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Is the ALL NEW 2021 Genesis GV80 luxury SUV of the Year?

Feb 18, 2020
hey guys, what's up? I'm Joe Reddy from the ratings boost. I'm here at the 2020 Chicago Auto Show and I know a lot of you have been asking me. We've got the




GV 80. This is their first foray into the SUV segment of the industry and they're ready to pack a power-packed punch into that segment, especially when you look at what else they're doing so far now let's talk a bit about The Genesis Story The Genesis Brain has been around since 2015. It actually started out as its own unique model within the Hande line. Eventually, Hande said: do you know what we want?
is the all new 2021 genesis gv80 luxury suv of the year
A premium brand, just like Nissan, endlessly, just like Toyota with Lexus, and now we have Genesis, that premium brand from Hande, one thing's for sure. They've definitely laid the groundwork to really be a


vehicle provider so far it's been sedans the g70 the g 80 and the g 90 with this GV 80 they want to take it to the next level but they also want to keep everything that's been great about it. The brand continued and even raised it to a new level. Now the big news is that there are three different versions for the GV 80. The top version is the ultimate configuration.
is the all new 2021 genesis gv80 luxury suv of the year

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is the all new 2021 genesis gv80 luxury suv of the year...

Makes sense. The ultimate top level. Another thing they wanted to do with the


GV 80. is make it a mobile oasis once we get in there a lot going on to make your trips to work, home, play wherever, as enjoyable as possible behind the wheel as well that we continue to dive into this GV 80 from the beginning. Look at the styling you see on the new Genesis G90 sedan, some of that styling remains and it's a very Bentley style headlamp design, all LED. I love this split tier design which gives it a great unique look. with the daytime running lights we rolled out it's got functional side air curtains it's all painted here which is really beautiful a little bit of chrome trim just goes in a little bit and an angle when we come across that big grill now this grill is B a brand name Genesis brand love the crisscross pattern it's got its forward facing camera nice chrome frame all the way to the top and then when we go down it's the same design but it's not glossy black all its safety tech is hidden behind of this panel here very clean finish even the underside nice and clean now when we get on the hood i love what they have done they took the genesis logo which a lot of people have said is like aston martin asked bentley asked if you know what it suits the brand very well and look at how they took the lines of the bodywork and circled the very very clean Genesis badging all the way to the windshield. laughs, now that we come to the curve, it can be seen from this angle. the way the front end spreads out a bit and I really like the way the green goes all the way now that we get down to this wheel and tire combination you actually have three different wheel options with this being the best one It's the ultimate wheel 22-inch wheel Check out the intricate design work that goes into many nice touches The Genesis logo The massive six-piston caliper It's going to clamp down just like you Clamping down like Bigfoot clamping down on your head as it stomps on you that's the kind of stopping power you'll get fully vented rotors I love how much clearance we get from the top of the tire to the inside of the fender nice and clean all around but that 265 wheel on the series sidewall 40 22 inch wheel as we go down the side another signature of the Genesis brand besides that grille will be the side marker lights with the m oops very nicely done clean look like I said you'll see this on the new G 90 sedan as well the great news is to have the lighting here we don't have to have it higher on the side mirrors we keep working down as it's one of the only real wheel drive rigs very similar to lincoln aviator so this is a competition. not only for the BMW x5, also for the Audi q7, but also for the Lincoln Navigator, especially since it is rear-wheel drive, you can get all-wheel drive, of course, as an option, we continue for the very low side rails of the roof.
is the all new 2021 genesis gv80 luxury suv of the year
I like the silver trim around the top and bottom, you can see how easily accessible the GV 80 is to get in and out of. A very nice prominent line here, even on the lower sill. overall package with the GV 80 look we got to the rear as we got to the rear I want to point something out look at how the rear fender almost flares out in the way they bring the body line to the tail probably one of my favorite areas because of the styles so it has a very nice low roof spoiler i'm going to zonk something down nothing is perfect this wiper should have been integrated into the actual low roof spoiler and swung down like this but tailored that we got down love what they do i did with the camber On the tailgate area it has the genesis badge like i said optional all wheel drive there it is the optional all wheel drive actually has a diff limited slip which is important for making traffic pull down real decorative exhaust tips match the shape of the grill other fine touches can be seen er the reversing lights really simple lower area of ​​the rear bumper the GV 80 badge but what they've done to the headlights and taillights makes it a brand signature let's go ahead and see if I could pop the hood and see what's driving the new GV 80.
is the all new 2021 genesis gv80 luxury suv of the year
Alright guys, we've got the hood open. The nice feature is that it just pulls on. Pop the hood. Obviously we have hood struts under this particular option. 375-horsepower twin-turbo v6 engine If you don't want to go the ultimate route, you can go with a 2.5-liter turbocharged inline-4 engine that makes 290 horsepower and is basically the same setup as the next generation. The Sonata's bottom line is all routed through an 8-speed automatic transmission and, like I said, true AWD, but you can have optional AWD I talked about the engine I talked about the exterior Let's see that oasis that awaits inside the new GV 80 Alright guys, we're inside the new Genesis Givi announcement.
I'm telling you right now that if I blindfolded you, rolled your eyes twice, how did you put the tail on the donkey? They would think they were in an Audi. or a Mercedes Benz or a BMW to be honest yeah it even looks a little better now I know you're probably at that point Joe how much is this? The MSRP can range from around $50,000 up to $65,000. sixty five thousand ultimate finishes let's see what you get for the money: the door panels the door panels are unbelievably sexy having a little pocket at the bottom for a water bottle maybe a couple of Kit Kats you want to share with your friends or you could just hog them for yourself now when you go from the door panel to the - beautiful material to the end of the cross stitch work check that bad boy out that's a 14.5 inch infotainment system screen, you can see it's like an iPad style screen you can touch it yes you can it's a little bit of a reach but it's also a touch screen Apple Carplay Android Auto you have so many pages here like reading the Encyclopedia Britannica even the look at the little landscape there on the horizon very very nice touch the weather controls you can get into everything it's so easy to do now as you drop down here is your beautiful button start/stop it looks like a nice piece of aluminum it's got some glossy black on it but it will have your dual climate control obviously heated seats ventilated seats that beautiful ash wood is wonderful let's see what's behind the door number one, shall we open this? p you have wireless charging two usb close that bad boy backup nice the finish is great i feel like they just cut down this tree that good it ends so you open it two cup holders look at the little lip around the cup holders close that look at this, now we are talking about a really cool direct wheel drive system that actually controls what happens to the screen up here this is an industry first navigation is artificial and telogen with navigation there will be more to come with that As we drive around with Fitzgerald Hyundai Genesis and Clearwater you just hit the start button it takes you back we keep going down look at this fancy shift knob here it'll control that 8 speed automatic almost looks like it's very crystal clear very nice touch you have your driving modes different modes you can do your lockout all wheel drive you can get to your cameras and then the armrest is on the softer side i like the extension you push th the button bombs the felt lining.
You could put a bunch of bananas in here. I know some people wanted it to be healthy and the GV 80 let's talk a little bit healthier. You can put bananas here. You're not going to scratch. banana I promise the seats look at that beautiful pleated finish the leather is so soft they could put you in any direction from sunday nice finishes there are very low controls will really help create that oasis now you have ambient lighting here is noise canceling to make it the perfect environment and for the driver, there are seven air cushions that when you are sitting in traffic you will feel like you are sitting on a small cloud or a large container of Charmin toilet paper, but why not? t come to the business end i want to show you behind the wheel of this gv 80 alright guys business and behind the wheel of course you'll have memory settings for the drivers seat the genesis badge greets you every time you get in here they are all the controls there are more controls for this seat than there were for the astronauts on the first mission to the moon that has been documented by the genesis steering wheel here is a Zonk it is not attractive almost reminds me of a steering wheel from the Buick Estate Wagon I of my mother I don't like this center part of the steering wheel, but I do like the thumb controls.
The Genesis logo is very nice. It's two-tone leather: check out that 12-inch screen. You have your speedometer, your tachometer, you can scroll through different information. Stay tuned because Rob is hooking us up on the Fitzgerald Genesis to drive his first GV 80. It has paddle shifters on the back of the steering wheel for 8 speed up and down. Look at the finishes on the stem knobs. It's the quality there they really show you we're brains and we bring it big and a heads up display that talks heads tons of headroom I love the microfiber suede material feels like a kitty that c Strokes that when you get bored in traffic, all the space is great.
Let's take a look at the back seat and see how your passengers are going to love this GV 80. Alright guys, get in this GV 80, so luxurious you get the same big leather back. here to welcome your passengers it has these very tight pockets that if you have your genesis nail file or maybe some Twizzlers or something like that you can stick them in there other than that I don't know what else you could put in there behind the center of rear control Heated and ventilated seats with air conditioning I was in a fucking Cadillac today. It didn't even have ventilated rear seats.
Check this out, I have my own mirror and a small vanity light. I can look at myself if I want so if you like to look at yourself this backseat is all about you other than that it feels good let's move on. Oh, before I forgot if these seats recline of course they recline they want this to be an oasis not only for the driver but also for the passengers let's look at the rear hatch area and see what kind of space we have in the GV 80 ok guys we got the cargo area open nice lower area to lift things I like this brushed aluminum finish you can see we got the 3rd row seats down no if you complain I didn't get in 3rd line we had to keep this a little bit faster because of the line of people wanting to get access but look where we have the rear air conditioning vents for those passengers you have speakers back here really very nice controls even these nice containers that's a twinkie container i know i was not going to talk about twinkies but let's say bananas but twinkies look good You have cup holders for that third row.
We raised this storage space. They know what you want. which for you when you're ready and ready and ready to go home you push the button it'll close nicely and just finish it off perfectly if it's SUV's though like these these brand new SUV's coming out of brands like Genesis and you want to go on Seeing more of this leave it in the comments section if you knew the channel and you're on the way out hit the subscribe button I promise it's worth coming back for more if you are a subscriber thanks for being part of the radio guys family if you want to help us keep creating great content just for you on the channel, click the link in the description,get yourselves some rady's rise merch. rug working the working life of the crowd for our pleasure so thanks Laurie for all you do and as always guys see you on the next trip.

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