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Jamie Foxx On Meeting Kanye For The First Time

May 10, 2020
Hey, it's the other crucial one, this guy is a legendary man and we have new music from Jamie Foxx. Jamie Foxx is with us. I still get nervous when I play. I'm like a sermon artist when it comes to music. I am nervous. Like, oh that's so cool, I care because I always wanted to make music, I want it to be a real horse and it's been an amazing journey and like I wasn't in the music business at the beginning, I was a comedian, you recommend it. you were making music when you were in bright color, like when no one was looking, right, he was watching, so I made this character called Wanda and I was starting to do it, but Teddy Riley and the guy come as guests in bright color oh wow this is my chance how about black street?
jamie foxx on meeting kanye for the first time
So, like this, I said. Oh, Teddy Riley, here's your chance to show you my music, but I'm dressed as the female character. Great so I'll go get my cassette that's right right backtrack Oh UK Google it yeah so I'm running with my cassette down 'cause he's leaving and I'm running with the fake boob , all the direction, yeah, heels, which is crazy, what you had to do for money. Time, so I'm running and Teddy Riley looks back and knowing he doesn't know the character, he looks back and sees me coming and says, well, I said, hey, Teddy, listen, why don't you listen to my musician? ? “I make music,” he says. impossible oh no, I said damn you and the dress because he thought it was like a joke on the body and then the bodyguards didn't charge him, but you know, they're kind of Gita Brussels, you know, yeah, go ahead and keep going while I dance . so I walk like the Incredible Hulk theme is playing as I walk back into my mind, he knows he knows everything, but I thought I could do music, so what I did was without knowing there would ever be happened. in this way I put a studio in my house in Tarzana the reason I did it was that I had parties and then I invited people who were musical to my party good move get 16 Neuer give me 16 give me 23 and they were fans of your bright colors You know , they do it like that and then I would throw these parties like David and I throw these parties where it would be crazy like swearing to God to Jonbi on the piano Wow, mystical singing of his song while John B plays in offline mode, that's a party. great signing party was puff this puff thunk-thunk thunk-thunk thunk-thunk true true some had a party at my house 200 people the girls are very beautiful but not loose but not conceited it's great that we celebrated and at that party there was a guy standing on the wall he had a green jumpsuit no one knew who his name was Jay Z on the wall okay holding the wall and then the other room was reserved for Missy Elliott she's and while I go to my garage to have some drinks what be there are two boys one tall one a little shorter one shorter one will be like this all the


be like girls and things like a year yes, it's cool who isn't, my name is Neptune now forever, yes, so all these different parties and I'm listening to everyone's music correctly and finally at Otis' party and a kid walks with a backpack on JA, a little bloated, who is it at my house party?
jamie foxx on meeting kanye for the first time

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jamie foxx on meeting kanye for the first time...

Breann brings it to me Brianna Prescott, who is my music? and this was a different kind of wait, listen, nobody knows him, right?, nobody knows the guy from him. I said who does it right there, they say it's that new Kanye, he produced beats with Jay-Z. Whatever I said, well, he acts. I said yes, we have. something at my house, so we've been doing it, we called on my balcony and called a new artist, that means anyone can perform at my party, no one's allowed to boo or anything like that, we've had everyone for everyone. I've had Ed Sheeran sleeping on my beads for six weeks come on so backpack pet I said I said I they say you rap man this guy does a freestyle that kills everything that was good I said oh my god you're amazing how do you know? music eh, yeah, yeah, I'm trying to do it.
jamie foxx on meeting kanye for the first time
I have a song for you, that's all for me, that's all, what do you mean? I have a song for you. I know you've been trying to sing. I see you on TV, whatever it is, that's why I have a studio in the back so we go in the back of the studio he says the song goes on like this she says she wants some Marvin Gaye some Luther Vandross I said yeah, I got it Kanye, he still don't know, perfect what you sing it she says she won't some man I'm doing oh, you might be stuck you were so - no, I didn't know it was hip-hop him and you know that he was Kanye he was, don't do it I said but you know I got you but it's hot just just follow me so in my mind I'm thinking I'm thinking this song is crazy I make the song you know me I make everyone's song Either way I let her make a bad movie for six weeks.
jamie foxx on meeting kanye for the first time
I came back, it was quiet, so I came back and they said, "Remember that song you said was number one and that's how I got into music, so we did that number one and then one


we did that number one." we continue with Ray Charles Ray Charles goes crazy Ray Charles we do the whole Oscar thing but then we go my boy Briana calls me and says: you want Brie Oh, Brie always says everything three times you want to be in the record business What do you want be in the record business? Do you lift your butt?
Get up, get up. I said it's 3:00 in the morning. You probably have to come down here. Kanye is working on this song. You have to listen to her. I enter. and you hear thunk thunk-thunk I'm not saying I'm a gold digger, but and I'm like, oh snap, Brianna tells me when we walk in once we get in the studio, follow my lead, everyone's playing right, Brianna turns it off, That's a blow. Oh and everyone likes what he said that's crazy unless you put my boy on him he's wet you say and he said you're going to boo the Fox show a lot so let's go to the booth and he takes over the studio and says, “Okay, okay, Foxx.” Give me some and I say, uh, uh, I'd run a track backwards.
Okay, eh, okay, okay, run away, run back, actually, I think I got it, she pays attention, yeah, she's a petty friend. In fact, it's okay to go there, go where he is. It's the races that day so that's how I am, but like I said, I'm glad I had the chance to meet Kanye, meet people that could take me out of the fun of course, and make real records, yeah I'll do it . I'm not kidding about that, the last part of the story we're doing on the album is 3:00 in the morning again Brianna says, "You want to be in the record business, you want to be the regular three times, okay, so "Crystal fathered Jamie Foxx." so we go down to the studio he plays this song yeah blame it on the alcohol


listen outta here but I say I stopped him I said money look me in the eyes right now that's my song he said it's just a song, but you.
I have to cut him off tonight because he was listening to something, yeah, I didn't really get it, I got it right, how did he cut it off? So we stayed up all night, we did it and then the rest, this is what's happening in the melody. you're your choice if you weren't exactly my choice because he was the thing if he had done it right Brian McDaniel style, it wouldn't work and I said it has to be the record exactly the way it's done and I don't want anyone to do it. They know it's me until they finally find out and that's how we did it love let's get into Jamie Foxx's new music right now this is called you changed me if you shouldn't check out Chris Brown's jolly breakfast yeah that's better my little brother and a lot of people don't know Chris Brown, the Chris Brown behind the scenes, I know him well, he's not the one that everyone has the opportunity to meet.
You know it's difficult, in other words, it's difficult to live on a social network and you know it. Back in the day I would never have made it but all I did 20 years I listen but listen I'm gone but you got famous the hard way yeah for the long way here but here's the thing though these young people are now sure which is too much. Too many, too many, too many camera phones to distract you, these things are like that. I know Chris breathes when he goes into my crib and he can't get out because things are so hard for him and all his kids come over and my sister, who is disadvantaged, you know, Diandra loves Chris Brown, it's a very clear past, no I know how old he always comes, he always hugs his kids, that's why this song is sweet, this song not only I think it's a great song, but it's a silly guy, it's him, he's so comfortable in your house that they could come in and go straight to the refrigerator and you're okay with that, yeah, that's it, but yeah, I mean, they really come and relax and that's for everyone.
The young people let everyone know because I said, look, I said when they took a picture of your test and it says "you can't, we can't stop it" Jeannie, yes, yes, it helps you, but when it falls on you it's terrible. I wouldn't know what to do, that's right, Dave and I have done things that if they had taken a photo of him he wouldn't be able to live in the United States, that man, he's in Laos, what would you change to Mexico? Me with Chris Brown, this is Jamie Foxx, a brand new program from Cruz, the world famous Mickey Ficky ​​upgrade power 106.
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