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James’s Triumph Audio Narration (Christmas Special)

Jul 14, 2023
James' Triumph One day James took a good train to the other railroad. He was excited to be back on the main line and thanks to Edward's influence he kept the freight cars in order. They barely said a word during the entire trip. He arrived on time and was looking. "I'm anxious to arrest you before I go home, but your fireman was worried that you need more coal," he complained, but there's no bunker in sight, we'll have to ask around there must be coal somewhere, the driver added. I doubt we'll get much help, Mother James. He moved around the yard the diesels looked at him menacingly some snickered others growled like territorial dogs James wasn't scared but he knew he would have to swallow his pride and ask for help excuse me he called a big blue diesel where could he find some coal? the diesel looked at him solid orange and he asked unenthusiastically, yes, answered James, my name is nonsense, the diesel suddenly laughed, I apologize, oh yes, I know he laughed, the diesel nonsense, the unfortunate thing that broke up with the express, oh and look, they even gave You're a bit of good tension to make you feel useful, how touching James was speechless, run back to your island of illusion, although I think the deposit scrap would be more appropriate, that's enough of you, a shunter slipped away, your cars are waiting to receive fuel and be.
james s triumph audio narration christmas special
Away with you, the big corrupt diesel, at least a modern engine will pull the express. I'll go and show your handler what he's missing while roaring. The shunter spoke, ignore him. A nuisance for all of us. There are no bunkers or shots. Here we have. No use for them, you see, but there are cold cars in the back of the yard, you're welcome. James whistled thanks and began to ponder the other Diesel's words. The big diesel was waiting for its driver to return. He was still thinking about James and that's when he realized that the coal cars, let's see the old nonsense get home, now he chuckled when his driver returned, the diesel told him that they should take the cars to the station, The unsuspecting driver backed him into the siding, the diesel tried to slow down to get closer to the cars, but couldn't he tell what this is?
james s triumph audio narration christmas special

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james s triumph audio narration christmas special...

He helped the driver tried and tried, but the brakes didn't work. He suddenly crashed at that moment. James appeared as the dust settled. He couldn't help but laugh at the cars smashed against the bumpers. Now they were in pieces, the diesel was twisted with pieces of coal piled up around them. Well, James comments, what have you gotten yourself into? Lumpy, that's not my name. The diesel sputtered angrily. It is now granted to the Shanter that he had been alerted by the commotion. you're right for being horrible, lump, he snorted and looked moodily away, he couldn't have chosen a better time for your tantrum and scolded the shunter, they express to you sodorus that he'll be arriving soon and here you are dirty and off the rails. “I’ll take it, James offered,” he scoffed, “lump.” I'd like to see you try, I'll try, James replied, which is more than I can say for you.
james s triumph audio narration christmas special
Soon everything was settled after James' tender was filled, he hurried back towards the coaches when the whistle blew, he left. , go Go. He huffed anxiously come on, don't worry, come on, don't worry, answer the cars, the train was soon sliding down the line, I admit the call was of poor quality. Black smoke was coming out of James's chimney, the cars were heavy and he was starting. to feel bloated I won't give up I won't give up he snorted at that moment James found it harder to breathe the firefighter was worried damn calls barely on fire we might be in trouble but we won't be defeated James coughs with determination he summoned all the steam and strength he had Passing motors became alarmed, urged James but quickly moved away so as not to be showered with a shower of cold dust.
james s triumph audio narration christmas special
Finally, the great station appeared in the distance with one last effort. James stepped onto the platform with a


ant whistle. I've done it, I've done it, he shouted, you certainly walked towards him, it was Sir Topham. I've heard all about your terrible experience on the other railroad. I'm very proud of you, James, would you like to take the express again? “I know the extra carriages complicate things, but no, thank you, sir,” James interrupted. I don't need the express. Sir Topham Hatt was stunned. I am a mixed traffic engine. The cars are freight cars. Does matters? I pull them all in with ease.
I go anywhere. I do anything. I, Sir Topham Hat, chuckled, glad that James had returned to his old cell. James is a much happier engine now. He sometimes misses the thrill of the express, but venturing to new parts of the island makes up for it, plus local train passengers always comment. how smart and smooth James is he certainly couldn't complain about that and what about Lumpy? You could say that he is a different engine, much quieter and much less daring. His story had spread and he was afraid to go to Sodor. I thought you were modern, where Mark Gordon.
You cleverly imagine using charcoal, right? How regressive Lumpy growled as he backed away towards his train. Oh look, James smiled. They have given you a little tension so that you can feel useful. How to touch the engines howled with laughter. Grumposo felt far from being touched. He referred to James as his nonsense again.

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