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Jason 'White Chocolate' Williams Reacts To His NBA Highlights!

Feb 25, 2020
the reason? for breaking it as it is the defender has to do something to make you okay now i'll do it i don't think the defender has to do it i think i just have to say it has to be a gal of oh no oh no left side of me because i can't do it another way yeah i ever tried to do it another way so it has to be someone a bit behind me and obviously someone to the right to look at it as you go that way flirting makes sense i dont think people have known that too you actually finished this play because you haven't kicked it out a few times so we have some clips of china where you broke up and this person didn't get fouled and actually finished the play which was good this ain't china these are the oldies times there. you're so right the chinese chinese fans are great they love the nba people talk about vision as court vision can you teach that? a lot of these kids nowadays are making up trainers and stuff so you know they meet them at the gym for an hour or two and tell them I'm good now you're going to do this you go do that now I'm not going to hit to trainers or anything like that but you know when I was going to fight and have that trainer so I'm going to go to the gym doing my thing thinking about different exercises different situations and things like that so I think imagination is like I slept knowing that nowadays, yes, the place is so popular that it surprised you. that no other player really tried to break it hmm you probably know I think a lot of people didn't have the balls to do it also you know I'm afraid I'm afraid I'm going to mess it up I think I think I had that going for me a little bit I call it going for me a lot People did it against me, but I wasn't afraid to try anything because I think you know I was thinking I can, I can do this with the behind pass. the Grizzlies I think without occupying the store being able to be ready and have good hands I don't think they caught him because I don't think it was a very good pass he was off target a little bit The MBA guys should catch him what am I ever going to do you wonder what would you be like in this age sometimes you know i wish i could play a couple games maybe like 15 minutes a night message know if you were in your prime i think it would be a lot of fun i think i think i'm a i think i'd struggle a bit with this because i don't score enough i didn't look to score e enough but i felt you were a capable scorer albeit good and i was a capable shooter yeah but i wouldn't have because you were a former first baseman couldn't you have gotten 20 25 assists because playing with everyone to score?
jason white chocolate williams reacts to his nba highlights
Now everyone is a shooter. I feel like you would be able to prepare everyone. I think if I have the minutes. You know, yeah, they depend on every minute, but yeah, sure. I mean they'd be harder than I think just because at some point I had to look to score, yeah I had to, yeah was there someone you emulated growing up, not really, man? I'd like to watch all the games on TVs, you know, whether it's Pepperdine or Cal Riverside or whatever. You just never know someone might see a move I like and try to throw it in my bag, but basketball was my lover.
jason white chocolate williams reacts to his nba highlights

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jason white chocolate williams reacts to his nba highlights...

I love basketball and I watch it all the time. Everyone makes the Pistol Pete comparison. I can't answer that because I didn't really get to see it. play like i wish i had but i want to see some of the


and stuff yeah i mean it was good dont get me wrong now i mean but i think our games were different yeah 1000 i mean that they were different, but they both had a little bit of him, but but different, yeah, I mean, when you play John Stockton, are you nervous beforehand? Oh the first time I was mm-hmm just because he never said a word to me never no loud no for no no nothing you know so he was a little intimidating at first but it was also part of me to kill because he was really Okay. you got it like it's you he never treated like i said he never said a word to me i mean use i don't know i don't know if i did something to him or not i never really had a chance to do something that bad to myself but but no no really no i don't mean that people told me they didn't like my game and stuff like that but nothing i like to put on my hot horse i know there's a comment on the internet and i want to see if you agree with this it says j will is possibly the only player who he was able to combine the game of street ball with the game of the nba successfully i think it's fair no because i don't see i'm not saying there's a game of street ball in an nba game i think it's a game because it's played the right way i mean obviously street ball there are rules to the games the rules of street ball are different i guess yeah yeah a double dribble and traveling really call fouls well yeah if i could dribble twice and do all that i could do a little more than I did and e I'm sure Allen set fire and Kobe and whatever.
jason white chocolate williams reacts to his nba highlights
I could have done a lot more to make that street ball thing basketball so I'm just doing what I do yeah mind you with the players when they would have to protect you they would support you p a bit or they're just a bit intimidated because they don't want to end up in I I don't mean intimidated and I'd like them to back off a little bit it's just that's probably what the coach wants he wanted me to throw the ball but uh but yeah he would back me you know and everybody backs everybody and yeah, they're all like they're not afraid of being crossed or something because like I said. sooner they're all going to get crossed yeah past tilted so there's his play you fool him then the ball tilts and you still complete a behind-the-back pass well I think he was going behind-the-back all along so it was all in one move there's no way I could have picked the ball up with my left yeah around you made a point in one of your interviews you said there's a difference between a good passer on a willing pin and can you break it down a bit? kinda of course I mean a good passer is like someone who is always making the right pass or making a timed pass on target but a willing passer is like you know I have an open shot but JJ Redick is on the corner mm-hmm that's his percentage is much higher than mine so you have to be willing to make that extra pass for the team what was the most underrated part of your game i think i was misunderstood i wanted everything i wanted to do was win either three passes from behind or zero classes from behind or five points or thirty points is that I just wanted to win yeah you know it seemed like you always play for fun too that was that was Jonathan I think I try to tell people that today and in every job you know your job your job you have to have fun or what is the point exactly good find something you like do you know if you weren't playing basketball what would you have done say yes well i had a history of e this talk not long ago honestly it would be how i know my personality bro i'll be how i'd love to be like a FedEx dri see UPS driver no way i swear bro just like load me up tell me come back at five o'clock and i'll be on back bro just let me do my thing you think you would have been nice we give them behind the back passes with the packages i dont know how i got in trouble all these veiled cameras and stuff i mean videos go viral all the time of FedEx workers playing basketball and we post them and he gets three million views so maybe that would have been overkill without love I give buckets to these kids so you also had a pass against Steve Nash like how could you officially catch the ball? do you have big hands? i worked so hard on my butts growing up mm-hmm like i could always get in until one day i could go between my legs from right to left the heavy and shoot anyone i think what was the best way to protect you?
jason white chocolate williams reacts to his nba highlights
In retrospect. What should the teams have done to protect you and stop this at once? The man in the way just tried to force me out of the crowd of me mm-hmm and he pushed me a bit and put some hands on me and tried to force me a way yeah was there someone better protect him stick out ? I don't think like one on ones yeah no not really because I never really got into a one on one game but the teams I hated playing against were like outlaws because his team would score a basket now that he's doing the yours. he is denying me the ball.
I hate it, yes, yes, I want the ball. I wanna go. catch the pick and roll yeah and i always ran my knees in need of it eight of that i hated it how did you get that creativity like i said I think before you know when I was in the gym by myself with no coaches, you just know, you know, picking up the ball getting caught in the middle of the court, things like that, like putting myself in all kinds of d In different situations, you have a pass with a One-handed against the Pacers and I found out from Nick who's here with us that it's not your favorite pass against the Pacers. yeah this is your favorite highlight of all yeah well that's the top two three I sure saw it all happen as soon as I got the ball there were three guys in front of me and I knew I was going to be able to get past them and the Vlade doing all he had to do is keep running and he did so I just threw him in there and I wanted them to hit each other to be better it's like Rosen Smith with a punch between them but Jalen Rose he's my guy though you know what kind of sucks because in this era everyone's


can be cut in minutes and now it's so hard to go to 1999-2000 those clips are hard to get on YouTube so I wish like you played in this era because I'm sure we'd have more moments like this trust me what I've played in this era the Lakers was a team you always wanted to play against because you have a lot of moments against them well , the Lakers were the Lakers who You know when you were coach Shaq.
I mean, how could you not be ready to go with them, but I don't know how when I play for Sacramento? I don't know, I don't know if we could have done it. Honestly when they traded to get Bibby I think they had a chance to beat him so you think it was a good trade I made for the Kings to get what they wanted to do it was me I'm not just saying this for me yeah yeah this is because the whole team dynamic changed. There are many people who say that they should never have done that commercial action.
Well I'm not sure there's a lot of people say they probably should have done them but honestly for me for them to get a championship mm-hmm we were going to g and a championship playing that way I don't really think so and when they changed I think they improved a lot to win, like what Kobe is doing for you to fake it like that, well I think it helped me a little bit. kinda but if they pulled Nick Anderson I would have been stuck cause I wasn't thinking it was like last minute desperation yeah you know that's the only thing I could do or just travel how much was planned like you go on the court you think i'm gonna jump in and trick this guy and have a good time i think what i wanna do i wanted to go to cordis


on if he's in the back but he look back you see when i look back yeah i kind of know that he slowed down so he no longer wanted the ball.
I don't think mm-hmm and I was kind of stuck like Nick had to keep going. Who did you enjoy playing against? I liked playing. against Jason Kidd just because I watched him grow so much Young's in number five on the Dallas Maverick jerseys was the only Jersey I grew up as you grew up you also had another pass from behind from 3 point line I think it was against the pass sun bounce yeah this one's good for everyone everyone was coming this way because I'm looking this way and look where I was going the other way. I don't even think he was ready for the ball.
Where do you rank this in terms of type of passes? the ability to fake everyone and just also manage the chance to do that the crispy yeah Rondo has his special behind his back fake and I didn't realize you did something similar to the elephant yeah he asked me every time which sees really granted we probably probably see each other once every eight years not even in high school though yeah i like it i said mom did all these things yeah teammates also said they never know when to be ready they be they would tell themselves there is no way. he will be able to pass the ball from here yeah and you were able to take it back again and again and this is a good example of that because you hit a lot in the face oh I should have shot the ball he was always mad at me really such You see why you shoot the ball, man, what do you say shoot? the ball reminds you of the rondo move at all um it does it's the same move uh i think maybe at some point it brings his way of looking back yeah and how often would you break this is a pretty effective move because i can set my hands are so big that I can do it and still pass the buck pretty well with it, yeah you got a poster dunk too.
Is this your only poster dunk? It was probably the only one they caught on film. I've got a lot of good, you know, if they're coming to the files, thoughthis was a two and one foul your reaction was i was mad at a coach earlier because the coach took me out early in the first half then put me back with like two minutes ago or something yeah i didn't want to come back oh , see you d to Hannity, the first play, yes, so it's Mario Elie, my bad dog, what did you enjoy more dunking someone or breaking their ankles? you have an ultimate combination that always goes viral, have you seen this before?
He probably wants what your favorite move was because you're freaking out right here on this plate. Some guy Shaq always said he wanted to play with you and you could play with you if there was some other guy that would come up to you before or after a game and say you knew we got to get you because he would set me my man man starter for sure yeah we tried to play together forever we finally got to play together a bit in orlando but not during his prime no that would have been kind of funny you're an underrated shooter too - in the oh six years you shot like 40 percent of three I don't know I've never really gotten into the numbers man I guess I was never a serious shooter you know I didn't take it seriously so you got the good no look pass and then what is it? just be ready so you can get the steal right i knew for sure we'll see where it was Larry Hughes couldn't touch no and there was a I think I Mookie Blaylock you know key Blaylock I don't know it's crazy so I grew up in Miami that team oh six Heat was kind of like my childhood and the reason I fell in love with basketball.
What was it like to throw balloons at d-wade because he was a man, he was young here? I said about moths earlier, just throw it near the edge, they'll get it, yeah, the Memphis to Miami trade, though Shaq went to Pat Riley and said, "Hey, I want Jason Williams on the team." I'm trying to put you on the heat for sure I mean we live right next to each other here in Orlando and he came over like the day before and I was kind of wondering if I wanted to play for the heat yeah I like him sure you know, do it i didnt think you knew i always thought he was full of it but he did yeah who was your favorite person to throw balloons at?
That is a difficult question. I mean, I played with a stroke: wide, you don't remember a mouse stroke with a Memphis man. I could jump to the moon Pau Gasol mm-hmm catch some balloons, and then favorite memories what do you think of this oh six Heat team because there are so many characters you had? Antoine Walker and Gary Payton Shaq Alonzo Regretting the way James Posey any memory that sticks out I mean great women win they win in Dallas man yeah that arena was great and you know Mark Cuban try to tell Pat Riley that we're not allowed to bring champagne in there very well yeah we brought double that we had a good time that night too when you're on a team with Shaq and D Wade you looking to feed them all the time like what's the mental? ity I think I think you have a choice and you choose because you can't get stuck and try to feed Shaq and D in a way that they hold all the time because you know other guys that just stall or whatever but but if two or three trips they go on the floor and shaq hasn't touched the ball he'll let you know it's his turn yeah by the way pat riley was as tough as he looks no i don't think so i mean as long as you did what he wanted you to do .
I mean how hard could it be. You know, yes, I am, but I loved his finds. He loved his finds, but he was fine with the finds. at the end of the year it was really like a mid quarter or you know everybody should make three 3s in a row like Shaq does three you get his findings back some Shaq made three in practice no I don't just say like at the end of the year when the clincher the money was being, yes, returned. I don't think that's known about Pat at all, well I don't know.
Don't tell anyone it's too late. This was your best season statistically. 15 guys on that list with the same mindset, what was the biggest difference between Jay Will and Miami versus Jason Williams in Sacramento versus Memphis? I just think the way we played, our team, my teammates were different. we weren't running back and forth court like you said we have we had to stop and play half court games to get shaq and d wade the ball whereas in sacramento heck the best shot may be a rebound one after out of three yeah that might be the best shot where you know here in Miami D hoping Shaq needs to bunt yeah what you learned cause people talk about the game slowing down What have you learned from your rookie year up to this point?
You definitely know like I said earlier in my career I really wasn't thinking about the championship like when I got here to Miami that's it you know I don't think we were able to get past the Lakers with that team yeah you're in and then the championship Or six my childhood this is this is it for me this was kind of the peak for us and obviously the peak for you sir when you're down although I think most series especially the finals feel secure about what it was different on your team or something happened that gave you guys trust you can come back and I don't think anything I just don't think anything happened I think it's just we just know it sounds cliché but we just have to get there when you're down or - you've got to get a win, yeah, whether it's home or on the road, you've got to get that win and once we get that win, then you know it starts a little bit of momentum that way and then, God forbid, get Let's another one yeah and now it's just a three game series and it's true that even though when you guys were down Pat Riley said we'll win the finals in six games we're going to win four in a row bring a suit bring a tie no let us bring one and I don't think we wear I think we all wear sweatshirts today the truth eh- eh, but Pat Riley was real and what it was like to see d-wade say goodbye like that.
It won't happen to a better person or a better guy. You guys did a Jersey swap this year, which was great. It was like a nostalgic moment for us, like I said. to me yeah i would agree, and a better person because that's why that team was a little bit more special, like that oh the team of eight celtics, like all those veterans that come together at the end, try to win alone one, yeah, I think we were able to do it, yeah, and then Pat Riley stepped up, yeah, no, but yeah, who better to do it than him and then win? ing is exactly what you thought it would be oh I mean it's hard to explain people asked what it was like no this is you you can't I mean explain it a bit but you gotta be there you feel like you get something. spilled on your head or something you know if someone was dry we were walking in the locker room at the end of the game and I was walking on parents girlfriends wives if you were dry you were getting something yeah did you feel it? good for you because you were able to criticize the science maybe people said you were too flashy or maybe you know the way he plays is not right i mean it felt kinda good but at the same time and I'm not worried about what people were telling them you know it's just that it takes way too much energy to be bitter at someone you know so yeah fuck the last two clips you got this bounce pass from the middle of the court neither are you Asia without me so he said ok the focus circle timer is there anytime you would have tried that in an NBA game um yeah sure but yeah yeah I would try yeah , we would have to follow certain guidelines. everyone in orlando talks about



playing at ymca or jccc or whatever court he's at and they say he just dropped 50 on everyone and then goes good is this true?
I'm going to say no it's not true what my team will do I probably get a win no that's for sure I'm not going to lose 50 ok I could probably lose 50 I wouldn't be able to golf for the next week though yes, be too sore. good team no it's not like everyone thinks it's me it's not me I heard Nick is really good I'm like the third or fourth guy on the team you know I mean so I feel like you're being humble I don't am. I'm not really, I mean, when it comes to knowing how to score, getting buckets, I'm not that guy, yeah, do you talk trash at any point?
Sometimes you're still able to do everything you did 20 years ago and it must be great to see that like you, like you said before, I'll always be able to go between my legs and do another pass. and i'm gonna be honest with you man i don't know if it has to do with me mm-hmm or these kids today just don't know how to play bro i'm telling you these kids really don't have any idea how to play the game right wait, they just try to go for buckets and they can do it yeah they can go for buckets they can dunk they can do all that but man playing the right way is different it's not just about getting buckets has the defense gotten worse in general, as if it was not just a recovery like in the NBA? in high school will i go to college or if i turn 25 in college will i go to the league yeah thats what people think and i think thats bad for the game yeah because its the opposite.
I want to say thank you very much, thank you, this is so much fun. thanks for the oh six championship. I will always remember that my friend was here. He will remember it. Yes, sir, but this was a lot of fun. I appreciate it thank you very much for having a brother

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