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Jamie Jones at Pliva Waterfalls in Jajce, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Jun 11, 2022
so oh they were in the foreign house oh thank you is this anything you want is this anything you need is this anything you feel my love could be anything you need is this anything you fear my love of my fears is this is this whatever is is is this strange is is is so so to do it so so so is I don't know what it is with myself so so good too low and you should do it we lost I don't want to make it difficult for anyone I just want a little bit of what everyone , oh, oh, and you should, bye, so, hello, two ah, truck, uh, do it, uh, okay, it's foreign. my music is now foreign foreign so yeah it's music so it makes you dance that's is is is is I'm going foreign oh oh bye so foreign god foreign you bye my oh however so so so you keeping where where where where where he keeping it real so weird keep it real i don't keep it real so so go go it's just the way to go ok oh told us to keep working i watched it oh here i am ok am am am am am am am am oh mermaids always but i think everything is alright always mermaids always in my heart i can't hear your voice i see them praying for a good life there's nothing good about them it's we'll we'll like we'll we we right we'll play we'll we'll we're me this is a channel foreign damn yes so i don't want to live is oh i can't see so i can't see candy you made my lonely life a paradigm you made my lonely life a paradise you made my lonely life taria you made my lonely life a paradigm you made my lonely life a paraguay a paradigm a paradigm you made my lonely life a paradise you made my lonely life a paradise you made my lonely life a paradise you made my lonely life a paradise you made me lonely life a paradise you made my lonely life a paradise you made my lonely life a paradise you made my lonely life lonely you made my lonely life you made my lonely life you made my loneliness you made my life only paradise life you made me lonely life so oh lord have mercy i'm about to burst and i still can't say anything it's good news though i can't tell who because i once heard i announced it unknowingly i was asked if will and grace would come back ok ok I did not know, I did not know it. sure i have a big problem with everyone else who will agree for doing my big yes i was at boston pride again they said what happens next mr jordan years ago i said i would be in american horror story lady gaga where they hadn't done it the i announced still oh i have trouble being too much that came out on me oh i'm so happy oh oh lord have mercy i'm about to burst and i still can't say anything though it's good news but the studio, of course he wants to make the announcement i can't tell who cause once hear announcement unknowingly ask me is willing to do oh oh um trying to find an answer to start oh so to start says again oh oh


it was a great honor to have you how you feel i feel amazing that was fantastic a great vibe here beautiful location great sound what more can you ask for yourself you look so relaxed all the time how how does it make you feel so relaxed in life uh meditation breath I work and yeah I do a lot of that kind of stuff and I'm just trying to be you Focus on the now, be present, don't overthink things and, you know, I'm just trying to make my body and mind feel as good as possible. best possible and then everything else comes naturally.
jamie jones at pliva waterfalls in jajce bosnia herzegovina
I can definitely feel it, let's have a little history. this beautiful place is uh we're in


so in a in a city called yasser and uh it's a 50,000 year old waterfall where it's really beautiful and there uh i think i was talking to some people from the city and they're trying to get this unesco world heritage seaside location from uni which is something they totally deserve i think um and uh so yeah it is such i think how do you think this location fits with your music you know first of all i mean not just this location in particular right here is beautiful but everywhere around all the lakes i was really surprised i was like wow this place is so special so yeah they definitely deserve they definitely deserve to have world heritage recognition and yeah , I will do it.
jamie jones at pliva waterfalls in jajce bosnia herzegovina

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jamie jones at pliva waterfalls in jajce bosnia herzegovina...

I love coming here, you know, for a week, just to hike and hike and bike, it's beautiful, but when it comes to my music, you know my first record, my first release, it was called Amazon and actually , for many years i named all my remixes after different um bodies of water in the world as different as different rivers and lakes you know whatever i would always try to find something you know online a river or a lake or a name of the return of remix. so i definitely have a close or great love of water who doesn't love water but i also drink a lot but yeah but yeah i love nature i love being around it um i grew up in the country in the mountains from snowdonia. and Wales, so, you know, I always go back to nature for my piece, so definitely my music is somehow shaped by that energy and it's really nice to be able to come here and do it, I'm so happy you say that because means we did our job well because we invented you in this place you did yeah um so you do a lot of things in your life so not just DJ of course produce your level owner you are also paradise curator since a long time ago and many, many, many other things, but what is your main focus today, like right now? wrote a lot of music during the pandemic and in the time after, um so it's coming out on a few different projects right now, just working on release dates and stuff, there's a lot of bodies of work, let's just say, so I'm just trying of finding a good balance between looking for records obviously it's very busy right now getting ready to open paradise in amnesia for the summer we open June 22nd so yeah it's really finding a good balance between finding time to make music finding time to find records find time for my family obviously um make sure that I'm healthy I've been doing this for a long time so you know as you get older you definitely have to take care of yourself a little bit more so you know I try to focus on that exercise and um yeah you know normal normal life so you were talking about your amnesia residency starting very soon so i think you play every wednesday yeah uh since june and um i want you to know first how how can you uh m make sure you get a revamp you still have some revamp for every set every wednesday because i can imagine musically I mean, you know I remember that's a really good question because I remember being on the dance floor in Ibiza. before i played there every week i was in most clubs every week as a young raver dancer um and i remember listening to the dj performance every week and you know i always used to think you know what if i ever get the chance from playing every week I want to make sure that I'm also catering to the people who live there who come every week like me, you know, so when I started doing the weekly residency, you just know that I forced myself to spend a lot of extra time searching for records and i usually get home sunday after tour sometimes monday and usually i spend a night and a whole day so 12 15 hours just finding music um you know i used to go through certain genres every week and listen everything that's been released that week you know that's a lot now but I would say over the summer I listened to at least 3,000 sound clips a week a week yeah a week every week nas and you know I just make a big playlist I edit some stuff and but you know I think deejaying is like producing when I was learning to produce I had to spend eight hours every day day week week for years to train your ear and learn to develop your own. sound djs and say maybe you want to be serious and you want to make sure you're getting yourself excited and exciting you meet as many people as you can even the people who come to see you every week you have to hang out so that's a crazy and how many trucks do you have on your usb key i actually did this that day because i was curious and in my um i think in my record works there are thirty thousand thirty thousand thirty thousand songs yeah that's crazy and do you even delete some tracks sometimes or not at all? you can you can what you can do now is sync them to the cloud everything you have is on dropbox so you know I don't sing everything isn't constantly on my laptop it's in the cloud but do I get rid of of things?
jamie jones at pliva waterfalls in jajce bosnia herzegovina
I've tried it a few times and ended up spending five hours getting rid of stuff and then getting rid of 10 tracks, you know, I mean, don't get me wrong, there's a lot, not all of those 30,000 are good, I'll do it. you'll probably never play a lot of them again but you know there's always a reason you bought something you never know when it'll come around again so yeah it's crazy when you find a truck from this long and play it and well that's what i've been doing a lot recently is going back to my um, that's why i knew how many tracks i had.
jamie jones at pliva waterfalls in jajce bosnia herzegovina
For example, I'll buy tons of records and they'll think they might not be right for that week They might not be right for that month They might not be right for that year, but they're there and I always find things that I thought, oh wow, I didn't know or I'll find something on SoundCloud and I'll be I'll go buy it and I think you already have it so yeah that's the beauty of it um and you talked about the fact that you named some remixes and tracks with the river now you have this track done. especially for this location yeah it's crazy and um you did it with Amemi right yeah exactly who unfortunately didn't catch his flight to play after you yeah he missed his connection he made it all the way to Poland but we're very sad, yes I know myself too, he's a nice guy, great DJ and producer, so how was the creative process with him when he created this track?
Well I, you know, I've been working on a lot of music during the pandemic and I had this track and um, you know I'd had this kind of voice that I found um and uh if I had finished the track and it was one of those things where i reproduced it to people and people like it yes and people liked it but there was something that wasn't right for me um and i spent quite a few sessions trying to get it right and i just said you know what this isn't quite right and then me and i remember we went to the louis vuitton show in miami together during art basel right after um virgil abloh passed away and um on the way back from the show we were talking and i was like you know let's collaborate we vibed all day and we were like you know that's this collab and then and yeah i sent him the stems of this track and he did a little bit of work on it and then we went back and forth on some last minute touches but um that's what It came out it's a really, really, really nice truck and I love it especially the fall, which is kind of like yeah yeah yeah he did that to me, it's like he's like a, you know, it's like he's got that afro vibe, you know. yeah that's great i broke it with that one and um let's talk a little bit about paradise i mean what is your private paradise i don't mean a party i mean relax where is your paradise that's a good question you know i went through two and a half months this winter in bali and i've been there many times before um but i've never been there for two and a half months and, um, i loved it, um, you know i'm probably going to go back there every year because i always take you, you know you asked me before how do I say I stay sane Always for many years I've taken like 10 weeks off touring in the winter from January to March and I usually do when I lived in LA I just stay home there but now I'll probably go to bali but bali bali is an amazing place to relax and i'm for my 40th birthday i'm old um we went to um i went to the maldives with my wife um just before i had uh our baby and that was so beautiful the people were so nice they had the food that was I'm not really a big guy for relaxing beach vacations.
I can't stay still. I need to do something. Ething Studio or something Did you dive? I did not dive there. No, I can't die, but I didn't dive in there. Just a lot of snow. I learned to earn surfing. for that well yeah bali is good for that too and um and surfing and i was going to surf in miami right after because we were in miami right after um the maldives but i'm too scared of the shacks two hundred sharks in miami i i was looking online how are sharks where sharks remember i was like yeah last week there was a shark i was like ok um i think it's good for my interview but there's also some questions from the audience online so okay two of them um, First question, can you tell us about the Welsh electronic music scene?
Name something that no one knows about wow, hard, that's hard. a couple of new things i know from um and t hen hayum, i've definitely played cardiff a couple of times. where is my family from in anglesey um its called got wood i have never been personally but um you havethat work got got wood is gone yeah and um you know a lot of my friends craig richards and a lot of people play there and they all love it it's a great thing for the scene up there um the other thing i guess is when i was young in the uh, you know, early 90s, showing my age again, um, but uh, there were a lot of illegal raves in the in the slate quarries there we have you know there was the whole mountain much of the mountains in snowdonia being um you know they were little slate mines so there's open fields of slate everywhere it's actually really beautiful it looks like another planet um but within those you can hike f or miles and they're like little


and I was too young but I know they used to do a lot of cool raves in the 90s there so I wish my cousin would come over and she would trade tapes with people and she, when she was done with the tapes, I would get the tapes and that's how I got into the dance music e, so, well, yeah, uh, man, I mean, I've seen whales in pictures, but never. been but i think the next time we invite you should be in career yeah i mean it's a beautiful beautiful place a lot of people like the town i grew up in it's like this huge like a pristine castle like probably one of the biggest castles I own.
I've still seen it traveling the world and it's a small port city called canarvin it's beautiful the sunsets there are amazing it can be cold unpredictable weather unpredictable but beautiful huh and last question because now it's raining so um what's the best sunrise dance song and whats the best sunset dan ce song because the circle is about sunrise and sunset so its a good sunrise and sunset wow wow wow im so bad in the spot with lo songs otherwise you can think about it and tell me and then we will write yes I think I will think about it because I want to get a couple cops.
I come from the days of buying vinyl and looking at the photos. The name of the track so I'm good with the checklist but not on the spot like that ok so we'll write it down in the comments you know um so now the mystery box which is a little gift that the city of ice offers you, wow, nice presentation, what was this, it's a wine made, its meaning is here they started this winery uh seven years ago it's the only winery that is oh wow here in this area and before that I think before like at least 500 years there hasn't been any winery so i hope you liked it ok i didn't try it thanks and you also have a good book from the city oh wow other gifts are too big so we'll open them after we let's have a lot of gifts it's new like tesla or lamborghini yes they got me my own private jail no problem so thank you so much


for tonight it was such an honor to have you and also wanted to thank you love fest teams uh you did an amazing job on a production on production for this show yeah they're great i play for them in serbia they're fantastic guys yeah yeah and um yeah it's august 4th ok august 4th i'm playing yeah so come on To those guys, it's definitely a great festival, so a big thank you to your team and a big thank you also to the yes, uh dragon team and your team. well you have been amazing and of course a big thank you to our circle team such a dedicated and professional team so we are very happy to produce this kind of event thank you so much to them and see you later. next time yeah thank you thank you guys and yeah see you soon see you on the road somewhere.
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