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Islam Makhachev vs. Dustin Poirier - EA Sports UFC 4 - Eagle Fights

Sep 07, 2023
Alright, here's the number one lightweight contender heading to the Octagon and looking to walk away as the new undisputed UFC Lightweight World Champion. He has found time waiting for this title shot. He has the winning streak. He has the quality of. opposition is now fighting the number one in the world, he believes he is the best now he has the opportunity to prove it just a few minutes away, very good, in a division as talented as 155 pounds, it is absolutely remarkable what this man has achieved here. Folks, the current Undisputed Wall UFC Lightweight Champion now has his goals much loftier than that, title defenses are starting to pile up, but he believes that with this type of Challenger he'll have some momentum among flying fans.
islam makhachev vs dustin poirier   ea sports ufc 4   eagle fights
If you can dust this guy off here tonight. he can take his career to the next level and start being mentioned with the Hall of Fame goats, for now they will have to settle for the UFC lightweight champion and we will see how he does tonight as a foreign base for this weight light. scrap Poirier is two years older than him, he will have a two inch reach advantage, we place him inside the octagon, here is Bruce Buffer, ladies and gentlemen, this is America and when the action begins, a referee in charge of the octagon, Loving Eve, oh, now, this is the time.
islam makhachev vs dustin poirier   ea sports ufc 4   eagle fights

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islam makhachev vs dustin poirier ea sports ufc 4 eagle fights...

UFC pounds from around the world have been waiting live from the sold-out Madison Square Garden arena in New York City. The undisputed UFC lightweight world championship with a professional record of 29 wins, seven losses and one no contest. He is five foot nine and is simply tall. weighs 155 pounds fighting from Coconut Creek Florida USA presenting Challenger Dustin the Diamond Warriors this man is a fighter with a professional record of 23 wins and one loss is five feet ten inches tall weighs 155 pounds Heidi and a Macbook Russia presenting the qualification defending the undisputed UFC lightweight champion of the world UFC belt online protect yourself at all times it will be my order at all times if you don't touch enough do it now go back to your corner they touch them up and we're ready Alright, here we go with one of these long-awaited clashes between the strong Striker and the decorated Grappler.
islam makhachev vs dustin poirier   ea sports ufc 4   eagle fights
Any chance these guys get mixed up or you just hope they stick to what brought them to the dance. Expecting a fairly direct approach from both fighters, the striker will try to lead with his punches and kicks and the fighter will try to time the takedown time and grappling position so he can start working towards many of those great Judo Frozen that he owns what's out there. on the ground, he's in his room and he'll start chasing submissions oh, well done, now see if he can advance position, I mean, straight into side control, nice move from him here, transitioning nicely on the ground tonight , step by step, it's staying with your opponent in every transition, oh, tag him with that right hand, what a shot, it was a sweaty shot and it's landing over and over again, your opponent will need to make some adjustments, man, this is some terrain serious in town, he's trying to put this guy in faro across campus he wanted a better ground and pound fighter than we have in the entire UFC in your CNY oh useful ground pound that was well inside guard your opponent here DC you don't want to play around here too long you don't have to have two hands in or two hands out, our guy starts attacking triangles Poirier, nice Hammer 50.
islam makhachev vs dustin poirier   ea sports ufc 4   eagle fights
Alright, the bottom fighter here may be looking for the modern Escape PC, oh man, this pound with the ground is good, probably my favorite striking realm in MMA and it's As good as the problem is, companies have rubber guards now in DC. Some people believe that this is nothing more than a losing tactic. What do you think the offensive fighter is trying to do here? He needs to get his correct posture back, he needs to push that foot down. from around his neck, push him down, build your base, free that arm and then come back from work trying to advance to your ground position, if you play there you can find yourself in a lot of danger if you're not careful, yeah okay. he's very comfortable fighting from his back DC now it looks like he's trying to catch up to Escape, yeah he's trying to pressure Escape or maybe look for Kimura, here it's okay, side control, now it's okay, so inside the Your opponent's open guard should also be careful when playing. a long time here on the ground with this guy, he didn't recognize the fighter below trying to control the stance, unable to do so and now he is in great danger, he has to grab that head or he will be ruined, the guy is attacking the triangle in which it's found. in trouble because he got a little lazy in full guard it looks like he's trying to manipulate the head this might be tight there he is he's moving into the finishing position now watch him go parallel right next to his opponent when it's time to finish he has more since he died looking from his back here it seems that he can try to escape well with his hip to win


he does martial arts from below, but good work here in that position by Poirier great blow and now good combination there by Poirier that right hand heard him a little bit again going for the takedown and he gets it there was an Elite elbow so he's mixing everything up.
I'll see how he chooses to defend here in a moment we want a right hand from this young man oh he's got the now he's putting him in exactly the positions that he needs to be in right now. He can relax here and understands that, being a veteran of so many


, as long as he's on top, he's winning, he feels like he's winning here. Australia 10 seconds left so once again he takes the fight to the ground, that was his game plan, exactly what he planned to do when he arrived with the bike so far, so good, so far, so good, no reason to be disappointed, he does a fantastic job. coming in and once he gets to the takedowns he does a great job of securing first position and really hurting his opponent, so there's the end of the round, the story of those previous five minutes, volume takedowns, wrestling free offensive, yes this is a type of fight that is exhausting not only for the offensive fighter but also for the opponent always being under attack always being on the defensive always reacting it starts to wear down your gas tank a lot it is interesting to see who is fresher at the move on to the next round another clinch position that has a commitment to kick tonight and that shows, oh, what a great shot, what a technique it was, it will knock down great high impact skills, you could feel the mat reverberating here, I mean, right there, It's like I run anywhere, oh, nice Fourier shot, okay.
Well, he got some good shots tonight, but I don't think he doesn't need paint, but is this what will make him change his stance now and now the damage is about to begin? Well, you know, he's comfortable fighting with his back to the right hand there, well, every time you were in a ground fighting situation with this fighter, you're potentially playing with fire, good job, working hard, posting and coming back to get up, oh, of course, yes, back and forth, let's go, oh, big left, up there, he charged. There, with that high kick, he now he comes in and secures the takedown.
Nice try to control the posture. Here now he tries to hit the skate. He's just trying to get out of this position from the bottom. Okay, both fighters are pretty comfortable on the ground. DC, but you have. you have to be very careful staying here for too long if you're his opponent man this is some serious terrain and hit here DC he's not just staying busy for the sake of staying busy these attacks are working better oh yeah no pity path for this guy. this guy is trying to land and he's trying to land spins, very good, working inside his opponent's now open guard, oh, throwing a triangle, the guy on his back is very good at submissions and if not be careful here you will get stuck and You will have to present all the right side control now we will see if you can advance the position for the movement, hip work on the ground here, just outstanding with the transition you don't see in place on the ground , that's very important, okay, so you have to do it.
Be careful playing on the ground with this guy, you don't want to mess around for too long, okay, half guard now is not a fighter you want in half guard against you for the fighter below, what does he need to do? she needs to secure her Hook, he's back because he's fighting, fighting, fighting underneath her, one of the most important things you can do as an inferior fighter, what's fun for you is trying to frame him, frame him, get your opponent away from you pushing him away from you, he will then do it. I want to come back to you, it's like when I push you back, you want to move forward, so when he moves forward, the hand leaves your face, lets it slide between his lower hooks, builds up to your elbow and then chases after your one leg , this is high level. fighting John, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt named Daniel Corbian, thanks, get back on your feet, well, very good job down here by Poirier, oh, good job here, keeping you busy off his back, good offense from below, okay, not the referee.
Seeing enough action, we return to the center of the octagon. Well, he's really starting to land a lot of punches here in the second round. There's no denying that he took the corner's message from him and picked up the pace here in the second round. how good is that right hand just out of range with that right hand now get the range back oh he somehow ate that right hand wow and here comes the separation now available for the takedown gets it all right the fighter on the bottom here can be looking for hip Escape D.C lands on the ground and hits the foot again, now both fighters are upright, okay, perform hard punches landing on both sides here, okay, continue overseas, that's the end of the second round , listen, do that head movement and start throwing that jab.
Well, what a round it was, especially from a surprising point of view. DC takes us through a high-level hit. I mean, this is what people walk in the doors to see two men standing in a room chest to chest, four slap foreheads and let it fly. I'm surprised no one came out, but I'm excited about the next problem. Are you ready? Here we go with this third round of this championship fight. Although most fighters can't maintain this kind of aggression and pace, but not you. Gotta worry about this guy, he really hasn't shown any signs of slowing down tonight, okay, one caller, tie, now man, is he timing his throws right here tonight, DC?
It's hard to remember him being so precise in the past, I mean, he's so sharp. and not only is it accurate, it's also human, very distant and landed with the right hand there, foreign boys busy tonight, I mean, over and over again, take down the tip, you have to take down the try, okay, so now we're on the ground, now he's at his Wheelhouse we'll see if he can get one of his gigs on the popular night. Well, there are some things more fun to watch in mixed martial arts than these types of transitions and ground fights.
High level wrestling can be really entertaining as well as my favorite rap group Onyx would say stick and move like beautiful slide off the center line there yeah what a great job it doesn't take much to avoid a single collar tie , now okay, again and again, okay, so inside the open guard of your opponent you have to be careful about playing too long here on the ground with this guy who is now looking to do something with that left arm. He is isolating Kimora's attack. He now falls back into the final position. Thank you. Then he subdues him with the uncle.
What about that? Great job, great performance, it was unpleasant, yes, it is an excellent submission victory achieved by that fighter here tonight and not only in the final instance but just in the Transitions and how patient he was to make sure that he had not only isolated the arm but had secured it. Before we try to tighten it to near perfection in terms of executing that envelope, well, let's take a look at the replay as he does it by submission. Tonight, the champion was able to take the fight to the ground exactly where he wanted. eventually his opponent gave him the opportunity to get a submission, he did and he should be very proud of the work he did tonight in the octagon, ladies and gentlemen, the life referee stopped this contest at two minutes 28 seconds with round number three. declare the winner by Tapout, okay, so there's the still UFC lightweight champion of the lowly world team here during fight week, that maybe there were some things that could plague him tonight he looked so good As always for my mom, he looked as good as she has ever looked inside the octagon.
He's so good at everything, and he masters all the skills you need to become a champion.

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