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Jamie Lynn Spears On The Rebirth Of 'Zoey 101' And Her Relationship With Her Sister

Nov 20, 2023
Jamie Lynn Spears, thanks for coming just for a change, thanks for having me happy to be here, you're back as Zoe, did you ever think you'd play Zoe again, how did this all come about? Zoe is close and she is dear to my heart. because I had a very important role in creating her when I was younger and making her someone that I felt connected to and I always had the dream of being able to play her again as an adult or just meet her as an adult and I wasn't there. I'm not sure if this could really happen because there are a lot of things involved in doing anything in this business especially and it's been years where you know how to do it right, do it wrong, figure out logistically how to make this work and build a team that really I wanted him. for it to happen the right way so being patient worked for us because we did it, it was like one of my wildest dreams came true.
jamie lynn spears on the rebirth of zoey 101 and her relationship with her sister
I couldn't believe I looked like I did when I walked on set the first day I was there. like, oh my god, we really did this, we're here, we're doing it, so let's go back to the original Zoe. Do you remember your first day on set? I remember when we started creating Zoe and having meetings about who she was going to be. and what we wanted her to be in general throughout the entire arc of the show and for me I remember those conversations happening and then when I walked on set the first day, it was familiar to me what she was like when I walked on.
jamie lynn spears on the rebirth of zoey 101 and her relationship with her sister

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jamie lynn spears on the rebirth of zoey 101 and her relationship with her sister...

On set this time I thought, "Oh my God, all these people are here and I'm supposed to be the star of the show." I thought I was a bit even at 12 or 13, however I was a bit overwhelmed. but I thought I had to do this like everyone was here and expected me to do my job, so I feel like that immediate step of saying "step up" was a big growing moment for me because it's like you're talking. What you talk about, you end up being there and you're like, "Oh my God, but you're only 12 or 13." What is the pressure?
jamie lynn spears on the rebirth of zoey 101 and her relationship with her sister
I feel like you're not just starring in the show, but you're the main character, you're Zoe. Did you feel pressure to make sure it worked? I think there's always a feeling of pressure and when you're young you're a little more naive because you don't realize that all these adults are here working to provide. their families and this needs to work. You're not here just to have fun, but I've been in all that for years before, so I felt like it was really good practice performing in front of a live audience and this was different because it was the first single-camera show that Nickelodeon actually was doing and we were at Pepperdine and it felt really big, so in my head I was really excited to do something that I love and it overcame the pressure part, so I think When you have a true love for what you're doing, the pressure It takes a backseat and that was a kind of magic.
jamie lynn spears on the rebirth of zoey 101 and her relationship with her sister
I guess being so young and doing it because maybe today as I was with this I thought, oh my God, this is better. work, you know you have a lot more going on as an adult when you were making the movie, were there thoughts about bringing it back to the series or were you always going to make a movie? I think there are conversations about both in that ongoing conversation. I just think this felt right script-wise, to give them a real basis for where these characters are, introduce them more instead of involving them week after week.
I think they've been asking fans for a while. and I think we just needed to hit them more than once and then go from there, well I have to say when I was watching the movie and I think at one point they said you're 30. Yeah, I was like I'm 30, I'm 32 , although no, I'm not close to you. You know, I know you obviously professionally. I've seen you grow up in the spotlight. I'm like Jamie Lynn Spears is 32. I think about that sometimes too. It's wild, it's because I feel like, especially being a young mom, it's almost like I was an adult back then, but I was still the age of a kid and so sometimes I think, oh wow, like I'm 30 years old. .
I'm the age of my mom's friend, but no, my mom's friends are older now too. As you think. I often think that I am like carrying my daughter and her friends. I remember running around my mom and she felt like an adult. and I wonder: do they think that about me? Because sometimes I still feel like a child. Do you feel like an adult? I feel like an adult because I have proven to myself that I am capable and capable. I'm responsible, but there are times when I'm like wow, I can't believe I'm the person to them that my mom was to me or I just feel like I think everyone has that feeling at some point, but for me, I have that, especially since my oldest daughter is a teenager.
Now it's really strange, it's so strange, it's like what world we live in. She was not supposed to be more than five years old, when did she realize that her mother was famous? I think my children's experience is very different because the only thing they know is how they can know a different reality if their reality has always been this one. I can remember when Maddie was younger and she thought everyone did this thing and that. That was normal like everyone else in this environment until she realized that she wasn't. I think it wasn't so much realizing that this is what her mother did for a living, but realizing that not everyone else does it.
It's kind of like, oh, she waits. That's not everyone else's life, so I think it was more their reality and I involved my children and I involve them so much with me that it's good for them to understand our world and also appreciate the world of others. You would like to go? In the business, I don't think anyone necessarily likes it, but there are, I mean, if there are so many, when you see your child light up with something, everything else fades away and my oldest daughter is actually more of an athlete. I don't think she has any interest in this, she could be a model if she wanted to, but she's an athlete and that's where she's at and I love that it's not like watching your kid do it.
I can not believe it. things that she does, I feel like, wow, like she's a really badass little player and I feel like that's harder than what I did and she says not getting in front of the camera is a lot harder now, my daughter more young man, it seems like it could, it could. I have the book she wrote at her preschool graduation like everyone holds up their sign of what they will be when they grow up as a firefighter police officer she wrote movie star I was like literally it's like on the big screen I was like oh my gosh.
Well I was like she never told him that, it seems like she just seems to have the bug. I guess what was surprising about the new Zoe Zoe 2.0 was, but I still call it. Look, you meet a character who is gender-neutral. not conforming, but you assume it is, yeah, that's pretty surprising when you think about where Zoe started and what you're doing now, tell me about that, being an executive producer for the first time, I thought about what I want. see on the screen or what I feel needs to be seen on the screen, especially for my children and everything that I think about in these times, it is very important to continue that growth and see that everyone sees themselves in our world and although there was After a lot of conversations about it, I thought I wanted to see representation for everyone here, whatever that may be, and I feel like we did a really good job and it was something that we were very aware of because we have to continue. keep going and I think Zoe, even back then, we were always trying to push for girls to be able to do anything that guys could do and I think to keep pushing is important not just for me as Zoe's story. but I also like it as a mother and in this world it's important that I do it in a true and authentic way and I was grateful as an executive producer that I was able to irritate them with a million emails and tell them that you know we all know. the story you got pregnant but Zoe was going to go off the air it didn't go off the air because you got pregnant yes but then you were gone for about five five years he said I'll see you later Hollywood well when I wrapped Zoe up there were all these plans of you know, let's go. making movies, there were things that I was scripts that I was reading and things that I was excited about, but you know, a lot of young girls thought I was in love and here I am pregnant at 16 years old.
I know the story that worried me. I'm really going to bring another human being into this world. I need to find out who I am and the press hasn't exactly been very kind. I wanted to get as far away from that as possible. I got a house in Mississippi, I put up a door, I put myself on a budget and I said I'm going to raise my baby here and that's what I'm going to do and that's what I did for a while, but I also wanted to show she could still be what I wanted to be and bringing her into my life was not something that I regretted or that had stopped me, it was a challenge, yes, because I had to be responsible for the situation I had gotten myself into, but I started to go to Nashville to write music and find other ways to have a creative outlet that made sense to me, but it was a break that I probably needed because I was very confrontational with the press and all I was was something I didn't want.
Look, I didn't want to see a magazine with my face on it, something bad and I didn't want my daughter to see that. Can you imagine her when she hears a headline that says her life is over? Her life is ruined. Think. Imagine how that makes me feel even then I was thinking about how that would make my 15 year old feel, what am I going to do to stay out of that narrative or change it and I feel like the really important thing for me was to just not be. consumed in that world so you said you were reading scripts you wanted to make movies were there any roles you didn't get that you really wanted?
I read like one of the Twilights, it was the first one, I'm pretty sure and I remember saying and this is exactly what I said. I was very stupid, but these vampires weren't actually created. Now we all know that we love watching stories about vampires. It was literally like vampires. I was like, are you kidding me?, so I went and read it and obviously all the roles are already exactly what they should have been, but I went to read it and I mean, I wasn't necessarily offered that I was pregnant, but I didn't know that at all. that moment, but I do know. that I remember reading, I mean, I was going to see it, no, I think I think we were reading for that part, but I think she was already cast.
I'm pretty sure they were just seeing what other characters were like and making us read the parts. So, when you were living in Nashville, then that kind of itch came back to say, "You know, I really want to get back into acting." for other people or playing a role that tells a story, it is something that I feel very good and comfortable with and I think it was like my first love. I feel like music is very personal and I almost do that to grow and heal. Good for me to play music, but for acting I feel like I was a little afraid to go back because I thought: What if it doesn't work out?
You know, it was scarier to come back to it immediately. I love it so much and maybe it doesn't work, so I found other ways to be creative and have that outlet, but it was something that I always wanted, but I think I was afraid to admit it to myself because, wow, I didn't want to do it. Give everyone the satisfaction of saying like C, yeah, it's not going to happen to you, you had a baby, remember, so I was trying to find other ways to feel that, but it was always in my heart to want you to know, find my In the past, after everything you've been through, what your family has been through, was there a time when you were in Nashville or in Mississippi saying you know what, I'm not going to go back there like it's over?
I definitely felt like it probably would have been a better decision for my mental health to say I'm never going to do this again but it's all I know it's the only way I know how to be it's the only way it's a part of me it's like how do you not know something so I instinctively knew that being a mother was what I had to do and it was part of who I was now, so it was about figuring out how do I do this in a way that doesn't take anything away from me and I think a little bit of clarity that I was a child but I wasn't anymore and having a different perspective when I can control the steps I take I felt like I knew it was always going to happen, but I was really afraid.
I was afraid of failing I was afraid of not being what I felt like maybe I had ruined myself like they told me there were people who said your career was over oh yeah I mean it was everywhere I mean adults told a 16 year old boy who by the way, was having a baby and trying to do what I felt was right for me and they were like, yeah, she's broke, it's just, I mean, they call me every name on the book, I mean, in today's world that wouldn't do it. fly, the means had much more, they could be relentless and no one controlled them and I think that in today's world we would not say that about a young woman who was making a decision that was going to change her life and a real way to do it.
No one really wanted that for me, but that's what I chose and I stuck to it and I think it's hard not to feel like I'm especially a people pleaser. This was the first time I was like, “Oh, this is not going to please, you know?” No one really liked me, so it was hard for me and I think it would be hard for anyone. Well, I love you. You know, especially in your Memoirs, that you are soopen about mental health and about seeing a therapist, healing and finding. your voice, I mean, I know for myself in the moment that I feel like the world is falling apart, it's over, you know it several times, but you have stabilized your ship and I think it's important to remember that my ship could be stable now , but not.
It could be a time again where there is no season for everything and for me, the first time I went to a therapist, I just told her what I thought she wanted to hear, it was like I was on a test, like there was passed today and she thinks I'm cool and it wasn't really until I said: you know what I'd really have to do if this is going to work. I have to really tell them how I feel and when I did that was when I started to see the change as if it was okay to feel that way and it was almost like I hated that feeling because it made me feel very vulnerable but at the same time it was necessary and I think if more people they'd just say screw it like me I'll just let it all go and find someone they feel comfortable talking to, even if it starts out just being someone you know, but really having that time set aside made a difference for me and I don't, I don't know.
What would you have done if you hadn't taken that first step? What is it like to own your voice and say this is me? This is what I want even you were saying as an executive producer this is what I want How difficult was it? for you to step up and say this, I'm speaking in the first person, oh god, again I'm a people pleaser, so I'm going to try to read the room and see what the popular opinion will be. because I want people to be happy and I want them to feel proud. Almost now I have the instinct to know when everyone seems happy.
I almost think maybe I should go the other way and see if I can. I will still own what I want or my voice, not to do it as a matter of rebellion, but to feel like I have the strength to say something that won't just be the only response that makes everyone else happy. There are different things in life where you do that, whether it's knowing how to have a baby or whether it's where you want to live what you want to do and even be an executive producer, it's like I challenge myself to say how hard it is and when you start to Do it yourself and you start to realize that this is how you are supposed to feel when you truly own what you feel true to your gut.
You will never regret that, even if that moment is awkward, you will never regret saying exactly or doing exactly what you know instinctively makes you feel right about what I love again. I'm coming back to you. Remember that was great, thank you as you talk about owning your voice and we know when the Memoir came out, there were Britney fans who said. you're just doing this book you're just trying to make money off your


's problems how do you sit back and say no this is me this is this is my voice listen to me like you know you said like you?
I can't help what family you were born into. For me, I had the goal of when I turned 30 to write a book that I was proud of and two in my personal life, to own my voice as a 30-year-old woman as I am. an adult now telling my story and leaving it there and having nothing to do with anyone else, it was the moment, of course, in the true way, the way my life is, the moment could have sucked, but also I said once again that I had I will stay true to this set goal. It may not be in popular opinion, but this wasn't for anyone else.
This was it for me. I share a story about almost losing my daughter there and it seems like everyone else can do it. fascinated by anything else, but what really matters and that for me was a very important part of this, was sharing my life and my story and I can't help who I come across in my life, but I'm allowed to speak my truth and my story as I encourage all other people to do it and last year was a very personal year and I liked it. I said I'll tell the people who want to listen because that's how I feel as a child star.
I learned to do last year I said no, do it, it's all going to be awkward, it's very strange for me to be so openly personal instead of letting people see the perfect picture, everything I was afraid of and I did it. I'm proud of it, but it allows me to move forward now and focus on the family that I created, the work that I've done and where I am in my life because I can't help where I come from or what family I come from. Of all I can help is the one that I have created and that family is my husband and my two daughters the work that I have created is this new air of Zoe that is sweet Magnolias and that is all I can control and I have to learn that not I can't stand or put the weight on my shoulders where I come from the only thing I can do is control where I'm going and I'm very proud of that who did you let read the draft of the book before it was published, many people say I always had it out there, but my mom and my two I would like to remember that when you write things you like to forget things and I say Mom, didn't it happen that way and I would have to oh, I didn't know it was actually this, so I made him You ask my mom about things because I wanted it to be factually correct and I really feel like it?
It was part of you know, like everything, I never liked it, I kept it, it was a process that takes forever to write a book. I have a file on my computer that says book yes and it's been in the works for exactly 25 years. I feel like I've always been writing and I would turn things in and you know, but you're always writing your story if you're especially if you're creative and it feels weird that you like to button it down. and turn it into a book, but it's almost too much like I now have a yearbook of the last 30 years and, as you know, it's something that I'm proud of, but it's also something that's meant to stay there and I can Reflect, but I felt that I had to do that so I could really move forward with my voice and just say, "Okay, this is Jamie Lynn, the adult in charge of her life, and I feel like I had to be authentic for a moment." Although it's very uncomfortable for me to be vulnerable and say I'm upset about anything because that's not it.
I don't like that emotion. I feel like it weakens me, but guess what, sometimes we're human, sometimes we're human. You're weak and that's okay, you say in the book that you did everything you could to protect your


and sometimes you thought maybe it was in vain. Your sister has now said that she visited you on a set. Where are you now with your sister? I have nothing but absolute love for every single member of my family and I think I did learn something from last year being so open and so personal and feeling like I had to stand up for myself in times that I want to focus on maybe.
Do you know what I have done and said? Already there. I don't feel like there's anything more I need to say on any personal level. I just have to leave it where it is because those conversations are meant to be. personal and the only thing I can focus on now is what I'm doing with, you know, my daughters, my husband and obviously the work that I'm doing now, but I think there's nothing but love for me in all the areas. It's like that when you look at the photos, even in the book you have those photos, there's a Mickey Mouse Club photo and there's a photo with Reese Witherspoon, you know, at the Teen Choice Awards and all that, do you ever look at those photos and say God, I wish we stayed in Kentwood, no.
I look at this photo and say that I had some of the most incredible experiences in childhood moments. I met Reese Witherspoon. By the way, I met Mary Kate and Ashley and I thought, well. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I grew up doing something I loved in such a special way and with my family and that is something people dream of, without a state in Kentwood there would have been a big hole missing. in my heart and probably in the hearts of my entire family, so everything comes with its challenges, everything has its demons, but I feel like who's to say they were in the Mickey Mouse Club with Ryan Gosling, you know what I mean , it's as if it were one. one of those things where I feel really blessed by the life that I had growing up because there were so many good moments that I think most people would dream of having How do you keep that head on your shoulders like that because like you? said last year was hard I don't even want to say I could only imagine it, it makes me sad because I can't, I can't imagine it, you know, I'm not, that's not my world, yeah, it was, I was.
I don't want my daughter to feel this way, so I have to say absolutely no, I will allow my children, especially my eldest daughter who was very affected by all of this, I will not back down, I will not allow her to feel this way. her life so it's not a strength for me, it's a strength of love for my children and wanting to make sure I don't give in to anything other than what I know is authentic and true, even if it's hard on those days, already You know. I can only remember like it's hard, you know, but I feel like at the end of the day, um, the aquarium, now you know, and that makes me sad when I think about my kids like I never want them to. feel the pain or the scrutiny that is not necessary and is not theirs to carry so I will carry it okay how do you explain it to your children explain it well to my five year old daughter she doesn't care she is five and my 14 year old, I think every girl and every young woman in this world, on some level, deals with the way that social media is, I mean, like we're all, on some level, dealing with a public identity of who we are and I think you have to do it.
You protect that so how do you protect it with your daughter? Well, she doesn't have social media but she does play sports. I have a social media page where I will post videos of her softball and things like that, but I think it's very important. that I protect her by creating her identity without any outside noise and explaining to her that you know yes, we are in a unique situation where people are fascinated by the family that I grew up in, but you don't have to, you can be that. who you are exactly who you want to be without the outside noise and I promise you that one day you will thank me and I think that's the only way I know how to do it because I know the pain that I felt and even though she might be mad at me because I won't let her have anything , but I know that's because I'm protecting her, it's like a necessary evil, you only have to do it if I'm going to give her the chance to do it. she creates her own independent thoughts about who she should be and what feels right to her, not what someone says or saw what you say to her when she comes home and says a kid at school told me my aunt is Britney Spears I'm like wow .
You should be very proud, look at what your family has done and achieved, we come from a small town and now everyone is fascinated by the good ending, especially the bad one, but look what an example of a strong woman you have and I admire it. I know that's all I'm saying is that's noise, like you have something to be proud of and you should be proud of it and kids are kids so I'm sure there are a lot more bad things that you know they're doing . each other in high school, so now you have to be terrified that your youngest child wants to be a movie star.
I mean, I really hope he's a face. Do five-year-olds go through a phase like that because it's like Really, if you were five years old, what would you want to be? That's all I ever wanted to do. All I ever wanted to do was be able to be in front of the camera and also I think go through the things that I've been through. makes me appreciate it is like, how lucky I am to have a job and be able to support my kids doing something that I love, so I think that's the other necessary part of this and what makes me feel so grounded is how I feel like I've always fought to keep my place at the table and sometimes nothing that has to do with me, so I feel like I appreciate every time I get a seat at the table.
Be on camera first or after Brittany starts doing it. I feel like I don't know I'm where I didn't want to be and I'm sure that seeing someone, everyone has an idol and mine just. It turned out to be similar to me, so I feel like of course you'll be inspired by what's around you, but I don't remember ever thinking about doing anything else. Can you imagine you and Brittany on stage performing? together again I mean, I don't know, I mean, I think right now I'm really focused on myself and what I'm doing and I feel like I've worked really hard to be able to be a part of, you know, shows. like sweet Magnolias in the whole cast and a real cast and then fighting hard to get back a character from my childhood, that's all I can think about right now because my dreams are coming true again, again, like who gets to Tell me, what is the next project you want?
Well, this baby Zoe that I have literally carried for years and successfully delivering is one of my biggest goals and I am so proud of it, but I would love to continue that story. I also love Zoe 103.yes 104 105. I would love to continue that story, continue to challenge myself as an actress and I think being an executive producer and having that kind of understanding of what it takes to make a film happen and how important that is. the people you put in it. place and we put all the women um you know, all the women executive producers all the writers all my friends that was a very conscious decision I'm not.saying I walked in there like there were no men, that wasn't the case, yeah, I was just very I was attracted to her every time I read something or a proposal from Nancy.
I was just drawn to it because it was better and everyone was like-minded in the sense that we wanted this work environment to feel good. I just think it just happened. being that women were the ones who just did that and I'm proud of that also it was amazing to see the script that two women wrote and then find a female director. I truly believe she was the game changer. I have to say and we have Shauna and Bran Hoover and then Alexis, we were really the ones who liked, you know, digging in the ditch to get this out when we brought Nancy on board.
I knew she was great, but she wouldn't be. what it's like without her, she really got it, she wanted it to be great, she fought to make it great and that was 100% a game changer and I'm also grateful that they allowed me to have so much feedback, you know, it's my first time. time being an executive producer, but I guess if you're getting bothered enough and you're like no, no, it has to be this way, it has to be this way, but it's not irritating, yeah, and it's funny having you even there, even there and So it's like no, this is what I want, this is what I feel is important and it also allowed me to ask questions like things that I didn't understand or why we would do this and why we would spend. money here we could spend money knowing that and be in a safe environment to ask that.
I don't know if I would have felt as comfortable asking a man why we spend money here why we are doing that. Well, and maybe I'm wrong, I just feel like he selfishly allowed me an environment where I could learn more and feel comfortable doing that. Do you want to direct? I'm not ready for that yet. Wanna. I would love to direct. I'd love to. I think this was the first time I had that touch on the other side of the camera of being on set when it wasn't necessarily me filming a scene, but being there as an executive producer and seeing how we want this to happen.
I looked at the screen, that was the first time I thought, oh, I could see myself wanting to be a part of that world, but to me it seems like a lot right now because I still feel like I'm with a really good director, like I know everything about everything and that's what I still need to learn, like she knows what this camera is doing and this is actually doing it and that's something that to me was like watching a genius at work and she just did it and I thought, I think you have to learn that's a learned skill I don't think you just do it was it difficult for you to walk into a room where people were waiting for 16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears where it's like you walk into the room he it is like?
Oh, by the way, I'm 30. If so, I didn't really recognize it. I'm sure people did, but I'm at a place in my life. It's like I have two children. I have it like I'm in the place where it's like I don't have time to worry about what everyone thinks, it's like I have a job to do, I have to do it and I have to get home to my kids, so I think when I'm in that headspace, I'm not necessarily worried about what they think of me, it's like I'm tired too, like I'm really tired, so even if that's what they think, I'm like, come on guys, let's get together and just and two I'm too grateful to be where I am to worry about that I think you get to that place in your life Have you thought about permanently moving back to Los Angeles?
No, because nothing shoots in Los Angeles anymore. What do you mean by a good point? alright sweet right now he's in Atlanta like a real executive it's like nothing goes off in an hour why would I come here I don't think I love living in Louisiana because that's where my support system is when I'm here with you I know my kids They are with my mother-in-law and my mother and their schedule never has to change. Now my kids typically travel with me much like when I was in North Carolina. Ivy was with me the whole time. and Maddie would come and go or I would go home, but I think it's very fortunate that not everyone is in that situation where they have a family support system, but I do and I make the most of it to be able to know that.
I come home and I'm completely present there as a mom and I can just be there and with the occasional Zoom you know whatever I call, but when I'm here working I can be completely present here and that makes you appreciate both. Worlds, I also think about how they treat you at Kentwood. Nobody cares about anything, if anything, they listen to something. I was like, oh, we're praying for you or this or that, oh my God, we watch this movie, they're so excited about Zoe. although they are and a lot of southern women love sweet Magnolias, which makes sense, it makes sense and it's crazy because I feel like I'm still a girl, but I'm also like no, I'm a woman, I'm a woman. and women come up to me and then their daughters say we can't wait for Zoe, it's like I stay very humble in both worlds, but I remember when the media invaded Kentwood, that was the craziest part for me.
In my business, I would go to the middle of nowhere. I'm not going to walk down Rodeo Drive to take a photo. I literally moved to the middle of nowhere and was like, "I'm staying here guys, it's okay, so leave me alone and them." appeared at a gas station. I was just trying to pump gas and was asking them what are you guys? What do they do? she maybe she just couldn't, couldn't understand it until she was underage most of the time when she was like pregnant and they were doing that. She just couldn't believe that.
What else do I do? Where? How else can you not tell me I like it? I want this attention because I don't know where else to go. the islands and somewhere on the island, but it seems that they were far behind where I was at that time. I mean, I don't even know what hotels they stayed in because there are no hotels in that area. I thought: where do they live in cars? I don't know, I have no idea, really funny and as far as music, at this moment someone came to you and told you that you could work with anyone, who would be anyone, anyone, try to think about what my daughter is, everything was fine also because I will say the wrong thing. answer I think Billy is really great.
I love Casey Musgraves. There's a lot of good music out there right now. I also think I would love to work with someone who is probably in the country music area because I'm waiting for you to say. one person in particular and you haven't said it yet Carrie Underwood I don't know Miranda Lambert continues um Dolly Dolly Parton yeah, but you know when I know what like I don't feel like you go and just praise her like she's all our absolute queen, I feel like Dolly Parton is like the epitome of a national treasurer, she is and she feels like she has stories to tell and she's a storyteller, so imagine the two of you sitting there listening to this song.
I would give anything to be in her presence, all the women I spent there with, I would give anything to be in any of her presents, but I think for Dolly it's almost like I'm the Fairy Godmother and it's like she likes it. May you know that his presence is sacred to us and his goddaughter is also Miley. Things like them singing together is one thing, but it's like I don't know. I feel like she is a legend. I would give anything to sing with her. but I don't know if I don't know if I feel worthy like she's just a real we did that we don't do that we're afraid I wouldn't talk I would be like and what TV are you watching besides your Show me, well I just watch mine.
I'm just kidding, well the succession is already over, but I love it, you are a succession. Yes, I was a big fan of succession. Did you think about that ending? I wonder: are they really dying? fact, they're not really going to do it anymore no, I thought maybe there would be a spin-off love Euphoria um, yes I do, but I also wonder if this is really what's going on at school these days, because you ask ? Did you ask Maddie saying what's going on there? I really feel like it was one thing for me, as a young mother, to not be like her friend.
I'm very willing to try to walk that fine line, but I know she feels like she can come to me and I don't think that's necessarily her high school experience because she's like a super athlete, but I know that's probably part of certain high school experiences and for me that opens my eyes and I realize that sometimes these little kids are dealing with things like adults and I know maybe I was in a way, but that's kind of hard, you know , it's something really difficult and I think it's also like I can't. I'm in recovery too, I'm sober, yeah I couldn't see it the first time, oh actually she was too.
I was like I've lived it, I don't need to do it again. I think for me, when I like it, I love Zendaya Switch and the way she acts. I was so fascinated by the acting that I had to watch the next episodes, but my mom was like, I feel so dark that I can't watch it and I was like I had to do it no matter what it was. However, at times it felt dark because it felt like, oh, this is maybe what it really feels like, what do you watch just for fun?, oh Housewives, I mean, like on Vanderpump Rules, I mean, I've been completely, I have been original and let's all talk about Scandal boy I was very surprised.
Actually when I first read it I thought this is not true, this is not happening, but then I realized very quickly that it was true and I was like, oh my God, this is just like you. I can't write this try to write this you can't so anyway it seems like that group of people even what happened with the Stasi all those years ago with Jax was like there's no way it was true and then yeah I did it. was. You can't write that kind of stuff, so those things are wonderful because I can completely escape.
You know, my reality is that they will come back for another season. Well, of course, I can't wait to see what happens, but I think we should also have compassion that everyone is human. I'm just going to tell you that no, I don't know. I think Ariana deserves to say and do whatever she wants. She is who. harmed in this, but we also have to remember to have a little bit of compassion for the fact that I don't know, I just think that at any time there's an overload of hate like, yeah, you can have your opinion and talk to your girlfriend. on the couch, but we don't need to, you know, get to the point where people feel unsafe.
I mean, I've been there, so I just think I don't know what television is and people's real lives. and I don't know, I think they point to a reality. I guess you're right, I sure don't like seeing anything horrible. I don't feel horrible about themselves, but I do think that holding people accountable is extremely responsible. difference between holding people accountable and then just being hateful, yes there is one and that doesn't make sense to me and I feel like if I've learned anything in life it's that good things always last and I feel like it doesn't matter if it's one day six months After a year, ten years, the truth always comes to light and the things that are done in the dark come to light and I know that I always tell my daughter I'm like you always try to do the next right thing even if no one is watching. , those are the things that really count, so no matter what you think you can get away with, it will always come back, no matter how long you can get away with, you always have to choose the next right thing and I think that's a great part because that responsibility in the moment itself, as opposed to six months later when you get caught or a year later, that's not the kind of responsibility that you have to learn to be accountable in that moment and that's how you start to grow as a person and You know you need to check yourself at that moment so you can make the right decision because it will save you a lot of hassle later on, I promise.

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