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Jun 01, 2021
How do you do it? It feels weird to have people after me. because people judge right, people will question your salvation if you ask me right, i already knew i was prepared, my name is jackie, i'm from st. Louis lives in Atlanta. I'm so sorry to all of you who live in that bachelor's land. Very sorry. The profits are slim. I know. Don't have that problem, bless God. I have been married for five years. I was married for five years to a man named Preston. I'm just saying I'm just saying you need to have those hands in case we have them I'm going to be spiritual in a minute I promise we have two children my oldest is Eden she is for my youngest this fall she is one and we only have one life where we just try to love god and pay our rent on time you know stuff like that but i might cut you today ok i didn't literally cut you but what i have to say today will be sharp it might be a little hard but that's not always a bad thing sometimes we need to hear a little bit of bad news so that we don't neglect the good news so let me pray for us first god thank you for your kindness for giving us jesus he was a gift and i'm thankful i'm thankful that you have given us the privilege of being able to be in a church with other Christians and not fear anything I am thankful to God that we have access to all your word there are some people who only have pages I pray to God that you are with us as we study pray that you will open our minds to understand the scriptures i pray that you will open our minds to see you clearly I pray that you will reveal the sin to be repented of I pray that you will encourage where there should be encouragement I pray that there will be repentance in this room not all of you They know and I pray that you would make it clear to whom I do not ask those who are your children I ask God to remain faithful we are in a time where fidelity is difficult it is difficult but to the one who knew how to make us stumble I believe God for you all you have done keep me from mistake r help me to be wise help me to be charming in jesus name amen the topic of this conference is found correct to find something means that something has been lost that what you found was not in it with its rightful owner or in its designated place that has been the case for all of humanity since Genesis 3, we are born lost and desperately need to be found, so I think it would be beneficial It is wise for us to start from the beginning because it is when we consider the fact that you yourself are one time that we are lost that being found becomes even more beautiful the world we live in is full of lost people lost people and that is why we are in a dark place and of course even now that the sun is still out people are out living without a care families are in the park or were this morning laughing with their kids playing with reckless abandon couples are probably having dinner together talking or love and politics and prosecution or whatever just saying and at the same time that all this beauty is happening at the same time where all this joy is happening there is a girl somewhere in the world who is being recruited for sex trafficking is there someone in the world that is being killed by drugs or jealousy or money or melanin in which we live in this place there is so much beauty and so much darkness Unless we think the darkness is outside of us, an inspection of our own hearts will show us that the darkness is not us.
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I think this surely happened when God made the world. he made it good so how can the world seem so bad all the time if this world and many of the people in it are lost? how the hell can we hope that people will be found? Let's go to Genesis 3 to find the answer I'm going to start reading verse 1 now the serpent was more cunning than any of the beasts of the field that the Lord God had made he said to the woman in truth God said you shall not eat from any tree in the garden and the woman said to the serpent let's go ma You eat the fruit of the trees in the garden but God said that you shall not eat or touch the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden lest you die but the serpent said to the woman who will not do it you will certainly die because God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God knowing good and evil, so when the woman saw that the tree was good to eat and that it was delicious to the eyes and that the tree was to be desired in order to become wise she took of its fruit and ate and also gave a little to her husband who was with her and he ate then their eyes were opened and they realized that they were naked and they sewed together fig leaves and they made a loincloth I love this passage before the serpent appeared God had done some great things like making the world for one and not just he made humans first he made Adam he made Adam out of dust and blew into his nostrils giving him the breath of life and the way he made Adam was spectacular ular, but I think the way he made the woman was even more spectacular.
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He made Adam go, night, night, goodbye. He pulled out a rib and had a woman put no hot sauce or barbecue sauce on it at all. just a dry rub just hurt so you have god the world he created and the people he created to live in and now his specific home wasn't just the earth he was eating a beautiful garden that to me probably looked a lot like Wakanda, but it's just me reading in the text a portion of Jesus that I knew when they entered the garden God told Adam in Genesis 2 verse 16 that he can eat he is free to eat from any tree in the garden but there is one tree he cannot from you can eat and that is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and god says the day you eat from it you will surely die that is significant because even in a state of perfection god still had limits to his creation in any attempt to cross those limits so disobeying God's command would guarantee a consequence some time after God commanded Adam not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the serpent appears the serpent it is a created thing the serpent itself is not the devil but the devil is incarnated in the serpent the devil was created or to be created just like Adam, he was an angel who was created to serve God, but due to pride he he rebelled and became eternally obsessed with doing everything God hates, so when Satan incarnated the serpent, his motivations were never holy if Eve had known who. she was talking to her she would know that everything he has to say is not for her good or the glory of God that if she were to believe it would be for her death but she didn't know that he comes to her and says yes God really says that you can't eat from any tree in the garden, first of all satan is rude because he doesn't even say hello.
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That's how she should have known something. He is not holy because he is rude. He goes directly to question Eve about God's command. for him to even know the command meant he was present when God told Adam the command or was present when Adam told Eve the command either way, he is nosy, he is well aware of God's Word and is exactly what he wanted. wants to challenge but why would he go that way? Why would he question Eve about what God said? Because if he can make Eve doubt the Word of God, then she will inevitably make her doubt the person of God.
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The root of all sin is unbelief if you dig deep. enough on the particular sins you struggle with now or struggle with before you will discover that the core of these sins is disbelief in the word and person of God some of us are in illicit and immoral relationships not primarily because we are alone that surface-level by So the root is that we don't believe that God really is the source of all comfort some of us don't turn the other cheek because we don't believe that vengeance really is the Lord some of us deal with legalism believing that our works make us righteous God because we don't believe that the work of Jesus was actually enough sin doesn't happen it just happens because somewhere in our minds we have come to the conclusion that God cannot be trusted most if not all of his temptations began with God really said and Satan knows this and that's why he asked the question the way he did.
It wasn't necessarily his question that was the main problem, it was what the question implied. It implied that there was a possibility that what God was saying was true and what disease she responds to clearly does not rebuke him let's read verse 2 it says and the woman said to the serpent we can eat of the fruit of the trees in the garden but God said that you will not eat from the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden or touch it lest you die do not have a conversation with the devil that is just a simple application but anyway you know what is interesting about the easy answer what is interesting is that she says something that God never said that he said you can't eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but he never told her that she can't touch it, so since satan is questioning her and accusing God, she, her Sometimes, the Word of God is not very clear to him.
God himself that is the word we help the devil in his desire to deceive us when we are not clear about what God has said in his word Satan Satan did not even have to convince her that God was stricter than he really was because she already began to think that she herself is that is a difference between Eve's exchange with the devil in the garden and Jesus' exchange with the devil in the desert Eve is confused about what God says and Jesus was not Jesus did not add to the Word of God when he quoted the devil because he didn't need to know exactly what God's Word said unlike Eve, but either way, she doesn't realize that the serpent didn't ask the question because he cared about her answer, this conversation he was really a manipulative manipulator.
He has five means for him to turn his heart away from God. Satan starts this whole situation off being very subtle, but when we get to verse 4, he cuts right to the chase, he says, but the serpent told the woman that you surely won't die because God knows. when you eat of it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God knowing good and evil. Satan is a liar. The saints always applaud. Oh, now yes, he is a lie. she actually told more than one lie, the first lie was that she could escape God's judgment when she sinned and of course he doesn't want her to think that her disobedience is actually sin, but a logical conclusion of what she should do with her body, but even then he wants her to believe that she will be able to eat the fruit and get away with it.
This is a lie that clearly resonates to this day. By us I mean humanity in general. the lie that we can lie and steal and be racist and unloving and nasty d envious and greedy and sexually immoral and live lives eating from the tree God told us not to and God wouldn't do anything about it is the lie that says you can break God's law freely and he will never do anything about it he won't judge you this law also morphs into something else that isn't so obvious sometimes it seems like you know God is love and because God is love surely he won't do something so terrible like sending people to hell or if God's character is not skewed into something that is not biblical, but the other alternative is to take the commandments of God and say that they are not commandments at all, but are just words that are open to our own subjective interpretations of what they mean where we. choosing what is sin and what is not living under the delusion that disobedience is not disobedience if I have defined the terms of what I must obey we live in a society that wants God to be loved and not judged but it is not work that way and the irony the irony is in a time when we are committed to dealing with judges who deal with the unfair treatment of people do you think we would delight in the God who does not overlook wrongdoing do you think our commitment to justice on earth will result in praise for the justice that happens in heaven but the truth is that one is more likely to have God's justice on other people than God's justice on ourselves why because lost people they are inconsistent the second lie is that god himself was a liar god said the day you eat from the tree you will surely die he didn't say you might die he didn't say you might die he didn't say if you eat more than two bites you will die said the day you eat from the tree you'll die, this death would not be eventual, it would be immediate, but Satan tells Eve that this is not the case at all and, if that is not the case, then what God told him to Adam must not be the truth, the temptation is to believe that God is not a God. from his word that he is a God who does not tell the truth t that he is not a God who can back up his threats clearly, in Satan's opinion, everything God says is not worth believing because it won't happen anyway and therefore Of course, if Eve believes that God is the liar, who will she believe? the honest in conversation the devil question friend do you remember the last time you thought god was lying to you?
If you can't think of anything specific, I'll help you. it happened last time, so you openedyour Bible, you read it and walked away. Concluding that everything you read is not true many of us would never say that we think that God is a liar but live as if the area where you are disobedient is a manifestation of what you do not believe about God all the time. God's promises are yes in Jesus Christ so when he tells you that everyone who believes in his name will not perish but have eternal life how should that change your way of living and light of eternity when he tells you that he is powerful to do all things much more abundantly than you could How should that change the way you pray when he commands you to cast your worries on him because he cares about you does it have any impact on how you handle your burdens the way you live da the fruit of what you really believe?
Word of God the Word of God is to be believed because God is not a man for him to lie so that they think that for a second we serve a holy God because God is holy it means that he cannot sin and if God cannot sin it means that he cannot sin against you and if God can't sin against you that means he can never lie to you, think about that, if God can't lie to you that means everything he's ever said is always absolutely true, how different your life would be if you decided to. believe god can never lie i think you would have more joy amen looks like you have some mints in your bag she has a couple mints. i'm on a roll the latest lie the latest lie i have a lot more jokes in the back of my mind i just have to have self control i really do the last lie satan told eve is that her sin would deify her leave read it in verses four and five which says because God knows that when you eat of it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God knowing good and evil. like the creator of the tree that she would be like the one who made her from the rib that she could become like the one who made her husband from the dirt who wouldn't want that kind of intelligence and wisdom and authority and power I tell you who wouldn't want it those who are not willing to disobey God to achieve it but you have to know that when sin is involved the human will is not content with submission to God nor does it find joy and being God the Lord the human will does not delight in serving to God naturally because he wants to be him I remember when Kanye before he started having services in the church I promise I'll leave as soon as he comes I'll leave I promise you Jesus walks I remember when Calle came out with a song a few years ago years ago he calls me I am God and everyone felt in some way because everyone was offended as they should have been here is a human being who claims that he is more than he is, that somehow in all his humani ity can be God and I found myself wondering how many of us actually get so easily offended in our own silent attempts to be God, we may not say it out loud and make songs about it but we have the same song plan in our hearts , there are many ways this addiction to being God can develop, but it all comes down to that we all want the freedom to do what we want not when we want and how we want like God sin leads us to believe that to be like God is to have absolute freedom that being God is the path to true happiness and freedom but it is in the search oh you surfing the throne of God that we will find ourselves under God's judgment seat of sin when the devil told Eve that she would be like God knowing the right wrong he wasn't offering her a path to justice he was offering her what she wanted when she was back in heaven knowing when he told her she could know and he good and evil.
What he said was that she had a touch of truth in what he said because, but he wasn't telling the whole truth. that point was goodness so for her eating from the tree would give her access to a knowledge that she did not have but what the devil did not tell her is that she would not know good and evil in the same way that God does God is holy remember that he has never known evil by experience he only knows goodness he notes that way he knows evil like a doctor knows cancer something he fully understands but something he hasn't treated himself but when eve disobeyed god's commandment she didn't she came to know evil like a doctor knows cancer she became the patient who knows cancer, she would become the one who was sick in her delusion, she did not realize that by sinning against God, she would become inherently different from God because this evil would not be outside her, but would be inside her, outside. of her but I would be inside her you get to the devil the devil didn't say all that a part of being born lost is that we are like even that we are dissatisfied with being who we were made to be we were made by God Colossians 1:16 to God, we are one created thing, but sin wants us to go beyond what we were created to be, but we can't and it frustrates us that we can't be more than human.
I think that's really the appeal of being. busy and you know it's nice for people to say I'm busy and I'm booked whatever I think is part of the appeal of being busy because we want to be able to do a million things at the same time and preserve our peace but only God can do that you have people looking at horoscopes and going to psychics because they want to know the future while living in the present, but only God can do that, even social networks make us feel that we have access to the lives of thousands of people without having to ask their permission.
God, but still we can't see everything and with everything we see we are unable to discern what is really real. Social media has given us a way to mimic omniscience, but still look at what all this information is really doing. for us it is creating this contentment jealousy envy God is not concerned with that we want so desperately to be like God but we can't be and that's okay because once we begin to consider and be content with our position as something creative we really will to free ourselves from the anxiety of having to be something that we should never have been and after listening to all this what Eva does is the other way around 6 she says like this when the woman saw that the tree was good to eat that it was a delight for the eyes and that the tree was coveted to make wise she took its fruit and ate and also gave from her husband who was with her doing what we don't know and ate if he cut the grass on the side that was not talking to the monkeys hey monkey I named you what then the eyes of both were opened and they knew that they were naked and they sold fig leaves together and made loincloths Eve was deceived and by her deceit she chose to believe a lie, the greatest lie is that a created thing had more to offer than God himself and when her husband who was with her ate from the tree, it set in motion that all those who would be born after them would believe the same lie but did you pay attention to what it says that Eve saw in the tree says that she saw that the tree was delightful to die for that she wanted to make wise and that it was good to eat notice that she saw nothing but good qualities and what God said would kill her hmm there is something there is something wrong with our mind when we stop seeing God as better because the problem is not even in his assessment of the tree because in Genesis 2 it says that God created the tree to be good to eat and pleasing to the eyes the problem is that his focus was more in what God said that she couldn't have that in the God that she already had everything she thought the tree could provide was all that God already was he is a pleasure to die he satisfies the body the fear of him is the beginning of wisdom last but when you're lost it's not just that you're sinful it's that you're blind we come into this world truly believing that the things God has made are better than the God who made them it's crazy it's natural that's what idolatry is to expect a created thing is what God already is, that is why Romans 1 when it talks about fools says that fools believe they are wise or that fools change the Creator for a lie and worship what God has made with their hands and act as if it were enough, It's natural to think that what we see, feel, taste and smell is better than the invisible God, but it's by faith that we believe that even if we can't see him, he's better than that.
I know his beard is long since I know it. it's bright I know I know fair skin since everyone likes man buns I know the bun BAM is sitting on top I know I know I know pay more money if you just lie a little bit I know but you don't have to disobey to God to obtain those things from god is good literally there is no one the scriptures say there is no one like the lord but there is no one besides him there is no rock like our god david said who do I have in heaven but you and there is nothing in whatever land I desire besides you my flesh and my heart may fail but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever you have to believe that God is the only God to live that way you can trust that no matter how good be something could be here is never good enough to be God gotta Adam ate the fruit something interesting happened between him and Eve there was an immediate impact on Adam and Eve's relationship with each other let's reverse we ate he says and heard the sound of it Lord God was walking in the garden in the cool of the day and the man and his wife hid from the presence of the Lord it was my favorite part among the trees of the garden but the Lord God called the man and said where are you?
A loving God asks questions because he is playing with us. It's like you know. I dont even know. Are you doing that? you and told him why you ask me al Clever you just want me to tell you the truth anyway so imagine is imagine you are Adam and Eve. Your eyes have just been opened because of sin. You are aware of your body in such a way that it causes shame and a whole bunch of other things. that you didn't have to deal with all that you knew to be goodness and so you put on a loincloth to cover your shame, but you're not only trying to hide your shame, you're also hiding your shame from the partner God created you to be totally free with that act is a glimpse of what sin did immediately to relationships it made it a place where people are afraid to be free so what do people do if they are not free they hide , that's why we have difficulty in the community that's why we don't trust each other in church that's why we don't trust people in our homes that's why we hide from each other in small groups we hide from each other others by resisting accountability we hide from each other by fleeing from discipleship or leadership we are sold afraid of people seeing what we look like with our Loren Claus outside of the death that God said would happen to that day they ate the fruit this is part of it sin broke our fellowship with God and therefore our fellowship with each other personal sin always has communal effects where you are with God affects the way you are with each other that's why that when you didn't keep your word and you're seeking God and you're praying and you're fasting, all of a sudden you're kind.
You're doing your kids' homework and you don't get mad because they can't spell their last name. You are here having sex with your husband three days in a row. You're just doing things you've never done. That is intimacy. God does it but allows you to walk away from God all may mean you start cursing people on the road you become optimistic and angry that they didn't put the right chickpeas in your salad you become a mess does this mean i ordered the right ones spicy chickpeas not the regular ones thanks ha Have you ever thought about how the two most important commandments are ranked vertically and horizontally which one is first love the Lord your God with all your heart mind and soul vertically which one is the second, love your neighbor as yourself? understand what I call dysfunctional neighbor love loving your neighbor is biblical but loving your neighbor more than God is not and I personally believe that that is part of what we are seeing in the church now is that people are engaged and too committed to loving people love more than they love God and then back to not loving people at all but that's another story but when you love God when loving God is our priority we have the power to love our neighbor, well that's why some Saints would be trying to Tell girls you don't want a man who loves you more than he loves God.
I'm trying to tell you that you don't want a man to make you his idol because if he does he won't love you right at all let me get off that topic how we are with God will govern how we are with each other and we see that with Adam and Eve while Adam and Eva felt embarrassed with each other, something happens and it happens as if this were a common occurrence. on watch and the text says that they heard a sound and it was the sound of God walking in the cool of the day and it doesn't say that God was running through the garden as if in a hurry the text doesn't say that God was staggering through the garden as if he were coming to scare them, he says that the people that God created from his glory were walking had just fallen from him and he continues to approach them calmly as if to remind them that his presence should not be resisted, but he is welcome, but as sin always doesdoes, it distorts our view of God, so we end up hiding the text says that when they heard God coming, they hid behind some trees, now my initial thought is if I just sinned against God and I hear Him on the road.
I'm high because I'm scared. d is fine, but even though it makes sense, it's still nonsense, because no matter where you go, you can't hide from God except through sin. we've fooled ourselves into thinking we can. He is not as omniscient or present as he says we may be able to hide from my pastors our friends our Instagram followers our families but there is no sin that God cannot see no matter how skillful you have been to hide it and also hide yourself of God behind the tree was foolish because the tree cannot protect you from God.
I know it sounds obvious, but think about it. Adam and Eve most likely remembered that God said that the day they or the tree would die in the right judgment, so they probably wait for the judgment to come, so they realize that if I get behind this tree, maybe that will save me from God's judgment like the tree was a cleft like the tree was a mediator between them and God some of you called it treated the tree like blood on the door frame like the death passed over them they might have said to themselves of god may they not see me maybe god doesn't judge me and we do too we think if we just be a good person and make god right with me maybe if i fix myself when God is coming he'll be happy maybe I'm just busy with ministry and God might not be I can see what I'm trying to hide but there's nothing they or we can do as human beings to fix what's broken between man and god this is the beginning of legalism this is where a human being began to think that they are what they can do with their hands and their bodies could save them but the tree was not a savior enough a critical created thing could not be your messiah the question should be then what is your tree what created thing have you been hiding behind what thing have you been hoping to save you from God all that tree did was turn them away from God even more would they have understood God correctly once they heard him walking in the cool of the One day they would have run to him begging for his forgiveness knowing that it is only God who can do us right with God but they didn't they decided to trust a tree instead so in verse 9 God asked Adam a question he says where are you, love, do you think God asks the question because he didn't know the answer?
He is God, of course. he knew where God was asking the question because he was giving Adam the opportunity to confess that the question was to get out of Adam the reason he was hiding from the God he never hid from before even before the beginning God was making room for The Confession of Sinners knew what Adam did and knew what Adam would do before he did it, but still he just wanted Adam to be honest. that some people want God to be loved and not judge I think some of us have a hard time with confession because we remember that God is judged but forget that he has loved the thing is that God is not surprised by your sinfulness God is not called because of you he's not o On his phone saying damn those sinners sinned again he's not doing that think about this if god wanted to judge you don't you think he would have done it already you've been sinning since you were born and guess what you're still alive why because god is incredibly patient Romans 2 says don't you see how wonderfully kind and tolerant and patient God is?
Can't you see that his goodness is intended to turn you away from sin? waiting for you to tell him where you are god doesn't tell us to confess because he doesn't know the truth we are trying to keep through ourselves we confess so we can be forgiven the bible says if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us from all evil and remember that God is not a man so that he must lie so when I read that text and you said to yourself I know that God cannot forgive me that was the serpent and not the Spirit, he comes quickly, he is quick to counter God. the Word of God but he will speak to you with your own voice you have to discern it Ephesians 6 says that we can change or extinguish extinguishing the fiery darts of the evil one with the shield of faith it is when you trust that God is telling you the truth that you actually destroy all the war that the devil has against your mind before the fall there was no need for confession but after the fall the confession must feel our days because sin does as history continues God in his justice curses all of those who were involved in this rebellion against him he curses the serpent he curses Eve and Adam but I want us to pay close attention to how or what God says when he curses the serpent because surprisingly in the middle of the curse there is a promise to the cursed 14 verse 14 says Jehovah God he said to the serpent because you have said this cursed are you among all the cattle and among all the beasts of the field on your belly you will walk and dust you will eat every day of your life I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your offspring and her offspring look at this he everyone says he will bruise your head and you will bruise his heel God tells the devil that there will be some hostility between his offspring and her offspring but then mentions this random male that will be this woman's offspring says he will bruise your head and you will bruise his heel who is this man who would eventually be born after Adam and Eve who would have the power and the ability to do something as incredible as defeat the snake and I used the word defeat on purpose because you might hear the word bruise and think you know the snake is going to come out a lot but this Hebrew literally means to break, it's going to break your head of hell even though the text says the serpent will bruise the heel we all know there is someone attacking it shows you have healed and they are going to kill you like when people attacked you can't get that letter off your foot by running down the little upper fixing aisle doing most of it as missing that was funny um if someone attacks your heel it might hurt you but it won't kill you but if someone gets ahead of you I'll grab your head and they will break it for you re made for this man who would eventually come from the offspring of this woman is Jesus the Son of God and even though he would be born into a world full of sin because of Adam and Eve, he would be different, he would be born in a body and experience the temptations that humans they experience because of Adam and Eve, but he would not do what they did, he will be tempted in every way, but without sin, even when the serpent finds him in the desert and tempts him to change or sin for food to get some loaves of bread timpz to sin against God to satisfy the body this Jesus will trust that God is not a man so that he will lie for what he will believe that man does not live only on bread but on every word that comes from the mouth of the living God even when t your son is in another garden wishing to take another path to let this cup pass trust in the complete wisdom of his God because he fears him he knows that God's way is always the best way so he gladly submits It will be at the will of his father, he is all together different than the first Adam, even when this son ends up on a cross bloodied and bruised dying for the sins of all who would believe, he does not focus on losing his life, but focuses on his attention on the joy that is set before him awaits the glory of his God this Adam is completely different from the first Jesus has done what Adam and Eve did not do, which is to please God perfectly and he has done it, but Adam thought that the tree could do what is to mend the rupture between man and God Jesus by becoming a curse on a tree is the mediator between man and God he is the crack behind which we hide he is he is the blood on the lintels who causes death to pass over us and eternal life to remain he is the one who stands between the creature and the Creator absorbing God's judgment and revealing God's love so that even though we have all sinned and come short of glory Ory of God, we can now, through repentance and faith, stop hiding from the truth of who we are as sinners and instead run to his throne of grace for mercy no matter what you have done no matter what you are doing no no matter what you do the grace of God is enough if you have been trying to find your way through the darkness that is fumbling for anything that will satisfy you because you are lost know that God found you first and is ready and willing to cleanse you so that shine and don't think that I'm just talking to non-Christians because there are so many of us here who know God and have to repent.
There are many of us here where God has told you to let go of something in order to stop doing something that you keep doing. when you take advantage of grace you tell yourself I know he loves me so I'm fine repent God wants to restore and cleanse you too there are some of us here who have been saved for a long time it could be assuming you made it you didn't make it until you reach glory, there are some things that God wants you to put aside, namely self-sufficiency. God is truly capable of doing much and abundantly beyond all that we can. look at that verse and say if God can do all things so much more abundantly than that means he can make me new, that's something I can never do on my own and that's the point, that's the reason I still we are alive so we can know God and love him forever he is not in heaven waiting for you to fail he is sitting on his throne with the train of his scroll filling the temple with the seraphim singing to each other holy holy holy all the earth It is full of his glory.
God is waiting to hear from you, where are you? The world is a dark place and apart from Jesus we have so much darkness in us, but what God said, what happened, happened, Eve's offspring crushed the head of the serpent and Now if you believe in the Lord Jesus, you can too. Let's pray to God. I ask that your Holy Spirit would do what it does to convince us of sin and show us Jesus. I pray that those who are so conscious of their sins that they forget that you are the Savior are not ashamed. I pray to God they remember what you said. all who are weary and burdened may come to you to find rest god i pray that they trust that you are who you said you are that you will do what you said you would do i pray that you will empower your church empower your saints to walk in holiness to walk in truth to walk in love God one of the things the enemy wants us to do is stop persecuting you to agree with last week's word and last week's devotion and last week's sermon but I pray to God that we seek you daily like the bread that you are.
I pray to God that you help us to love you more than anything in Jesus name, amen.

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