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Japan’s Schoolgirl Pin-Ups| Unreported World

Mar 02, 2024
she is yunae and her mom encourages eunes 11 she likes rabbits, coloring books and ariana grande tonight she is on her way to a concert and she doesn't need a ticket because she is the star, welcome to one of the strangest subcultures in Japan, junior idols and their fans. Almost all of them are middle-aged men. I'm partying at night in Tokyo. This is Akihabara. It's amazing to think that this place started out as a place where people brought their broken radios to be repaired. Now it has become a neon mecca. where the biggest idols perform every night, what will I do when I go there? tea, bubble tea, food, desserts and games, no games, images, images, occupation was amazed, okay, thank you very much, there are sexualized images of


s in everything from advertisements to Japanese art. criminalized the possession of child pornography in 2014, but there are sexual cartoons of children for sale here that we can't show under the UK lawn.
japan s schoolgirl pin ups unreported world
It makes me wonder about the motives of adults who follow child artists. They invited me to a singing lesson. Yoona is preparing for a concert Konnichiwa Yune was a talent discovered at the age of six by her current manager Her mother Chia takes her to these lessons twice a week Her manager Mr. Karamata knows the music industry well He used to be in a band Guys, when did you discover it? You could sing it. I was very impressed with your voice, it's so strong and you know you're so small, but you have a big voice, so you've been singing for four years, you've had a lot of concerts, tell me.
japan s schoolgirl pin ups unreported world

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japan s schoolgirl pin ups unreported world...

What are your dreams in pop music? Buddha's tin, where the Beatles and Taylor Swift played. It may have to wait, but in a few days Yoonae will perform for her fans. Japan has the second largest music industry in the


. Yune and her team want to be. Part of this, her ultimate goal is mainstream stardom, but first they chose to build her profile as a junior idol. I was invited to Eunes' house for a special event. Our mothers asked us not to reveal where they live. She is worried. eunai's safety and she knows that as she increases yunae's popularity so does the possibility of unwanted attention konnichiwa how are you happy to see you tonight?
japan s schoolgirl pin ups unreported world
Yoona is about to broadcast live to hundreds of her fans, many of them are middle-aged men that her mother Chia will keep an eye on them carefully, the idols are young girls like Eunay and the fans, uh, old ones like me, Are you comfortable with that? How do you feel about that? You can't be a star without fans, whoever they are, so every Wednesday at 7:30. p.m. On the dot, Yoone logs on like hundreds of other idol hopefuls and broadcasts live via a web chat service called showroom. Through the app, idols can interact with fans and even accept monetary gifts.
japan s schoolgirl pin ups unreported world
This is also an opportunity for eunai to announce her upcoming concert. Yes, one of her most loyal fans is a 38-year-old man named Koji. He tells her that she is very beautiful. Okay, how many people saw it and were you happy with the numbers you got? He seems to be well-known or popular, have many fans. It's not always a big thing because you can't control who follows you. It's just that unpredictable aspect of celebrity, I guess that's what I'm thinking about. I love seeing you, congratulations on a great program, see you soon, bye. bye, I was really surprised how protective eunay's mother is of the university and how carefully she was checking all the messages that came in while I was streaming at the same time.
I couldn't help but wonder about the men who send those messages and what motivates them. let them do it, whatever they get out of their relationship with you, name, the day of the big eunay concert has arrived so I'm on my way to perform on stage for the first time and to be honest I really don't know how. I'm going to feel it. I know the audience will be predominantly middle-aged male fans. Yuna's manager got her a spot on an all-day show put on by another promoter. There are 12 youth idol acts and over 200 fans in almost all of them. are mentioned, it's frustrating that we can't show you as much as we would like because it's a private event, we can only film those fans who are willing to be filmed and there aren't many of them, the university is about to perform, fans will come in at show time, yune. he goes on stage the room is full of fans intent on capturing yune in the foreground he is here too afterwards the men make a sign to meet their idol and buy trinkets in addition to the 30 pounds they paid to attend the cds and signed polaroids costing £7 each What do you love about your name?
And because, of course, when I see that you know the first assumption, maybe that's my problem. I see an older man looking at an eleven year old boy. I guess that man is entertaining us. Sexual fantasy about the child, we know, but it's a bit difficult to justify, but what is the perception of the scene in Japan in general? This type of culture is growing and flourishing in Japan, but still most Japanese people think it is like this. it's not a good culture a lot of things


ese this has something to do with pornography and yes, yes, but what does it really have to do with like what would you say to those people?
Oh yes, it's a tough question, but we enjoyed his performance as a gentleman. no pressure, no harassment, but we support his game and tell how they are growing. This is Koji, the 38-year-old fan who chatted with Yune on the live broadcast. He has followed Yune to shows in the Philippines and Taiwan. Pay extra for these photo sessions. He's too busy to chat, but he says he'll meet me another time and I have to say, being here seems very strange to me. There's something strange about seeing these middle-aged men who are basically fascinated by these 11-year-old girls.
When the concert ends, I walk with Yoone's manager, Mr. Karamata, to the train station. He has several different acts on his books, but eunay is the only junior idol. When our viewers watch a scene, there is a college girl in short shorts dancing on stage and then. a bunch of 50 year old men with big cameras and viewers will think well, we know what's going on here. These men have fun seeing this girl dancing. I sit there wishing she had fans her age. It made me uncomfortable the idea that these guys were looking at Uni as a lover of hers, they were looking at her in a way that was somehow sexual.
Mr. Karamata is aware of the way some of the fans look, but he accepts them. As a necessary part of building Una's career, one of the enigmas is what motivates the middle-aged men who follow the junior islands, so I'm on my way to meet Koji again, Yunay's loyal fan, he is Single and lives two hours from Tokyo, it's okay, I think. we're here behind you ah oh thank you we're meeting to talk in a cafe let's take a seat where he shows me some of his favorite photos when people see middle aged men cheering on 12 year old girls in the UK they assume it's something sordid, Is it the same in Japan?
What do you think it is that attracts them? But do some of them look at these kids and be attracted to them? Ah, my standing Koji seems as concerned as I am about the motivation of some of them. fans, but he also thinks that some men follow junior idols because they feel lonely like Koji. A growing number of Japanese are single. There are 12 million adults under the age of 40 in Japan who are not in any type of relationship. I'm on my way. To meet Professor Masahiro Yamada, who studied this lonely generation. I hope he can explain why so many men are interested in young girls.
These are the bright lights of Hachioji. We go to what's called a Maid Café. What do we say? When we enter, they are places where men pay to be carried by young women dressed as French maids. What is sold here is not sex but company. The professor says it is one of several industries that have evolved to meet emotional needs. of lonely men I wish I saw myself like this the professor calls this virtual love he estimates that 25 of Japanese people under 40 will never marry does this help us understand why there are young female idols who are being followed by an army of middle-aged people age? male fans that was a pretty good drawing of my face the professor thinks some lonely single men are following young idols like eleven year old eunay to give themselves surrogate daughters it's sunday morning i'm going to see eunay perform one last time she's doing a special appearance at a rather unusual birthday party that has been organized by fans of another idol named aimee who is turning 12 years old. eunay is dressed as a maid for the performance and is also here, she never misses a show, she says the experience of following young idols has changed Her life abroad it is possible that some of these men come here for company and singing , but I am left with the uncomfortable feeling that for others it is not so innocent, it is sexual.
If I'm right, the junior idol industry is playing with fire, gratifying desires that I'll be criminal if I act on while Yune walks her difficult path to stardom. I just hope those around her continue to keep her food safe. Thanks for watching, click the logo to subscribe for more award-winning documentaries from the



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