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Jason Aldean REFUSES To Get Canceled

Jul 20, 2023
so there's a new Jason Aldean song okay this new Jason Aldean song is a big hit it's called. He tries to make the video controversial in a small town, so controversial that it was removed by country music television. It was removed because it essentially showed various riots. and then he said, try that in a small town and see how it goes. The accusation is that this was racist, which is strange because there are a lot of black people who live in small towns and it turns out that black people aren't very loving either. of riots, but apparently the media opinion is that if you oppose riots and you think that in a small town that kind of thing doesn't happen, that means you actually want to kill random black people, that, of course, is not what the song is even remotely about here are some of the music videos for a song by Jason Aldean antifa riots and he is, you know, basically the idea is privacy antifa craft here and see how it goes it won't take long , he says he's not going to be looting in a small town because we actually have a sense of community entitlement and then you put out a statement saying that when you grow up in a small town it's that unspoken rule that we all support each other and take care of each other each other.
jason aldean refuses to get canceled
He feels like somewhere along the way that sense of community and respect was lost deep down, we're all ready to get back to that. I hope my new music video helps you all know that you are not alone and don't feel that way, go watch it. and well, the crazy leftist rage clickers decided that, uh, the song was actually racist, it's racist, you can't show alleged criminals who are black and then say you don't want crime to be prevalent in a small town. It doesn't matter now, it doesn't matter that many of the criminals in the video are also white.
jason aldean refuses to get canceled

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jason aldean refuses to get canceled...

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jason aldean refuses to get canceled
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jason aldean refuses to get canceled
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Visit Let Rough Greens bring life back to your dog's food. It's free at today or call 833. dog 33, that's 833, my dog ​​33 today, so this is what Jason Aldean wrote in the last 24 hours. I was accused of publishing a pro-lynching song, a song that has been around since May and was subject to the comparison I quote directly. was not very pleased with the Nationwide BLM protests, these references are not only without merit but are dangerous, there is not a single lyric in the song that references or points out race and there is not a single video clip that is not a Real news and while I can try to respect others for having their own interpretation of a song set to music.
This goes too far, as many pointed out that I was present on Route 91 where many lost their lives and our community recently suffered another heartbreaking tragedy, no one includes me. He wants to continue seeing meaningless headlines or broken families. Try that in a small town to me it refers to the feeling of community I had growing up, where we cared for our neighbors regardless of differences in background or beliefs because they were our neighbors and that was above any differences my political views never They have been something that I have hidden. I know many of us in this country disagree on how to get back to normal or where we will spend at least one day without a headline that keeps us up at night, but the desire for that is what the song is about and which is apparently super bad, it is terrible again the fact that there are people on the left who feel the need to deal with crime and the opposition. considering it as aspects of race is racist in itself, if I say that crime does not exist in my community and your immediate opinion is that that is racist, you are being racist, you are suggesting that crime is only black people or that by attacking the crime is actually targeting black people, which is ridiculous, the majority of crime in the country comes from white people, hey, now again, a disproportionate share of violent crimes, such as murder, are committed among people of black race by young black people, that doesn't mean that if I oppose murder I oppose black people, the vast majority of black people, committing murder, obviously it is the left that suggests that if you target behavior of which a part disproportionately is done by a particular race, you are actually targeting that race.
That is ridiculous, it is absurd, it is like saying that if you target crime, what you are actually targeting are men because practically all crimes are committed by men. Did Jason Aldean do something wrong here? Of course, not now, so they resort to his supporting argument, his supporting argument is he filmed this in a town that 102 years ago had a lynching. You got to be kidding. Do you really think Jason Aldean said, "Well, I'm going to go to a town that had a lynching 102 years ago and that's where I'm going to go." film this video because that's where I really want this so it's subtle it's subtle race baiting like come on come on you pathetic fools I think people are sitting around thinking like that no no one's thinking like that good for Jason Aldean not to. back off, he shouldn't apologize and, uh, it doesn't look like he will, which would make him one of the first artists not doing that in recent memory, so, good on Jason Aldean, okay guys, the rest of the show continues.
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