Herald 1360 convertible, best turning circle ever. car um well, there was something going for it, yeah, no, it was, um, I just spent most of it, I spent my whole life on the road and you know, when you're back, I mean, in those days, I don't really know. that not everything had an engine, we and, you know, and I, I spent all my time in the back of the car and I just looked at one car, I mean, I knew every car on the road, you know, this was when you were a kid. , that was when I was Tiny, you know, I mean, I was about four and five years old.
jay kay interview fastest lap top gear
I knew all the cars on the road, everything now I don't know anything CU, they look the same, your M was also an entertainer, right? Yeah, yeah, M, there's a lot of miles all the time because you're a pretty mean driver, you know from the job, you know the kind of job I do, which I want to get rid of and trade it for this, now I'm going to trade it for your job. Anytime, yeah, I'll trade it with you. Anyone you don't like, I can assure you, but you know that no, your fans wouldn't like it, they wouldn't like it, who exactly croaks? um no um uh, you know I don't.
jay kay interview fastest lap top gear
I don't have as much verification time as I'd like, you know, and I mean what's the


you've ever been. I don't like to say this because everyone thinks I'm just a bully on the highway, but I did Rome to Cal in 13 hours and it was 190 which was really good, it actually made the mental thing go really fast, the needle didn't go down of 140, even at the gas stations, yes, I think you visited some, I visited some, yes, well. It's always that balance, isn't it? I go a little slower and I don't visit as many and then you wonder why that damn Morris Minor is in front of you, you still know, because the other thing is that at every gas station you stop in Europe.
You say, oh, I'll have that stuffed toy and there's an interesting inner light to a thing. I'm one of those and even though I have 10 of them at home and something that just sticks on the window and all this crap, um. Anyway, of course, as you know, yes, you didn't come here just to chat and play silly children's games. There's no reason we should have a celebrity guest every week to go out and play star in a reasonably priced car that they drive. our track on our Suzuki lyana now you did it today yes, I did, it's quite a fun thing.
We had Harry Enfield with her last week. He drove the car in standard tune. I heard he was JK. We put a roll cage on it. I'll see later how it went, okay? Did you drive the RS Focus? I have, they gave me one last week. If you like me? I can't say I liked it very much, I really didn't, no, you found all that. yeah, I mean, it was like, oh, there he goes, there he goes again, absolutely terrified, it's, it's, it's quite. how good or bad you are on a track, we have the tape, okay you want to see it, you might as well run it, okay I like this third


business, I like this third


business, right?
I must do it well. I must learn to drive. correctly and it's a turn there and it's there it's there that's better that's better that's better that's better that's there all the time it's the only one oh don't be punished don't be tempted to put too much power that's beautiful I'm going to lower this even further Getting out of reach of Clarkson than his henchmen this is the Punisher 76 80 80 80 82 hit it there and flat we go that's flat in third in third yes Gear north Corner yes but then you never increase the revs there no, you maintain the speed high and flat up there flat up there flat okay, how fast did you get here?
This is a crucial part, well, I guess I don't know. I'm 87. I hit once. Have you ever driven something as cheap as this? Listen, before you say this is cheap, okay, this is £10,000 for that 9995, oh, sorry, here we go and you're crossing the line in the 9995 car and I, oh. Wait, what are you doing here? I don't know what's going on, have you lost it? Oh, look at that hand, ladies and gentlemen, now these are the times so far. Can we get a cam nice and tight for Jay because I've got your time back, okay let's get nice and tight J K, okay, 1 minute 48.1 seconds, that's amazing, put it up there, put it up there, straighten it out, straighten him out, really happy about that, not that he's a sore loser or anything.
You're devastated, it hurts inside. I'm hurt. I know, so hurt that I'm going to humiliate you by showing everyone a little clip of you practicing on the Suzuki, ladies and gentlemen. J, it's okay.

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