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Israel Adesanya Passes Post-Loss Press Conference to Coach Eugene Bareman | UFC 293

Sep 10, 2023
Here, uh, pause, I had a different plan for this, but again life throws you curveballs, thank you, um, win or lose. I wasn't going to say much anyway but right now I lost tonight against the best man of the night and I just want to go with people be with people who care about me my team and they are waiting for me so I'll do it but I'll leave you in the capable hands of a man who is much smarter than me I will admit it National media around the world I will leave it to Eugene Bearman, he will handle this for the first time.
israel adesanya passes post loss press conference to coach eugene bareman ufc 293
I want to relax, have breakfast, build my family and yes, until next time. It's definitely not protocol, but we want that to be ours. team this is how we do it he wants to go he wants to be predicted and it's our job to protect them so this is what he wants this is what he gets his is this is his moment uh right now he's in a I need it now moment so yeah I have to sit here in front of you, so I have to sit here in front of you for him. If you have any questions, yeah, huge.
israel adesanya passes post loss press conference to coach eugene bareman ufc 293

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israel adesanya passes post loss press conference to coach eugene bareman ufc 293...

I think most people would agree that it was not Israel's Addisonia. we are used to seeing him there tonight. He looks slow, he looks dull, a little fatigued early, can you tell us something about his performance and maybe why that was the reason, what was the reason, um, look, the universe does things and I feel like I know you without For me, I think Sean is a great fighter and I never thought that Sean wouldn't be able to beat Israel, but I thought that if Israel performed to the best of his abilities, it would be a very difficult fight for Sean, there was an alternate type of universe where Israel is performing as poorly or poorly as Sean could possibly win and I'm sitting in that universe right now, so he had a free night training camp which was great.
israel adesanya passes post loss press conference to coach eugene bareman ufc 293
I'm not going to make any excuses about that before the fight, fight week was great Partners, everything, all the little technical things to do in camp, they were all perfect, so no excuses, he came in, uh, he did. had out of the night, couldn't see the same things that we were seeing, we could. I didn't make a good connection in the corner, it was just a frustrating night, yeah, and um, and the way it was, why was it a frustrating night? Well, it was a frustrating night because of the opponent, don't take anything away from the opponent.
israel adesanya passes post loss press conference to coach eugene bareman ufc 293
Dana already did it. I was here and I said: we are looking to see a rematch. Do you drastically change things before that or do you think, well, we think we did it right? Israel had enough night and I hope that doesn't happen again in my career. I have been and have been involved in some revenge camps and they are very, very difficult, why are they so difficult? Why is a rematch camp so difficult as you try to find other stones to leave unturned, but you haven't left the stone unturned anymore, so it's like it's an almost impossible task.
You're trying to find another level above the level you've already reached, but it's not reachable, so it's very, very difficult when you go into this rematch. camps and at this level I have done some, the one in Pereira recently is very, very difficult to do a revenge camp, but as I said, I don't think we have to change too much, but we will find something because we have the benefit. of time so we'll get down to business as usual as a


as a


ing team and we'll find something to add to this to add to this camp and um we'll win the rematch.
Would you like that rematch as soon as possible? Do you think maybe some time off could be beneficial for Israel? Well, I asked Mike if we could have a rematch next weekend. Well, if Grant said I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure we can change the outcome of this. fight with very small adjustments what I'm saying is that we couldn't get Ezrael to implement our plan, there was a lot of cohesion in the corner, you have nights like this and I think we could do the rematch tomorrow. and I think we can have a good night, thanks man, yeah, I'm just curious, uh, in that first round when Sean landed that under, that took Israel down, was there ever a moment where that was the moment when such Maybe Israel didn't recover or did it?
Did you just catch him off guard or did that just set the tone for the rest of the fight, um, look what Sean did and again you give Sean a lot of credit, okay, but with that right hand, I wouldn't say it was our work. To get him out of Israel's hesitation, what Sean did was make Israel very hesitant and again, that's all credit to him, how did he make Israel hesitant? He bit and threw every time Israel pitched, he counted no matter what, so would there be a counterattack when Israel came in 50 of the time 65 of the time 100 of the time Sean was going to bite the match and when you're faced with his pitch it's very , very difficult, there's a mental block that gets put on and you have to find a way around that mental block and him and that's what I struggled with all night and we struggled with that too.
Were you surprised at all that Sean didn't try to maybe fight more there than maybe that even if it was Israel? his game we were not necessarily prepared for both, we were preferred, we were prepared for Sean to stand up because he has shown that in the past he does not necessarily have to fight to win a fight and we were especially prepared for Sean. If his awkward style was giving Israel a hard time, we were prepared for Sean to continue to stay that course, which he did and we tried to find the adjustments and we just couldn't tonight and find one for me over yourself.
It was done, you had six fighters on this card, so I guess at the end of this whole match, obviously Shane and Blood and Israel didn't have the night and didn't go the way they expected, but there were other fighters who were also successful, so right after . This fight, how was the whole night for you with all your fighters so active? uh, I just have to give it to my team and I said, I told them everything, I said, look at the end of the day, we had six guys fighting. We had three guys losing but we had three guys one and that's something that should be celebrated and this achievement to get to this level to this point and those three guys won, that's why Ezra left, went to the after party and went to celebrate those three guys' wins and our accomplishment, that's how we feel a little bit about those three guys.
I just want to shed some light on the three guys who won. Give us your thoughts on some of the biggest moments tonight in the big victories and some of your favorite moments from that um look Charles I, his right leg was incapacitated during the week, he couldn't walk with it. I don't know if any of you noticed that he limped, but he never once thought about it. He's going to get out of that fight, he got out there, it was difficult, he was very hard with his right leg, but he came out and showed heart.
Tyson showed what he's been working on all this time in City kickboxing, um Chris. Accurate shot, straight down the middle, good positioning and, um, Kevin just showed that he belongs at this level, so, that's what I'll do, that's what I'm talking about as you celebrate tonight, thank you guys, thank you .

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