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ItsMrLoneWolf's Livestream Phase 3 SnowRunner

Jul 09, 2022
out of six dlc yeah i'll have to check it out i quite like trailer packs the fox crf 450 rider du from his trailer pack pretty much always understood i haven't at this point just because it's um disabled my features from network until i update so i couldn't apologize, which maps were their least favourites, i probably liked the yukon ones in the end originally, but i don't know, they just made it above the slow mud and everything else drives me a little crazy. the perfect way to play snow runner uh halo wolf do you play multiplayer to be honest?
itsmrlonewolf s livestream phase 3 snowrunner
I really haven't since I had this game. I went once just to borrow someone's trailer to complete the trophy memory now where you have to lift the trailer into the air and that's it alfred uh pelston hi from us how are you doing buddy appreciate you joining us daniel malkin yes sorry i need to study tomorrow keep it up i know where to get the studies done as much as i happily piss myself the part of school studies was important the way i have seen in school as if they forced me to be there regardless, so I did everything I could while there like I wasn't happy. about it but I might as well walk away with some gcses and stuff instead of just deliberately ignoring it and walk away with nothing so it depends what you want to do in life and studies are very important if it depends what path of work you want to go . down but yeah if i could go back again i don't know what i would do instead of a massive chemistry business ironically i never wanted to do media studies be hard on it but everyone said i'll do media studies it sucks looking back i probably could have helped a little with youtube and all kinds but i don't know i never did i play multiplayer but i can't get anyone to know a.
itsmrlonewolf s livestream phase 3 snowrunner

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itsmrlonewolf s livestream phase 3 snowrunner...

I've heard there are a lot of issues with mods as well, like not getting evs. everyone can join fsms i think wildcat some thumbs up jason paul manuel have you tried the big moose 3500? is called to play multiplayer with you oh yeah not cool man yeah that's linking to some people in the comments because I think there are some people who like to play online the reasons I've avoided it mostly as I've only been doing single player obviously doing quest videos but if I host as a multiplayer game and other people get into my game they will end up completing quests but then I don't have the footage for that quest if that has sense so by two degrees i've been hogging all my quests to myself so i can make videos about them i've been saving them all for possible future videos but at some point i'll probably get to the multiplayer will probably be after the


four m probably because again there will be more quest videos and everything but yeah eventually once I get all that out of the way I'll probably disconnect and maybe join other people's games so it's not um like flushing all my quests without me being able to get the images for them do you play any other games besides snow runner i've been playing breakfast a bit recently i know that I've been enjoying that's quite funny here we go oh no right?
itsmrlonewolf s livestream phase 3 snowrunner
Do we do it or not? We just move it incomplete going up there let's try that rebellious side by choice yes, as now I live like a hermit, in fact I live like that, a hermit who only wakes up at night. People talk about if you ever went to prison solitary or like you heard like a prison sentence being put in solitary I'd be begging for solitary I'd be willing to kick some kicks just to go solitary like me The worst thing you could do to me is lock me up in a room full of people. he would say ok make some friends i remember i cant remember what i did when i was a kid but my mom was like yeah i cant ground you because you would love exactly anything you can do to me its like, yeah go out and meet people, I'll be like start screaming in horror, well I'm one of those people, it's like, aren't you there? i really don't want to go and then once you're there this is pretty good actually don't sleep on breakfast super underrated yeah it's a damn good game i have to say i don't know if it still is but i was on sale in store ps like when i bought it a week or two ago for 16 odd pounds which is well worth it because to be honest my partner got covered but we are forced to stay in school yeah i mean to this whole situation covered up as a bit of a gigantic mess to be honest not sure if they should have bothered with all the bans and everything at the end i don't know if it's uh long lasting g the fallout from that is going to last a lot longer what a wow from what i see how long they keep milking coded we are so alive my brother from a different mother you mr lone wolf sounds pretty good you want the same thing here i hate being around people yeah exactly its the best way i like this though always pre i've had a lot online i don't know when i used to play call of duty and meet all kinds of people i remember arguing with some people online when i was playing with my brother dave in call of duty ghosts maybe and um yeah we started having this massive discussion for these people late game we are all mates and then we played call of duty games for a long time with them so i miss you called uh hi mate of us thank you i can see tao oh it's jamestown it's new york rmrt halo mall ever felt like playing multiplayer? to the point where I'm going to start going online because because it's one of them where I know once I'm in I'm in so I'm kind of held back so it's like yeah instead of dipping my toes here and there. in multiplayer and then I'll probably do a little bit of multiplayer so eventually I'll do it. its other people exactly im just one of those weird antisocial introverts this is what it is i didnt choose this life im sure life changed ok let's make some wood any medium log right?
itsmrlonewolf s livestream phase 3 snowrunner
These can sit here for a bit I've done you hate it when the menu like you're going to click down and the menu doesn't register then you hit the wrong button uh nick the knob one it's a great game you want about um rek fest, yeah it's definitely like saying for those of you huh it's just that it complements this game quite well because it's like chaos there's no real If it comes to thinking a lot again you can set it up where there are some really good races but in your Most of it you can easily set it up where the advantage is for you and yes, earning a rate that you don't even care about.
About the time when you go around crushing everyone and having a good time, that's really it. its on because it just says memory even if thats the only jamestown mod um ml uh no mods tonight i its updating my game so it said like networking disabled so i couldnt turn it on its mr lone wolf for you exactly jason paul manuel, can you load all the train tracks on a trailer? Just load them one on top of the other. To be honest, I have no idea. It takes a little bit of what you can call metal girders so we want some quicker Rucks because I really don't want to drive two miles an hour though where my p512 pfs I know he had a little stable of yours on the go.
Where are you? one anyway, can i have a subtle high? Other people are two lovers locked in a room with their disapproving mother, yes we can, so what could I do? Like a club, bring it back here and then that might wear him out, huh, would you ever take a bread, take a bread where I'll take a bread everywhere? something you have to be in this game. nice you put them in the bed of the three slot dresser uh uh oh they don't have to be packaged for delivery unlike any other car that's great though I appreciate the info isaac nicholas hi how are you doing , man, let's get an eight-slot ramsay? got you oh i updated on consoles yeah that must be t He updated that literally its happening for me right now so i have two options go live stream with no mods or wait another hour for start the live stream which yeah I just want to keep the times regular if I can oh that was my trailer for bad banana so yeah I hope it won't be of much use to any of you but by the time this stream is on live there they go that's all i got there by the time this live stream ended i should have. that open first ram upgrade charge equals slacking off like it's exactly mr wrinkled hello from us how you doing buddy good old old always wanting to visit australia snow racer things also fix slow reverse yeah i know i'm still stuck with that crap, luckily, at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it will be gone soon.
I was like yeah it's going to be abo ut 70. So instead of this live stream starting like 20 at 4 in the morning Trenton Airs handles the fire how you doing Mr. Lamar where did you get the p512? Where was it? Again I forgot this time to make videos of how the new truck locations should uh I'll have a


four come out uh where was the p512? What is this for happy now games sauce I have 12 is the magic number I don't remember which one where um the payment star is in the factory in the greenwood river like the metal beam factory or the metal roll factory and if p512 is on the farm like it's in a drowned swamp area or a farm basically about that sorry not in this section of the farm but if you continue like the other side and come back to the hills side and that's basically fine but not that far down oh my gosh let's try half and half i cook more to the left normally or i walk across the river i have never been through the middle here comes the pain it's ok never mind oh well no big deal i guess not i know what whats going on i missed something p512 i was next to the white western star recovery on the map yes exactly it looked yes i cant think of hours to describe it another night actually thinking cool move yes this section of farm huh it is so there and there's the garage there's that island in the middle there's the cottage there's like a plowed field there's a white western star that's stuck in there and then the p512 is somewhere out there I really don't like this section of the river that wasn't too much brutal though that's why i just brought a club for this little moment now i can switch this trailer to the p512 and move around a bit which again the p512 is pretty good certainly not my favorite but not bad for se just the pay star isn't that crazy or a little juicy on the fuel though not the end of the world confused them it was like the d512 and the pacer let that long story short it just shows how much to raise the suspension in the club makes it much more suitable as a decent truck i've always liked the club because it's just a big face i like big trucks bc in this game that's why i wanted the derry to be at least a little useful maybe but yeah since they added that situation of their spension like us improved i've been waiting to show you this map what's a truck now that i've got the heavy wrecker oh yeah i mean sorry again break the word but i'm not really used to it getting up there but yeah that sits low like a It's also time I couldn't resist getting a damn horse anymore.
I have earned it. I deserve it. Obviously, I need more. What's the word for drinking? Damn pro and I say sometimes I love the 512 I just wish it had a bigger fuel tank uh I can't remember what fuel tank it had I probably wouldn't disagree though like e.t but tank 700 liter fuel that's at least that's what we need eisenberg hey man come join us load it up without a crane I don't know how to do it on this trailer to be honest I could load it like the sideboard I probably could do it on that trailer but Again I don't know if it's going to take me five minutes or 55 minutes and I really don't want to risk it yeah blocking the live stream so it's just me trying to get on a trailer for a long time I think I could do it just they gave me plenty of time to do it i haven't actually tried to load them i have them on trailers before on the back of trailers not like this trailer is fully loaded so i just tend laugh to lift them. in this setting in the front which is also raised so yeah do it the easy way sounds pretty good pretty uhh Very loaded glove but nonetheless let's drop the hammer so that's what I like about the pay star.
I guess so. 200 liter fuel tank. yeah yeah I'm probably jumping not too far from the dolphin really because of fuel usage yeah considering it's not all wheel drive again I still think it's a pretty good truck for what it is for not being all wheel drive but yeah considering it's not all wheel drive but they've gotten a little hard on the fuel in thatcase I mean that's why they hit the dolphin with 200 liters because it's so good at everything else if it had a 500 liter fuel tank like Well it would just be that it's too easy but stick a loaf on it I mean it has a four inch elite fuel tank this way hey guys i can't believe i made it bobby clarkman how you doing buddy?
Nice to have you join us for the above stream so yeah not again too long 40 minutes all I've done is grab some long logs at the sawmill they traded them for some planks then left and got some lucky beams doing the track restoration mission or at least well, I don't know when we have all the materials there, I have a feeling that all the track layout is going to be the easy part because it's like a long one. Do you have any advice? But I'm just trying to think in the context of how it makes sense.
I have some tips videos I definitely explain it probably way better than I can right now off the top of my head I mean always having a loaf would be definite advice because he's a damn pro and he has spare fuel spare tire repair providers it's a spare winch you can flip everything in the game so far weather if they're pregnant and can have tall trailers huh and there's mega wheels that have them pros honestly now i'll probably have to give it a try i've heard good and bad things . can anytime today um yeah no k now i'm just going to have to try it i'll try it probably on my 3rd try so i heard it has a lot of bugs and things put together do you have a donno or donald picking on me i'll be here lurking in the back while i play snow racers too doubletron 420. appreciate i feel like i'm hooked like that's it i'm not going anywhere i'm not even thinking about if they must be the trailer really no it looks like that but that doesn't go an inch he wouldn't let me have that tree from that winch point but he'll let me have it from there oh no no it's not right this is going terribly wrong well nothing it sucked so let's go find someone else multiplayer so i can give you money oh super chat i dont have any of that set up or anything i appreciate that though mate but yeah i will have to set it up at some point again that's another reason why it would be helpful to have a pc because I can only do likes on Patreon and YouTube and all of that through my phone and I don't think I have all the options of everything like I apparently have to becoming an ultimate partner with youtube as a youtube association and then i assume i could do that live chat situation that yeah, i'm not going to lie it would be great to install at some point.
We need something that sits pretty tall. Yes, God, don't even look at me. I wouldn't say it was entirely that thing's fault. You've got that damn horse with a vehicle and I hate how that truck doesn't have four wheel drive. They need to change it. I'm not going to lie, I understand that it's a more unique situation to not have all-wheel drive, but I don't know, it's like saying that having a boxer with no hands is a bit of a unique situation for a boxer as he is. but it's not necessarily a good thing sometimes, like I don't know if you're going to be a boxer, you need some help, right?
You're going to be off-roading, so all-wheel drive is the way to go. Jason Paul. I will see you here often. Are you also from England? niagara falls new york thats so cool man it will be so cool to see niagara falls i want to do what some crazy people do like ride over in a barrel we got some balls doing that gotta bounce early tonight catcher in the replay pipe dreaming i appreciate it mate it will be there when you get back bobby kotlin so i played with taylor in months what happened to taiga power? bad on that i think they've been slowly attacking it and it just doesn't feel like the tegra of old i think it used to be an absolute powerhouse but yeah it was just i don't know what they've done it i think they've broken the gears i think they could have even lowered the power a bit and everything on it i meant i haven't played the taigan once yeah i know exactly what i needed.
I didn't play taiga for months because it was so cool, but it was the obvious choice, so I kept trying to mix it up and use another one. trucks and then when I got back to it it was like what the hell it sucks compared to what it used to be but it seems like they've messed it up a bit with whatever they've done with the gearboxes. forget thumbs up folks i appreciate and like them they feed the youtube algorithm gods you just gave it away you know jason pulled manuel i didnt see what he said but yeah the heavy drive was a bike low, it has been missing a lot. a while for me but again hopefully after this update for the ram issue i could turn it on which would be nice alfred pelston do you play with a wheel or controller?
I've been thinking about buying a steering wheel. that i didn't know how well it worked in snow racer i only played with one controller to be honest i honestly couldn't tell you i don't know if you play a lot of driving games it might be worth getting a steering wheel because yeah you can use it for all. trying to think I don't really know anyone who plays a one wheel snow racer so I really couldn't tell you a little higher I mean I'm already getting bored of this rail mission I barely got about a quarter of the way through from him get the ultimate boy come on it's like a self fulfilling prophecy when you get the trailer so low every time it automatically shifts back to mud I wouldn't even say this is a particularly meaty hill right? i mean it's a little bit of a wander at least the uh the dam the big fat chin in the front could reach the next tree and we're a long way away i didn't embarrass the p512 he said gt power yes i do the k is such a nice gt engine it is a beast is probably one of the best engines in the game i would say normally along with the advanced special gearboxes like i would like to test the kzg on high oh indeed the ball actually and sadly the balls just spin a lot , but I don't know if all the wheels turn more now what should it be? stuck seeing what i mean like whats the point in the trailer if it just cant go anywhere but this is what i need to remind you from time to time because im stupid and stubborn but thats why i normally dont take the slot eight because you just spend your life and now it's thinking about tipping over before you dig you just spend your life trying to get it out of the ground like that and again I mean really that's the level of a hilltop that's going to get it yeah , it doesn't look good, it doesn't look good for this up here, probably yes, I have it again, I also only have that and I like one of the mods at the time, at least until I get a better p for ps4 pro and wouldn't let me turn up the heavy record when it was the only thing i think so was bobby pottman saying that's all he uses.
I used to use it a lot again. I was still mixing and matching videos, but when I was doing my own playtime, I was using a lot of them. solid truck it was a lot of fun the crane on it is a beast this is how cranes should work in the game for normal stuff this is a shame we're also getting stuck on the map there really isn't much you can do and it's kind of one of them the one where if the ground is deformable you think um the kind to rip the trailer through the ground but it never really works like that oh we'll see I don't even know if I'll be able to get out. from this part i'm in that tree lemme have the tree don't give me another shrug oh my god man give me something that stays on the ground lawyer i just need a pc instead of exactly more mods in all kinds of games. even like the same with rec fest there are vehicle mods alot of track mods it seems which is good probably just going to ditch this you know why yeah try the club i know what you mean , it's definitely pretty high yeah we'll have to give it a try just remind me again if I ever watch an eight point trailer again it reminds me of the error of my ways I should have stuck with this big fat beast from the start would you rather do something dangerous and fun or safe and fun?
Dangerous and fun definitely appeal to me. I don't know cowboy riding a nuke I'll probably skip it but yeah I don't know I like a little bit of danger I mean I like racing so I'd definitely be up for racing something that's a little bit dangerous , I do not know. I don't know about the tt not sure if I would race the tt or not I would like to but I'm sure my mom was too into that daddy khan you should use your push pull trick what is that? like a uh get another vehicle going yeah right the problem is the legs hook up so far in the front that even if you drive a truck under the back of the trailer to lift it up it ends up making like a big nose because it's like those it's the legs so ridiculously eager to grab the ground and everything like any bit of terrain and it just locks in place it's a bit like when I get my uh hummers stuck on the mountain in the white river or the white valley sorry just yeah no matter how hard you try and get them out of the clip they failed and that's what that trailer seems to do like when with his legs he hooks up and it's eh yeah kind of shocking have you seen the trailer for 10 clothing swaps?
Do you like the new dmd striker mod I haven't seen it or anything yet but I'll try it real soon someone else said it was pretty good I hate that eight slot too yeah exactly in theory it's nice because well it'll just be if they had a six slot version n of the semi trucks would be much better it's nice to have an even number like when you get a five slot a lot of the stuff the missions you have to do is like yeah six eight ten cargo you don't deliver or whatever whatever that ten isn't that bad you can get two lots of five but it is yeah the eighth space is useful but yeah it just messes up everything you have on the bottom of the trailer you just need to be smooth the rails metal that run along the bottom remove all the boxes and things sticking out and then the legs I don't know and preferably have a little higher pin or whatever where it attaches to the saddle for to actually sit more at to that be very nice push pull that's what you said psgtv hi how ya doing buddy nice of you to join us for old stream christ or an hour later and what have we done turn some logs into boards that's all hayden phillips hi how you doing buddy would love to try the club at the high rate that would be interesting especially since it has g.
The big, meaty stuff packs a lot of power. I don't mind at this speed anyway, but it's still nice to drop my hammer once in a while. It may have to get worse. -pull action that thing sounds like it has an exhaust leak when it shifts for real i like the sound like it sounds pretty juicy i had alot of the exhaust leaks on my cars back in the day the best i can do is just ignore them except that we had them a renault laguna once the exhaust fell off and honestly it sounded crazy it sounded as good as a rally car but it was the complete opposite it was kind of embarrassing because well driving down the street you would see people in the road stopping and like rubber and all kinds of what the hell is this magnificent beast of a car coming down the road and then it was just me and adam like an absolute nail out of a renault laguna just like nothing to see your people is not your dream rally car is a fucking name so i mean even the club its just if anything it's kind of a hinge it's two floor front axles but try that old winch trick but yeah this is a situ Pretty sad ation to be absolutely pissed off but actually those legs can scrape a bit of mud but rips them through the terrain you know what let's just drop this.
Honestly, I can't be asked for this mission anymore. No, no engine stopped twice twins there and five. there at the moment though I think it's missing from the mods menu sir wrinkled suspension up I already had the suspension up ok let's take a look at that honestly I can't worry about that mission anymore it's been doing my boobs and for the last half hour with that damn trailer and apparently i have to go and get another one what had four in there? i need to get 12 metal baits there's no way i'm doing another eight loading slots all the way down that's going to be like two more road trains if i avoid slot eight here's a little loaf your engine still runs like a fucking pro uh yeah it doesn't make sense i was going to say i could salvage the collab with a loaf but i'd have to go and get a crane to reload those metal girders and then i get stuck near the railway i'm gonna have to go up the hill more past that brick farmhouse I don't know to be honest I should have driven the mud and followed the Camino all the way but yeah that's thefinal.
Let's see what we have. I don't want to super order. Hell no. I could see in the trailer that I think the trailer went crazy and weird and it just tipped me to the side if you really look where I was at like the trailer had no reason for me to tip over because it was pretty level on top but i think he went a bit crazy and then he left and again that's the club it's also like one of the hardest vehicles in the game to tip what we should go and do a mission. I want to do something a little more relaxed.
I'm not really into it. I could have done as if I had already done that help on the island and I did it in the mud that's a lot of logs I could do this half logs three it's all on the same map let's go and make this solid I already have a loaf and an azov here apparently ya ahead of the game uh there's a six slot step deck that's smooth on the bottom it's nice yeah it's a six slot though I think it works like a five slot I know there's that little deck staggered on top that you could put a piece of cargo in but then you'd need a crane to like one that probably holds it in place and two you know it might allow you to just pack it from there actually but I was going to say you need have it packed on the trailer but yeah I like the tiered bed once I found out it was one of my favorite trailers.
Really, the trailer has a lot of flexibility. much worse than yeah that stepped platform but longer oh no i say no uh i do most missions with twice tts like my disdain for trailers those know oh yeah the twin stairs , yeah, exactly to be fair, he probably could have and should have made two twin ladders four piles of metal girders oh he's just a tow truck new life what is he doing? I'm just chillin' he's looking at it he's already at the log station that's what he's a damn pro he hadn't even uploaded the map he just heard he wanted to do logs and he was on it um login successfully so we'll need I'll have to take something where I can load a lot of logs because I really don't like doing multiple trips so what do we want to load that's quite useful? because it has the three slot sideboard which to be honest won't work too bad because I can get a medium log trailer on this medium length trailer on another truck put a log crane on that and then yeah do three loads the 6th the slot is a nod oh mod um yeah sure I was going to say I'm sure they like that's what all five slots are if the game just puts together a decent six slot I'd be much happier about it. bring for this whatever we bring we can do we can uh and then a medium log trailer oh it's just the uh it's just disassembled not the iceberg so bruce would be a hauling machine so look what he has in there they go ready to install snow runner version 1.20 so now it will just install let's get that yeah in real life the 8 slot is probably only designed for smooth dirt roads on the most extreme end yeah that's right It probably is, but then they put like, uh, say in that, uh, what's the name of the map that's been in Black Badger? in the most awkward place possible on top of the river hill, which is a little courtyard where you just, yeah, that's where you need to take the eighth slot pretty much because there's a lot of supplies there, but yeah, it's completely like the eight stops, even going there is a nightmare and i will definitely bring a loadout for this one because that pay style will most likely run out of fuel and since we will be leaving the afterlife at the login station that is a bit more. fuel when we get there we have color code ramp pad terrible if need be and you're 12 yeah that's right you just know with the ramp pad it makes you think you're four or whatever until he decides just flip on nothing I'd say no I don't even know what my least favorite trailer is between the flat ramp and the 8th slot, it might actually be the 8th slot. more done to me than 8th slot the number of times 8th slot has left me completely stuck somewhere and cutting or rolling is pretty depressing can you use the normal crane to log in?
I don't think so, so no, I'm surprised they did. t do that i guess they didn't because they just want everyone to have to are you ok crane apparently can't even lift itself um yes the winch is pointed at the log but i guess since they've done like the logging crane i guess they just forced us to use it there, he is, he is a beast, right? So we can get one medium two medium are all medium logs we need oh I didn't even light up the quest on the health of I made that wood for the locals oh long medium medium logs or we can make a medium medium we'll worry for the long logs later, where do we go, the medium city storage and the farm, so we will do the city storage first, go back to the farm? and then i can weave the switch trailers back to the login station and then where do we go in the sawmill which isn't too bad actually it should be a pretty chill little mission i really should have done this from the start At first I was hesitating what I wanted to do was go to my mud game and restore the tracks and then obviously when I loaded the game I realized oh I can't go do my modded game and yeah I should have gone that way damn mission.
Like I said, I could salvage the collab, but oh yeah, where did I end up with the trailer. thing off the bloody map really not worth it there is an electric version w With a lower center of gravity and you have the option to use a subtle high angle along with a flat version an electric version of what dude oh is it maybe the bruce? I've seen a few of them electric, but I said maybe now that the upgrades actually happened and I've got more ram space and everything that I can probably put the electric truck pack into my second game, that I'll definitely level up high enough. and all for uh, what did you call it?
I couldn't build all electric trucks with the best engines and everything I did in my third article and I wasn't high enough level to attach everything uh I use the cat th where uh with the actual suspension and rarely blindfold when i do it usually the excessive speed usually becomes all of us that's genuinely one of the first times i've ever rolled that column in fact it might even be the third time for the first time accidentally rolling it i think i've ever shot either collaboration, well the long nose club is close. impossible to roll anyway um actually maybe i should have taken the long nose stick because not only is it harder to roll for that reason but i think the long nose could also sit a bit higher so could have made the trailer sit higher and so then the legs don't catch enough, but yeah, since that trailer is so trolly, the eight slots should reach where it sits highest on your saddle, so at least keep your legs pretty far off the ground, you got troll. mechanical damage to see see even now this isn't like this wasn't classic bruce his wheels spinning and struggling he turned his engine off i don't know why because i clearly drove him and left his engine running um yeah this is like no i don't know they've done something , nothing feels as meaty as it used to be this looks a bit more like it but keep an eye on your front wheel when they start to move that's not a good sign bidirectional is definitely better sorry it jumped. yes I like the cat but I like speed two and that's a little slow yes but the cat 745c is too slow for my liking and it's not very versatile it can't have a trailer don't get me wrong I have Drove I've explored the whole white valley now I liked two degrees like the tatters I like that but it's too slow just not enough action when it's like driving down the highway and yeah that's it you're never fast enough to roll or anything uh bob phillips halo how you doing dude joshua zucken dropout never seen bruce wheels move like it had no power exactly since they added that as high as on the top end so they tune up the light of the day in the game um, yeah, I don't know. seems to have messed something up i noticed a lot of trucks are doing it recently bruce has been doing it the club even did it um the dolphins have been doing it taeger has done it they are like the most powerful trucks in the game and everyone has been doing it captain four five seed tower medium log trail er that beast with his medium logs on the trailer yeah exactly if I could have trailers I would use it because now I could build like a road train of them and could take four batches of medium logs per train road which would be pretty cool but yeah because you can't have a trailer it basically became as useless as a motorized half log trailer since you can only take one set of logs and you can do anything with a trailer, so yeah it's like I don't know it became irrelevant which is a shame because uh I don't know I just think they could have used it more I mean even when I changed it n so you can't pack a single cargo slot in the back or probably any cargo now I think. can only affect bins again its like why was that the little thing cat 745c had that made it a little better snow need seven as always hayden mccauley hi how you doing buddy phillips got a quick question which one is your favorite mod um it's tough there's some like the azov iceberg it's definitely firmly up there because I like it but yeah it's a beast it's got a lot of power it's nice to drive um I mean yeah it'll probably be that some others like the heavy wrecker is definitely very cool and a lot of fun um that new et or six or three five whatever it's called I do it a lot like that it's definitely like the old truck for mud runner uh what else was there another I was thinking of him uh the aids of seven three thirty or whatever that's great you played snow runner on the pc it's like tmp i didn't i don't have a pc i hope i will have one at some point uh scott milne or milne hello from michigan i love your videos i appreciate it io i said your name right hey mcauley uh you can stream all night you can go for a while i really enjoy doing the stream it's good it's good to be able to chat for everyone and yeah how to say when you guys if someone asks a question i'm answering for everyone instead sort of e everyone has to ask things individually so yeah its good to waste time no editing which is always nice tyrell busted hi how ya doing a beast it's just fun that's one thing like you notice elements of this game where they weren't fun enough but then a lot of the mods do that and the iceberg definitely does that I like the m181 super bruce version of this, yes that's true. super underpants it's a really cool truck tyrell bro hi how are you doing huh derek luellen hi ok hi from sponsor michelin wolf i love your videos and streams you're probably my favorite youtuber keep going other places i appreciate you saying so friend from wisconsin i'm there toowe are back in michigan now we ruled out i was going to say we're driving around your neck of the woods say hello to you on the road but yeah scott milne uh you nailed my name sir good on you doesn't happen often good to know man daryl martin what's up tag how you doing buddy appreciate you asking how you doing pat putnam hello global how you doing buddy good you join us for the previous stream bob phillips if you play on ps4 you can add me i haven't been adding anyone on ps4 this because it gets too mental like i can't block i get notifications every time someone does something and i start to get absolutely bombarded with all if you know what i mean some kind of uh kept away from that right now except bertrand hi how ya doing buddy? i guess that's why they took it off for a little while a go was add like that what did you call it yeah the log crib thing that it was time to win exactly bob phillips oh ok yeah that's like i said that it's nothing, nothing personal, it's just, yeah, the same for everyone that way it's kind of like It's fair, maybe it will change one day.
I don't know if it does. Well, I'll keep you in mind that you're on the list. Bobby Quatman and thanks for not sacrificing my last name too. I was very impressed. I'm pretty good with names. I usually have a really hard time pronouncing them, but it sounds like I'm going to give it a yank. Trailer hello from newport from turkey. i'm captain midnight my type of time of day i mean i think i'm sunshine but i don't like sunshine very much well i like it but i can't be the only one if it's bright during the day , my eyes water like I'm crying.
I can't stand sunlight but I look like an idiot in sunglasses so I'm donewe've got enough fuel again that's a really good job we brought the cargo because uh i don't think i would have had enough fuel to come back here uh we're going to get some daylight down the road oh i go over menu selections all the time yeah , and jump back. It bothers me a lot. I know it's my fault because basically I like Russian. What happens. I also like zombies. I would say I don't normally play like the zombie guard stuff. about duty not that i like um black ops 1 to be fair is it like what was that difficulty tone or something it was cool i used to play that alot with my brother that was cool i also played the one on might be call of duty wwii which was pretty funny insurance sales in the US is usually commission based which means sales people are usually more motivated to deal uh to deal close to months and ah it's good tonight wow they live in america though it will be nice to know someone makes sense just like carl always shot smash in eom uh zombie games yeah right like um yeah i haven't really played the zombies in i don't remember if they had them in black ops 4 modern warfare i think i have them i haven't played on that but yeah i did in wwii though they were pretty fun because it's like a trophy i need to get on the zombies in wwii we have to unlock everything as the little ones extra special details i could do almost anything but i would always die do it like in one last little thing yeah and then black ops 4 came out for the game last time i'll play it right the trailer almost went to the right it landed on its wheels bounced to the left and tipped over exactly its too wobbly i like it yeah its just another night yeah too wobbly it will wobble like a nipple have you tried the max scalp pack?
So far I've heard it's a little buggy but I don't know I'll have to give it a try because I keep hearing a lot about this bread but I call them someone's eyes I hate zombies they're well used. Nowadays oh yeah yeah no I get what you're saying but say when I was playing it on black ops one that was a little bit before they became cliché but I agree with what you mean , as with zombie movies, in particular, they were everything. It was like a zombie movie these days, all Resident Evil, I guess that made sense, yeah, like a zombie movie. ms i'm not that into that i wasn't into zombie games until i played it and got stuck into it ok i liked it though if anyone remembers in call of duty ghosts you had extinction mode with the aliens that it was really good and it was obviously whatever studio was like their version instead of i want to call it instead of zombies true for any commission based on surfing at the end of the month Mark Connolly I'm out Nate cheers appreciate it mate thanks for joining us neil robinson and I played run in the snow to relax.
Here is a fun game just to relax. That's why I like it. I need to do the live streams now with this mission in the background. I hardly paid any attention to the mission, which was quite nice just floating around taking in the sights, enjoying the ride, and yes, just generally relaxing into the game. Capitalism definitely has its drawbacks, but I prefer it to communism, at least for capitalism, if it wasn't like running. btw its a corrupted form of capitalism but if you really have capitalism i would say its not that bad because if people want to start their own business or whatever it encourages them yeah communism i just find these things communism like why would I train to become a surgeon if I'm going to get the same share as a dump so if anything it encourages laziness to be honest yeah or takes advantage of non lazy capitalism and free market usually, you can leave others behind which some might argue is bad but if you want to stay behind wrinkled by name rincey by nature eight to two year old great man glad you're joining us though let's drink some juice, we'll collect bread.
The scene worries me because it should have shown you very well. I did not like. It wasn't an exact science, but I was able to pick up a loaf with one of these logging cranes. Why are there only two in the bloody now? paystar dont worry its not a total disaster ster but you see this game is definitely trolling me the reason its not a total adjuster i think i saw a record here body balloon is mental and good for play, yeah, I think that's what it's going to end up being, sounds like. like he's pretty cool to play with, not sure if he'll be the uh, the classic damn pro uh, we've got late stage fascism, who's right? more important that it doesn't really matter what system you go with if the people at the top running it dodge or really have no odds but I don't want to get off topic that happened I've said it all. kinds of topics come up in the live stream above, though I don't know what's going to be said, I'm sure capitalism doesn't exist everywhere right now, no it doesn't, but if you look at communism and socialism, does it? can someone name one? example where it worked in comparison we got like yes uk amer I mean uk got british empire got it.
America was like food capitalism definitely seems like the way to go but just not letting a bunch of rich privileged assholes from around the show with the help of jbe have the ability to pull a trailer yeah that's definitely it. thats one of the reasons i like that huh the jv like p16 absolutely pulling the machine what trailer pack does oh you can see i think its a jv has not sure if it has a trailer , you would normally use the as the fox. 450 crf passenger trailer package saying I'd love to know how a log got out here considering it just sat there that was a good job there was a lot in there because honestly I would have tried to ditch the mission again if I could have made it all the way the end.
Go back to the fucking registration stations. Get one more. I saw your Rectus video today. I then played it for about three hours of multiplayer and demo racing. Davis. The battle bus is a lot of fun. I almost got the battle bus. I've been saving my points. that's why i ended up buying the doom rig w Not bad but i don't think it was as good as i haven't tried the battle bus but i think the battle bus. I might even do a live stream at rec fest at some point because it would be a pretty cool game to do as I'm just reacting live and going around crashing and whatever, yeah obviously you can look like you. you can have your own servers and everything or whatever in the rec fest like make a private lobby and stuff so we can have some games on there because there really isn't any mission that i'm missing or anything um but yeah like i said , i got team doom uh i bought that rocket rx or whatever it's called for a hundred thousand fame that bankrupted me a little bit and uh yeah i think one of the next ones i'm going to get is that battle because it looks like yes i was in an online game and someone had it there and they were instead of racing they just went the wrong way around the track and tried to catch everyone normally which would really annoy me if it went on like a grand tourer and those people just try cheat you in the online race and that's why i don't connect to a lot of things online though i would be okay with this game i appreciate if i was playing with subscribers and stuff it would be so much more i just mean like when you throw the dice and a uh yeah just an online game you get a lot of trolls but it mixes a bit more with breakfast because if you have a race going one person randomly decides to yes get a battle bus and starts trying to ram everyone it's all it's fun still because it's breakfast breakfast has to be good online huh it should be just like i said there's a trophy you have to win 20 huh online multiplayer events so i've been online a bit just to get it done and uh, yeah, in general, like it's kind of fun, it can be a little It's kind of annoying, so there's been this weird race where I've essentially run well, got to the lead or whatever, and then, In the last corner, someone who's just not in the race, probably has kind of gone into all sorts of laps, they'll just go full throttle. towards you in the left corner, knocking you out, spinning and yes you lose the race but it's what happens from time to time, you might feel like you know you're not in the lead and someone will collide with someone else , it will go out and get the lead changes daylight going too fast daylight before in this game a horizontal battle bus in a tight figure eight is a hell of a barricade yeah that's exactly the kind of thing that people weren't doing. although it seems like it's not that bad online to some extent, I guess because there's a trophy for winning 20 online multiplayer events, there are a lot of people who are really trying to compete properly and go for that trailer, but yeah, there's a limit. be the sunburned goodness and you already did it and they're just there to troll people but like I said because it's a mess it makes a little more sense I made it I want to do a video tomorrow if I don't remember wrong i'll put in the footage at the end i'll show you i actually put a load on his side i grabbed his front wheel huh yeah with the logging crane it took a few tries but i really made it work obviously there was i couldn't do much what i had up but it was just an airborne charge on his side, but we have to know that it had better be enough.
Create another account for multiplayer. Maybe yeah right yeah I've never done anything I don't even know like win the same private lobby and I really don't know how it works but yeah I saw him say something about private lobbies anyway like this which would probably be easier to get. some subscribers on a breakfast run again all we need is under captain midnight great stream always nice to have a good safe Before you can see it I appreciate it mate thanks for joining us. Why is Fog a troll? Do you mean literally why is he a troll? a bit rhetorically, why is he such a troll?
Yes, something really happened now. We need a little love. Neil robinson, good in real life. the car and honestly I'm not kidding the car was driving I've never seen fog this strong in my life it was like it was smoke it's like driving through smoke but at the same time it was quite funny like I knew the road like the palm of my hand so i'm still going down the road pretty fast i don't see at all where i am i mean not as fast as i normally would before i sound like some kind of dangerous driver but i also knew the chances of that someone else was outside and it was so foggy it was highly unlikely and t here i never passed anyone or haven't seen it anyway but yeah you could honestly see like a meter ahead of you so yeah when you looked at your front windshield and something like over your own hood that was it captain neil robinson about praying oh uh i would in real life oh what a lift oh a slacker yeah i get what you're saying now i guess i shouldn't say it anyway yeah definitely they easily pick up logs and dump them like they're nothing and those logs probably weigh more than um yeah the only ways something when it needs weight is just regionally yeah i can't see in the bubble so i'll always be around the russian maps yeah they made it on those yukon maps too i think that's probably the thing i enjoyed the least on those maps it was too over the top with a yes and i have a lot of really bad frame rate issues on the yukon for some reason I don't really know why, but that doesn't help to get the other half of the long log.
At least I can have both. We are getting there. What we have. one eye on everyone even though it's like five in the morning oh oh wait it can't really well we'll just put two batches of long logs here I guess not I guess they'll say bring another trailer let's pick it up got it all primed and flushed with black holes and hopefully we'll find out what phase four is about so yeah that's right like I said already even when the game came out they already more or less announced what phase one two and three would be on point, but yeah, I didn't really hear anything in phase four, actually, yeah, it could take I wonder if long records will fit into that or not?
I really want to get there to find out they don't and then they're just awkward or do we just switch to a semi? They will definitely fit yep let's trade in for a s semi pretty much like the semi in fact if that's the case you could probably ditch the pay star what else do we have so here's what you look through the vehicles it has and obviously there are like 40 50 vehicles but you can rule out most of them. but I guess fog is always just to get away with lower resolution, we'll be interested to know if it scales down orthey tried to wing it without just putting the money into it i mean a whole no man's sky situation i'm just gonna put the lights on the cyborg for this one um yeah they overpromised but i guess they weren't a smaller company and i think the guy who was in charge of No Man's Sky just got carried away i don't think he was lying to be some kind of malicious lie i think he just got too excited about what he wants his game to do and b and all else and I think it just promised what was actually possible but then they seemed to go a long way to make up for that yeah when it comes to ea it's like nah because unless everyone is complaining about Fallout 76 no they would have fixed it. they were perfectly happy to give everyone a broken game that they knew was broken and they just wanted the money, typical thing that comes around there yeah not quite but it's like I can tell it's not completely dark anymore so it wont be long where a liver is ok where i live i am next to a main road, railway line, reclamation yard, bu Siness Park and sewage plant so it sounds horrible but the plant sewer can never smell it. all the way but i've never smelled it the trains really can't hear the road it doesn't bother me but the view from the front of my house is like i can't see the road unless i look up against the window i have fields in front of me and then the back is like yeah the railroad and kind of a salvage yard but I really like it because I can see wrecked trucks and big cranes all kinds of things like we've used it in this game, really, I mean, not specifically, obviously, I don't really see a lot of Russian trucks or anything, but yeah, I see big fat cranes and again I see a lot of cranes that are lifting big fat low-load trucks and trailers onto other cargo trailers. short.
Clearly the cranes in this game are too weak because I can look, I can look at the r. A real life thing happens in my kitchen window and real life frames are much stronger. A few bulbs are on the way but yeah that's what I'm saying though is that the front view is kind of over the fields the sun is coming up. So it looks great in the mornings which being a sleepless night owl I can see quite a few 76 subs yeah that's usually from the top but then again it's probably one of them if it worked there's probably a good game in there , it's just yes. they rushed we're happy to try and take everyone's money off i mean fallout 76 has medium levels of horror all about that then they said some people get a free duffel bag if they order a certain edition and ended up sending them all like a cheap poly bag or something and then there was another premium edition where you could get like a helmet which I think you could wear but then they used a chemical on the inside that was getting moldy and spewing like poisonous mus hroom spores or something well, people seem like everything about that game was just a good cast.
I haven't heard a single good news about Fallout again. It's probably a good game now. Released and the premium versions all was a disastrous reboot. Did I ever start it? Oh, it's probably just because I already have it selected. they were just aiming to jump in the water, I mean, again, it doesn't make you wonder if some of the people who build these quests actually test them themselves and don't come to the simple conclusion of oh oh my gosh I really I noticed. that you actually know that this is a useful little place to mention it, what are the consumables on the back? and i just pulled them off the trailer unless they patched it up.
Upgrade the mission yeah the consumables so it's like wa free and spawn consumables here if you know what I mean instead of making sure there's another place you can get consumables but just lying around but I noticed the another week john oliver has a sewage plant named after him omg let's see if we can get out of the old life well there is definitely a way out of the old bread as soon as i can get on my wheels or save the dolphin new vegas was god i heard good things about it i never played that i just need to start the engine actually it might be if i go to that one we'll get out of there it's not moving is that correct? even one of those destruction cranes and the emergency exit down to the ground still haven't brought this back in all this time if you could move my tires left to right that would really help we'll be out there in a minute im trying to pop up with winter we will damn it fox What mod did you put on that to put up with me?
That's how I must have missed it. Sounds good, though I just need to, yeah. I won't change the rotation, just the devs actually bump into that sideboard thing, that's just a bit. I need to sneak out, but my bread is ready. Trust me, yes, the lake is not finished. worried about it im more worried about the fact that i need another piss again thats all i needed to make it happen ok stage one of what i needed to happen starting over not sure if the wind will come to see it. again i might even be arrogant now and just bring it back into view actually let's try to get back in the loop because because i can never be stupid enough with the slow go in there a bit there we go certainly not very well you've seen it before when i flipped the pan i usually have a slightly better angle than this b But why won't it let me put that winch on the front of the dolphin and when i'm on the dolphin it almost offers me the bottom?
We will, yes, we will do this mission, let's say and we will. It's probably done for the day, but it's been good, let's be honest, I thought I wanted the backs of the loaves to face back. I knew it was like we weren't done I just have to say with one life the engine won't start you didn't turn the key enough if it's not in a position where it can escape then I haven't found the right way to escape here ok let me sit there for a minute is that where the wind yeah the wind shoots you back up and try to do both in one but this is probably just playing around a bit now i should do the sensible thing obvious in this situation would be to just attach the trailer to life u m yeah and then tow it with a dolphin be nice to some more trees around for winch points but this is a religion bro later religion exactly again this is just wasting time we're about the end of the stream we'll have a little bit of fun for anyone who, well, I don't know, I found this information, I like to know how to get a loaf out of every situation, you're there, okay, let's go to open us up more i just need the bread to stay here but when i let go of the winch it usually fires you doesnt really help the whole thing about getting a real bread yeah definitely like i said theres a guy named Stone Branson , is a subscriber and just went and got one. that wheel isn't on that's why i'll tell you what a better idea than me i'm just curious now i can fit this in here or not the property of having a gander site is not open to the public but i can't say until we Canada board and reopened not sure his wheels are good before he holds up pretty good b And now though you could drive with him this way and he'll hold up I've done it before look at your suspension come up close there's an action Serious crossbow going, see again if I can shake my steering.
I did this months ago. I could get out of this just by moving the steering wheel from left to right, but it won't let me, so life wants to stay there. Oh, now he's not offering me that tree that he was doing 20 seconds ago. It's not something I need the low flow for this trailer to move the wheels a lot of trucks suck. I'm not sure how you modified perfection. Where did you go from there at this rate? I'll tip the dolphin in a minute just to get this bread out of here, but I need to try something now.
I want to know if I can. Attach this trailer and when the bread is stuck to me sideways, oh yeah, I thought I was in the dolphin physics twee. For the update I think they did something to the physics in general and said gearboxes are not out now life is good when that fades I'll catch it. I'll try. lazing around on the side but could do after down here to be honest it just doesn't go right there's too many rocks and potholes and stuff and it was just oh yeah you see so I'll just tone up to the top.
I could quickly try. in the garage just to show the three of them who haven't seen it what he was actually trying to do downstairs about tickling but i know that would be the wrong thing to do and then he didn't connect the trailer to the dolphin i don't know if you'll allow me hook up the trailer to the dolphin because it's like a scout trailer like a sub specialist probably not tonight but i just realized the cargo was glitched yeah that's how i used to ride cargo for a long time before i did being able to roof pack them roof pack them by hand where it's like because Yeah I've known quite a few road trains but yeah in Wisconsin I'm using our winch for that so it's settled if you can do that and then just pack the bread on the roof I have seen. someone saying oh yeah the current Marge Low Max is kinda crazy yeah I'll get them out real soon I heard the rumors I'll have to give it a try that's the other thing I like about the light flow when we just got out of that rescue situation to be fair it wasn't that far from the garage so in that case I don't know it will probably be around the same time I could have retrieved the dolphin in the garage and just drove back there but yeah if that happened like pedro ebay or something it's just yeah i don't like to do all that recovery and stuff and just from a stubborn point of view that's what i love about playing with bread is is an 11 grand van is just about the cheapest vehicle in the game, if not the cheapest, it should be terrible in every way and especially if you tried one of the best trucks in this game and realized what the cons of those trucks would be, you would assume the cargo will be terrible and I assume the same thing and then like I said for whatever reason it's good and n what it does and it always finds a way out and it feels good when you like to solve a puzzle, you have to keep going until you find a way to move around and that's what happens.
It's been incredible and that's why I have 100 rescue records again about everything I need to rescue, it's rescued every time I don't always huh rescue I haven't rescued everything I've shot with a loaf obviously but I've criticized, huh, i have salvaged every truck with a bun and flipped every truck in the game so yeah its good enough to flip every truck in the gameso its like its good and i said its not heavy so obviously the attachment would be nice to flip you back, but if you have the toe attachment behind here, where's the bass? one now eight grand so that's a bargain of a mission eight grand for that what did they pay me to do those nine records that took I don't know how long and let's be honest I was playing in the background rescuing the Pan and stuff, but we could have done that mission in a matter of minutes if it wasn't for you.
You see again. This is another example. I admit I could pull myself together in the garage at this point, but let's just say I had a trailer with me. Now I'm going to have to ditch the trailer or send another vehicle to come and fuel this thing and again I'm just down the street from the garage so it's not too bad in this example but the bread has fuel now. I can just drive back to the garage instead of having to send a truck from there or ab and on a trailer it's just little things like that everything yeah loading is like a little swiss army load a little attachment for each situation and since i'm wet i only worked 22 blackout spurgeon right?
Hello how are you doing? a video of dolphins check out this little bush that is one of the smallest trees I have ever seen that had no chance of going back the size of the tires is good but I would also like the same size tires just with more options like the bigger than truck tires and yeah a little more power but again its like i find the power on the load is ok and i can flip everything blah blah blah so its not a lot i need to change on a charge really but i guess it would just be if it was like a wish list of things i could do yeah a little more power. great just trying to tip we should be fine w I'll do it on level ground.
What I was trying to do the truck is more the size of the 750. So put a winch like that middle side to that middle side of the loaf on the wind chin as you're driving forward you should click um , yeah, I don't know, no, it's not going too well at the moment, hate, what does that mean? choose the azov with one hundred percent certainty choose the truck you don't want I don't know howit's so good at guessing which truck you don't want bread can be found or bought ah well you can definitely buy it. I was trying to think of the first one I got.
They can definitely be found. It seems that there is a field bread in drone lands. in a mantra ok they bust one of them got free bread too ok to be fair i guess we about to finish now im just k ind of messing around yeah its hard to flip the bread og you can rescue and buy first in russian grand land map ah so that's the only one yes saving country bread is the mission you are looking for i will try once more. if not i don't bother doing it with anything but give it a try yeah i'm just wondering if it doesn't grip as well when it's nose up but we'll see there's only one way to find out yeah it's just don't dig into the ground what I'll do it next time I'll do it in a video I've done it in other videos but it's not going very well that time eh I have a bounce partner see you next week I appreciate it it's dean young thanks I'm going to bounce very soon now also to be honest it's a yes it's been three hours and 40 minutes a bit juicy but it's been pretty good uh majeski hello uh what time is it for you 7 I'm here it's a quarter past six so are you possibly going to be in France or something So?
I guess you're about an hour ahead. hey dad try driving the dolphin speeding into a pole see how he doesn't take damage yeah that's what I've always loved about the dolphin it's um oh yeah there's no hitbox on the front or what whatever you want what i do and especially i like to take out trees talking about which i found one i'm going to run over this tree that's how it gets the name serbia and you pronounce my name oh my ski my skate oh great regards manchester united oh again lo i said well very well i'm usually pretty terrible with names i've had quite a run for getting people's names right max pan has a saddle on the roof yeah that definitely helps the situation oh yeah I've been waiting for the saddle I mean he's a horse it's only fair that he has a saddle these are the rules thanks for the great video sir lame we'll see you Trenton as hands on you call, I appreciate it, guys, well, yes, it is me I'm recovering from Gary, now open the little one, what a beast. he saves the day as usual when he doesn't and we're done uh aussi E man what is aussie mandis 2014?
I hope I'm saying that right again because it divides your name enough. the almighty bread exactly aussie man thanks for the stream i appreciate it guys thanks everyone for joining us it's uh yeah it's been a good laugh it's been good to chat with you and uh yeah i'll leave it there but i'll be back soon i'll be back tomorrow i'll do another runner video snow tomorrow i'll probably make a little more breakfast at some point again i won't go crazy with the breakfast videos but they're good for a little change in the snow runner stuff especially right now as we wait for phase four and all so so yeah overall i'll just have kinda chill videos until we get to phase four and stuff but yeah thanks everyone for joining and i'll be back soon

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