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Israel Daily News – War Day 151 March 05, 2024

Mar 08, 2024
After five months, the United Nations finally acknowledged a systematic mass rape and sexual torture of Israeli women by Hamas on October 7 in a new report and also raised serious concerns that sexual violence continues against hostages still being held. by Hamas. Watch the report: A United Nations report has found clear and convincing evidence of rape and sexual torture committed by Hamas against Israelis during the October 7 massacre. Special Representative on Sexual Violence and Conflict Prila Ptin announced the findings on Monday. She and her team led an investigation. 17-day visit to Israel last month to collect, analyze and verify allegations of sexual violence, the team also found that there was cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment against hostages and raised serious concerns that such violence may be ongoing against those who are still being held by Hamas and called After the immediate release of the hostages, we also found that there are reasonable grounds to believe that conflict-related sexual violence, including rape and gang rape, occurred during the October 7 attacks in at least three places, namely the Nova Music Festival side and its surroundings, Road 232 and Kibuts R and in most of these incidents the victims were first raped and then murdered and at least two incidents relate to the rape of women .
israel daily news war day 151 march 05 2024
SC mission team also found a pattern of victims, mostly women, found fully or partially naked, tied up and shot at multiple locations where the team said it believes the true prevalence of sexual violence during the attacks October 7 and its consequences may take months or years to emerge and may never be fully known. Israel's ambassador to the UN, Gilad Eran, addressed the 193rd UN General Assembly and said it should be ashamed this week the world will celebrate International Women's Day next week the commission on the legal and social status of woman will meet to discuss the challenges facing women around the world, but this year the UN and women's silence in the face of Hamas sexual violence turn the international women's movement day into a bad joke this is the peak of the hypocrisy of the UN, yet as we speak now, Israeli women are being raped and abused by Hamas terrorists where is the voice of the UN? where is your voice?
israel daily news war day 151 march 05 2024

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israel daily news war day 151 march 05 2024...

In the last five months there has not been a single debate dedicated to the well-being of the hostages, not a single debate focused on sexual violence perpetrated by Hamas, nor a UN panel on rape and crimes against women. Israelis, the UN should be ashamed of its silence. Israeli Foreign Minister Isel Katz condemned the United States. United Nations on Monday night and announced that it would recall Israel's ambassador to the UN for immediate consultations on the attempt to silence the serious UN report on the mass rapes committed by Hamas and its AIDS on October 7. In addition, he called the Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Gutiz, saying that Despite the authority granted to him, the Secretary General of the UN did not order the convening of the Security Council, in view of the conclusions, he asked him to declare Hamas a terrorist organization and impose sanctions on its supporters and join us now with more information on the subject.
israel daily news war day 151 march 05 2024
The UN report confirming the incidents of mass rape and sexual torture is hilan noach, director of legal affairs for the association of rape crisis centers in


. Hi, thank you so much for joining us, thank you for inviting me, so it took 5 months, but the United Nations. has finally acknowledged that the Israeli women were raped on October 7. Is this the claim? They could have done it faster. I think we had indications that everyone had indications, from day one, that the Kamas terrorists committed sexual violence throughout the area where the war began and I know that it takes time to provide a professional report and it should take time because we want The UN and all the other organizations do a thorough job, but I think the devastating thing is that they denied it at the beginning. and they stayed silent and that's what was difficult for us, so it's good that the report is available now and hopefully it will help put pressure on whoever it takes and help us bring the hostages back because there is a danger in this moment and let's talk about the report itself.
israel daily news war day 151 march 05 2024
You know that the UN report was published yesterday, but the association also published its own report. A few weeks ago, the reports shared similar findings, as I understand it, yes, we, when we published our report, two weeks ago. I also sent it to the urine, of course, and to the special mission that was here and they were based on some of the things that we, some of the findings that we published, I think the most important thing about our report is. that the violence was not random, it was systematic and it was brutal sexual violence that was carried out against Israeli women and sometimes even against men, so they do that and they confirm our finding, I think in the report they absolutely, they really confirm it like you. mentioned systematic rape, sexual abuse, Prila Patton said in his press conference that there was even corpse rape in some incidents, so they are really confirming, I think, what his organization and what the Israelis have been saying. all this time, which is incredibly important and the report also addresses the hostages. um, you know, let's not forget that there are about 20 female hostages still being held by Hamas and they are being raped by Kamas.
What can you tell us? I mean, do you share the concern of course that is the biggest concern right now we don't know what they are going through, we don't know what the women and men who are there are and we do know that in many cases the men in captivity also suffer sexual violence. So it's important for us to say it and that's the main concern right now. The hostages are in danger every day they are there. They are in danger. That's why it's so important to do whatever it takes to bring them in. Take them home right now and you know, as you said at the beginning, women's groups, including the UN, but women's groups around the world have been absolutely silent these last 5 months, some of them even didn't deny it and Exactly many denied that the Atrocities were even committed now Israel is accusing the UN of trying to silence this report.
He has called his ambassador. Do you expect women's rights groups now that this UN report has come out confirming sexual atrocities? You know, do you expect women's groups to finally speak well, we hope, we hope they do, we've been waiting for it for over five months for almost five months, if they needed this report, it's a shame they needed it, but it's available right now, so there's nothing more that I and I can say that, we're used to society not believing victims and survivors of sexual assault, we were used to it, unfortunately, it's hard to believe and people don't want to believe it, but once it comes from the group of women, it's it's harder and it's painful, it's painful, so I hope that now they find the courage to come forward and say: we believe you, especially in the me too era, to not believe women simply because they are Israeli.
Know? Have you contacted any women's rights groups? Have you heard that you've heard absolutely nothing from any women's rights group anywhere in the world? No silence yes incredible yes um and you know I want to address another you know um one point of the UN report is that it calls on Israel to cooperate with the UN Human Rights office and the International Commission of Inquiry on this issue of sexual violence, to what end I mean, what will this achieve. After all, Israel has accused the UN of trying to silence these findings that have only now come to light five months later, so why should Israel cooperate with these investigations?
I think we should cooperate in any way we can to free the hostages, but the question is what is the UN looking for, if they are looking for more evidence. I think we may never know everything that happened, the full extent of what happened, we may never know because most of the victims did not survive and they are not here to tell us what happened to them, and those who did survive, maybe never get the chance. courage to come forward and even if they do it could take a long time, we know that, uh, victim and survivor of sexual assault, it takes time to come forward and find the courage to talk about it and tell the world what happened to them.
I don't know if anyone will ever have the courage to do that and they have to focus on their well-being right now, so I don't know what kind of evidence they want us to give them more than they already have. What kind of cooperation are you looking for? That's a question, that's an important question and you know I want to ask just one last question. If you had a message for women, for women's rights groups today, now after that, you know the UN has confirmed. uh you know the rape incidents M, what would be your message, speak up, stand with us, Israeli women have been, you have been there for women from all over the world, from Ukraine, from Africa, whenever necessary, we support all women. all over the world and now is the time for the women of the world to stand up with us and stop their silence and believe us, it is an absolutely important message for the world.
Hilán, no, thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us about something like this. important topic today thank you experience the power of truth with ilv


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Subscribe today and help reshape the narrative available. on the Android and Apple web and moving into the 151st day of the war in Gaza and there are no signs of the war stopping before the Ramadan holiday, despite continued efforts by mediators to reach an agreement to free hostages, however, there are Israeli efforts to deliver aid. directly to civilians and keep it out of the reach of Hamas Meanwhile, the IDF has destroyed one of the largest tunnels found in northern Gaza since the start of the war, almost 4 kilometers long. more in this report report by IL TV's stev leitz on the IDF said that in recent days it has been delivering food packages to Palestinians evacuated from the Khun area amid the ongoing military operation.
Packages before the Ramadan holiday include basic food items such as flour, wheat oil, sugar, tea and dates, as well as a greeting card. with a Quranic verse Israel is making efforts to increase access to humanitarian aid for civilians in northern Gaza after dozens of people were reportedly killed while overrunning aid trucks in Gaza City last Thursday. IDF officials said the move is aimed at driving a wedge between the civilian population and Kamas elsewhere in Gaza, the IDF continues to confront Kamas terrorist cells. The IDF said it successfully attacked and killed a group of Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists who fired rockets at B and Kim a day earlier.
The Nal Brigade discovered the cell responsible for the attack shortly after. occurred and led an airstrike against them in total, the Naka Brigade said it killed 15 gunmen in central Gaza with sniper tank bombardments and by calling for airstrikes in other parts of Gaza, the IDF said the 98th. The 2nd Division surrounded a compound in the Kanan Kad neighborhood and were conducting raids in the area where many Kamas agents fled after losing battles elsewhere in Kanan Yunis. About 40 Kamas operatives were killed by troops in the Kamad town area over the past day. The IDF has also been carrying out an extensive wave of airstrikes. attacks in the Rafa area, including near the Philadelphia corridor along the Gaza border with Egypt, the attacks targeted what the idea considers to be the underground Kamas infrastructure located beneath the corridor separating Egypt and Gaza while The war continues so talks in Cairo Egyptian Katarian mediators have reported some progress towards a trus and God Israel is not participating in the talks amid concerns that Kamas leader Yak Sinir is deliberately blocking a hostage for the Palestinian Authority and fighting a deal to further destabilize the region during Ramadan and Israel continues its campaign to exposethe complicity of the UN.
In the Hamas terrorist attack on October 7, the military is showing evidence that some 450 terrorist operatives are also employed by what is supposed to be a Palestinian aid agency. operatives in Gaza mostly Kamas members are also UNRA employees more than 450 UNRA employees are military operatives in terrorist groups in Gaza more than 450 this is not a mere coincidence this is systematic there is no claim that we did not know that the IDF says the so-called Aid workers were full-time terrorists these terrorists are UNRA employees receive salaries paid by the international community donations that are intended for humanitarian purposes intended to benefit the people of Gaza from financing mass murderers and rapists the IDE d f on Monday released audio recordings that directly incriminate UNRA employees who participated in the October 7 Hamas attack.
The latest Revelation brings to 14 the total number of LRA agency jobs that Jerusalem says actively participated in the attacks. Jerusalem has long argued that the UNRA should be dissolved and recent accusations have led several donor countries to announce funding freezes UN chief Filipe Lazarini warned in a letter to the president of the general assembly that his agency is at breaking point as donors freeze excellence funding. The UN is facing a deliberate and concerted campaign to undermine its operations and ultimately end them, most blatantly, the Israeli Prime Minister openly states that the UN will not be part of post-war Gaza and that the Implementation of this plan is already underway.
With the destruction of our infrastructure in Gaza, Strep Israel insists that the UNRA is part of the problem and cannot be part of any future solution and joins us now with more information on what latest on Gaza and the hostage deal or lack thereof is an expert on the Middle East. Dr. Morai K. Thank you very much for joining us. It is a pleasure to be here. Hamas has announced that it does not know how many hostages are still alive. Negotiations have therefore stalled for now. You know there is a growing chorus of voices within the government here.
In Israel they are calling to end the negotiations and proceed with a military operation in the RAF saying that this is the only way to win the war and bring the hostages home, so why has this operation not been carried out? You know how much longer Israel will have to wait before continuing. And how much is Israel taking Egyptian objections into account for this operation? Well, I'm not sure this is the Egyptian problem. I think the problem is in Washington DC. The US administration expressed its resentment. Visa. Israeli intentions to attack the RAF apparently. They are afraid of the human problems that could arise from this attack because many of the Gazans today are in an asylum or safe place due to the war in other parts of the strip and now if Israel attacks this place, it could put endangering the lives of too many civilians and this is what so far prevents Israel from continuing the war against R and you know, I want to talk about the ongoing talks in Cairo between the United States, Egypt and Qatar.
Israel is not there, but you know what Egypt's role is here in the negotiations. Egypt is a very delicate or very sensitive situation. On the one hand, as if the Palestinians do not want to give asylum or a safe house to the Brotherhood, we actually betray them by not allowing them to flee the Israeli War Machine, as they say, and many on the streets of Gaza are indifferent to this behavior and you know, the countdown to Ramadan is quickly approaching and we know that this is a time with increased violence increased ATT terrorist attacks just today we saw an attempted terrorist attack here in Israel, so you know What is the feeling on the Arab streets today before Ramadan, do you realize that Hamas' calls for a violent uprising is just propaganda, no, no? they see El Jazer and other iltv competitors they see the landscape in Gaza and are full of will to take revenge on Israel they do not take seriously what Israel claims happened on October 7 they think Israel lies about the number of victims lies about rape lies about burning and beheading people and would definitely undermine Israel's security as revenge for what Israel is doing in Gaza and this is what we see, however, it does not appeal to everyone who wants to spend Ramadan peacefully, fast during the days and eat during nights, they have no intention of agitating anything against Israel, but the problem is that moderate people are always moderate, they are not violent, violence actually makes those thugs prevail.
Nonviolent, okay, Dr. Mor Kidal, thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us today. Thank you very much and US special envoy Amos Hawkin is due to visit Israel after meetings in Beirut failed to encourage him to think a diplomatic solution is at hand amid the escalation. cross-border exchanges between the IDF and warning that a limited war cannot be contained more about this from ilv Steve leitz at least 10 rockets were fired from Lebanon towards the western Galilee some of the projectiles were intercepted by the Iron Dome air defense system There are no reports of injuries in the attack in response to launches towards the Margaliot area in northern Israel.
Fighter jets attacked a series of Hezbollah terrorist targets in the Babil Sultania and Sedin areas. Among the targets attacked were Hezbollah military structures and a military command and control center. used by the terrorist group as cross-border fighting continued in the south US special envoy Amos Hawkin was in Beirut still seeking a diplomatic solution. I am aware that my arrival comes on the heels of a tense few weeks on both sides of escalating border violence. It benefits no one and there is no such thing as a limited escalation of war. The escalation of the war will not help the Lebanese and Israeli people return to their homes.
Escalation will not solve this crisis. Hawkin told Lebanese officials that not even a pause in the fighting in Gaza will bring tranquility to Lebanon or Israel. It is not necessarily the case that when there is a ceasefire in Gaza it is automatically extended, which is why we are here today to be able to have a conversation and discussion about what kind of agreements could be reached here in Lebanon. Hain insisted there must be a diplomatic solution that permanently moves Hezbollah away from the border and US Central Command says an anti-ship ballistic missile fired by Yemen's Houthi rebels hit a Swiss-owned and Israeli-operated container ship in the Gulf of Aden causing minor damage.
The US responded more to this from M TV's William Chiron in Sahana a military spokesman Hooti said he had targeted what he called the Israeli ship MSC sky in Arabic and that the Swiss shipping giant MSC owns the flagged ship. library listed as being operated by the Israeli government. The Zim dispatch service a second missile fired by the Hoes missed its target. Initial reports indicate that there were no injuries. The ship did not request assistance and continued on its way. The attack occurred around 4:00 a.m. Tana time, occurred approximately 2 hours after another missile. was fired into the southern Red Sea, the military says the US Navy conducted self-defense strikes against two anti-ship cruise missiles that posed an immediate threat to merchant ships and US Navy ships.
US in the region in January. MSC said it was not transiting the Red Sea. Because of the danger to their ships, Iranian-backed terrorists have launched attacks against shipping in the Red Sea region since November in solidarity with Palestinians in Israel's Hamas war in Gaza. The cargo ship Rub Mayor sank on Friday becoming the first ship lost since the Houis began their attacks and now let's take a look at the weather forecast. Clear skies are expected tonight across the country with temperatures reaching lows of approximately 11° C or 52° F and tomorrow partly cloudy skies and light rain in the north with temperatures reaching highs of approximately 20° C or 68° F and that It's all for today's news For more updates from Israel on all your devices, check out our IL TV channel, subscribe to our IL TV newsletter and don't forget to visit our new and improved IL website. with the latest news from the heart of the state of Israel.
I'm Laro vazi, be well, stay safe and thank you very much for watching.

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