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Jasmin Ouschan vs Tina Vogelman | Semifinal Women's Eurotour - 9 ball

Jun 10, 2024
we welcome pool fans from all over the world as we high five between


e ushan and


vogoman ushan representing austria pokemon representing germany on this european tour at velthov in holland semi-finals always exciting matches always normally high quality matches between players that they have won some matches in the tournament and that they are trying to reach the final the tuna broke us here he did not make a


at halftime we are playing a race to seven for a place in the Finally, my name is Rico and I am going to talk to you about what the players are facing or what I think they are facing positionally emotionally and we would love to hear your opinion on what you think and so I will ask you some questions maybe during ejection situations or safety situations in the We'd love to hear your comments in the section below about anything really related to the group and we'd love to know where you're watching this from. in the world is you and um also, if you have any suggestions for what you would like to see in Billiard Network's vast library of world class pool matches, let us know in the comments below, here we have the first opportunity for Tina open a good opening.


now from three to 4 requires a little maneuvering with the cue ball, it will probably be left straight on the left side angle, that is not easy to do with these two balls with the cue ball maneuvering away, it is very straight here, what it looks like we are going to draw. the cue ball to the pink four, I mean that will be the best chance of the match if he makes it, I don't think the follow through is possible, oh it's possible, oh, good technique, I love it, good high point. position herself well to drive or queue towards the cue ball, without pushing, but truly caressing the cue ball so that the topspin she imagined actually came to pass after making all three balls beautiful, she can now keep things under control and , hopefully, that was your maximum or your highest. quality shot from this rack, good angle on the five, I like to have a 10 degree angle on the six to stun it slightly for the brown seven, top right spin on the cue ball here and what a nice smooth start by Tina here, I mean Jasmine. has to be considered a favourite, but there are a lot of very capable shooters on the European circuit, especially if you have a German flag behind your name, there is always an expectation of quality there, you can see that, as I mentioned before, the semi-final players will have had a few wins under her belt and that is visible here, you can almost feel that it is not a first round match where players have to adapt to a tournament and the new table conditions, but this Tina seems to be very settled now that she has a good tie. oh yeah, I needed a good full hit on that eight ball to get the most draw because she had a little more angle and now I wanted to cut this one down the rail tester and there will be some hope in Jasmine's head, this isn't it will be like this. as direct as possible, literally oh, knocks the knuckle of the side pocket, disappointing, grabs the child by Tina, the right smile, but it wasn't funny and Tina's head at the moment it was a great opportunity to do a beautiful opening instead of Jasmine with a chance and then we'll do it.
jasmin ouschan vs tina vogelman semifinal women s eurotour   9 ball
Also breaking to the right, to the right, one to zero to miss Ocean, the serious and concentrated face of Jasmine Ocean trying to cut the ball, making the two blues do that. A ball hit both knuckles of the side pocket and I'm not sure if she has any sight. between the brown balls seven and nine, I think she looks like it, but what do you do even if he can hit her? There is no obvious wall of balls or any balls to hide behind. um she's looking at a push here, yeah, very often. With push outs a good tip is to create as much distance as possible and often not leave the incoming player with an open bounce but rather a safety opportunity, try to extend play as much as you can beyond a ball like the push out player.
jasmin ouschan vs tina vogelman semifinal women s eurotour   9 ball

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jasmin ouschan vs tina vogelman semifinal women s eurotour 9 ball...

I benched Jasmine and that would give her an automatic position at the three, so I don't think she would be able to play as well. Save half the ball from the left side of the hit ball and drive the white ball behind the brown seven, one ball towards the middle. From the table I don't think she's going to bet and shoot here, never mind keeping things tight here, she doesn't want to miss an easy opportunity after that. Tina's failure on the first shelf, quite clever, although the bench looked attractive, no. If you had tried, I think you would have done it especially with a guaranteed position, so here, because Jasmine left the only ball in the middle of the table, she only has just under three balls and the chance to hit that ball was a bit. wider than that, so safety paid off for Jasmine here three to four key shots and then six to seven seven to the eighth.
jasmin ouschan vs tina vogelman semifinal women s eurotour   9 ball
I'll need a little bit of cue ball movement while looking forward first, around a 20 to 30 degree angle on the three ball, so you'll roll your cue ball right at the angle you want and now you can just get closer, basically , so the excellent placement of the cue ball on the ball in his hand gave him the desired angle every time and all he did was bring his cue ball. Closer with each revolution now you would love to bring the cue ball back to where your hitting hand is or your head is now past six. It's good because now even though she's on the railing a little bit, Cube will move to the left now she wants a minimum angle. on the five because any kind of big angle on the cue ball would run into the seven, so you might end up lifting and hitting the cue ball straight to the left after hitting the four ball, yes, a little bit of lift so you can turn it just before. the side pocket to the five, good shot, all I saw was that she hit the four ball on the right side of the pocket, which means she probably hit the four ball thinner than she wanted, which is why I thought the position could go wrong but definitely Not a great position here, imagine she plays the six on the side, she needs the angle and this is not the case.
jasmin ouschan vs tina vogelman semifinal women s eurotour   9 ball
Now you want to play a classic three cushion position around the black ball and back to the cushion near the green foreign six so that your white ball is maneuverable. to the eight ball has a small angle and we will probably add a right top spin to the cue ball from it and follow it after hitting round seven. Cube will chase the brown seven towards the short rail and then the top right spin will take over hitting the long rail and spin back to the center table, good execution, always had a beautiful technique, powerful hit, well rehearsed and you know, She's still a pretty young lady, but what a veteran of international billiards already shares, I mean, I saw her when she was about eight and nine years old. she old in an international tournament in Austria really crazy and then she had exactly the same game face that she is showing now serious, determined and really competitive, all good, more angle on the nine ball without scratching.
Danger on the cue ball should be able to hit. this very good foreign center ball just focus on the cut for 2nl lead this nine ball Beauty so I remember Tina had a beautiful chance on the eight ball to make one to zero and press the way things are oh made a legal break made one ball on the break and two balls down the line from where the players are breaking now there is a theoretical 2-9 combo, but that really needs to be done. I don't think you should do it, the fact is that if you try, the signal The ball will take you towards the brown seven, so you may have a double chance, but do we have any safety options?
Alternatives, of course, you can still push. I don't think she'll try. Yes, security is not really easy unless she guides. the white ball behind the black eight after hitting the blue, like I said, a two-ball cannon towards the brown seven, so it was fine, so now it requires, I think, another one of those, well, another one, a deep hit that Hit both balls as straight as possible. you can and bring the cue ball right to where she is now she's going to use the follow through again so I was able to hit the two ball half ball yeah that's the danger isn't it the spin? first band Tina smile, she won't be happy with this, this was her chance to get back in the game, the referee is keeping a close eye on the players with a 30 second shot clock, she's going to bank this, no, it's a classic split the balls or hit. the ball half ball.
I'm putting the cue ball and the object ball on opposite sides of the long rail. It's pretty good, sometimes you give up a bench or a counterattack, but the way the balls are placed now I think the bench could cause a double kiss. because you have to hit it too hard to get it and then the cue ball won't be able to get out of the way before the three ball hits it diamond again or it might yes, if you tilt it hard, you can hit it a little bit. further right, oh, too wide, so exactly the same shot at exactly the same hitting point, but hitting it 30 40 harder would have straightened the three balls more and it would have gone in, so I think I should have hit it a little stronger.
True, it's Paul Pa


and pressured by his workshop, he has made some mistakes, but two balls are still on the first shelf and these three balls here show a very good eye for bounces and good hitting capabilities, so a little angle on these five balls. the position is not easy, no, she could draw this, but she seems to be a topspin girl. It's nice now, once the cue ball we continue with the top left of the cue ball, once the cue ball passes at least let's say the middle line of the pool table. that point and from there everything is good and now she has the right angle on the eight ball to make it very natural, make it a cable back table, it's half the deficit from two zero to two one, miss


with the spread on the Q, okay, game number four approaches Jasmine to break, trying to get the orange ball five on the bottom, the yellow ball, the cue ball on the right side, back to the center of the table and that'll be fine, so if you're faced with these types of angles, your cue ball straight into the railing and of course then out, you might want to apply a little left spin to get the cue ball back. to the center of the table.
Now the pink four does not go to the brown seven. I mean, I think so. Also go to the bottom right corner so you can keep an angle on the three ball or you will play the four seven combo. I guess if you have half the pocket or two thirds of the pocket, since you can hold a ladder. in position now you could go for that as well because the four to six position is pretty automatic. I think he goes for the four ball, not the seven ball, and he rolls the cue ball a little because he would have liked to shoot the six on the side. but an odd degree angle on the eight ball makes it a maneuverable cue ball toward the nine, a little too straight.
I mean, it's still viable, but you need more quality in your cue ball toe position and more quality in your stroke, so take it back, don't get scratched. on the side and that's too much angle on the nine ball. I'm definitely not where you want to be, even though these players have thrown as many nine balls as they remain in place after the break with the roster racks. personal preference some players like to shoot these in a pocket and sometimes it depends if you are left or right handed or which eye is dominant your Jasmine goes for the bottom right to take a nice 3-1 lead so it's three one Tina to break and hit the much softer cutter break is not capable of generating much speed, not that you have to hit it, but you really need to hit it harder to push that corner ball into the pocket and with its break it's like two or three balls going into the top right corner pocket interfere with the corner ball's access to the whole Jasmine with a small angle which should be workable now, she could place the short side position on the three ball normally if the three ball is yours.
I know you have more space on one side of the red three and then on the other you would play the position in the bigger space, but now I think she will play the position in the short area, so a nice Top Spin on the white ball from her . as straight as possible or the angle will increase and that is a little more angle than she wanted only because the three ball needs a certain type of speed to get to the pocket and if she lets her cue ball roll, it would at least go up. . to the middle of the table, so she could apply a little bit of top right to make it run between four and nine, what was her plan?
I mean, this will work out fine, it's in the realm of possibility for good results, has there ever been one? Or will there ever be a family of brothers in the pool stronger than the oceans? I mean, are there any that I can't remember right now? I may be overlooking some, but you know, yes, you have some couples who are strong at playing, but a brother and asister who have been having almost equal success on the world stage in the female and male group respectively is pretty incredible. Imagine if your mother and her father are also strong pool players, you are not sure if your parents really play pool or you have not seen him in any tournaments really supporting them.
I don't really know much about his parenting situation. First, Jasmine was the more successful of the two, making Mark the first on the world stage and then came Alvin and we all know what he's been up to for the last 10+ years. So what consistency she has shown anyway, back to her sister, the featured player here, and taking control of the semi-final for a place in the Euro Tour Nine Ball Women final in Velthoven, Netherlands, everything is going pretty well for Jasmine or move on. quite smoothly, I have to say she is creating it all herself, it would have been a little closer on nine, but the 3-1 lead she has built up so far, so many balls potted I would put my money on her to make this. and takes a 4-1 lead in race seven here we go so I've seen him break and I better adjust things for Jasmine to break yeah it's still Tina's break there so watch Jasmine. breaks much harder oh the corner ball was kissed good luck with more speed on the cue ball it becomes more speed on the object balls made a bowl but didn't follow the three point rule quickly explained a three point rule Points to counter players break very soft balls and squeeze balls and keep the position in one.
The three points must be collected at the break and that can be done with each ball made and with balls that roll beyond the line that determines the braking area so that the top half of the The top half of the balls on the table have You have to pass to accumulate points and Jasmine only passed the six past that line and reached the eighth, so two out of three collected means she gives control of the table to Tina, who will be more than happy to accept directly . So screwing back would naturally take her straight back to the pink four red three oh whoa oh just that revolution either it's not an easy kick to hit or you normally like to kick it past the left past the four if you're going to swerve but then there is no really disappointing security after that good position in the two, but what are you doing here attacking?
She might throw the five ball, so take it from the three, but the five needs a very specific hitting point to play safely. Maybe she can hit it at about half a ball and hide the white ball behind the orange five. What would they do here? Viewers let me know she was trying to do the five ball. Yes, it was difficult. She was almost forced to take an attacking shot. She now remains. everything open for Tina and with the straight at three to start now let's see if she can gain position on the court maintain position in the rest here most or all semi and professional pool players wear extensions these days, I mean in pool It's been that way for decades, but this way players can avoid having to use the rest.
Yes, there is a good distance on the six, but it is a maneuverable cue ball, although naturally the cue ball will go straight to the short cushion, which means it will also come straight out for her. she needs the top left tip to guide the cue ball towards the center line of the table on the left side and that is something in between now, that will do, yes, so she chose to play in the position for the pocket of the corner. I think she can shoot this. and avoid scratching in the side pockets oh well, so actually I could if she can't then she wouldn't have done it, it's all good.
Could this be the start of Tina Vogelman's comeback run to seven? She is looking for the second shelf of hers. Very good. and it's your next break, although remember you've been breaking pretty smoothly and you haven't been able to oh, there's a little more power in the balls, but only one ball was made and only the seven or both balls are crossing the break line, so you just have to four and seven just have to touch the brake line or be on top to count and then these two points plus the made ball count, let's open that will be enough to comply with the three point break rule, okay , then she will throw this to accept. a little more angle on ball three, not much you can do about it, now you can see the referee moving his hand towards the sky, he is holding a stopwatch and his raised hand indicates that a new 30 second time period begins inside of which players have to execute their next shot now this is not what she was playing for.
I think the meaning enough is to do the four to the left and it will bring our cue ball to the right pocket. I don't think that's the case, so she should have a natural position if she does this. Good very good. I mean, I'm impressed by her hitting and her ability to hole out. I've never seen Tina play, but I like what I'm seeing. Good composure too and she could get back into this match with the first break of hers. and runs now up right in the top left on the cue ball zipper very well Focus still etched on his face he tells me no, Shan, that was a good match, don't you guide our Cube all the way sides and that will work well? the noise coming from the background is just a jump they come down near my house while Tina takes the third rack from her so moving on to game number nine oh disappointment with that scratch I mean it was definitely not a foreign combination to start other puzzles. this match or on this rack it doesn't seem like it, although the three ball needs a particular position of the two, yes, there is quite a bit of cue ball maneuver involved here, that's a good shot.
I think he will try to stun the white ball in the box among the red ones. ball and the right side pocket or the top side pocket as you are currently seeing it and then it bounces a little at an angle of about 20 to 40 degrees oh that's underdrawn so the cue ball is missing so it can I may have aimed low, but eventually she pretty much hit the middle ball, so I was afraid of this shot because I needed a lot of precision there, so I'm forced to play it safe unless I want to bank it.
Oh, she's looking at the cut only because the green six is ​​the three balls. If you don't hit it accurately she could still make it work in Cuba, she'll be torpedoing the table up and down here, up and down, side to side, she's going for the cut, ladies and gentlemen, she needs speed and that, to Unless you don't, unless you hide behind the black. There are only a few spots on that Cube root where she could have been behind the block and got there, so Tina must be hoping to ascend to the surface, he's been hitting the eight ball, cover it up to the green floor so that even That's a bad shot because now Tina's ball is in her hand and she can just play it to the side.
Oh hello, a bit of disappointment for Yasmin after that 4-1 lead. Will she now be 5-4? Yes, I think there is a shot down the field. to the side or to the top corner a bit of an angle is required here oh, she's playing it safe, it's hard to tell. I think one looked like it was, but it was possible. Right, ball four anyway. I think Yasmine is going to hit this. and there are a lot of life points on this pink four that you will make him enter with, you can go straight to him, you can also hit the left railing, so opportunity created by Tina, oh that little place that hindered Yasmin Ocean and billiards on the four ball, that's crazy, boom, she got the jacketing angle in the sixth, right?
Yes, she did now. A 20 degree angle on the seven ball, which keeps the seven ball a very doable putt but still gives you a maneuverable cue ball. I want it smaller or bigger, exactly like that. Place the cube in the entire position on the black directly inwards or again. A 10 to 20 degree angle on the black will make even a larger angle than you can accept if you accept a larger angle than you don't have. Hitting the seven ball so hard, which makes the pocket friendlier, it's so hard Tina, it was actually a hit more than a hit, oh and she went back to five four or six three.
I mean, what a foreign difference after this nine ball. one game away from a place in the final trying to make the three reds at the bottom left verify that an eliminated one is not necessarily her doing the racks on the European tour they don't use a template they hit them with a template before the tournament, for They don't have a plastic template on the table, which I quite like, but after playing a lot, those little indentations that the balls fall into at the beginning of the tournament can be a little off and they may not all be touching anymore. anyway, he has them on a table, although he looks to apply the killer insurance, but that is exposing the one, but the cue ball got second prize by hiding it behind the nine ball, we can hit this one by simply guiding our cue ball between the four nine. oh, I mean, she needed a lot of right spin to avoid hitting those two balls and she did it, so he was with an open table and did things here and made it to the final of the Euro tour.
I don't know how many Euro Cup tour finals there will be. he played in the final of the European Championship that he has or medal that he had, but it is quite a considerable amount, so it is not ideal on the four because his cue ball rolls towards the brown seven, so I think he will string his cue ball south of the brown. seven hit the cushion and cross back hit the left long rail and accept a slightly longer shot on the orange five so now we can be directly on the six and get our cue ball back for a position on the seven may have a bit from right angle let's see what he chooses to do and see how he executes a rack more necessary to place the end remember that cute is very good is our natural position with a right spin tip we will bring our cue ball to the rail and then back to where Q- tip now is a little strange, but that will do, it has a minimum angle on the seven ball back, something like the center of the table, strange, so this medium straight 9 ball for Jasmine is a great Tina


and reach to the final of the European tour in Feltov in the Netherlands, here we go, keep your aim straight, drive the cue straight through the middle of the target and that's it, yes, my idea is the victory against Tina vogelman, thanks for watching Players.
A hug and we appreciate her company. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and join us soon for another match on Billiard Network.

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